This KEY Hidden Detail in The Mandalorian is Blowing Fans’ Minds! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)


  1. Tyrone Koumoundouros

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    Exterminate every Satanic unconstitutional FBI agents.

  2. Dadson worldwide

    Dadson worldwideBulan Yang lalu

    Episode 4 really fell off it was like watching a episode of xena warrior princess. Idk how many times we've seen that same story that the hero comes to train the peaceful communal village to fight for themselves. Story began problem arose and 40 minutes later ot was wrapped up in a It was 40 minutes of lazy writting and for the first time we're the budget was cut with few special effects. If they try to actually make money and cut the budget it won't be liked long.

  3. Christopher Hudgeon

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    Magnificent 7

  4. SanityLaughs

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    Dr. Pershing I think does want to clone yoda species and since the Kamino cloners also mastered rapid aging therefore they can make yoda species develop faster, maybe. I mean if you make them like the clone troops they are very obedient and would be the most powerful army.

  5. NoOnes Home87

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    Maybe, they want the dna of baby yoda, together with Luke, Anakin, and Emperor Palpatine's DNA to make Rey

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    The baby yoda thing is cool but im getting kinda over it now...on with the show

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    Since I was your only hope, I subscribed so everything should be good now.

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    The Yod’!

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    “Alive.” “... Yes, alive.”

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    Holy shit these new host suck. Where did the reg hottie go? She was hot and savvy.

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    FFS, stop it with that accent. You sound like an absolute twat

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    I am so sick of clones in Star Wars. Clone Wars was fine. but now everybody is a freaking clone and it's annoying the hell out of me. It's become a writing cheat code when they back themselves into a corner.

  13. Obi Wan

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    we did'nt strt the fire it was always since....

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    Did you know you look like a penis dude?

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    Spoiler alert! Why would you watch starwars videos if you didn't want it spoiled. People are so stupid

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    BEST STAR WARS IN MANY YEARS!! Home run in my book.

  18. BeowWulf

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    Sure, clones of the Yoda baby seems simple but at heart, most of the Star Wars saga is pretty much, just that.

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    I want that shirt

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    Theory, Yoda's species not only ages slower than others, But is also far more scarce in the universe, His species is especially attuned to be more force sensitive! They want to clone Baby Yoda and make armys of weaponized jedi clones to sell to the highest bidders. Unbalancing the force by making too many Jedi!

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    love the theme song for these videos. where can i download it?

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    I can’t believe I waisted my time watching this video! And you desperately ask for likes and subs at the beginning of your video?

  24. Bruce ree

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    Why the hell would I like or subscribe if I’ve seen The Mandalorian? I like it, and I only just started watching yours. Should I like or subscribe before I watch your video incase I don’t like it?

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    Smooth Yoda! LOL

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    "I can see you through the monitor like the FBI"...LOL

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    I can’t wait til Gina takes her helmet off.

  28. Nick Exikanas

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    Why clone the ‘baby-yoda-thing’? Answer = (only 2 words) Sith Troopers

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    Boy, you are so sexy!

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    Theres more of them in legends

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    Upvoted for Mr. Sinister reference. Correctly used in context in fact. Tips hat. Well-done, sir.

  33. Ryben Flynn

    Ryben Flynn2 bulan yang lalu As it turns out, though, he doesn't go by Mando. Pedro Pascal, who plays the mysterious bounty hunter, revealed the Mandalorian's name in a behind-the-scenes interview. "The Mandalorian, whose name is Din Jarron, is your iconically cool, flawed, mysterious, loner gunslinger that harkens to the best of the samurai movies and the westerns."

  34. Master Yoda

    Master Yoda2 bulan yang lalu

    To use him as an inquisitor?

  35. Master Yoda

    Master Yoda2 bulan yang lalu

    Did they clone Yoda?

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    You talk like I couldn't have seen in without the service. (maniacal laughter)

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    Only coz said please

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    I was waiting for the Klingons to get him...

  39. Jon G

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    What if Palpatine cloned yoda for an apprentice?

  40. Jt Williams

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    The baby is a clone of thinks🤔

  41. krispxzero

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    I was thinking the same. Maybe they are trying to retrieve their clone.

  42. hellbilly69101

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    I like how the show is as if Sergio Leone made the show.....minus the 1000 minute long shots.

  43. Ravathiel

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    I want to see Baby Yoda eat one of those ugly Porgs.

  44. BriJenn Rigby

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    Did anyone else see Han Solo in carbonite? Maybe dead Han Solo was a clone??? Maybe original Han is alive in the Star Wars Universe.

  45. Dan

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    I think baby yoda is a clone of Yoda. If you remember back to episode II the order was put in by Jedi Sifo Diyas died ten years before. Maybe he had them clone Yoda or someone else did.

  46. Roger Coh

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    MANDO and YOBY.

  47. Greg G

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    6 minutes to say Dr whatshisnuts' Cloner symbol

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    Baby Yoda is adorable.

  49. Gelmir Curufin

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    you're IGNORING the FACT that nick nolte SAYS that there have been a constant stream of bounty hunters that he has helped who all died there are either MANY who know about yoda baby or it's herzog sending everyone

  50. Nathor PlayersBane

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    This takes place before the new trilogy. A few years after return of the jedi. Cloning a new body for the emporer, who returns in the next movie.

  51. Infinitifyr

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    If you think anything from Mandalorian is going to connect with Rise of Skywalker and make sense. I mean, did you see The Last Jedi?

  52. mike moore

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    The making of Sith troopers?

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    Where can I find your t shirt!?

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    I call the gods species the yoga species

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    You can only blow my mind once

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    Lol “baby Yode”

  57. Jeremy JMIAH Williamson

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    if you watch the star wars show on starwars channel.. the episode with dave filoni about this show... HE SPECIFICALLY SAYS "The Mandalorian HAS NO NAME and NO FACE on purpose" so his name is NOT "Dyn Jaryn" or however you want to spell it... as of now and this rumor is FALSE... until we know for certain anyway. Which I hope we do lol

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    I like to call the baby Yoda a Yodling.

  59. AWorldWithoutTenors

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    @Philipp Grzemba *Yodel :D

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    Where’s the key hidden clue ? 🤔 this video is the definition of click bait and I knew and he got me 🤦🏽‍♂️

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    My favorite Kathleen Kennedy series shirts I’ve ever seen

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    Baby Yoda is just so damn adorable! I'm a 25 year old guy and I want a baby Yoda plushie. Let's make this happen Disney.

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    I haven't seen it & maybe never will unless I buy the DVD or Disney puts it in one of there Cable channels. would love to see it.

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    Dude. It will cost you 15 bucks to watch it. I am sure you have 15 quid. It is well worth the money. Dont miss out because you're either cheap or sending a message. You will really like it.