This is Why Arsenal Signed Nicolas Pepe!


  1. ArsenalVideosHD

    ArsenalVideosHD4 bulan yang lalu

    Front three for this season? Auba - Laca - Pepe 🔥😍

  2. Nibbaheam 47

    Nibbaheam 476 hari yang lalu

    Pepe 5-1 PSG

  3. Escarro Junior

    Escarro JuniorBulan Yang lalu

    Pepe is just gervinho 2.0 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 72 mil

  4. tanvir islam

    tanvir islamBulan Yang lalu

    Mandingo party.

  5. Aniket Salvi

    Aniket Salvi2 bulan yang lalu

    Man I hate Emery more after watching this video

  6. Redbull 80

    Redbull 804 bulan yang lalu

    Black panterrr...

  7. shadow ghost

    shadow ghost7 jam yang lalu

    The music changed on this vid

  8. Van Winter

    Van Winter7 hari yang lalu

    Goals from open play this season in the Premier League: Jamie Vardy:14 Brought for £1m Nicolas Pepe:0 Brought for £72m 🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭

  9. Hasanul Banna

    Hasanul Banna11 hari yang lalu

    A swap deal of lemar+€20m will be win win for both sides... Atletico need a direct winger and arsenal need a creative player..

  10. LyzerExploits

    LyzerExploits19 hari yang lalu

    that's not Pepe :(

  11. Red Devils

    Red Devils22 hari yang lalu

    He sucks

  12. Wilson Mathias

    Wilson MathiasBulan Yang lalu

    Enjoyed the video on mute

  13. Man P Cr7

    Man P Cr7Bulan Yang lalu

    He runs like he is about to fall 🤣

  14. Wayne Munjuga

    Wayne MunjugaBulan Yang lalu

    You can see what Pepe did to Saliba. Then Arsenal bought him 😂 but hope he comes good when he's back



    Pepe our African Ronaldinho

  16. TOTO RO

    TOTO ROBulan Yang lalu

    If you are here after his 2 freekick goals then hit like.

  17. Faris Rahman

    Faris RahmanBulan Yang lalu

    After freecick anyone here?

  18. jacob muiruri

    jacob muiruriBulan Yang lalu

    that's me

  19. Jesus Cortez

    Jesus CortezBulan Yang lalu

    Whos here after his miss vs sheffield

  20. Roberto Nice

    Roberto NiceBulan Yang lalu

    Its great to see this video of his trickery and skill, but the undeniable fact is that Pépé has come up short and failed to reproduce this quality in the Premier League ffs.🤔 At the moment he's definitely not worth the unprecedented £72 million price tag!💰🤬

  21. Luis Adrien

    Luis Adrien2 bulan yang lalu

    im a Man Utd fans, he is my favorite arsenal player. Give him time he will shine.

  22. IAJ3

    IAJ32 bulan yang lalu

    I’ve seen Arsenal fans doubting this same man in this video. He clearly has the ability, but he’s just lacking confidence right now. Once that first goal in the run of play comes, he’ll be fine.

  23. Gary Michael

    Gary Michael2 bulan yang lalu

    It's not Pepe's fault Arsenal spent £50m more than what he's worth. It doesn't make sense to spend £72m on a player who performed the goods for ONE season in a BANG AVERAGE LEAGUE that has only ONE competetive football club in it(PSG). Even Giroud looked like Ronaldo at times when playing for Montpellier before joining Arsenal, but look how average he became when he played in the Premier League, and at least Giroud cost Arsenal only £10m. Pepe is looking like he'll be Arsenal's worst ever buy based on value of purchase.

  24. GoonerKIRK

    GoonerKIRK2 bulan yang lalu

    Not good enough

  25. chuuuuchuu

    chuuuuchuu2 bulan yang lalu

    retard scout

  26. You Wish You Was Albanian

    You Wish You Was Albanian2 bulan yang lalu

    After is shit performance I had to find out why he was so expensive 🙄🙄

  27. Franga#

    Franga#2 bulan yang lalu

    Give him time to adapt buddy

  28. X1dV

    X1dV2 bulan yang lalu

    New Gervinho

  29. Gary Michael

    Gary Michael2 bulan yang lalu

    More like Yaya Sagono.

  30. big liar

    big liar2 bulan yang lalu

    Still waiting for his 1st goal.

  31. yhyh 12301

    yhyh 123012 bulan yang lalu

    Wouldnt even pay 72 quid for him ahah

  32. yhyh 12301

    yhyh 123012 bulan yang lalu

    @David Luiz salty are ya

  33. David Luiz

    David Luiz2 bulan yang lalu

    Doubt u got 72 quid on ya ..gypo

  34. Nahor Ovidiu

    Nahor Ovidiu3 bulan yang lalu

    Lille made The Business of the Century selling Pepe to Arsenal. I would pay maximum 8 mil. EURO for him.

  35. Nahor Ovidiu

    Nahor Ovidiu2 bulan yang lalu

    @David Luiz I hope you are right. Unfortunately, he didn't convince me even at Lille.

