TikTok Girls In Real Life | VSCO Girl, Soft Girl, E-Girl


  1. Brooklyn and Bailey

    Brooklyn and BaileyBulan Yang lalu

    Are you a VSCO Girl, Soft Girl, or E Girl?? Comment below! Don’t forget to checkout our new AirPod Cases here: brooklynandbaileyshop.com/collections/airpods 💋's - Brooklyn

  2. Eric Moul

    Eric Moul8 jam yang lalu

    vera same lol

  3. Eric Moul

    Eric Moul8 jam yang lalu


  4. TeyssFam4

    TeyssFam410 jam yang lalu

    Äspën then be a vsco

  5. Hadice Aksu

    Hadice Aksu12 jam yang lalu

    @Peter Parker too

  6. Gabbby guizar

    Gabbby guizar16 jam yang lalu

    I'm a vsco girl

  7. Ricky Rush

    Ricky Rush6 jam yang lalu

    sksksksksk and i oop-

  8. Ricky Rush

    Ricky Rush6 jam yang lalu

    i am a vsco girl

  9. Kate Audrey Banguis

    Kate Audrey Banguis6 jam yang lalu

    9:03 she's doinngg the obsessed dance

  10. J D M

    J D M7 jam yang lalu

    PTSD flashback to the 80s...

  11. Laura Douaihy

    Laura Douaihy7 jam yang lalu

    My school is FILLED with vsco girls. I’m a soft girl though 😅

  12. T T

    T T7 jam yang lalu

    more than jewish kids

  13. Lana Kolar

    Lana Kolar7 jam yang lalu

    Vsco girl

  14. Nelson figueiredo

    Nelson figueiredo7 jam yang lalu

    Yes I know what that tik tok dance I've done that song and dance

  15. xxmistyari

    xxmistyari7 jam yang lalu

    Uhm what is e-girl,vsco girl and soft girl ;-;

  16. Megan Brosler

    Megan Brosler7 jam yang lalu

    This is how much scrunchies Brooklyn sent Cole Sprouse 👇

  17. Elif }

    Elif }7 jam yang lalu

    *This not e girl gothic black like and they make strange moves while e girl does the opposite*

  18. RK Gayatri

    RK Gayatri8 jam yang lalu

    8:59 what's the song???

  19. no one

    no one8 jam yang lalu

    i'm kind of all the types who am i then normal girl check

  20. Maddie Schmidt

    Maddie Schmidt8 jam yang lalu

    The tic Tok that Brooklyn did was why you so obsessed with me

  21. Lauren B

    Lauren B8 jam yang lalu

    E-girls don't always need to be dark and emo ya know U_U

  22. tsuami x

    tsuami x9 jam yang lalu

    I love the egirl trying to flirt 😂

  23. Kawai Pearl

    Kawai Pearl16 jam yang lalu


  24. Cupcake fishsticks

    Cupcake fishsticks16 jam yang lalu

    E-girl was so off

  25. •Kylie_ Stitch•

    •Kylie_ Stitch•17 jam yang lalu

    My fav part is when the “flirt”

  26. Jerome Birth

    Jerome Birth17 jam yang lalu

    # save the turtle ks ks and a oop and a oop and a oop

  27. Mihai Morosanu

    Mihai Morosanu17 jam yang lalu

    Egirls wear hearts under their eyes not plusses

  28. StarcrestIkon

    StarcrestIkon17 jam yang lalu

    The meme died on the third day

  29. Ashley Nieto

    Ashley Nieto18 jam yang lalu

    Oh man...have I finally reached that age? I have no idea what is happening in this video..

  30. Skylar Gibbons

    Skylar Gibbons18 jam yang lalu

    YEP i am a Soft Girl

  31. Amy Bennett Smolik

    Amy Bennett Smolik19 jam yang lalu

    And I opp sksksksksksksk

  32. Raquel Quirino

    Raquel Quirino19 jam yang lalu

    8:57 *why u so obsessed with me*

  33. vsco girl

    vsco girl20 jam yang lalu

    I'm a vsco girl.sksksksksk and I oop

  34. Brian Gallo

    Brian Gallo20 jam yang lalu

    And oppppppppp skkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklkkkkkkkkkkkkk haven't I told you to wear a thousand scrunched and save the turtles Olso buy a hydro flask

  35. Brian Gallo

    Brian Gallo20 jam yang lalu


  36. Allana IsAwesome

    Allana IsAwesome20 jam yang lalu

    Vsco girl: You get a scrunchie, your get a scrunchie, and my boyfriend gets a scrunchie! Ssk ssk Me: BOYS DONT WEAR SCRUNCHIES

  37. Idia Dennar

    Idia Dennar21 jam yang lalu

    I also have an identical twin too! We both have very different styles. I'm more of the girly twin though. :> Also you know that dance you were doing Brooklyn, my friend did that infront of the highschoolers, and they we so confused! Lol. Also who's younger twin, because I'm the younger twin as well! :3

  38. Dark Angel Gaming

    Dark Angel Gaming22 jam yang lalu

    -drops plastic bottle- oopsie doopsies! oh! hi. are you new? yeah? ok nice to meet you! wait.. is that.. a hydro flask?! darlin'.. use plastic! no one cares about those stupid turtles anyway.. whats that? you have scrunchies all over your wrist AND a large T-shirt as well as a metal straw?! i'm sorry but.. no! heres a pack of plastic straws and a crop top! oh! almost forgot! heres some hair ties! ksksks oopsie doopsies ksksks! oh wait! i didn't tell you what i am? oh.. well i'm just a anti visco ksksks oopsie doopsies!

