Top 10 Hottest Board Games: December 2019


  1. andy fleege

    andy fleege16 hari yang lalu

    Thank you for your time and i hope it is worth Smaug's pillow!!! If this is too flagrant of a question; please demur and, ...don't answer. What kind of capitol do you reckon, a moderately popular game maker might expect? I don't mean to put you on any spot. I love board games and made a couple with "varying degrees" of "enjoyment". I am curious if this might be worth my time and you struck me as a knowledgeable guy. Cool glasses by the way. I need some. Thanks! (No glasses joke) Needem' Bad.

  2. The Fang

    The Fang18 hari yang lalu

    The number one . . . Bruh

  3. Bethany McCarty

    Bethany McCarty18 hari yang lalu

    How do you think purchasing for the holidays impacted BGG rankings?

  4. Alain Trépanier

    Alain Trépanier21 hari yang lalu

    Blood Rage using these alternate rules:

  5. A.J.

    A.J.24 hari yang lalu

    "Top 10 Games in December that BGG has received kickbacks from game publishers."

  6. Cicis Live

    Cicis Live26 hari yang lalu

    Playstation: I AM the best XBox: You don't have as good graphics as I have Switch: People have at least FUN while playing me PC: WITHOUT ME YOU ALL WOULD BE NOTHING Boardgames:* evil laughter in distance*

  7. Thomas Grieve

    Thomas Grieve27 hari yang lalu

    Play Everdell and love it. I haven't played any expansions as yet.

  8. lace BROWN

    lace BROWN29 hari yang lalu

    Ticket to Ride is the best in our home❤️🤓🏵

  9. ShadowManV3

    ShadowManV3Bulan Yang lalu

    Almost all of theses games look boring

  10. ShadowManV3

    ShadowManV3Bulan Yang lalu

    @Cole McGuire (STUDENT) So I'm 5 cuz I think alot of theses look boring ? lol get a life dude

  11. Cole McGuire (STUDENT)

    Cole McGuire (STUDENT)Bulan Yang lalu

    How old are you? Five?

  12. fathi muma

    fathi mumaBulan Yang lalu


  13. MsGinahidesout

    MsGinahidesoutBulan Yang lalu

    I love Everdell!

  14. Polis Christodoulou

    Polis ChristodoulouBulan Yang lalu

    Just because you mentioned Minecraft it will now rise and rise..

  15. Gerasimos T.

    Gerasimos T.Bulan Yang lalu

    Well many will disagree with me and I can see why but I don't like wingspan. Of course it has amazing art but I don't like the white fond, the player mats are.. Meh. For the main part which is mechanics, well, they are good but nothing special. In conclusion I don't like to play it again and I was lucky that a friend brought it over before I give my cash for it. The mechanics reminds me partially everdell, cards trigger a couple of times during the play, hide cards for points under special cards etc. I will stick to everdell. At least it says a story.

  16. John Bryntze

    John BryntzeBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks love this video, an old board gamer myself, thought this market was nearly dead, so happy to hear it is not. Haven't played any of the top 10, used to play the older games as Talisman, Hero Quest, Axis and Allies, Excalibur and those types of games. Done a few games myself, the one I'm most proud of is for my children, a Frozen Board game that got similar rules as Talisman

  17. toastyfeet

    toastyfeetBulan Yang lalu

    It sounds so strange hearing an American pronounce Birmingham correctly.

  18. Jonnyreb1988

    Jonnyreb1988Bulan Yang lalu

    toastyfeet needs more monotone!

  19. toastyfeet

    toastyfeetBulan Yang lalu

    Jonnyreb1988 not enough U’s and general unhappiness.

  20. Jonnyreb1988

    Jonnyreb1988Bulan Yang lalu

    toastyfeet half of my family are from Birmingham. Trust me, he isn’t pronouncing it right 😂

  21. Vincent Lopez

    Vincent LopezBulan Yang lalu

    Anyone know how I can pick up a copy of nemesis?

  22. B. C. Eckhoff

    B. C. EckhoffBulan Yang lalu

    Marvel Champions is my game of the year for sure! (And I’m not even a huge marvel fan.)

