1. Lisa Jenkyn

    Lisa Jenkyn14 jam yang lalu

    I love your song

  2. Ryann iV

    Ryann iVHari Yang lalu

    I have never heard a voice like that ever before. Simply amazing

  3. Richard Sammons

    Richard Sammons3 hari yang lalu

    Not only do I hope Jimmy or Johnny is still alive but I hope someday he hears the songs and contact her even if it is to just let her know he's alive.

  4. KingOfThePandomonium

    KingOfThePandomonium4 hari yang lalu

    Powerful Song truly inspirational she is my favorite artists of all time

  5. Hell Zia

    Hell Zia5 hari yang lalu

    How did you make me cry in 2 minutes? went straight to soul, cheers mate.

  6. Mushey Mushey The Muesli bar

    Mushey Mushey The Muesli bar6 hari yang lalu

    Guys I think that jimmy had such a shitty life and he grew up knowing that he was wrong and stuff to the point were he kills himself like the line “I haven’t seen him since that day” which to represents me he commit die in my opinion I don’t know I think it shows not everything has a happy ending and we gotta be there for people before it’s too late to me this hit on a personal level I don’t know why it’s just how see the song and also the line “I got jimmy on my mind ,felt like yesterday” also shows like Jonny is grieving over his death and it feels like only yesterday he first met him. “And I pictured you back in the day ,when we were nine”witch was like a memory between them and stuff like that and then he says “we said someday we would leave this world behind” which is them when they were younger planing a life together free of the bullying but it never happens not together and this from how I saw it but then he repeated the line “and I pictured back in the day,when we were nine” and I know that was a repeat of what he said before but if just leave it like that it was like Jonny thinking it was already perfect when we were together and young and free and then when he repeated the other line again it was (to me anyway) Jonny realises what jimmy ment that if we die we would be okay and nothing would hurt us again.I just feel like that’s how I saw it jimmy commit die , Jonny grieving and (hopefully) realising maybe he shouldn’t have run away and be there , that’s what the song means to me anyway.

  7. Jennifer Hogan

    Jennifer Hogan7 hari yang lalu

    You are awesome girl watched the aria awards..inspiring songs and lyrics you have an enormous gift thank you

  8. Haley Milton

    Haley Milton7 hari yang lalu

    I listened to Johnny Run Away and heard the name Jimmy in it, found out you have a song named Jimmy about him running away. Made a story about Jimmy and Johnny in my head then made a playlist with only those two songs in it. After all that I am now listening to my short playlist.

  9. Weston Kenyon Music

    Weston Kenyon Music8 hari yang lalu

    I was listening and singing along to this on my way to work at 7:00am in my Subaru when I hit a deer.

  10. Justin Jenkins

    Justin Jenkins9 hari yang lalu

    Awsome song she's gonna go far

  11. Lorbs Pacto

    Lorbs Pacto10 hari yang lalu

    Her music is overwhelmingly genuine. And I couldn't leave her channel anymore.

  12. kelsimoo1

    kelsimoo112 hari yang lalu

    Man i love your voice, binging your songs whenever i listen to music and cant get enough!!

  13. joan blagdon

    joan blagdon13 hari yang lalu

    She has saved me .. seriously

  14. joan blagdon

    joan blagdon7 hari yang lalu

    She has made me fall in love with music again

  15. Rodolfo Sanchez

    Rodolfo Sanchez13 hari yang lalu

    Love your music

  16. Shannon

    Shannon13 hari yang lalu

    I don’t know why people have to force their interpretations of Religion onto children. All it does is cause shame and self hatred. This song is sad but beautiful. Poor Jimmy.

  17. Michael Vu

    Michael Vu14 hari yang lalu

    Here is a crazy idea: Put Tones and I as opening act for Billie Eilish and have Billie's brother collaborate and produce some song for her. The trio will put out some dope ass music for 2020.

  18. Michael Vu

    Michael Vu14 hari yang lalu

    The first 5 bars sound like Cold Play... but you know what, I dont think it is gonna be an issue.

  19. 양주안

    양주안14 hari yang lalu

    i dont know why I love this sone so much like this. omg I have to listen this everyday.

