this is the end.


  1. too lazy to think of a name

    too lazy to think of a name16 jam yang lalu

    Casey: This is the end Haters: happiness noises Casey: comes back after 2 weeks Also casey: miss me assholes

  2. بندر عبيد

    بندر عبيدHari Yang lalu

    are you crying? Summarize every thing 😞

  3. Alex

    AlexHari Yang lalu

    8:22 Vincent from Top Boy??

  4. Mike Arato

    Mike AratoHari Yang lalu

    Being a New Yorker is the best feeling. You can take the kid outta New York but you can’t take the New York outta the kid

  5. Ben Syne

    Ben SyneHari Yang lalu

    It's been a pleasure watching you grow over the years, Casey. good luck on this next phase in your life

  6. Biankaaa !

    Biankaaa !Hari Yang lalu

    Wow I can’t believe you left New York I live in New York and probably might stay here for the rest of my life because of you my future plans was going to California for the rest of my life but I guess that career is burnt to dust thank you Casey for being the only IDreporterr that can kick butt

  7. cid alarid

    cid alarid2 hari yang lalu

    The only difference that u will probably experience here,,,,is PAPARAZZIS WILL FOLLOW U,,,:)

  8. Tom Beyer

    Tom Beyer2 hari yang lalu

    Thank you for giving so much of yourself to us over the years Casey, you’ve made such a positive inspirational impact!

  9. Njoy

    Njoy2 hari yang lalu

    LA is not exactly a place to relax either lol

  10. WhirlOmar

    WhirlOmar2 hari yang lalu

    So what the hell was 386 then ?

  11. WhirlOmar

    WhirlOmar2 hari yang lalu

    Those who dreamt about visiting his studio just had that dream shattered.

  12. Paul Smith

    Paul Smith20 jam yang lalu


  13. Yeet mister

    Yeet mister2 hari yang lalu

    I’m extremely sad that you are leaving NYC Casey but I’m also extremely happy for you and Candice not only is this a new chapter for you but for your family I am also really happy because I am able to possibly meet you! Thank you if you read this have a great day!!!

  14. Allen Ng

    Allen Ng2 hari yang lalu

    born n raised in NYC until i was 27 yrs....moved to LA and lived in Hermosa beach for 10 years...never looked back!

  15. Ron Wilson

    Ron Wilson2 hari yang lalu

    Same narcissistic Hebe asshole as usual.

  16. Hot Dog

    Hot Dog3 hari yang lalu

    Make sure to wear muck boots when you walk around LA

  17. Phil Hughes

    Phil Hughes3 hari yang lalu

    The beginning reminded me of the Shining

  18. SilverStutter

    SilverStutter3 hari yang lalu

    Damn I just kinda got into Casey and I watched his draw my life video right before this one and it hit hard.

  19. Derby Perez

    Derby Perez3 hari yang lalu

    brilliant, video!!!! and your wife is great, made me laugh!!!

  20. Bokeh Electric

    Bokeh Electric3 hari yang lalu

    LA is a shit city...

  21. Samuel Halás

    Samuel Halás3 hari yang lalu


  22. R_Fab_Machining

    R_Fab_Machining3 hari yang lalu

    Fuck New York mah nigga!

  23. Demetria Lovett

    Demetria Lovett3 hari yang lalu

    Casey, thank you for this video. I'm not a New Yorker but a lot of other stuff you said in this video resonated with me. This is one of my most favorite videos on youtube. Thank you.

  24. waltermeramelo

    waltermeramelo4 hari yang lalu

    12:07 did u... ?? I am

  25. waltermeramelo

    waltermeramelo4 hari yang lalu

    11:20 fkng onions

  26. The Happy Hiking Omnivore

    The Happy Hiking Omnivore4 hari yang lalu

    This teared me up.

