The Worst Teacher of All Time - Talking Tom and Friends Back to School SPECIAL


  1. Talking Tom and Friends

    Talking Tom and Friends2 bulan yang lalu

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    I like yourselef🥺🤦🏻‍♀️

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    Ep37 pls

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    I Clicked 👍 so i can watch like this!


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    I think Tom did not deserve they detention

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    Where is subtitle

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    Now we all know why miss vanthrax is there even at night, she's a munstah hunteeeer!

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    ginger is so funny

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    I would keep them after school for 5 mins

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    its as if outfit 7 knows about the talking angela pervert so well that at 0:34 you can see in her eye a person!

  15. Layla Mae

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    First of all Tom and Angela don't even look like ginger second one bit the teacher floats to Tom and its CREEPY and I'm like how did she do that

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    Heak no

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    16:10 Pixar's music

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    R.I.P Tom by Miss Vanthracs

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    I love since.

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    If you sucribe and ring that bell

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    Hi Tom.

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    i want to

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    Oh no please like

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    Why the teacher call (Thomas)

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    Maybe she's confused with Thomas the Tank Engine

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    I hope that teacher gets murdered later in the series. I hate her!

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    oml hanck loves food

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    So funny teacher she just want to be a good teacher but idk

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    I see why been this mad time does think you’re fat Hhwhwhehehrkne

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    4:04 Wait, that's iligal

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    Omg you left Tom behind

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    16:28 This actually made me happy 😀

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    tom tell the teacher to go to the battroom

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    Sorry guys

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    Couldn’t they just call the police this woman is literally holding them hostage

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    No thanks

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    10:32 ya boy

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    Ben is mean

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    Hey Ben you are really cool and smart

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    Fgteev Ashley Kevin Jayden Kevin Tom. For

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    0:56 and 1:00 😅😅😅Lol

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    #latin speaker

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    make a channle called talking tom kids

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    im bad at school

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    That isn’t fair for tom to be left behind he didn’t know it was his invention

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    Adelina Maaruf true and plus he thought ginger was talking about the toast tower not the invention

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    So nice

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    Im not ready for school😔😌😒😞😣😢😭😪😥😰😓😩😫😨😱😠😡😤😖😷😴😵😲😟😧😦😮😬😐😕😯😶😏😑🙎🙍🙇🙏🙅:-(

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    I went back to school and I had a maths teacher and she’s so strict

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    kittyunicorn110 i Love math and my teacher is nise

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    I really hate ben

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