  23. khristien Pennanen

    khristien PennanenBulan Yang lalu

    I personally dont particularly enjoy brass. But it is quite pretty

  24. Up the Irons!

    Up the Irons!Bulan Yang lalu

    To me, Nemesis seems like a ripoff of the Alien/Aliens movies. Even the font on the cover is pretty reminiscent of the font used for much of the marketing material for Aliens.

  25. wh3elson

    wh3elsonBulan Yang lalu

    Up the Irons! Lol it is obviously based on that theme

  26. Marti Vincze

    Marti VinczeBulan Yang lalu

    I played Everdell last night for the first time and I love it. We played 2 games back to back. Easy to pick up, excellent replay value.

  27. squiddymute

    squiddymuteBulan Yang lalu

    Im just looking for a board game like heroquest ... any ideas? Yeah that heroquest from the 90s

  28. Casey Harris

    Casey HarrisBulan Yang lalu Altar Quest, maybe? It's partially inspired by HeroQuest, at least. Hasn't been released yet though.

  29. Joseph Drain

    Joseph DrainBulan Yang lalu

    oof living card games are money pits. spent so much on arkham horror

  30. 90's Tastic

    90's TasticBulan Yang lalu

    I'm about to jump into that hole myself :)

  31. Stuffthatsfunny1

    Stuffthatsfunny1Bulan Yang lalu

    Anyone got any good 7 player games that aren't 7 wonders?

  32. Vera Devera-Dalrymple

    Vera Devera-Dalrymple23 hari yang lalu

    Steampunk Rally, Caverna

  33. Thomas Grieve

    Thomas Grieve27 hari yang lalu

    Hail Hydra

  34. Bobaffett

    BobaffettBulan Yang lalu

    Try Dominion, buy an expansion or two. It’s real fun, and the tactic to win changes every time depending on what ten cards are out and available for players to buy. We play during holidays with 4-9 players.

  35. 90's Tastic

    90's TasticBulan Yang lalu

    Unless you're ready to play for 7 hours, i'd focus on lighter, simpler games ... Bang the Dice game , resistance .... Human punishment

  36. Emiliano Zapata

    Emiliano ZapataBulan Yang lalu

    They should have stayed with Netrunner instead of a Marvel Themed lcg

  37. Elzheiz

    ElzheizBulan Yang lalu

    Everdell has 2 upcoming expansions, so it should hopefully rise up even more!

  38. william mcneil

    william mcneilBulan Yang lalu

    if its minecraft, can i build a giant starship enterprise ?

  39. James Cupelli

    James CupelliBulan Yang lalu

    Marvel Crisis Protocol

  40. Tom Massa

    Tom MassaBulan Yang lalu

    Chaz, your jersey is dope! Does it also wick away sweat when making a difficult choice in a game?

  41. David Phillips

    David PhillipsBulan Yang lalu

    8:17 Chaz brings the heat on future real estate agents!

  42. Robert Dartz

    Robert DartzBulan Yang lalu

    I like the idea of bringing up some honorable mentions during games that have been on the top ten like 4 months in a row

  43. Nashokk

    NashokkBulan Yang lalu

    Great list, Chaz! I like hearing about those rising stars.

  44. Netreya

    NetreyaBulan Yang lalu

    Gloomhaven down to spot 8?! Frosthaven: don't worry I got you bro!!! XD

  45. CPMdonnor

    CPMdonnor14 hari yang lalu

    @Bat Mon cool

  46. Bat Mon

    Bat Mon15 hari yang lalu

    CPMdonnor I got it for 120 Canadian which isn’t bad imo bcuz when I was looking to buy it when it was only in first print it was over $300

  47. LordCyler

    LordCylerBulan Yang lalu

    @CPMdonnor It was recently on sale for around $84 so it likely just increased as stocks went down.

  48. CPMdonnor

    CPMdonnorBulan Yang lalu

    Why is gloomhaven expensive on Amazon

  49. Jessy Catterwaul

    Jessy CatterwaulBulan Yang lalu

    Thumbs down for the games not being on-screen enough. The best use of time is to tap-forward through a board game video, look to see if you’re interested, and THEN listen. Can’t do that if your shots of the game don’t exist where the tap-forward lands.

