1. Adrian K

    Adrian K21 hari yang lalu

    Would it be a ridiculous request to ask for the name of the music in the outro?

  2. reav3rtm

    reav3rtm23 hari yang lalu

    There is one more Ali Carter's from this year's Scottish Open or sth where he potted middle-long red near the right cushion down to lower right with great pace.

  3. slamt

    slamt25 hari yang lalu

    nothing So Special, or Crazy! already saw most incredible...Putaclic vidéo!

  4. eBvsaca

    eBvsaca23 hari yang lalu

    For your information, "putaclic" is a french word; the english one with the same meaning is "clickbait"… and this video is definitely not clickbaiting, since it clearly says that it's the top 10 crazy shots of the Northern Ireland Open.

  5. Isaias God 73

    Isaias God 73Bulan Yang lalu

    3:40 Tumbnail 🤙

  6. Ka4an

    Ka4an22 hari yang lalu

    4:00 WTF I did...

  7. 曹現慧

    曹現慧Bulan Yang lalu

    Jimmy is the best

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    SimonBulan Yang lalu

    Really great videos lately thanks

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  10. Fajar Nurdiansyah

    Fajar NurdiansyahBulan Yang lalu

    All the punches for me are easy

  11. ßLADE

    ßLADEBulan Yang lalu

    Esses cara não tão com nada, Baianinho de Mauá despedaçava aí kkk

  12. Snooker Mania

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  13. Peli Mies

    Peli MiesBulan Yang lalu

    Great compilation. Superb shots and few flukes, as well.

  14. Thomas Keating

    Thomas KeatingBulan Yang lalu

    You should check out jesse thehu snooker aka mr magic,absolutely incredible!!!!! Please give this guy a look on youtube guys!!!!!!!

  15. pak pak

    pak pakBulan Yang lalu

    Efren reyes laughing at the corner

  16. Putin Did It

    Putin Did ItBulan Yang lalu

    Ronnie LOL .. I'm just going for everything! haha and he is.


    LOORD MHAMADBulan Yang lalu



    MATTHEW ILESBulan Yang lalu

    A first class compilation video (as always) I love those little clips in between the countdown shots. Thank you.

  19. Raj Patel

    Raj PatelBulan Yang lalu

    TRUMP 2020

  20. BuildYourDreams punt NL

    BuildYourDreams punt NLBulan Yang lalu

    No1 in cue action and cue power is Stephen Lee, but Judd comes close. The cruise missile shot is a SL worthy shot. Watch some Stephen Lee videos and be amazed. I miss him so much.... his cue action is silky smooth and wonderful to see... If you are a snooker player yourself you will appreciate it even more what Stephen and Judd can accomplish with their cue power. And Ronnie.... well he's from another planet, once in a lifetime talent. I am lucky to have seen them play in real life.

  21. Kevin Green

    Kevin GreenBulan Yang lalu

    Trump is trying to be what Ronnie is a genius maybe in a few more years

  22. Ipkis87

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    "Well that's got the crowd going" *light clap*

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    sänd på cimor eller viasat

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    What a great video you put together! Thanks a ton ✨

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    Dan Lee

  26. Syed Mehmood Ul Hassan

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    Judd's cruise missile is unparallel 🚀

  27. Vinni-K

    Vinni-KBulan Yang lalu

    That presenter Andy, I hate him soo much.

  28. Kyle McKiernan

    Kyle McKiernanBulan Yang lalu

    Fantastic video, keep them coming!

  29. Mohammed Zerrak

    Mohammed ZerrakBulan Yang lalu

    the outro is sensational GOOSEBUMPS

  30. GOTHICforLIFE1

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    I gotta say mate, this channel has really grown :) Quality has gone from more or less uncut clickbait to properly edited videos with great content :D Only snooker channel i'm still subscribed to

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    Thank you very much!

  32. theallseeingmaster

    theallseeingmasterBulan Yang lalu

    For us American fans, the view of the table around the 1:30 mark shows us just how big and long the Snooker Table is. Where I live, I have been told, there is ONE Snooker Table in my county; I have never seen it.