  27. Tara Leigh

    Tara Leigh4 hari yang lalu

    I have been a visitor to NYC. But, I was born and raised in LA. Hats off to you, Casey, for making a change you feel necessary. But, with all sincerity and kindness, LA isn't the place to chill and raise a family. I finally moved out of there and to the midwest. And there, finally, we found peace, space and a beautiful place to raise kids. LA will always be in my veins, but the hustle of LA life is just nuts. I wish you and your family peace, love, joy and lots of beach days!! (I do miss the California coast!) 🤗

  28. Abe -1811

    Abe -18115 hari yang lalu

    Part of the journey is the end -Tony Stark

  29. Yeet mister

    Yeet mister2 hari yang lalu

    Abe -1811 so true

  30. R4inb0w GD

    R4inb0w GD5 hari yang lalu

    7:54 at 8:47 a french music incredible

  31. Drake Spalding

    Drake Spalding5 hari yang lalu

    This just made me cry and I’ve never even been to new york😭

  32. Toralu Zayev

    Toralu Zayev5 hari yang lalu

    You're an Angeleno now. Welcome

  33. TheHelicapt

    TheHelicapt5 hari yang lalu

    Spot on Casey....exact reason why I moved to Cali after working 30 years in NYC..... but miss the heck out of NYC and I cant call myself a New Yorker anymore 😞

  34. Jessica Caprice Tovar

    Jessica Caprice Tovar5 hari yang lalu

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ welcome to LA 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴

  35. Dilan

    Dilan5 hari yang lalu

    Hope to see new episodes and vlogs from you in Los Angeles, Goodbye NYC😢 you will never be forgotten.

  36. philledwards77

    philledwards776 hari yang lalu

    That’s deep stuff mate! Thanks for sharing!

  37. dreynolds64

    dreynolds646 hari yang lalu

    try Colorado

  38. Owen Szymanski

    Owen Szymanski6 hari yang lalu

    Please please keep riding boosted boards please

  39. Ethy A.A

    Ethy A.A6 hari yang lalu

    If you see Sergio Ramírez tell him that luisito is lucking for him

  40. i vmx

    i vmx6 hari yang lalu

    East coast will always be>>>>>

  41. Ittz Anthony

    Ittz Anthony6 hari yang lalu

    So what’s happening With 368

  42. alan thunder

    alan thunder6 hari yang lalu

    Casey is the type that would marry someone that looks just like his sister, so that the ego-maniacal bastard could be closer to himself!

  43. Andi Liu

    Andi Liu6 hari yang lalu

    12:10, he's crying

  44. itsnotme07

    itsnotme076 hari yang lalu

    Love Candice's honest answer there at the end. Cause she's right, no one knows....until you do it. Not going to wish you good luck Casey, you don't need it, you make your own luck. I will hope you find what you need and take us along for fun. Remember Baz Luhrmann's song from the 90's. Wear Sunscreen, especially in SoCal.

  45. JW 2001

    JW 20016 hari yang lalu

    Like the Seinfield TV program get out on top of the game. But I guess its to just a new field? I mean they build houses in New York...


    ARTURO VICTORIA6 hari yang lalu


  47. Edin Os

    Edin Os7 hari yang lalu

    Stessa cosa e capitata anche a noi. Sei fortunato perché hai più cose da portare via. Vai dove ti porta il ti seguirò comunque 👍👍👍

  48. Team Montes

    Team Montes7 hari yang lalu

    The Tarzan analogy is FTW! That’s the spirit Casey! Keep swinging from vine to vine! That’s where growth and progress is. Pinterest once said, “If it doesn’t scare you, it’s not worth doing.” 😊

  49. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent7 hari yang lalu

    You brought me to tears my friend

  50. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent7 hari yang lalu

    You inspired me to be better Casey, I wish I saw you in nyc but I guess it's not possible anymore but all I can say is fucking thank you.

  51. bryan29403

    bryan294037 hari yang lalu

    This is like the last episode of FRIENDS where chandler and monica are leaving new york

  52. _fabuloso_

    _fabuloso_7 hari yang lalu

    Imma miss seeing you in NYC but good luck in your new home

  53. Taylor Taylor

    Taylor Taylor7 hari yang lalu

    i have never been super involved in your videos or life but i do know you and i have been subscribed for quite awhile and i watch you videos and i can say that i’m sad. it really is the end of a chapter in your life and i’m gonna miss new york. it’s just where you have always been and you’ve made me love it.

  54. Mrsalom

    Mrsalom7 hari yang lalu

    Welcome to California! I hope you enjoy Sate of California.

  55. Purified State

    Purified State7 hari yang lalu

    Damn as a fan of couple years, this hit hard.

