These quizzes actually drove us insane...


  1. Co_420blaze

    Co_420blaze4 detik yang lalu


  2. Garrett Armenia

    Garrett Armenia34 menit yang lalu

    there is an end to that food quiz i finished it and it was easy.


    HURTBOY1Jam Yang lalu

    he won’t make a video until he learns how to do pokimanes fortnite emote

  4. Joe Morales

    Joe MoralesJam Yang lalu

    I died watching this😄😅

  5. Evan Petrolle

    Evan Petrolle2 jam yang lalu

    What are nouns?

  6. justice delashmutt

    justice delashmutt3 jam yang lalu

    “What are nouns” I feel that

  7. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando4 jam yang lalu

    You are a bloody legend for stealing pokemans diary

  8. fk 92

    fk 925 jam yang lalu

    Carson Turned Mia down thats what i call a man

  9. TechnoGuz GD

    TechnoGuz GD8 jam yang lalu

    Congration on stealing poki's diary. She won't be getting it back anytime soon.

  10. Light Lom

    Light Lom8 jam yang lalu

    National Aeronautics Space Administration You're welcome.

  11. William Webb

    William Webb8 jam yang lalu

    That slow reveal of the chicken salad wallpaper floored me.

  12. Ike Vergara

    Ike Vergara9 jam yang lalu

    I need a face reveal of Carson

  13. I’m Frivzz

    I’m Frivzz9 jam yang lalu

    2:16 what the fuck is with his thumb

  14. Dr Lego12mini

    Dr Lego12mini10 jam yang lalu


  15. T h a t s s o w i c k e d

    T h a t s s o w i c k e d11 jam yang lalu

    7:12 *me at a Mexican restaurant who also doesn't really like Mexican Food.*

  16. Bbhh Ggtytu

    Bbhh Ggtytu11 jam yang lalu

    Sammy salad

  17. Creeper

    Creeper12 jam yang lalu

    Why u no use google chrome.

  18. シDiamond

    シDiamond12 jam yang lalu

    This is why i love internet

  19. Han Cholo

    Han Cholo12 jam yang lalu

    Salad: Exists Carson: Mmmm... Salad. Me: He Clearly Likes It!

  20. Oh Yeah Yeah.

    Oh Yeah Yeah.13 jam yang lalu

    Your discord link isn’t working

  21. dR33mUr G4m!nG

    dR33mUr G4m!nG13 jam yang lalu

    Fitz and Pokemane forever boi

  22. Papa Parmesan

    Papa Parmesan13 jam yang lalu

    8:44 Dont mind this it's my personal link

  23. Sir Hiss Boi

    Sir Hiss Boi13 jam yang lalu

    Carson is no longer an american citizen.

  24. Jack Kich

    Jack Kich14 jam yang lalu

    Carlson can i be your bro

  25. Titan kid

    Titan kid14 jam yang lalu

    Can I get unbanned

  26. Enno VanDam

    Enno VanDam16 jam yang lalu

    2:40 when 4th graders see a guy wearing a pink shirt

  27. Mntes

    Mntes16 jam yang lalu

    4:55 Rat that saves Scott (aka the MVP of endgame): am I a joke to you

  28. HazeliteYT

    HazeliteYT17 jam yang lalu

    10:15 got me dying

  29. the loaf of god

    the loaf of god18 jam yang lalu

    We’re looking at the ceiling, oh oh, HEY GUYS

  30. Bum fungus

    Bum fungus18 jam yang lalu


  31. realacidic

    realacidic19 jam yang lalu

    S A W S A J E S A M M E Y

  32. Yee Yawr

    Yee Yawr19 jam yang lalu

    Honey adds are driving me insane

  33. Robbie B.

    Robbie B.19 jam yang lalu

    love the Littleroot Town remix

  34. 김소연

    김소연20 jam yang lalu


  35. he kinda just vibin tho

    he kinda just vibin tho20 jam yang lalu

    Why was it sensored at 10:19

  36. gustav king

    gustav king21 jam yang lalu

    i am sad i cant join youre discord its full

  37. Cummington Nutts

    Cummington Nutts21 jam yang lalu

    hold on let me activate my charcoal

  38. Rowan Barnes

    Rowan Barnes21 jam yang lalu

    I finished my coke and nearly threw up here 10:21

  39. SoCiEtY BoI

    SoCiEtY BoI22 jam yang lalu

    Sir pls there's a line *AAAAAAAAAAA*

  40. SoCiEtY BoI

    SoCiEtY BoI22 jam yang lalu

    It's *C U M I N*

  41. Official Young Motion

    Official Young Motion22 jam yang lalu

    I named myself Anne frank in Kahoot so when I got a streak it said “Anne Frank is on fire”. I later got suspended

  42. Hitmonbug

    Hitmonbug22 jam yang lalu

    0:25 when the baby/shit is coming out after 3 hours

  43. Fo0pieB0op

    Fo0pieB0opHari Yang lalu

    sasuske: fitz naruto: carson sakura: pokemain

  44. Subscribe for absolutely nothing Please

    Subscribe for absolutely nothing PleaseHari Yang lalu

    Carson you are the embodiment of every human relationship goal thank you

  45. nathan gamer Masongsong

    nathan gamer MasongsongHari Yang lalu

    u never play Minecraft with pokimane ever again

  46. IcyLxndon 🎵

    IcyLxndon 🎵Hari Yang lalu

    Me and my friend sat in the car and watched this during preaching

  47. Ian Lomenda

    Ian LomendaHari Yang lalu

    “Remy won’t beat thanos” so that was a fuckin lie

  48. M A X X Y

    M A X X YHari Yang lalu

    sAUSagE SAMmy More like saMMY SausAGe

  49. So Lo

    So LoHari Yang lalu


  50. Joey Vandenburgh

    Joey VandenburghHari Yang lalu

    This is quite literally the funniest video I've ever seen and I don't know why

  51. Drew Jones

    Drew JonesHari Yang lalu

    This video is the funniest piece of content that is associated with Buzzfeed.

  52. That Guy

    That GuyHari Yang lalu

    Anyone want to get some McDonald’s with me after this?

  53. Angela Carter

    Angela CarterHari Yang lalu

    Hi IceBox11, you have a severe case of not funny

  54. Bilbo Swaggins

    Bilbo SwagginsHari Yang lalu

    Ima McDonald’s employee and this hurt

  55. Webb Site

    Webb SiteHari Yang lalu

    hay carson me and the boys are makeing a bad lipe reading channel and we want to know if you can be in it it will help us a lot is you want to tell you the channel ripely to this. btw i am the kid who eat the long stripe of bread in silents

  56. XhoniibeeX

    XhoniibeeXHari Yang lalu

    Uhm excuse me? Can i have a mcbreakfast?

  57. FanService

    FanServiceHari Yang lalu


  58. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno GiovannaHari Yang lalu

    Hi welcome to McDonalds may i take your order *implodes*

  59. TheRealPizzas

    TheRealPizzasHari Yang lalu

    fucking savage

  60. Legolord Productions

    Legolord ProductionsHari Yang lalu

    Brain cells: radioactive melting pot