Top 10 Times Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Made Us Believe in Love


  1. Lea Juliene

    Lea Juliene2 hari yang lalu

    Ryan said, "you know what blake doesnt realize she calls me mommy too" haha glad im not the only one whose child called me mommy and everyone else for a short period. Hurt my ego some. Like what! I'm the only mommy!


    DRANELB B5 hari yang lalu

    2:02 HELLO YOU!

  3. Susan Sawe Koech

    Susan Sawe Koech7 hari yang lalu

    Blake is too hot

  4. peter hale

    peter hale10 hari yang lalu

    Thumbnail did he just grab her breast

  5. hoibsh

    hoibsh14 hari yang lalu

    Holy shiz, now I believe in love. But anyway, payment's due, Chen.

  6. SuperCrueTime17

    SuperCrueTime1714 hari yang lalu

    man...wish I was Ryan Reynolds

  7. Jelly 09

    Jelly 0915 hari yang lalu

    He was married... you forgot to say that in the double date

  8. D N

    D N17 hari yang lalu

    🤮cheaters What a world! Scarlet Johansson must be a very strong woman to deal with this show-off couple of cheaters.

  9. Bridget jobridge31

    Bridget jobridge3119 hari yang lalu

    I love them together and their children are just as beautiful as they are. I have always thought Blake Lively was perfection like when guys always say they think of the perfect girl.....well I think that would be Blake Lively she's beautiful, funny, humble, etc. The best thing I love about the two of them as a couple is not only the pics you see of them looking at each other so lovingly but their sense of humor and how they are always going back and forth with each other saying the funniest things. They are definitely relationship goals.

  10. shivam tanwar

    shivam tanwarBulan Yang lalu

    Serena actually married real life nervously talking dan😂😂😂

  11. Eric Adrien

    Eric AdrienBulan Yang lalu

    the fact that ryan's kid is a girl named james is the most ryan reynolds thing there is

  12. You are Gay

    You are GayBulan Yang lalu

    Can they just adopt me

  13. Cody H

    Cody HBulan Yang lalu

    They must scretly murder homeless people together

  14. Clayton Alphonso

    Clayton AlphonsoBulan Yang lalu

    IDreporter somehow thought this would be cool so it brought me here smh

  15. Diego R

    Diego RBulan Yang lalu

    5:57 Princess NOT prince

  16. catrina-hayley

    catrina-hayleyBulan Yang lalu

    6:58 Prince Aurora and Prince Philip? I didn’t know sleeping beauty was a BL movie 😳

  17. Frank Tony

    Frank TonyBulan Yang lalu

    Let's hope she Is going to be satisfied cos we all know satisfaction is a myth for women just ask Mrs curry 😂😂🤣

  18. Annie Burgett

    Annie BurgettBulan Yang lalu

    6:57 Haha Lively as Prince Aurora

  19. wasim dxd

    wasim dxdBulan Yang lalu

    Liam and miley are also like them but now..... forget it don't hate me

  20. Mark Field

    Mark FieldBulan Yang lalu

    Lol she said Prince Aurora

  21. vazz cielle

    vazz cielleBulan Yang lalu

    The shallows

  22. Timothy Marchant

    Timothy MarchantBulan Yang lalu

    Ryan and Blake are so *correctly* in sickly sweet love with each other. They make being sickly sweet in love with someone something to aspire to rather than something to cringe about. They are so perfect for each other I wouldn't know who bang first.........and i'm as hetero as a red blooded male could be.

  23. soochestnut

    soochestnutBulan Yang lalu

    He also photoshopped himself with a Purple hair when he met EXO hahahahha YOU ARE SO WELCOMEEEE AS THE 10TH MEMBER OPPA RYAN!

  24. Charles Moore

    Charles MooreBulan Yang lalu

    Never EVER click on this hideous channel.

  25. Kartoschkalulu

    KartoschkaluluBulan Yang lalu

    No offense but why name your daughter James? Isn't that a boys name?

  26. Death Wish

    Death WishBulan Yang lalu

    2:07 How is michelle trachtenberg that hot?

  27. Samuel Louis

    Samuel LouisBulan Yang lalu


  28. Darren Liao Music

    Darren Liao Music2 bulan yang lalu

    Ryan Reynolds -- Scorpio Blake Lively -- Virgo Well that explains xd

  29. Megha TM

    Megha TM2 bulan yang lalu

    I still ship Anna and Blake.