  56. Zama

    Zama7 hari yang lalu

    It's the begun

  57. SHAF LI

    SHAF LI7 hari yang lalu

    Self driving cars thats me like waw casey vlogging while his car drives itself

  58. Luca Jaffe

    Luca Jaffe7 hari yang lalu

    does that mean no more youtube

  59. Lisa Di

    Lisa Di7 hari yang lalu

    You can take the boy out of NY. But you can't the NY out of the boy. Forever NY!

  60. Timo Dunkel

    Timo Dunkel7 hari yang lalu

    Change brings always something good. Great move Casey! I believe you’ll survive and thrive in the sunny LA with your sunglasses 😎😉

  61. Thoni2Face

    Thoni2Face7 hari yang lalu

    Hey @CaseyNeistat, I did exactly the same thing two months ago in Germany. Not 2800 miles, only 600, but also a move to the other end of Germany, at the sea, for a better work life balance. It was the best decision of my life. I wish you and your family all the best in Los Angeles. You do the right thing!

  62. Oliver Bunting

    Oliver Bunting7 hari yang lalu

    What most people aren’t thinking about is that his studio will now be up for sale. And it’s gonna go for A LOT. If I were Casey and if he’s only renting it, I’d buy the studio, then sell it for a huge profit

  63. Jeremy Chavez

    Jeremy Chavez7 hari yang lalu

    Right at 9:00 minutes to 10:00 minutes that is what I felt but was never able to put into words, thank you Casey! You are the best man! Keep up your incredible stories!

  64. Dorrit

    Dorrit7 hari yang lalu

    So you chose LA? Whut

  65. Ben

    Ben7 hari yang lalu

    Whats with billy?

  66. Gino Kim

    Gino Kim8 hari yang lalu

    Joe Rogan is out Casey Neistat is in

  67. Shreyash Suryavanshi

    Shreyash Suryavanshi8 hari yang lalu

    Guys just a question. He is still gonna vlog right?


    SIVANSHUMAN8 hari yang lalu

    Just be kind and sacrifice more

  69. A S

    A S8 hari yang lalu

    Tho will Case y record videos????

  70. Kevin Chen

    Kevin Chen8 hari yang lalu

    pls go back and visit every so often or else the Casey we all know will be gone 😭

  71. dubb

    dubb8 hari yang lalu

    why wouldnt you just move to jersey........ fucking idiot

  72. Ace Spade

    Ace Spade8 hari yang lalu

    dubb cause of family in LA you dumbass

  73. Shona Lin

    Shona Lin8 hari yang lalu

    Caesy thank you for sharing your uncertainty about life😭 I need this!!!

  74. birbles

    birbles8 hari yang lalu

    Oh Casey Neistat, I never have words for the things your videos -- at least life-changing ones like this -- make me feel. Finding you on IDreporter so many years ago was a blessing in keeping me documenting my own life, and I will forever be grateful to you for that. I wish you all the love and success in your new home. Can't wait to hear and see about it.

  75. Gaming Wilful

    Gaming Wilful8 hari yang lalu

    You forgot about the UPS guy

  76. GORGI's World

    GORGI's World8 hari yang lalu


  77. Omkar Patil

    Omkar Patil8 hari yang lalu

    About to break into tears watching that beautiful art of a studio being ripped apart step-by-step. Your story telling conveys every emotion so deeply. Been watching you and the STUDIO for around 4 years. This is depressing :( ❤️ from India.

  78. Hermit the Log

    Hermit the Log8 hari yang lalu

    Welcome to California, broness.

  79. Som Guy

    Som Guy8 hari yang lalu

    Places people move to from NYC: Broward county FLA, Los Angeles, ????

  80. Jerin Jacob

    Jerin Jacob8 hari yang lalu

    You will be coming back to New York for sure.


    TTOWN TAMPA8 hari yang lalu

    This vidoe really did hit me hard and brought out a well of tears,I tried to hold back.....CASEY...We will miss Matlin alot!!! And hit up OMI in a Hellcat....he is one of your BIGGGGGGGEST FANS!!!!

  82. Ethan Brydges

    Ethan Brydges8 hari yang lalu

    This video is really dumb

  83. Ace Spade

    Ace Spade8 hari yang lalu

    Ethan Brydges ok nobody cares

  84. J Mtz

    J Mtz8 hari yang lalu

    He should move to GA if he wants to settle down with the family.