Thus Spoke the Ustads - The Lost Music of Amritsar


  1. EK SUR GYAN KENDRA, NABHA The music academy

    EK SUR GYAN KENDRA, NABHA The music academy25 hari yang lalu

    You ve done incredible work 👍 thanks a lot for uploading this utmost treasure to the sangat.

  2. Desi Dhol

    Desi Dhol3 bulan yang lalu

    Please follow up with the decadent of ustad ghulam hassan shaggan

  3. harmohan vasir

    harmohan vasir4 bulan yang lalu

    waheguru sikho khanho tum we r great but gurbani says ...HUM NAHI CHANGE BURA NAHI KOI

  4. Jay Singh

    Jay Singh9 bulan yang lalu

    Awesome explanation! We've lost raag Vidya which delivered the spiritual essence of gurbani, and embraced melodies and rythms because they sound cool --- too often, variations of a single raag and a single taal. It's sad. A rare few see diamonds in our raag-rich history; to others, it's just shiny glass.

  5. Jignesh Dholka

    Jignesh DholkaTahun Yang lalu

    Bhai Baldeep just seems too frustrated all the time..He has his reasons but.

  6. Balkaran Singh

    Balkaran SinghTahun Yang lalu

    sir , can i have any shabad sung by bhai chand ji ,,,,who started kirtan with parman

  7. Balkaran Singh

    Balkaran SinghTahun Yang lalu

    sir, how can we download shabads sung by bhai lal ji rababi ( descendents of bhai abdulla ji ) and bhai nasira ji descendents of bhai satt and balwand...because there is hardly anything on internet about them..

  8. gaganxs

    gaganxsTahun Yang lalu

    Gurmukhi ch gul karn chahidi aa to talk about authenticity of old times, the english narration could be provided underneath but the message must be given out in shudh authentic language.

  9. sat rayit

    sat rayit2 tahun yang lalu

    truly amazed with this history

  10. Harpreet Singh

    Harpreet Singh2 tahun yang lalu

    Thought provoking good points been made but Bhai Baldeep singh went too far by saying that darbar sahib kirtan is dead

  11. khushwant virdi

    khushwant virdi2 tahun yang lalu

    When the gurus allowed everybody to sing who the fuck are these SGPC to take call to boycott them

  12. Garry Taneja

    Garry Taneja2 tahun yang lalu

    absolutly true bro

  13. Indian Martial Arts Research Group

    Indian Martial Arts Research Group2 tahun yang lalu

    Brother, the SGPC were installed by the British. Their job is ensure Sikhi never prospers. Just because the British physically left India, doesn't mean their rule ended. The left behind their loyal dogs who have the form of Gursikhs but the heart of Raavan. The shabads sung in the movie Nanak Shah Fakir brought me closer to Sikhi. But through a chain of command, evildoers wanted it banned. It could have brought many non-Sikhs, even Muslims, to Sikhi. Their main argument was that Sikh gurus cannot be depicted by actors. But is this written in Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Dasam Granth, Sarbloh Granth, Varan Bhai Gurdas, etc If not, then it is the personal thoughts of certain people, but we are to only obey our gurus.

  14. Jivanpal Singh

    Jivanpal Singh2 tahun yang lalu

    Excellent effort with these videos.

  15. Gurwinder Singh

    Gurwinder Singh2 tahun yang lalu

    what shabad is sung at the intro?

  16. Kirtan

    Kirtan8 bulan yang lalu

    Bhai Samund Singh Ji-Sadho man ka man taygo

  17. erasmus6696

    erasmus6696Tahun Yang lalu

    Kirit Singh are you coming to America sometime in 2018? You should do a camp in Seattle

  18. Gurwinder Singh

    Gurwinder Singh2 tahun yang lalu

    Kirit Singh Thank You keep up the good work

  19. Mr ShadowGUN

    Mr ShadowGUN2 tahun yang lalu

    After deep listening i think the shabad is ; jan nanak eh khel kathin hai. Sorry i cant find who sang this shabad. Great voice. If you got info please share with me.

  20. Gurwinder Singh

    Gurwinder Singh2 tahun yang lalu

    can u provide links for the recordings in the video also please?