This is Football - 2018/19


  1. JTG Productions

    JTG Productions8 bulan yang lalu

    An amazing year to be a football fan....not a great year to be a United fan 😢 Song: Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes

  2. Dembélé _

    Dembélé _6 bulan yang lalu

    #ggmu :'(

  3. Ivan Pernudi

    Ivan Pernudi6 bulan yang lalu

    Not a great year to be a United fan...... I felt that 😢. But i love United 😍

  4. Daboosat Plays

    Daboosat Plays6 bulan yang lalu

    This season was shit.But next season, he will be here.Magfuckinguire is here.

  5. Jasim Shaikh

    Jasim Shaikh7 bulan yang lalu

    Last year was not good for United this one will be

  6. Clinton Hitla

    Clinton Hitla7 bulan yang lalu

    You should put this video download option

  7. Chukwuedozie Eneh

    Chukwuedozie Eneh3 hari yang lalu

    This gave me goosebumps😊

  8. N l2

    N l229 hari yang lalu

    You mean soccer

  9. Rommy Gabil

    Rommy GabilBulan Yang lalu

    Best Champions League ever!

  10. Jean Mikail

    Jean MikailBulan Yang lalu

    that salah goal 🤧

  11. Yusuf LaksoNo

    Yusuf LaksoNoBulan Yang lalu

    2020 i'm still be united fans

  12. tayane mehdi

    tayane mehdiBulan Yang lalu

  13. tayane mehdi

    tayane mehdiBulan Yang lalu

    FOOTBALL IS EVERYTHING watch and enjoy

  14. Joshua Uzoagulu

    Joshua Uzoagulu2 bulan yang lalu


  15. Xasan Ortikov

    Xasan Ortikov3 bulan yang lalu

    I love football😍😍😍

  16. thik cha

    thik cha3 bulan yang lalu

    The most beautiful game in the world!!!!

  17. Gili

    Gili3 bulan yang lalu


  18. Harry Riches

    Harry Riches3 bulan yang lalu

    The best montage I’ve ever watched

  19. Shivam Negi

    Shivam Negi3 bulan yang lalu

    The best. The absolute best compilation of 2018/19! Thanks JTG!

  20. Emailstar Bamon

    Emailstar Bamon3 bulan yang lalu

    Man City fan

  21. Harry Obikili

    Harry Obikili3 bulan yang lalu

    Love the VAR moment, u really show that this is football in 2018/19

  22. Shizzy wixtop

    Shizzy wixtop3 bulan yang lalu

    dude.. you should have used a better background song

  23. MrSwagmaster64

    MrSwagmaster643 bulan yang lalu

    wow im a new sub and all ur videos are amazing bro!! keep up the fantastic work

  24. George P7

    George P73 bulan yang lalu

    What is the tribute in 0:55 for?

  25. Pratik Bhaduri

    Pratik Bhaduri4 bulan yang lalu

    No need for a song

  26. Pogba 06

    Pogba 064 bulan yang lalu

    This man never disappoints

  27. Lucas Bueno Ternero

    Lucas Bueno Ternero4 bulan yang lalu

    thanks for remember Reyes

  28. Kleber Porta

    Kleber Porta4 bulan yang lalu


  29. Erasyl Kalykbai

    Erasyl Kalykbai4 bulan yang lalu

    Top bro

  30. Mehardeep Singh

    Mehardeep Singh4 bulan yang lalu

    Almost a perfect season for me as a Barcelona fan until Liverpool away..that match took everything from me and I can't even tell how I feel even now when someone even mentions Liverpool I just feel embarrassed I mean credit to Valverde for winning back to back leagues but he will always be remembered for the 2 losses and no Barcelona fan would ever regard him as a great coach

  31. Jostin Ponce

    Jostin Ponce5 bulan yang lalu

    this video in amazing !!!!!!!!!!

