THIS is PARADISE! - Adventure 41 of Sailing Around the World



    RPRIMICIBulan Yang lalu

    The overhead shots w the drone in sync with the speedy travel of the dingy is amazing. Good meticulous camera work there.

  2. Anthony Roberts

    Anthony Roberts2 bulan yang lalu

    How could people thumbs down on this video?!!! Best in life my dear Ash and Ben

  3. Nosaj Noserva

    Nosaj Noserva4 bulan yang lalu

    This is favorite chanel...i wish cant joint aroud the world...

  4. bb b

    bb b4 bulan yang lalu

    Amazing video. Seen all your videos here in youtube. Love the adventure. By the way, what kind of drone are you using?

  5. Merlin Broaddus

    Merlin Broaddus4 bulan yang lalu

    Ben or Ashley, what kind of drone so you use? Is the editing hard? Or just time intensive? The drone views are AMAZING!!! THANK YOU

  6. Umberto Maresca

    Umberto Maresca5 bulan yang lalu

    Woaaaaahhh..this sould be awarded!...that drone edit ...come on!!!

  7. paco cameron

    paco cameron5 bulan yang lalu

    Excellent! X

  8. Alexander Bemar

    Alexander Bemar5 bulan yang lalu

    I am a Palauan, living in Vancouver Washington state. I watched La Vagabond and came across your vids and see that you were in Palau 3 or more months ago. Didn't see much of Palau, just some part of the channel. I grew up on Sonsorol island, canoeing, surfing, fishing, sailing for fishings (trolling) on our traditional canoes. Watching your videos makes me missed those fun times. Anyway, I hope that you have a good time and experience of Palau. I missed it much! Thanks for the IDreporter videos. I hope to see more of your adventures 😊. God bless you both!

  9. Carlos Hernandez

    Carlos Hernandez7 bulan yang lalu

    Many of your videos are like beautiful documentary pieces. Fantastic.

  10. polygamous1 Sozou

    polygamous1 Sozou7 bulan yang lalu

    Adam n his eve in Paradise Is this Not what God intended All His people to live like, in harmony with each other n nature your Videos are Just magic many many thanks for all your beautiful n amazing videos Live in peace n happiness for ever

  11. Dongs Travels

    Dongs Travels7 bulan yang lalu

    The bats are called flying foxes. Their heads look a bit like a fox. They eat them in some.countries

  12. GeeknInked

    GeeknInked7 bulan yang lalu

    Hey guys.. found this channel a couple of days ago .. and the onlly thing i can say is .. thank you .. awesome content ... good luck on your trip

  13. TheWicklunds25

    TheWicklunds258 bulan yang lalu

    It's good to see you collecting rainwater. I thought of that when I saw your water-making technology... You obviously are not young, rich, and foolish... At least not when you were collecting the rainwater. ;)

  14. Melvin Gitau

    Melvin Gitau8 bulan yang lalu

    I love the cinematography and music you use. This channel has won me over completely because you have nothing but good vibes.

  15. MetreX

    MetreX8 bulan yang lalu

    No salt water crocs?

  16. Theodore Bowers

    Theodore Bowers9 bulan yang lalu

    I love your videos so much I keep going back and watching them even this is older I love it your guys are great thanks so much for your videos you make a handicapped old man happy wish I could be there I also love the way you interact with the locals you're just good with them so human

  17. Al L

    Al L10 bulan yang lalu

    You’re my new favourite sailing channel. You’re living my dream! One day, maybe, I’ll pull up with my catamaran and I’ll bring the beers 🍻

  18. Adam Frisoli

    Adam Frisoli10 bulan yang lalu

    After about 15 or so videos I'm ready to call it: best sailing channel on IDreporter.

  19. Mark Jennings

    Mark Jennings11 bulan yang lalu

    Fruit bats are HUGE, Amazing that mammals that big can fly that well. Powered by mango's!!