  33. William Bennett

    William BennettBulan Yang lalu

    We had no idea how to play. We shot around. It was very hard. The size of the table and the small pockets. Much respect for the game from that.

  34. theallseeingmaster

    theallseeingmasterBulan Yang lalu

    @William Bennett did you play?

  35. William Bennett

    William BennettBulan Yang lalu

    First time I ever saw a snooker table was in a place nobody would ever believe it. Wake Island. The military base on an island atoll in the middle of the Pacific.

  36. Rik von Himmlick- Schpoonler

    Rik von Himmlick- SchpoonlerBulan Yang lalu

    ROS is a freak of nature. I feel quite honored to be living at the same time as this once in a 300 year phenomenon. Truly special.

  37. Battlegroundinho

    Battlegroundinho18 hari yang lalu

    A player like Ronnie does not come once every 300 years or once every 1000 years. He only comes once.

  38. Jack see

    Jack seeBulan Yang lalu

    stupid ali carter bad attidude really hate him hope he dosent win any trophie anymore

  39. Viltska

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    Ray Reardon taugh me how to play dem shots :D

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    We need Stephen leeeeeee

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    Really enjoyed this video! more like this please :)

  42. Shoaib Iqbal

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    4:09 Eight cushions pot

  43. Snooker Planet

    Snooker PlanetBulan Yang lalu

    It doesnt count

  44. Shoaib Iqbal

    Shoaib IqbalBulan Yang lalu

    Snooker Planet I don’t know but I notice the ball touched the top cushion/knuckles.

  45. Snooker Planet

    Snooker PlanetBulan Yang lalu

    This was seven

  46. Abdullah Gilani

    Abdullah GilaniBulan Yang lalu

    Well spotted Andy

  47. Anas Chbika

    Anas ChbikaBulan Yang lalu

    Please upload frequently! Thanks for the high quality content as always :)

  48. LuckyLicks

    LuckyLicksBulan Yang lalu

    Fluke my butt

  49. tark lee

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  50. Anthoney Hunt

    Anthoney HuntBulan Yang lalu

    Love how they call Ronnie's kick a fluke. I'm not saying it's high percentage but I garuntee he hits the yellow consistently and makes it about half the time. It's a one rail kick? I know it's a 12x6 table,but this guy is the best to ever play it.

  51. Snooker Planet

    Snooker PlanetBulan Yang lalu

    @Anthoney Hunt Jimmy White hit it two cushions, he also hit bottom cushion, but Ronnie hit it one cushion. 5 out of 1000 looks better for me. Even Jimmy White said "He played to hit it thick", also O'Sullivan afterwards said in studio that it was luck. Also you said "half the time" in first comment, that's why I made my assumption. Sorry for being rude. I just totally disagree, don't know how to express it better, I'm not native english speaker

  52. Anthoney Hunt

    Anthoney HuntBulan Yang lalu

    @Snooker Planet I like your uploads so I'm not going to be rude at all and my comment wasnt rude towards the commentators. I'd put money on the fact that he could hit that more than 5/100 tries. I didnt say it was intentional. I love how you comment days later, must have bothered you a bit. I'm just saying Jimmy White(granted another legend) came close in the clip, am I wrong? I think fluke is just the wrong word in this situation particularly.

  53. Snooker Planet

    Snooker PlanetBulan Yang lalu

    It is ridiculous, because chance of this approximately 0,05% or less. Saying that it wasn't total fluke shows absolute zero understanding of the game

  54. Anthoney Hunt

    Anthoney HuntBulan Yang lalu

    @eL_T I'm not saying he went for the pot but rather he played a two way shot and it's not ridiculous that he made it.

  55. eL_T

    eL_TBulan Yang lalu

    He did not intend for the pocket. You can tell by his facial expressions and hand wave. Non-intended is a fluke. I'm sure he wanted full yellow to send it to the balk cushion and leave the cue ball behind the pink. But in billiards you make your own luck by shot selection and shot execution. You know the possible outcomes and in this case the fluke pocket happened.

  56. Pincho Paxton

    Pincho PaxtonBulan Yang lalu

    I love the way Jimmy White nearly replicated the fluke on the yellow!

