the WORST Modern Warfare News so far...


  1. SB7Gaming

    SB7GamingBulan Yang lalu

    I love when you get pissed off and say what you want

  2. ReacHalxOxO UwU

    ReacHalxOxO UwUBulan Yang lalu

    @gavin P yeah and you'r on ps4 right?

  3. iTsPeep

    iTsPeepBulan Yang lalu

    gavin P what you said doesn’t make any sense

  4. gavin P

    gavin PBulan Yang lalu

    SB7Gaming what are you his wife

  5. scottynightbell

    scottynightbellBulan Yang lalu

    video length 10:19 lol

  6. Brandon Inkel

    Brandon InkelBulan Yang lalu

    Love ur channel but i think a lot of this speculation in the news is what kills these games before they even launch. Ik some of this has been announced tho.

  7. UnDEaD_cHiCkEn_X

    UnDEaD_cHiCkEn_XBulan Yang lalu

    IW has said on Twitter that they aren’t doing supply drops

  8. Tyler Josselyn

    Tyler JosselynBulan Yang lalu

    If you don’t like it don’t play Xbox 🤟🏻😂😂

  9. Triggz

    TriggzBulan Yang lalu

    Why does supply drops make everyone mad? Just don’t buy them....

  10. David Hudson

    David HudsonBulan Yang lalu

    Chaos is finally shedding his old cod-cocksucker ways and is becoming a good cod IDreporterr

  11. William Lewin

    William LewinBulan Yang lalu

    I am an X-box CoD fans

  12. horacio361

    horacio361Bulan Yang lalu

    I wish we can just go back to the mw2 days where we didn’t have to pay for anything

  13. KATT

    KATTBulan Yang lalu

    Dont listen to this bozo

  14. CallofDuty_Ebic

    CallofDuty_EbicBulan Yang lalu

    Man I was looking forward to survival but I don’t have a ps4 guess I’m gonna stay on mw3 for an extra year

  15. Yazz Remington The Third

    Yazz Remington The ThirdBulan Yang lalu

    The sole reason i havnt pre-ordered is bc the whole year of survival exclusivity the mode i was actually going to spend the same time in as multilayer

  16. iiSkillzZ

    iiSkillzZBulan Yang lalu

    Buy a PS4 if your so upset about it lol

  17. abel tabares

    abel tabaresBulan Yang lalu

    Xbox people are bitching when they had Minecraft for years

  18. YouknowNoVa

    YouknowNoVaBulan Yang lalu

    no survival no purchase

  19. 7660nate

    7660nateBulan Yang lalu

    Playing the beta the multi player was amazing I don't see what the issue is

  20. Hdjsh Dhdhdj

    Hdjsh DhdhdjBulan Yang lalu

    Xbox and pc basically get a demo version

  21. Justexotik

    JustexotikBulan Yang lalu

    Atm In my opinion if you do not have a PS4 by now just get it it has the best games best exclusives I’ve ever played so just get it. Anyways on a serious note exclusives should just not be a thing it splits the gamers

  22. Frazinq

    FrazinqBulan Yang lalu

    So it’s a realistic COD..but we will have spray really think soldiers will %#&@ spraypaint during battle damnn

  23. Dakoda Roberts

    Dakoda RobertsBulan Yang lalu

    I had to resub bcuz i saw u were still posting cod vids.

  24. aaron ashcraft

    aaron ashcraftBulan Yang lalu

    This is like news last month. I know your upset about it but everyone else already is too.

  25. Ilya

    IlyaBulan Yang lalu

    Canceled my pre-order. Not going to buy the game if this is true.

  26. Carlos Rubalcava

    Carlos RubalcavaBulan Yang lalu

    Boohoo! I’m on ps4 so it’s all good.

  27. Ryanator

    RyanatorBulan Yang lalu

    By the time we get Spec Ops survival there will be another COD game.

  28. Terelle Mackey

    Terelle MackeyBulan Yang lalu

    Grind gameplay! An no SBMM

  29. Terelle Mackey

    Terelle MackeyBulan Yang lalu

    No weapons in supply drops! Pleaseeee

  30. Brandon Roopnarine

    Brandon RoopnarineBulan Yang lalu

    Ohhhhh they really care about fans and the community but then Sony and Activision punches the same fans in the gut really shows how much they care.

  31. Michael Vaughan

    Michael VaughanBulan Yang lalu has had exclusive content for years why are we complaining about one game mode? I could understand if it was a popular game mode that everyone played like S&D or Domination. But a mode that barely anyone played in MW3?! Come on bruh

  32. Soul City Lion’s Den

    Soul City Lion’s DenBulan Yang lalu

    You lied you said you was gone be done all together with cod on this channel nowwww you making cod video again!!!