  20. Erel Shir

    Erel Shir15 hari yang lalu

    U are very sweet but this song very bad.sorry

  21. flxwercxrpse

    flxwercxrpse15 hari yang lalu

    Jimmy and Johnny need a movie

  22. lau ncherdt

    lau ncherdt15 hari yang lalu

    Viva España


    BLACKJACK #2NE117 hari yang lalu

    This is so sad. Poor Jimmy I hope he didn't commit suicide. But this song It's so beautiful


    BLACKJACK #2NE15 hari yang lalu

    @Kaiya Poulin but Pete was in Johnny song. But poor Jimmy he deserves a better life

  25. Kaiya Poulin

    Kaiya Poulin5 hari yang lalu

    Poor Jimmy.... To bad Pete is straight.... But atleast he still likes him even if just as a friend


    BLACKJACK #2NE15 hari yang lalu

    @Kaiya Poulin Yeah right? Yes it's so sad. Poor Jimmy

  27. Kaiya Poulin

    Kaiya Poulin5 hari yang lalu

    @BLACKJACK #2NE1 sadly I agree..... Once I read it, it made so much sense it's just sad.😪

  28. Jasmine Kira Towers

    Jasmine Kira Towers17 hari yang lalu

    She sounds like Park Bom!!

  29. Akame Uzumaki

    Akame Uzumaki14 hari yang lalu

    mm i don't think so to be honest


    BLACKJACK #2NE117 hari yang lalu

    I didn't think about it Maybe a little xdd

  31. Carlita S.

    Carlita S.17 hari yang lalu

    My brother James (whom we called Jimmy) passed away about a year and a half ago. This song made me cry, thinking of him and all the hardships he and us siblings went thru when we were young. And even tho this song struck a cord it was something that also made me think of the awesome person my brother was.... We miss him everyday. What a beautiful song Tones. Thank you❤️

  32. flxwercxrpse

    flxwercxrpse15 hari yang lalu

    Carlita S. I lost my brother too. 2 years ago. I bet your brother was awesome too :) my condolences 💜💜💜

  33. Garry Dy

    Garry Dy17 hari yang lalu

    This is the guy from Johnny run away, he commit suicide after Johnny run away from him.

  34. Kati & Emma

    Kati & Emma18 hari yang lalu

    This is even better live! she is amazing, thanks Toni!

  35. Luis Naula

    Luis Naula19 hari yang lalu


  36. Joshyy Nixon

    Joshyy Nixon20 hari yang lalu

    This song helped me with my depression and helped me get over what my ex did to me he battered black and blue and put me through hell so thank times for takeimg this song ❤

  37. Emilio Aguinaldo

    Emilio Aguinaldo21 hari yang lalu

    Please visit Philippines.

  38. skuz34

    skuz3421 hari yang lalu

    rip jimmy

  39. Patrice Clair

    Patrice Clair21 hari yang lalu

    Is it about lost love? or suicide?

  40. Rebecca H

    Rebecca H23 hari yang lalu

    My friend's name is Jimmy! Half of these lyrics relate to him & I!

  41. dupont filochar

    dupont filochar24 hari yang lalu

    Plus j'écoute cette femme bizarement fagotée,plus je l'apprécie.

  42. Olive Ugly

    Olive Ugly25 hari yang lalu

    god she's so hot.

  43. Joel Bowen

    Joel Bowen26 hari yang lalu

    She makes me want to see Jimmy...I miss him, but I don't know any Jimmy

  44. null object

    null object10 hari yang lalu

    That my friend is the power of storytelling

  45. Dee Pee

    Dee Pee28 hari yang lalu

    This song reminds me of an old friend Kay Genchcwong, we used to play sonnil on the tennis courts at sport. I wasn't permitted to enter her front door. Now she's a he... Love to U.. For what it's worth I'm gay.

