Top 15 Richest People In The World (1997-2019)


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    Amazon did something smart in 2017! What?

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    Jeff: Aight it's time Jeff: *Reveals AWS* 3:52

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    Mukesh Ambani is coming back

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    Proud of mukesh sir..

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    Im not intelligent..but i will never donate my billions to charities if i became a billionaire...

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    Where's my man Elon Musk?

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    where are Rockefeller and Rothschild and Morgan??

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    pinche Carlos Slim, del 2010 al 2014, y el Internet todo caca xd

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    De pimpiss

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    I’m in this chart too I’m microscopic

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    rothschild? rockfeller? what the fuck is with them.... people talking about vladimir putin have a too much money but they dont see the truth.... ortega what kind a job he doing in river amazon? like noone get those bilions from doing "clean job"

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    3:50 bill: oh hey jeff i ses tours catching ou to me... oh ok bye

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    Jeff bezos did what I like to call, a pro gamer move


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    *Jeff Bezos*

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    Bill Gates: I am the richest person in the world Jeff Bezos: Hold my package

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    At a point of time Bill had more money than Pakistan 😂

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    You missed out Gadaffi

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    hotman paris ga masuk????

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    Pablo Escobar joined the chat.

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    Am I the only one who saw that H&M guy😂😂?

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    If only they paid taxes. Eat the rich.

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    What software do you use to make a video like this?

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    i'm in the top 3,000,000,000.

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    Y el chapo?

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    Soo the richest person is from Greece

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    Nobody should be allowed to have this much money.

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    3:49 Jeff Bezos: aww man 5 seconds later: oh hell I just borrowed this rocketship to soarrrrrrrrr

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    So much movement at @2:18

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    October bill gates is ranking 1 again

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    U know, the source is Forbes so... dont get to excited

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    Bill gates: I am the bos- Jeff bezos in March 2016 - Gods I am getting rich.

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    Jeff Bezos Hardwork 👍👍👍

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    How do they get information abt this?

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    Where Elon musk?

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    actually kind of embarrassing how many Americans are on this list by the end.

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    I only care about Elon musk. 😍🥰♥️ He is the only guy who it rich, genius and doing useful things. For while civilization.

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    When Elon Musk brings us to Mars u know this list is gonna change

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    Know right

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    3:20 Jeff bezos says ha im catching up 3:25 nah i dont belong here 3:30 SIKE 3:38 YAH I DONT BELONG HERE 3:41 tricked

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    Just admire the consistency of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.They just know how money works!

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    Data is beautiful ;)

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    tf happened to walmart

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    9.999999999999% about men 0.0000000000001% (only me) about women and congratulating women for fighting all the prejudictions against women

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    Billboard hot 100 top 10 list sucks after this one

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    Idk why but I hate all these bastards😂 I’m working as a waiter every day for 28 €. But in the end of the month I spend all my money on Zara, so I’m the stupid one.

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    It’s weird... even though it doesn’t matter to me I want bill to be the no 1 😂

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    Where is mr.Beast

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    1:16 Bezos be like "Hehe here i come"

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    apple ? no?

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    Awesome. Which app you are using for making this type of video??

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    A lot to catch up but no one to keep up

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    Damn... Bill Gates is like a Final Boss in a Game in Hard Mode