  39. Idia Dennar

    Idia Dennar21 jam yang lalu

    That's so FuNny! "Oh, well I'm just an anti vsco," Great job! :3

  40. Nicola Thomas

    Nicola ThomasHari Yang lalu

    I am the E-girl

  41. Scote Pasta

    Scote PastaHari Yang lalu

    Who all said e girl by seeing in the video picture

  42. Carolina Barros

    Carolina BarrosHari Yang lalu

    More videos like this please!!!!!!

  43. Anon E. Mous

    Anon E. MousHari Yang lalu

    Anyone notice that the e-girl didn't go to school SARA is da e-girl. Hahaha I'm so smart y'know.

  44. Flower Blossom

    Flower BlossomHari Yang lalu

    I'm probably a soft girl

  45. Trevor Cavallaro

    Trevor CavallaroHari Yang lalu

    Plz do more

  46. Gacha Potato

    Gacha PotatoHari Yang lalu

    I have an idea you could do a vsco girl vs an e-girl vs a soft girl *im mind blown*

  47. famfiv

    famfivHari Yang lalu


  48. famfiv

    famfivHari Yang lalu

    Sksksk and I oop and I opp

  49. icy jello sunflower

    icy jello sunflowerHari Yang lalu

    I'm sorry but is that a real hydro flask?

  50. Youtube Videos

    Youtube VideosHari Yang lalu

    This literally killed my brain cells... i cant believe there are 6million hooked on this. mind blowing crap people watch. why was this every recommended to me.. get it together youtube... i can just drink beers if i want to get brain damage dont need to do it for me.

  51. Ida Kemunto

    Ida KemuntoHari Yang lalu

    This was so flipping funny I flipped off🆒😂😂

  52. Cookie bite Tea

    Cookie bite TeaHari Yang lalu

    1970: in 2019 we will have flying cars 2019: sksksksksksksks save the turtles

  53. Cookie bite Tea

    Cookie bite TeaHari Yang lalu

    Every like gets a turtle . . . . . 🐢🐢🐢

  54. alison aquino

    alison aquino2 hari yang lalu

    Uhhh did she find a random guy.....?

  55. Kim Jeon

    Kim Jeon2 hari yang lalu


  56. Kim Jeon

    Kim Jeon6 jam yang lalu

    @Zodiacs United they said it in the video but idk if it just was for the story or real. I didn't look it up

  57. Zodiacs United

    Zodiacs United7 jam yang lalu

    Kim Jeon I mean they took them all off?

  58. Kim Jeon

    Kim Jeon12 jam yang lalu

    @Zodiacs United that's the only necessary information I got and it's not gud

  59. Zodiacs United

    Zodiacs United19 jam yang lalu

    Kim Jeon ???

  60. Jack Harris

    Jack Harris2 hari yang lalu

    its nine eleven, why arent you not honoring the people who served, or mention them. you are so disgraceful

  61. Vivian Lee

    Vivian Lee2 hari yang lalu

    As a 30 year old, I am fascinated by how 90s/early 00s fashion is coming back in the weirdest ways ...

  62. Harmonizer’s Mixer

    Harmonizer’s Mixer2 hari yang lalu

    where is aesthetic girlssss comeee onn

  63. Diana Istatkova

    Diana Istatkova2 hari yang lalu

    Im a soft girl. Buuuut i like Blue 🦊🐵🐶🐕🦄🐎🦌🐷🐯🐩🐺🐅🐯🦁🐱🐈

  64. Fabian Jones

    Fabian Jones2 hari yang lalu

    I’m a vsco girl Sk sk sk and I oop and I oop Save the turtles 🐢

  65. Oliwciiax

    Oliwciiax2 hari yang lalu

    Vsco girl record a tik tok with a song Obssesed with me

  66. Siyah Beyaz

    Siyah Beyaz2 hari yang lalu

    Who is e girl ~ me

  67. LetTheCat

    LetTheCat2 hari yang lalu

    11:16 TOTALLY ME THO

  68. LetTheCat

    LetTheCat2 hari yang lalu


  69. My Game

    My Game2 hari yang lalu

    Why you so obsessed with me dance

  70. Venkatesan Calavai

    Venkatesan Calavai2 hari yang lalu

    This is kinda offensive to e girls

  71. Sasha Natasha

    Sasha Natasha2 hari yang lalu

    soft girl team!!