The Weirdest GOOGLE Searches


  1. essence maldonado

    essence maldonado2 jam yang lalu

    Here for chills

  2. PP Ninja

    PP Ninja2 jam yang lalu

    Type horse blanket girl


    AZZZBUZZZTERR2 jam yang lalu

    Searched “Blue Waffles” and it’s Ewwwww🤢🤢

  4. GL_SubparAni Stoobid

    GL_SubparAni Stoobid2 jam yang lalu

    Wait until he sees midnightman

  5. JMD _Skoda

    JMD _Skoda2 jam yang lalu

    How to make friends

  6. Dvckerz

    Dvckerz2 jam yang lalu

    Someone tell me what beaks said im curious now and also trust me blue waffles is not blue waffles so lets keep it at that

  7. epic gamer 69

    epic gamer 692 jam yang lalu

    how is it the end of 2019 and he doesnt know *BURGER KING FOOT LETTUCE*

  8. Koa 808x

    Koa 808x2 jam yang lalu

    how many people die from fridges each year

  9. Brandt Pileggi

    Brandt Pileggi2 jam yang lalu

    💩Compulsive poop disorder 💩

  10. Boris Gordina

    Boris Gordina2 jam yang lalu

    6:34 the guys last name is bathmatt

  11. Knight Gaming

    Knight Gaming2 jam yang lalu

    Google:What is the biggest planet on Earth

  12. Le Ducky gamer

    Le Ducky gamer2 jam yang lalu

    #1 on trending btw

  13. Sharksters world

    Sharksters world2 jam yang lalu

    Do The Useless website

  14. Trzntxn

    Trzntxn2 jam yang lalu

    Nobody: Comment Section: tRy tH_iS/ *c* ode for mInt:y AxE

  15. Litia Ketchell

    Litia Ketchell2 jam yang lalu

    Google granny flash

  16. little J Productions

    little J Productions2 jam yang lalu

    I googled all it im so nieve

  17. RainBroSparklez

    RainBroSparklez2 jam yang lalu

    #1 trending


    INEDEBEKFEST Gaming2 jam yang lalu

    2:30 does anyone know what it was. Also search up necrotizing fasciitis

  19. Reis Hill

    Reis Hill2 jam yang lalu

    He’s never seen foot fungus video yet? Wtf

  20. Schwert_2015

    Schwert_20152 jam yang lalu

    I like to juxtapose two words that don't make sense together, like "giraffe" and "rocket"

  21. SweatySplash 927

    SweatySplash 9272 jam yang lalu

    I always catch spiders and hold them bin bitten 24 times

  22. AG Invisible

    AG Invisible2 jam yang lalu

    Fortnite burger dot com

  23. Fun Squad

    Fun Squad2 jam yang lalu

    Me: how many iq do Cristiano Ronaldo have searching on Google Answer: 150 iq Me: oh I think the man that wrote that have 70-80 iq

  24. Christian

    Christian2 jam yang lalu

    Who remember when he used to make madden videos

  25. Hgani 87

    Hgani 872 jam yang lalu

    Google google

  26. Infernal K9

    Infernal K92 jam yang lalu

    He’s screaming “I HAVE MADE A MISTAKE” while still scrolling 😂😂

  27. Some Random Sauce

    Some Random Sauce2 jam yang lalu

    The KING OF MEMES didn’t know about #15 Burger King Foot Lettuce

  28. i stoled Jimin’s jams

    i stoled Jimin’s jams2 jam yang lalu

    *lazar, why do you have blood on your walls..*

  29. Edriel Estabillo

    Edriel Estabillo2 jam yang lalu

    Crikey you are number trending now congratulations

  30. Lightningboy YT

    Lightningboy YT2 jam yang lalu

    GOOGLE 1444

  31. sharlee earley

    sharlee earley2 jam yang lalu

    who else was just sitting here googling everthing he googled?

  32. GAMER 101

    GAMER 1012 jam yang lalu

    What was the word

  33. ImIrrelevancy

    ImIrrelevancy2 jam yang lalu

    Why is this on top trending

  34. oof yeet

    oof yeet2 jam yang lalu

    Coconuts are getting revenge for being eaten all our lives

  35. Nio DLC

    Nio DLC2 jam yang lalu

    # 1 Trending let's go

  36. Klemza Gaming

    Klemza Gaming2 jam yang lalu

    You should google "gore"

  37. James Gent

    James Gent2 jam yang lalu

    If u do a part 2. Search up “RGB”

  38. Morris Vestin

    Morris Vestin2 jam yang lalu

    My dad fighted a goose before

  39. weeb

    weeb2 jam yang lalu

    A Hunt's men spider is as big as a dinner plate, I don't think they eat small insects lol

  40. That Guy In Green -shutting down soon-

    That Guy In Green -shutting down soon-2 jam yang lalu

    People like ‘google huntsman spiders’ Bro, they’re awesome in Australia