Top 10 Most USELESS Weapons in Video Game History


  1. Crisp Mobile

    Crisp Mobile4 hari yang lalu

    50% M O Z A M B I Q U E ‘ERE, 40% kolibri comments, 10% dagger of friendship is OP

  2. GFM Central

    GFM Central2 bulan yang lalu

    Fork or knife in skyrim

  3. thee yeeeting chinchilla

    thee yeeeting chinchilla2 bulan yang lalu

    You should play some minecraft

  4. WhiteZolt

    WhiteZolt2 bulan yang lalu

    If the kalibri isn’t on this , I’m gonna be pissed

  5. Jorge Ismael

    Jorge Ismael2 bulan yang lalu


  6. casper titan

    casper titan2 bulan yang lalu

    I had to put the bane from borderlands 2 here it was super useless like if u agree

  7. 600 coyotes

    600 coyotesBulan Yang lalu

    If you know how to use the Bane, you can get around the movement speed effect. Like I built a Salvador build around the Bane and it was pretty fun.

  8. kevin miley

    kevin miley2 bulan yang lalu

    What's wrong with the bucket? I liked it.

  9. Bradley

    Bradley2 bulan yang lalu

    Mechs This is a joke obvs

  10. xShadowfall-

    xShadowfall-2 bulan yang lalu

    Mozambique is god tier yall just don't know how to use it

  11. Eightcloth3911

    Eightcloth39112 bulan yang lalu

    Paintball gun in unturned

  12. KingChronic X2

    KingChronic X22 bulan yang lalu

    First thing that comes to mind is politicians take your pick

  13. David Phillips

    David Phillips2 bulan yang lalu

    I love the fan in ssb.. you could lock then smash attk,and throw it to finish

  14. Chris Fowler

    Chris Fowler2 bulan yang lalu

    Shotguns in PUBG. Useless!!

  15. Bonnie Estroff

    Bonnie Estroff2 bulan yang lalu

    halo 2 magnum?

  16. Wishes WicKed

    Wishes WicKed2 bulan yang lalu


  17. Ethan Fennessey

    Ethan Fennessey2 bulan yang lalu

    I got 10 kills with the kolibri in BF1

  18. VIPgaming

    VIPgaming2 bulan yang lalu

    What Do you mean the kolibri is *OP*

  19. SKULL G

    SKULL G2 bulan yang lalu

    The fork of skyrim

  20. Ethan Hodda

    Ethan Hodda2 bulan yang lalu

    What about a medic's Fatman or ghoul slayers gamma gun in Fallout 4

  21. Kmz Kevin

    Kmz Kevin2 bulan yang lalu

    u missed the stug in warframe

  22. Pyromaniac 096

    Pyromaniac 0962 bulan yang lalu

    You forgot the club in the at the smith in Anvil in the game Oblivion. The Truncheon of Submission is an enchanted club found in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The club has the ability to damage an opponent's fatigue. The club also has a Restore Health enchantment, meaning that the enemy struck by this mace receives 20 points of health. (Please see this post lmao)

  23. FrankDux57

    FrankDux572 bulan yang lalu

    Earthworm jim 2 - bubble gun

  24. Маннимарко Король Червей

    Маннимарко Король Червей2 bulan yang lalu

    But you can use dagger of friendship for healing your followers, like adoring fan and knights from castle dlc

  25. Minh Hoang Nguyen

    Minh Hoang Nguyen2 bulan yang lalu

    The mozambique is not useless now in Apex because of the new insane hop up: freakin hammer point

  26. Gene Alvarez

    Gene Alvarez2 bulan yang lalu

    Hell nah Mozambiqur is too OP lol

  27. Colbey7501

    Colbey75012 bulan yang lalu

    Finger gun bfv Easter egg

  28. Rian Taylor

    Rian Taylor2 bulan yang lalu

    Essex model does anyone even pick it up, I'd prefer to just use my fist

  29. Nathanial Gaming

    Nathanial Gaming2 bulan yang lalu

    Niggah sex turtle,laundry niggah fart

  30. Venom

    Venom2 bulan yang lalu

    0:09-0:13 You’re channel Im joking 🙃

  31. Zf Iron

    Zf Iron2 bulan yang lalu

    The tank hunter plane in bf1

  32. Anthony Maguire

    Anthony Maguire2 bulan yang lalu

    Nobody: JoJo fans when hearing “useless”: MUDA MUDA MUDA!

  33. Nevarre Reeves

    Nevarre Reeves2 bulan yang lalu

    Dont agree with aard, works extremely well during human fights

  34. Byabit

    Byabit2 bulan yang lalu

    The doom 2016 pistol after the first two levels

  35. FastAdventure Gamer

    FastAdventure Gamer2 bulan yang lalu

    i just kept on replaying at zero seconds after watching the video

  36. ZynXc

    ZynXc2 bulan yang lalu

    Mozambique is better than the Eva right now? •WHAT!?* I’ve been playing recently and I’ve been getting plenty of kills with the Eva.