  50. Barbara Eccleston

    Barbara EcclestonBulan Yang lalu

    Uh, this is a 13 minute video... How busy are you? Maybe you ought not be gaming if you can't spare 13 minutes... 😳

  51. Lunalala

    LunalalaBulan Yang lalu

    I have no friends to play board games with

  52. Justin R

    Justin RBulan Yang lalu

    Solo games brother.

  53. Hail Hydra!

    Hail Hydra!Bulan Yang lalu

    You can play tainted grail and nemesis alone!

  54. sp1cychick3n

    sp1cychick3nBulan Yang lalu Let's do it!

  55. Dodgy Dave

    Dodgy DaveBulan Yang lalu


  56. Shu-Chu Li

    Shu-Chu LiBulan Yang lalu

    Hmmm so many great games here.

  57. Matthew Osborne

    Matthew OsborneBulan Yang lalu

    I am loving how many solo games are in this list. Ofc I love to play games with friends, however sometimes I like to sit down with a meaty piece of cardboard and lose a few hours.

  58. Ryan Smith

    Ryan SmithBulan Yang lalu

    BAHAHAH Thanks for the callout! :D

  59. Victor Whisky

    Victor WhiskyBulan Yang lalu

    Yall are drunk tapestry so ugly yo

  60. Diamond Gamics

    Diamond GamicsBulan Yang lalu


  61. Alexis Maya

    Alexis MayaBulan Yang lalu

    Are you going to make a top ten of the decade?

  62. xarmanhs h

    xarmanhs h19 hari yang lalu

    i hope spirit island is on the list

  63. Eldritch Squirrel

    Eldritch SquirrelBulan Yang lalu

    Im not sure the football shirts look good. I don't want to be mean, just some feedback

  64. willyum

    willyumBulan Yang lalu

    I hate them, especially the color. Chaz fills his out ok, but on some of the other BGG people, not so much.

  65. Peter Vel

    Peter VelBulan Yang lalu

    Yeah, I don't know why they ever decided on the those as the standard bgg crew outfit. Maybe with the new logo and look, it's finally time to get rid of these shirts?

  66. Faultyjoe

    FaultyjoeBulan Yang lalu

    DD Mad Mage or Gloomhaven? Which board game would you recommend to get first?

  67. Faultyjoe

    FaultyjoeBulan Yang lalu

    Johnathan Rhoades it would be my first game like this.

  68. Johnathan Rhoades

    Johnathan RhoadesBulan Yang lalu

    Faultyjoe Gloomhaven. Dnd games are...fine but nothing special. Gloomhaven on the other hand is quite nice :) Kinda pricy, but if you like dungeon crawls, I haven't played a better one.

  69. Robert Dascoli

    Robert DascoliBulan Yang lalu

    Damn Ryan Smith, you got called out.

  70. Caesander Khan

    Caesander KhanBulan Yang lalu

    Received Tainted Grail about 2 weeks ago. I've only been able to play the tutorial. Really looking forward to diving into it. The components are high quality.

  71. TaylenReyn

    TaylenReynBulan Yang lalu

    Vainameinen here’s where my lack of experience with Kickstarter shines... haha... I’m just discovering that now looking at the campaign again, thanks for bringing that to my attention. I guess that being said there is at least something more to look forward to when I get my copy... I will still say that their single and split shipment options was a little confusing, and I am still hoping that I can get at least core copy now, but if not at least I know that more is to come

  72. Vainameinen

    VainameinenBulan Yang lalu

    @TaylenReyn Core _pledge_ is more then just a core game - it also includes 2 massive expansions, which are currently still in development. That's why single shipping can be done only when those expansions are finished.