  30. TheJamie42

    TheJamie422 bulan yang lalu

    Why the fuck do you tell us what he's going to say, word fopr word, and then show the video of him saying it? Jesus Fucking Christ

  31. The Gentleman

    The Gentleman2 bulan yang lalu

    The Sexiest Man alive married to the Most Desirable Woman. How fitting.

  32. Akosi Aya

    Akosi Aya2 bulan yang lalu

    I hope they are really forever 😍

  33. Silver Oblivion

    Silver Oblivion2 bulan yang lalu

    6:58 *prince aurora*

  34. Lateefah Sanni

    Lateefah Sanni2 bulan yang lalu

    My ever top couple...They don't come out more but the little we see makes me so happy for their relationship ❣❣❣💃💃💃💃

  35. Open Mind

    Open Mind2 bulan yang lalu

    They should do a MR & Ms Smith Reboot

  36. Originance Media Solutions

    Originance Media Solutions3 bulan yang lalu

    Prince Aurora and Prince Phillip?

  37. Jorge Gomez

    Jorge Gomez3 bulan yang lalu

    When MrMojo?

  38. David Eden-Sangwell

    David Eden-Sangwell3 bulan yang lalu

    Is there any chance of having someone with a soul do the next voiceover? It sounds like you’ve patched together all the words from other recordings the amount of passion there is.

  39. old man longan

    old man longan3 bulan yang lalu

    The thumnnail.

  40. Shaune Aguillon

    Shaune Aguillon3 bulan yang lalu


  41. Pyro Jaeger

    Pyro Jaeger3 bulan yang lalu

    "what is blake"...didnt get it

  42. Commander Shepard

    Commander Shepard3 bulan yang lalu

    Innuendo babe, what is she like in bed lol

  43. cyril vallantin

    cyril vallantin4 bulan yang lalu

    Love doesn’t exist just beautiful women who want men for their money and who keep up their lifestyle

  44. C Baker

    C Baker4 bulan yang lalu

    When they go for parent teacher conferences, I wonder if they say, “Hello Ms. Lively and Wade Fucking Wilson”

  45. Bavindu Akalanka

    Bavindu Akalanka4 bulan yang lalu

    Fuck this isnt love🐮

  46. Shahfaisal Khan

    Shahfaisal Khan4 bulan yang lalu

    She is my crush.

  47. 양서원

    양서원4 bulan yang lalu

    Ryan cheated on Scarlett Johanson,,,,, Even though I really love this couple, it keeps going inside my head :(

  48. Richmond Mindoro

    Richmond Mindoro4 bulan yang lalu

    Got here because of the thumbnail

  49. Dev Sha

    Dev Sha4 bulan yang lalu

    No one can stop Love!!!

  50. Nola Monahan

    Nola Monahan4 bulan yang lalu

    I love how you named your daughter James , I use to play with that idea ,but I thought I might name a daughter Jason .

  51. Supreme video's producer

    Supreme video's producer4 bulan yang lalu

    Wait so James Reynolds is a girl?

  52. Parth Bage

    Parth Bage5 bulan yang lalu

    The title and the screenshot is a perfect match which shows how love in today's generation is perceived

  53. H M

    H M5 bulan yang lalu

    OMG! I’m still watching gossip girl and I now know that Blake (Serena) and Dan humphrey are getting married!!

  54. DarkerNemesis

    DarkerNemesis5 bulan yang lalu

    Everyone knock on wood, if from EU grab your balls. Ms Mojo is going to jinx em.

  55. Błażej tom

    Błażej tom5 bulan yang lalu

    Blake Lively beatyful woman nr1. Jej kochany jaka ta kobieta jest śliczna ma coś w sobie magicznego że gdy się na nią patrzy za każdym razem(ujęciem)wygląda coraz magiczniej. Ona jest pozaziemską istotą. Śliczna kobieta.

  56. Amari Hunter

    Amari Hunter5 bulan yang lalu

    He aged so well... Adeline hasn't aged either

  57. Nothanks Nopenoname

    Nothanks Nopenoname5 bulan yang lalu

    Pretty sure moma would be ok dying to protect her baby lol.

  58. Point

    Point5 bulan yang lalu

    the best family


    HYDRANGEA5 bulan yang lalu

    Why do you do this to me!!!! 2:04 you just gave me a huge gossip girl spoiler!!! 😡🤬🖕🏻

  60. Braden Scott

    Braden Scott5 bulan yang lalu

    You really, really don't need to both explain what he said verbatim and then play him saying it.

  61. Craig Cameron

    Craig Cameron5 bulan yang lalu

    They called their daughter James lol

  62. proserfina21096

    proserfina210965 bulan yang lalu

    in honor of Ryan's dad.