  32. Ronaldo Richards

    Ronaldo Richards5 bulan yang lalu

    I love this game❕⚽

  33. Emmanuel Addae-Poku

    Emmanuel Addae-Poku5 bulan yang lalu

    wish i could like this more than once

  34. AK10 GAMING

    AK10 GAMING5 bulan yang lalu

    You have to admit, even though we troll Jose mourinho, swear on him, say "he's a shit manager" he a psycho and more stuff like that, the football world is incomplete without him✌️

  35. Divyanshu Jain

    Divyanshu Jain5 bulan yang lalu

    Not just a game its our relegion

  36. Ben Flanagan

    Ben Flanagan5 bulan yang lalu

    That season was a FOOTBALL fans DREAM COME TRUE

  37. Assassin Gamer

    Assassin Gamer5 bulan yang lalu

    Even Kompany left. Didn’t add him :/

  38. Titus Tilton

    Titus Tilton5 bulan yang lalu

    For de love of de game

  39. Petio Mistriqta

    Petio Mistriqta5 bulan yang lalu

    Lucas made a history.So proud of him

  40. Beam DerTotoro

    Beam DerTotoro5 bulan yang lalu

    It's rewind time!!

  41. RonalReginz Double R

    RonalReginz Double R5 bulan yang lalu

    Wayne Rooney Manchester united?

  42. Snowman

    Snowman5 bulan yang lalu

    I love football best sport world=football.!👑⚽ goall goall golll.!!!

  43. Saumi_Comps

    Saumi_Comps5 bulan yang lalu

    this video is very similar to that of colo 99s

  44. ASL Great work

    ASL Great work6 bulan yang lalu

    Awesome.... #aslGreatwork

  45. varun gurjar

    varun gurjar6 bulan yang lalu

    Football bloody hell.

  46. John-Tore Gundersen

    John-Tore Gundersen6 bulan yang lalu

    I looove this game! Beautiful video!

  47. Niyar Pawan

    Niyar Pawan6 bulan yang lalu

    4:05 - 5:48 Goosebumps

  48. Dappura Chyne

    Dappura Chyne6 bulan yang lalu

    Ojhhhh...I forgot

  49. Hushida

    Hushida6 bulan yang lalu

    You only put clips from the top 5 leagues and the European competitions, and you missed most of the important games

  50. Kaleb de Leon

    Kaleb de Leon6 bulan yang lalu

    The beautiful sport

  51. travis.

    travis.6 bulan yang lalu

    So damn beautiful

  52. Nutellaboy

    Nutellaboy6 bulan yang lalu

    One mistake this isn’t football this is moneyball but great vid

  53. Rachel Gitari

    Rachel Gitari6 bulan yang lalu

    Let's all be serious for a second who agrees with me that Manchester United suck with there new manager

  54. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo6 bulan yang lalu

    Where is heung min son goal in ucl :( I think sonny is the most underrated player..

  55. The 3rd Saint

    The 3rd Saint6 bulan yang lalu

    This just reminds me why I love this beautiful game, it really is a religion

  56. riley berends

    riley berends6 bulan yang lalu

    good video bro

  57. Ben

    Ben6 bulan yang lalu

    4:34 - 4:45 lol.

  58. Hüseyin Baran Ofluoğlu

    Hüseyin Baran Ofluoğlu6 bulan yang lalu

    Where is Galatasaray bro

  59. leno2443 TV

    leno2443 TV6 bulan yang lalu

    I expected a little bit more energetic music

  60. siddharth chopra

    siddharth chopra6 bulan yang lalu

    Amazing video

  61. 이상윤

    이상윤6 bulan yang lalu

    Where is son?

  62. Gabi Nogai

    Gabi Nogai6 bulan yang lalu

    Please look at my video with Phil Foden skills, goals and assists! Subscribe to me because I will post videos with talented young players!!! If you subscribe to me I will subscribe to you!!!

  63. A ZC

    A ZC6 bulan yang lalu

    Where is the gameiro's goal with the copa del rey final?

  64. The_Sploosh _Bros

    The_Sploosh _Bros6 bulan yang lalu

    Next time include divisions like the Championship and other playoff games

  65. Sidhaya K

    Sidhaya K6 bulan yang lalu

    I'm crying.