  73. TaylenReyn

    TaylenReynBulan Yang lalu

    Jerrod Willea yeah, after making my comment to you just now I decided to send Awakened Realms an e-mail asking if they can send me my copy... also seeing how they had to explain split shipment again in their #41 update on Kickstarter I think it’s fair that this is more their fault then mine... so here’s hoping their sensitive to my request... I’m just getting the regular grey minis s as well, it would be cool to get them painted, but extra money is always extra money

  74. Caesander Khan

    Caesander KhanBulan Yang lalu

    @TaylenReyn I has never backed a campaign that offered split shipping before and was confused as well. I had to ask the difference between single and split shipping like 5 times. I was also confused about the price of the sundrop. I thought what the price was I had to add to my pledge, which would more than double my pledge. It wasn't until a week ago that I was complaining about it to a friend of mine that I looked at the campaign again and I don't believe that to be the case anymore. Since I don't paint minis I was hoping to get this feature, and from what I've seen they look amazing. So, I might be stuck with bland gray minis. ☹ Their packaging for shipping is phenomenal. The only way the game is going to get damages is if the delivery guy purposely ooend the box and damages it.

  75. TaylenReyn

    TaylenReynBulan Yang lalu

    Jerrod Willea I was apparently confused with the shipping instructions and gave the instruction for single shipping... which means even though I only backed the core game that my copy isn’t coming until next year! Really bummed out about this =( I’m going to write them an e mail though to see if it’s possible to get my core copy sooner Glad to hear that it’s doing well in ranking... hope you’re having fun with it =D

  76. Evan Schmalz

    Evan SchmalzBulan Yang lalu

    Oh, don't you worry, I have a feeling Gloomhaven will be number one again next month.

  77. Dan Vercruysse

    Dan VercruysseBulan Yang lalu

    Just bought Terraforming Mars and I have to say. I absolutely love the singleplayer so far. I can see how great it will be with other players also.

  78. Matthew Osborne

    Matthew OsborneBulan Yang lalu

    I do love Terraforming Mars also. The first couple of solo plays kicked my but because of tunnel vision on VIPs, but once you keep grounded and get the job done it is a fun little puzzle.

  79. Oğuz Can Oğuz

    Oğuz Can OğuzBulan Yang lalu

    I think I would really like nemesis, if it wasn't 200 €. That game seriously needs a version without the miniatures which would cost much less.

  80. LordCyler

    LordCylerBulan Yang lalu

    @Oğuz Can Oğuz That's because it's not for sale at retail yet... Demand is currently controlling price. This is true of any game that's only being sold by consumers who backed a project...

  81. Oğuz Can Oğuz

    Oğuz Can OğuzBulan Yang lalu

    @SirBlackjack010 But it is min 200€ now. Later is another story

  82. SirBlackjack010

    SirBlackjack010Bulan Yang lalu

    @Oğuz Can Oğuz You said 200, and I say that's not true. Of course 120 is also expensive, but way less than 200.

  83. Oğuz Can Oğuz

    Oğuz Can OğuzBulan Yang lalu

    @SirBlackjack010 In what world is 120 € affordable?

  84. Dan Vercruysse

    Dan VercruysseBulan Yang lalu

    I was a kickstarter to Nemesis and have all the content it offers. Very awsome game 😁👍

  85. Jim May

    Jim MayBulan Yang lalu

    Imho i dont think Tainted Grail should be on this list. Not because its a bad game but rather due to its availability. I dont see how you can buy the game besides the old kickstarter if you already backed it. Every other game is easily found online.

  86. chuckm1961

    chuckm1961Bulan Yang lalu

    Jim May Don’t think you’re going to get much agreement that videos would be “Better” with your suggestion. It would be very confusing to watch a top 10 video that excluded games based on whether or not they are in stores. Instead of one complaint from you, he would be getting a lot of complaints from a lot of people.

  87. Elias Hartmark

    Elias HartmarkBulan Yang lalu

    Jim May For me that would make the videos less interesting and it would make the videos not true to their concept about showing the games with the most traffic on BGG.

  88. SirBlackjack010

    SirBlackjack010Bulan Yang lalu

    Is it? Nemesis is also hard to get, only through resellers and I bet you can get Tainted Grail there too.

  89. Leeroy Porkins

    Leeroy PorkinsBulan Yang lalu

    Recess Games (My FLGS) had it last I checked.