  36. I’m not a Rapper

    I’m not a Rapper2 bulan yang lalu

    David Luiz Dw aubamabloodclatyang will show him the way

  37. David Luiz

    David Luiz2 bulan yang lalu

    Nahor Ovidiu Yeah judge him after 3 pl starts in a new league ..clown 🕺

  38. I’m not a Rapper

    I’m not a Rapper2 bulan yang lalu

    Nahor Ovidiu very underwhelming player so far

  39. Nahor Ovidiu

    Nahor Ovidiu3 bulan yang lalu

    @Luke jones good comparison 👍

  40. halim kamaruzaman

    halim kamaruzaman3 bulan yang lalu

    1 word Overrated

  41. Ibn Abdool

    Ibn Abdool3 bulan yang lalu

    An absolute waste of 72m when there is so much better out there

  42. Abdulellah Madani

    Abdulellah Madani3 bulan yang lalu

    Ibn Abdool just give him time

  43. reixmolon2

    reixmolon23 bulan yang lalu

    Es apañao....

  44. Deep Biswas

    Deep Biswas3 bulan yang lalu

    Has the caliber to become the most fiercest winger in the world.

  45. James Pearse

    James Pearse3 bulan yang lalu

    I see nothing special about pepe and for 70m you should be able to single handedly win a match on your own. Unlike Daniel James he's not intelligent enough with the ball, pace without end product is another gervinho. Daniel James is potentially world class, but pepe isn't

  46. Splash Yt

    Splash Yt2 bulan yang lalu

    James Pearse hopefully it gets better

  47. James Pearse

    James Pearse2 bulan yang lalu

    @Splash Yt pepe has made the move far too early in his career. He just looks like another gervinho tbh. Waste of money

  48. Splash Yt

    Splash Yt2 bulan yang lalu

    James Pearse Daniel James hahahahaha i hope ur joking pepe is 10 times better i think

  49. Tukang Beling

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    Omo-wobe Nicolas Yaya Sanogo Pepe

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  51. luka cuckovic

    luka cuckovic3 bulan yang lalu

    the song is appropriate

  52. hugo venter

    hugo venter3 bulan yang lalu

    Great video. Rubbish music!

  53. lexsteph XD

    lexsteph XD3 bulan yang lalu

    The ivorian teams fowars are strong with zaha and pepe

  54. Official KJR

    Official KJR3 bulan yang lalu

    it’s joy to watch this guy

  55. Mapuia Kop

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  56. swarnak Ray

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    You had to add a stupid song..

  57. Zahid Khan

    Zahid Khan3 bulan yang lalu

    City: we rely on Guardiola for success Liverpool: we rely on van dijk for success Arsenal: we rely on France for success 😂

  58. Adam

    Adam2 bulan yang lalu

    Arsenal, success??

  59. luka cuckovic

    luka cuckovic3 bulan yang lalu

    liverpool rely on southampton

  60. Isofrey

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    Zahid Khan we rely on our attack😂

  61. ysl fufs

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    You’re wet for picking this song

  62. Iverzuni F.I

    Iverzuni F.I3 bulan yang lalu

    Wow!! first time for me watching him. He's not Messi He's not Neymar He's Pepe Congrats Arsenal

  63. Adam

    Adam2 bulan yang lalu

    He's been shit so far

  64. carmel bugeja

    carmel bugeja3 bulan yang lalu

    arsenal's future, we will hear a lot about this gem this year and more next year in the CL

  65. Salah Al Deen

    Salah Al Deen3 bulan yang lalu

    Good signing

  66. chase danforth

    chase danforth3 bulan yang lalu

    hands down the gayest song for goal highlights. are you serious? of course youre arsenal. thumbs down utterly gay

  67. vishal singh

    vishal singh3 bulan yang lalu

    His gameplay reminds me of thiery henry... Lot of similarities. U jus hve one word for this style of play - beautiful

  68. Tom Barnes

    Tom Barnes4 bulan yang lalu

    Losc lille produce banging talent, hazard, pepe and more

  69. Beatz2572 0000

    Beatz2572 00004 bulan yang lalu

    I'm a Manchester United fan and I'm pissed we didn't get him.Reminds me of Eetoo

  70. #TeamOM

    #TeamOM4 bulan yang lalu

    BPL is another level


    MH GAMING4 bulan yang lalu


  72. Stayfresh 69

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    70 mil lool


    GEOFREY .IMANI TV.4 bulan yang lalu

    Wall come pape de suzus

  74. Seeker of Knowledge

    Seeker of Knowledge4 bulan yang lalu

    If Pepe can become great finisher there is no doubt in my mind he is the next up to hall fame speed and skills are key but what matter goals in the net

  75. Nagy Marha

    Nagy Marha4 bulan yang lalu

    Every time i can’t sleep at night i watch this vid, acknowledging that my team has a new gem in its hands Thanks for making that vid beautiful work keep it up.

  76. David Knight

    David Knight4 bulan yang lalu

    Arsenal if they signed a left winger they would have had easily just as good as City and Liverpool's attack Shame your defence isn't as good

  77. Diego Martinez

    Diego Martinez4 bulan yang lalu

    Thank god i can mute this videos nowdays.

  78. zzzlover zzz

    zzzlover zzz4 bulan yang lalu

    Wow!!! Got some skills and ummm...hes excellent Glad we signed him😊💯

  79. Grant Preiss

    Grant Preiss4 bulan yang lalu

    I give him one month, after that he will take over that right hand side for Arsenal

  80. sam does memes _

    sam does memes _4 bulan yang lalu

    I support arsenal and most likely we will still finish 5th but this year I think we will come 3rd

  81. Echoz

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    This music sucks

  82. Celip Ganteng

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  83. Joon Shern Soo

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    What a terrible song choice ??