  20. JL H

    JL HTahun Yang lalu

    Superb editing skills really a joy to watch keep up this impressive standard.

  21. Mary Ku

    Mary KuTahun Yang lalu

    Your videos are so GEIL!!!!

  22. Barb Brunton

    Barb BruntonTahun Yang lalu

    This is the most inspirational/adventurous/techno channel EVER! Will share u 4 ever! - Worldwide!

  23. Clive Allison

    Clive AllisonTahun Yang lalu

    I am curious how you guys have made you money and can afford the lifestyle you are able to enjoy. I know you have donations and an online shop but I think it takes more than that. Curious and intrigued.

  24. Zambla

    ZamblaTahun Yang lalu

    Watching this from Manitoba winter is HARD....

  25. Roby Geroca

    Roby GerocaTahun Yang lalu

    How many miles can u travel with a full tank of fuel without sails?

  26. N A

    N ATahun Yang lalu

    Bats - commonly referred to as “flying foxes”

  27. Lydia Johnson

    Lydia JohnsonTahun Yang lalu

    Hi, this is my first time seeing your channel. Usually, I am very supportive of the channels I watch, but I've got to say, please take in more deeply that these islands are not just a playground for westerners. Fiji, Vanuatu, the Solomons, Tonga, etc. are filled with people who seem less sophisticated than western cultures, and are often treated as children--even the adults. These people groups are grounded in traditions that are thousands of years old while they intersect modern reality that makes life more difficult for them. If a chief wants kava, give it to him as though you were giving it to the queen. He deserves to be honored by those who visit his village's land and water. It is a true gift when children follow you around. Always be prepared to give school supplies, line/rope, and whatever supplies you have that they can't get. They don't bring produce to your boat just to be friendly. They literally survive on the generosity of yachties. One of my former crew mates is Fijian. He's begged me to send children's clothes and a few in adult sizes because they still struggle to come back after the devastating cyclone that hit two years ago. Be an international ambassador. Read about them to show them you care and are prepared with some knowledge about them. Give them medical supplies. Show thanks when giving kava to Fijians. Be better than most westerners.

  28. KoiNadi

    KoiNadi11 hari yang lalu

    Isaa vinaka vaka levu for this comment. Thanks so much for shedding light. Peace, Love and Blessings xo 😍💖

  29. Robert Michels

    Robert MichelsTahun Yang lalu

    omg awesome love you both,, keep it going big Giant Fireworks,, going off right now for you :)

  30. RV Curious De Warren

    RV Curious De WarrenTahun Yang lalu

    Sweet beautiful place. Great thanks for sharing.

  31. Maria Johnson

    Maria JohnsonTahun Yang lalu

    Absolutely stunning images, I am in awe! As Ashley would say, "it's *AWESOME* !"

  32. Jack Taylor

    Jack TaylorTahun Yang lalu

    I'm surprised you were not covered in bat shit, with that many flying above y'all.

  33. steffen NYLENNA

    steffen NYLENNATahun Yang lalu

    why disturb the bats????

  34. Missy E

    Missy ETahun Yang lalu

    Just finished binge watching all of your Vods! Amazing adventures you two are having. Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait for more! 🤙

  35. curacao11 (Alsino Ferreira)

    curacao11 (Alsino Ferreira)Tahun Yang lalu

    awesome video guys

  36. Flavio Alves

    Flavio AlvesTahun Yang lalu

    Great place!! Congratulations couple!

  37. zzzx xzzz

    zzzx xzzzTahun Yang lalu

    Thanks for sharing 😎

  38. Terry Sydoryk

    Terry SydorykTahun Yang lalu

    A good Sunday morning from Calgary!!! Absolutely stunning place and your video show cased it. #Canada

  39. Anchors Away Sailing

    Anchors Away SailingTahun Yang lalu

    What a beautiful place. Great video.