  90. Jim May

    Jim MayBulan Yang lalu

    @Elias Hartmark true but i can always go to the website to check up on the ratings and to see the latest trends. I want to see games i can buy now when i invest time in watching a video. Maybe there needs to be a video of top games on BGG that you can buy now. For me its like watching a top 10 list of cars and you find that they put a prototype in spot number 4. I understand why it is the way it is now. Just giving feedback on how the vids could be better especially when you have fans that want to buy games.

  91. VillainCollector1

    VillainCollector1Bulan Yang lalu

    Half Price Books just started selling Everdell. I think that helps as well.

  92. VillainCollector1

    VillainCollector1Bulan Yang lalu

    @YT Browser All of their new games are 20% off and that doesnt include additional coupons have. I know they sold a bunch of copies during their BF sale here locally. Plus, Half Price Books does their big week sale multiple times a year.

  93. YT Browser

    YT BrowserBulan Yang lalu

    Do you know if it is at MSRP?

  94. Wade Bates

    Wade BatesBulan Yang lalu

    We play Everdell and it is very fun. Not sure if it will maintain its status as the expansions don't stack and I think this will hurt the game in the end.

  95. Leeroy Porkins

    Leeroy PorkinsBulan Yang lalu

    @Wade Bates It's still a bummer.

  96. Wade Bates

    Wade BatesBulan Yang lalu

    @Leeroy Porkins I think the expansions are more like modules. You can play with Pearlbrook OR Spirecrest and Bellfaire but not all at the same time. It's still a fun game but I was hoping Spirecrest could stack with Pearlbrook naturally

  97. Leeroy Porkins

    Leeroy PorkinsBulan Yang lalu

    @Wade Bates Ouch. That's a downmark for me. I'd understand if there were modules that were incompatible, but entire Expansions?

  98. Wade Bates

    Wade BatesBulan Yang lalu

    @Leeroy Porkins No, according to the designers you'll have to choose between Spirecrest and Pearlbrook but the game isn't designed for both

  99. Leeroy Porkins

    Leeroy PorkinsBulan Yang lalu

    The Expansions don't combine with each other?

  100. Gilberto Guillen

    Gilberto GuillenBulan Yang lalu

    Nice list, but I give up on Tapestry, played with the changes and barely changed anything, a shame, had a nice mechanic BUT will be put for me

  101. Joshua Green

    Joshua GreenBulan Yang lalu

    Yeah I think changing up the list is a great idea. I like some variety.

  102. Leeroy Porkins

    Leeroy PorkinsBulan Yang lalu

    Gloomhaven is on its way out👏 Wingspan and Tapestry next. While I like Wingspan and bought the Expansion, I think Wingspan is overhyped.

  103. Leeroy Porkins

    Leeroy PorkinsBulan Yang lalu

    @LordCyler His main complaint was that Dungeon Alliance was generic. Pretty much all Fantasy is generic now.

  104. LordCyler

    LordCylerBulan Yang lalu

    @Leeroy Porkins I'm guessing it has more to due to mechanics, gameplay, story, anf content than the name. But if you don't like his opinion, you're certainly not forced to share it (or watch his reviews).

  105. Leeroy Porkins

    Leeroy PorkinsBulan Yang lalu

    @LordCyler So simply just dump on a game because it doesn't have the same name as your favorite?

  106. LordCyler

    LordCylerBulan Yang lalu

    @Leeroy Porkins Games don't exist in a vaccum and shouldn't IMO be reviewed as such. That's for people like Rodney who don't give any sort opinion during their "review" of a game. If you give your opinion, you should be comparing it to what is out there.

  107. chuckm1961

    chuckm1961Bulan Yang lalu

    Leeroy Porkins Wow. He likes one game more than another game. That’s outrageous.

  108. Chris Schreiber

    Chris SchreiberBulan Yang lalu

    Great job, Chaz-thanks!

  109. rob taylor

    rob taylorBulan Yang lalu

    Some fantastic games there. Can’t wait to get my teeth into Tainted grail.