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    Like if you gonna go listen to “Stack My Money” right after this video 👀

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    Drop it on spotify

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    Hey dude it’s cool u made it

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    Deestroying S

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    Deestroying aye come out to Bentonville high school In Arkansas. BHS tigers, we got some cats.

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    Deestroying when is the song from the outro gonna be out

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    Maybe you can get some kicking tips from kareem hunt?

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    yo deestroying whats that song you put on the end of your vid

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    Do you play madden 20

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    Congratulations man imma big fan,and can I get a shoutout

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    Good luck

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    Good luck

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    We all agree to dardardarvis

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    No way I live in Hamilton bro

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    he didn't get cut LETS GO

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    Good luck Desterying

  17. DrugTalk 101

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    What the GM is telling you it is you are athletic enough to keep you on the practice squad and the only thing they're doing bro they're using new man don't you see it they just want followers and social media you'll never be on that team you'll always be on the practice squad and tell you finally sack often realize what they're doing to you man it's disgusting how people use people using their dreams and love of the game for their own gain not caring the effects it has on you man they are using your bro get out

  18. DrugTalk 101

    DrugTalk 1014 hari yang lalu

    HE IS NOT ONE IF THE BEST TO EVER PLAY THE GAME, NOT A HALL OF FAMER Marquette king is not I repeat not a legendary kicker and he did not kick for the Raiders for years it was just a few years a couple and then he came to Denver and we cut him in the beginning of the season i'll give credit where credit is due he is a very athletic guy I need a pretty damn good partner but let’s keep it real! GET OFF HIS 🥜

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    Well done bro

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    Love you deestroying

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    You don't need to be a kicker

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    Good luck

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    Dee you ain't getting cut

  24. Ramin Kazemi

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    you got alot of heart . i hope you go down as the greatest kicker in history


    THELEEGASPARI7 hari yang lalu

    You got this, Bruh! You are now in my prayers. Stay the course.

  27. christopher willis

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  28. YPC_YungD

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    You need to be a DB or wr

  29. Tabatha Dozier

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    good luck bro I love you

  30. Brendan Yates

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    Hoping you get a call from Bellicheck

  31. Ronda Crappa

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    marquet also played for denver

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    The this was uploaded on my birthday

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    Congrats on YOUR hard work!!!

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    Hell of a leg is a great place to start. Work hard. See you in the NFL with the first 70 yarder!

  35. Frank Toledo

    Frank Toledo16 hari yang lalu

    Great Videos kept going dream big don't give up you belong on a team. The NFL needs more teams and a AAA NFL full schedule to bring in more competition. And the CFL could have teams in the States. Let's hope for a better and stronger leagues. The change could come from player and fans.

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    that other guy looks like james haden

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    Good luck

  38. Nahom Wilson

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    Did you make the team man

  39. William Gates

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    Dude you everything you need. You great athletic ability, great communication skills our support. But I hope you stay grounded. Don’t make dumb ass decision. Most importantly you’re there to do a job that they contracted you to do. Support your family. Be safe out there. Congratulation man....

  40. TipTop Mechanics

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    Hey that's my motto lol "look good, feel good, play good"

  41. MrReallionaire100

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    @TipTop Mechanics Deion Sanders

  42. TipTop Mechanics

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    @MrReallionaire100 sorry who said it ?

  43. MrReallionaire100

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    That quote was from the great D primetime Sanders

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    Good luck

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    Good luck DEE

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    Does Dee like soccer?

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    bruh i broke my thumb last play of our game we won 64-24

  48. Spectres Derq

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    I always think u look like marcut king sorry if i spelt it wrong tho keep tryin respect💪🙏

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    Let go come on

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    Good luck

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    Why can u play wr instead of kicker?

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    Congrats on 2 mill

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    im here at 1.99 MILL SUBS Anyone else?

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    Good luck

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    Keep grinding my dude

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    Man I understand you're a great kicker and love it but you need to be a reciever

  57. Vincent Hebert

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    So you missed your first ever semi pro field goal?

  58. Bluhts

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    NFL you will get in


    KRUMATIC KONTENT26 hari yang lalu

    Is he in Canada?


    KRUMATIC KONTENT26 hari yang lalu

    I'm Canadian but live in America

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    Good luck

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    Mad inspiring. Gittet bro.

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    If I had your speed I will be a WR,DB,HB but be you

  64. Kalli Bartley

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    Bro I’m nervous FOR you for your career 😅😅

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    Wait wait wait have u lost ur virginity

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    My guys repin the Michigan Tom Brady Jersey

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    Go to the patriots they’re kicker is asd

  68. 100,000 Subs with out any vids

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    I’m a punter to