  57. Pincho Paxton

    Pincho Paxton22 hari yang lalu

    @Tony Barfridge That comment doesn't make sense, there is no such thing as a natural off cushion shot.

  58. Tony Barfridge

    Tony Barfridge22 hari yang lalu

    Tony Barfridge there's always a chance of potting it and look how he played to get on the green

  59. Tony Barfridge

    Tony Barfridge22 hari yang lalu

    Pincho Paxton coming off the side cushion it was a natural half ball shot

  60. Pincho Paxton

    Pincho PaxtonBulan Yang lalu

    @anurag singh Anyway Ronnie indicates that it was a fluke with his hand after the shot.

  61. anurag singh

    anurag singhBulan Yang lalu

    @Pincho Paxton I think Alex didn't care too much of precision and he potted the entire snooker table sometimes

  62. sybren osinga

    sybren osingaBulan Yang lalu

    just this sound bite 5:07

  63. Ganja. ESG

    Ganja. ESGBulan Yang lalu

    Big fan of that outro btw !

  64. Ganja. ESG

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  65. Nahush Tripathi

    Nahush TripathiBulan Yang lalu

    Very very well made video bro/sis

  66. franko bolero

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    Andy should go.. ge fkn sux

  67. maxington26

    maxington26Bulan Yang lalu

    I like when you put in the soundbites and clips of the players discussing their shots after we see them

  68. Dr.Snooker

    Dr.SnookerBulan Yang lalu

    Great that you put players' commentary on top

  69. sam samm

    sam sammBulan Yang lalu

    andy and jimmy are top bant together

  70. Ponch Ice Tea Knight

    Ponch Ice Tea KnightBulan Yang lalu

    That's screw shot from Judd Trump was honestly one of my favorites

  71. John Smith

    John SmithBulan Yang lalu

    @synchc yeah I was expecting him to play it with running side and come round the other side of table. I didn't even think the shot he played was actually possible, the amount of spin needed for it is mad.

  72. synchc

    synchcBulan Yang lalu

    @John Smith Because he's using reverse side; tricky to do by itself but to do it the length of the table in a two cushion positional shot with such precision is just amazing. Few players would even see that shot. I honestly don't think there's any other that could play it let alone take it on in a semi final against Higgins. Phenomenal.

  73. John Smith

    John SmithBulan Yang lalu

    I was expecting it to go the other way

  74. synchc

    synchcBulan Yang lalu

    That's one of the best shots I've ever seen. Higgens-esque flair, O'Sullivan like snooker IQ and technique and Robertson's power. Trump's taking it to the next level if he continues in this form.

  75. Prof. Iwan Niczypuruk Yebiewdenko

    Prof. Iwan Niczypuruk YebiewdenkoBulan Yang lalu

    Just gravitation hard in this shots;-)

  76. Alexandr Troyan

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  77. Ayey The Best

    Ayey The BestBulan Yang lalu

    Trump,Sullivan shott 👍 👍😎

  78. Muhammad Saad

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    What is the name of music???

  79. user_id

    user_idBulan Yang lalu

    "Escape to Space" by Evgeny B. & Fahim K.

  80. Mr. Surly

    Mr. SurlyBulan Yang lalu

    That Trump cut was like a samurai warrior. And the power deep screw with LH side he is able to generate on that final black reminds me so much of Stephen Lee’s power it’s damn near scary.

  81. Billy D

    Billy DBulan Yang lalu

    Mr. Surly is that Stephen Lee’s Paddy Power?

  82. MasterSquid 537

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    I clicked on this video and it has 147 views....hmm

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    I chicken it had 146 comments made it 147

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    I clicked on this video and it had 146 likes.... I made it 147 XD

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    Nice job.

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    Crazy shots ! I'd couldn 't make one of them if my life depended on it

  87. ik

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    @roSIN 90 lol

  88. roSIN 90

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    I bet you could've done Carter's shot

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    Shot of judd trump is insane...😡🤬😡🤬

  90. Muhammad Saad

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    @Charlie Kettunen Yes i m totally agree ronnie is legend of this game...😌😊

  91. Charlie Kettunen

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    Yes, but O Sullivans shot was great to!!!!

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