This is What BABY Preston Looked Like!


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    Up near Washington, there is NO snow Untill the snow is 2 feet high And then its gone

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    Baby Preston is so cute

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    Do all of the team's child hood memories

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    Those are stars

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    The things on baby Preston’s jumper was chickens

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    The second photo of Preston looks like my brother at the age 1

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    I thought Preston was the oldest brother

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    That’s the blues clue dog in background

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    l'm cute as a baby

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    Third photo I think their ducks

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    At 8:30 the picture looked exactly like my cousin

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    Moon and stars out of 1 to 10 i love you're videos 3 and Preston 10

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    part of the back ground music is the genderles child rap XD XD XP lol

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    Sooo cute

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    I was a cute baby

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    That picture in Colorado of Preston looks exactly like how he looks now

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    I love that smile

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    Preston was such a chungus when he was a baby

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