  33. Your Resignation

    Your ResignationBulan Yang lalu

    Remember the good old days when we happily bought a $60 for 4 hours of campaign/story? 4 hours of game then a game over. I mean I didn't buy the PS4 one and I seriously care about this about as much as a brain hemorrhage. Omg survival mode? Noooooooooo! Lmao

  34. Manny Patterson

    Manny PattersonBulan Yang lalu

    I play xbox and I actually enjoyed playing survival on me alot of good memories but why am I paying full price for 75 of a game just bc my console that lowkey console racism

  35. Eli Boom

    Eli BoomBulan Yang lalu

    BO 4 2.0

  36. covetusdrop24

    covetusdrop24Bulan Yang lalu

    Just get PS4 tf? Simple

  37. Max Oliver Veight

    Max Oliver VeightBulan Yang lalu

    We like the videos keep up the good work


    IOKTBW OKBulan Yang lalu

    Cancelled pre order already

  39. D2A Qusae

    D2A QusaeBulan Yang lalu

    Lucky I got a ps4

  40. Basically-God

    Basically-GodBulan Yang lalu

    This looks poopy not the game

  41. Mr_ Destroyer

    Mr_ DestroyerBulan Yang lalu

    Lets be honest with ourselves here most of the people complaining about spec ops won’t even play it anyways 😂😂😂

  42. - Wentzylvania -

    - Wentzylvania -Bulan Yang lalu

    I want to win the ps4 so i can play with my friend @Wentzlyvania1

  43. - Wentzylvania -

    - Wentzylvania -Bulan Yang lalu

    I love this type of video, you’re so level headed Jimmy

  44. Josh Robson

    Josh RobsonBulan Yang lalu

    Dude they made the season pass free, they had to cut some sort or side deal with sony to make up the profits somewhat. I'm getting it for xbox but I really could care less.

  45. Osama Bin Laden

    Osama Bin LadenBulan Yang lalu

    *Absolutely ruined*

  46. americanTYGA

    americanTYGABulan Yang lalu

    Why everybody here bitching about survival mode like survival mode was the one thing y’all were hoping for?? It’s the side mode of a side mode lmao but with that being said it should be exclusive for about a month, until Christmas at the latest. A year is tooooo damn long for a mode that is actually fun and most people enjoy playing every once and a while

  47. Santater _ gnome

    Santater _ gnomeBulan Yang lalu

    Why do y’all care survival wasn’t even really good.

  48. Dan Harris

    Dan HarrisBulan Yang lalu

    Santater _ gnome to you maybe

  49. AM PM

    AM PMBulan Yang lalu

    I got a good law suit building up against activision.

  50. jammy woo

    jammy wooBulan Yang lalu

    Bruhhh 5 ads 🥴

  51. Luis Alexander

    Luis AlexanderBulan Yang lalu

    Refund Complete! byebye

  52. Frazinq

    FrazinqBulan Yang lalu

    Luis Alexander i feel you but COD doesn’t care you not buying there game. They will make millions anyway :(

  53. VenomInYaVeins

    VenomInYaVeinsBulan Yang lalu

    I'm still hyped I own a PS4!! Its not activision or infinity wards fault that Sony paid millions for exclusivity. Thanks Sony for putting up millions just for a mode I won't play!

  54. T4TUM _05

    T4TUM _05Bulan Yang lalu

    At least it won’t be pay to win :/

  55. patrick blackburn

    patrick blackburnBulan Yang lalu

    Well i was going to preorder the game today but now im not so sure after PS4 players getting the exclusive

  56. Armando Mendoza

    Armando MendozaBulan Yang lalu

    Protest by not buying modern Warfare

  57. GrandCR3W

    GrandCR3WBulan Yang lalu

    nah you wrong man, people love there skins aka sprays and operators too, if other games can make a living off selling those thing then activision can too

  58. janoah

    janoahBulan Yang lalu

    I still respect Infinity Ward for changing the engine, a promising story, and a fun multiplayer. It’s just activision that ruined it.

  59. ryan thomas

    ryan thomasBulan Yang lalu

    Just buy a PS4. It’s the best. I’m more concerned with the pay to win!

  60. Beast10140

    Beast10140Bulan Yang lalu

    I’ll stick with Breakpoint😎

  61. elijah de jesus

    elijah de jesusBulan Yang lalu

    Sony and activision is a big pc hater I see.

  62. matthew Scott

    matthew ScottBulan Yang lalu

    I have both Xbox and PS4 so doesn't really matter to me. Still gonna be a great game in my opinion. Great video bro!

  63. UkzDestroyerZ

    UkzDestroyerZBulan Yang lalu

    the majority of the player base is on ps4 so it makes sense.

  64. Crxmbot Traps

    Crxmbot TrapsBulan Yang lalu

    Riot Shield and C4 I've missed you

  65. Josue Aldana

    Josue AldanaBulan Yang lalu

    :D ya just mad i’m chilling lmaoooo