  40. Peter van Zantvoort

    Peter van ZantvoortTahun Yang lalu

    Hi Ashley & Ben, I saw all your video's just after eachother in 1 evening/night fabulous! I am jealous what a nice trip are you making with great impressions. Beautiful! Safe travels and keep posting!

  41. Adam Smadem

    Adam SmademTahun Yang lalu

    we cant stop here!!! THIS IS BAT COUNTRY!

  42. Photo Quintessence

    Photo QuintessenceTahun Yang lalu

    Great Video 👍🏿 Aitutaki ❤️

  43. Lorne Serpa

    Lorne SerpaTahun Yang lalu

    I'll take your rainy day over my 103 degree Las Cruces New Mexico temperatures any day. Love your videos.

  44. Photo Quintessence

    Photo QuintessenceTahun Yang lalu

    Great Video 👍🏿 Aitutaki ❤️

  45. Ben Coles

    Ben ColesTahun Yang lalu

    The South Pacific Rocks! So many great cruising areas: Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Queensland, Tonga, Solomons...

  46. Ruben Ramirez

    Ruben RamirezTahun Yang lalu

    Love the show , however spooking the bats with the drone and outboard motor not such a great idea

  47. T Painless

    T PainlessTahun Yang lalu

    I just now found out your from Victoria !!! I live in Nanaimo amazing channel can’t stop watching ! Where are you now

  48. Sailing Nahoa

    Sailing NahoaTahun Yang lalu

    Ah crazy. Small world! We're just pulling into Port Villa, Vanuatu. Should probably put the phone down!! Live tracking on our website.

  49. Mike Orr

    Mike OrrTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you guys! You're getting SO good at vlogging. The drone shots, B rolls and the locals... keep it up please! Truly inspiring

  50. tslazoo

    tslazooTahun Yang lalu

    I would snorkel in the morning. I would snorkel during the day. I would snorkel in the evening. I would snorkel here, I would snorkel there, I would snorkel everywhere.

  51. G W G

    G W GTahun Yang lalu

    Hi been with you from the early days and I always feel happy after watching thanks.

  52. Alan Duffy

    Alan DuffyTahun Yang lalu

    Thanks for sharing. I use to live in Fiji just over 30 years ago, and it still looks as stunning as it in the 1980's. Watching your video brought back some great memories that I had forgotten about, thanks. The local people are so friendly, with an amazing attitude to life.

  53. Sexytexanbabe

    SexytexanbabeTahun Yang lalu

    So freaking amazing.........awesome video!!! Cheers and love!!

  54. Travelling Wilbery

    Travelling WilberyTahun Yang lalu

    Ah the serenity, well until you two arrived!!

  55. Llewellyn Toth

    Llewellyn TothTahun Yang lalu

    GPS coordinates please

  56. EiSBäR HD

    EiSBäR HDTahun Yang lalu

    That truely is paradise. Very well done viedeo as well.

  57. D H

    D HTahun Yang lalu

    ⛵️ I was hoping to give you an original complement on how amazing your videos are and this one even more so but all the compliments before me have already done so!!! Amazing amazing amazing. Thank U thank U thank U. ⛵️

  58. Al Lewis

    Al LewisTahun Yang lalu

    Your best video yet !!! Great Job.

  59. Lance McCormick

    Lance McCormickTahun Yang lalu

    Nice vid!

  60. P. T. Anderson

    P. T. AndersonTahun Yang lalu

    Gee, I dunno... You guys look like you just might be having a good time there. Haven't even got the kite boards out yet. Thanks for another great video!

  61. Jennifer Adams

    Jennifer AdamsTahun Yang lalu

    Those opening drone shots were amazing. Great job!

  62. Neal Schneider

    Neal SchneiderTahun Yang lalu

    Who was that 3rd person on the dinghy with you two?

  63. Ricky Sowerby

    Ricky Sowerby8 hari yang lalu

    Neal Schneider I wondered the same. I’m sure I’ve seen her in an earlier video too.