  46. i do gfx now

    i do gfx now28 hari yang lalu

    this is SOOO underrated

  47. shayma bayya

    shayma bayyaBulan Yang lalu

    صوتك مميز انت جدا مميزة بكل شيء . كل الحب من فلسطين 🇵🇸🇵🇸

  48. GunPlayInk - Pop

    GunPlayInk - PopBulan Yang lalu

    F*** Jimmy. Killed that track tho bae #facts 💯🤘🤯

  49. Pastel_Bright

    Pastel_BrightBulan Yang lalu

    I may come see you in Milwaukee April 11th 2020! I’m such a huge fan and I really hope I get tickets 😍😍😖😖☺️☺️

  50. Telly25

    Telly25Bulan Yang lalu

    Wow this made me feel so many emotions in 3 minutes. Poor Jimmy this is heartbreaking

  51. macintosh1960

    macintosh1960Bulan Yang lalu

    I' m in absolute tears this is so beautiful

  52. LE M

    LE MBulan Yang lalu

    Your voice is my medicine, girl. Don't stop, please

  53. Book Lover

    Book LoverBulan Yang lalu

    This made me think about a friend I had when I was younger. She and I always hung out and played. She wouldn't allow me or our other friends to her house, only a few times. And when I was there, I felt like it was an unhappy home. The mom always looked depressed and her older sister always looked angry and annoyed. And then one day my friend just vanished. My friends and I knocked on her door. Her sister or mother, I dont remember exactly, told us she had run away. Whether that's true or not, I don't know. I just hope she's okay and wish her luck. I hope to see her someday

  54. Pame Centepla

    Pame CenteplaBulan Yang lalu

    Has she ever explain this song ???

  55. john dala

    john dalaBulan Yang lalu

    When you find tones and I , you never leave

  56. joan blagdon

    joan blagdon7 hari yang lalu

    @john dala she has made me fall in love with music again after many years of mundane rubbish. Mind u it's only her music . Next time we have a good storm I will go and dance in the rain like I use too.

  57. joan blagdon

    joan blagdon7 hari yang lalu

    @john dala I have been in a very bad place very bad and she pulled me through .. gutted I missed out on her concert in Manchester as I would have loved to see her live .. hopefully she comes back and I wont miss her .

  58. john dala

    john dala8 hari yang lalu

    joan blagdon that’s good , something about her music just soothes the soul

  59. Jess Garcia

    Jess GarciaBulan Yang lalu

    I got the feeling that this song is from Jonny's perspective; even when his dad warned him to run away from his feelings, he still wanted to be friends with Jimmy and be close to him, and maybe that went on for a little while, they played and danced together, but Jimmy couldn't scape from what going on in his homelife, and at the end, even with Jonny there for him, his little heart had enough.Jonny kept thinking about him as he grew up ,about the first person he loved, and then Pete came into his life and, well, guess you've heard how the rest of that song goes.

  60. Amogelang Peba

    Amogelang PebaBulan Yang lalu

    Tones and I💝😙😙😙

  61. Bryete Valiant

    Bryete ValiantBulan Yang lalu

    Simply magic!

  62. Paul Snonec

    Paul SnonecBulan Yang lalu

    Never heard a voice like yours, im in love.

  63. Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    Whole Food Plant-Based ManBulan Yang lalu

    Love Potion #976/J

  64. Eamonn Quigley

    Eamonn QuigleyBulan Yang lalu

    Loving that song. Very very sad 😭 and powerful. Poor Jimmy.

  65. Suhaeli

    SuhaeliBulan Yang lalu

    Yeah, we all have friend that we couldnt see them anymore, and I missed mine, I wish I could go back there

  66. Desdemona Claire

    Desdemona ClaireBulan Yang lalu

    I can relate to Jimmy so much. I used to wander the streets at 3 AM to get away from my home sitch, and my friend and I have always talked about running away together and starting a new life. I got overwhelmed and ghosted everyone I knew and now she and I don't talk anymore.

  67. Alistair Borthwick

    Alistair BorthwickBulan Yang lalu

    Skag remix - Who's got Danny?

  68. Who Cares

    Who CaresBulan Yang lalu

    so did Jimmy die or what? I'm just curious

  69. Pohodicek WoT

    Pohodicek WoTBulan Yang lalu

    You have a specific voice that no one has, is different and so great. I really like. Keep going.

  70. Deena 8bosch

    Deena 8boschBulan Yang lalu

    I already loved the voice, but now that I understand the lyrics better ... wow I really love your music 🔥

  71. brandy lusk

    brandy luskBulan Yang lalu

    From 2:20 on I got chills. Why Is her voice so soul piercing?

  72. Steven H

    Steven H2 bulan yang lalu

    About conflicts inside or out killing our imagination/life?