  37. Throne Gamer01

    Throne Gamer012 bulan yang lalu

    You should of put that one gun from borderlands2 I forgot what it’s called but it yells every time you shoot and it slows you down like 70% it’s literally useless

  38. Velo HD

    Velo HD2 bulan yang lalu

    Throne Gamer01 the bane

  39. ZynXc

    ZynXc2 bulan yang lalu

    When I here the word “useless” what do I think? My brain: *MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUS MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY*

  40. Kingw gaming

    Kingw gaming2 bulan yang lalu

    You need to know how to use the avp flamethrower to truly utilize it

  41. Trace Johnson

    Trace Johnson2 bulan yang lalu

    expected the asp from bo1 to be on this list

  42. Jason Derleth

    Jason Derleth2 bulan yang lalu

    I think the elder scrolls V Skyrim was the best in the whole series

  43. Bailey Walker

    Bailey Walker2 bulan yang lalu

    Aard is pronounced like Hard without the H. Igni is pronounced IG-KNEE

  44. Diocesyn

    Diocesyn2 bulan yang lalu

    When I hear the word useless I think of my ex

  45. GoldSoul

    GoldSoul2 bulan yang lalu

    Or him idk

  46. EFIL WV

    EFIL WV2 bulan yang lalu

    My backbackbackaCOCK,

  47. Braden Sloan

    Braden Sloan2 bulan yang lalu

    Red rider bb gun

  48. Thresh Ngô

    Thresh Ngô2 bulan yang lalu

    #6 Excuse me?

  49. Nevasoba

    Nevasoba2 bulan yang lalu

    If u ever played far cry 5 there is a side mission where u get this gun from a foil hat that doesn't do anything but knock opponents off their feet looks pretty destructive but it's useless

  50. Lil M3RE M3RE x

    Lil M3RE M3RE x2 bulan yang lalu

    Paintball gun watch dogs 2

  51. Level13Soviet

    Level13Soviet2 bulan yang lalu

    broken straight sword in dark souls

  52. Pulse

    Pulse2 bulan yang lalu

    What about the bubble gun in just cause 2

  53. Mr. YeP

    Mr. YeP2 bulan yang lalu

    Pulse Grenade was absolutely useless in Halo 4 and DOOM (2016)

  54. Winters_SpamsL2

    Winters_SpamsL22 bulan yang lalu

    Guys if you see this plz sub

  55. PurplePotato 212

    PurplePotato 2122 bulan yang lalu

    **cough** **cough** Skyrim Fork **cough**

  56. Krampus

    Krampus2 bulan yang lalu

    I miss your Airsoft bro :(

  57. Imperial Skeet Skoot

    Imperial Skeet Skoot2 bulan yang lalu

    What you mean the kolibri is useless? I have 4 service stars with it. You just don’t know its power

  58. D3RRANG3D

    D3RRANG3D2 bulan yang lalu

    Wat if youbturned on friendly fire and use the friendship knife to heal your companions. Ive never played oblivion but that sounds like it would work

  59. Velo HD

    Velo HD2 bulan yang lalu

    The bane from Borderlands, easily my choice

  60. Gibus Gentlemanne

    Gibus Gentlemanne2 bulan yang lalu

    the damage is pretty good for an SMG,but it makes you slower than a slug

  61. Sheeple Slayer

    Sheeple Slayer2 bulan yang lalu

    If that's the mosanbek in the thumb. That gun is badass if you can aim.

  62. D3RRANG3D

    D3RRANG3D2 bulan yang lalu

    The mozambique was a great gun in titanfall 2 campaign

  63. Gammabot 142

    Gammabot 1422 bulan yang lalu

    Man the Mozambique in titanfall 2 was so good

  64. Kack Blue2

    Kack Blue22 bulan yang lalu

    Halo 2 magnum

  65. Kack Blue2

    Kack Blue22 bulan yang lalu

    What do you mean

  66. Wishes WicKed

    Wishes WicKed2 bulan yang lalu


  67. Helrazer 4lyf

    Helrazer 4lyf2 bulan yang lalu

    Borderlands 2 wanderlust pistol and all splat shotguns except the slow-hand

  68. 100TN0sc0peMLG Mlg

    100TN0sc0peMLG Mlg2 bulan yang lalu

    Dar destroy that gun is actually op.

  69. Dar destroy

    Dar destroy2 bulan yang lalu

    Helrazer 4lyf How about the T.k wave

  70. LMLima 172

    LMLima 1722 bulan yang lalu

    What about the rolling thunder and bunny?