The Weirdest GOOGLE Searches


  1. Marcella Stock

    Marcella Stock32 detik yang lalu

    20 cm

  2. RiPe Waffles

    RiPe Waffles40 detik yang lalu

    Wow. He did it again... Good Job.

  3. Morg T

    Morg T44 detik yang lalu


  4. JM8 for life

    JM8 for life49 detik yang lalu

    Go team coconut

  5. Devan Devan

    Devan Devan55 detik yang lalu

    Koalas to the max!

  6. Patrick M

    Patrick MMenit Yang lalu

    Lazar: I have never murdered anyone FBI be like: this sounds like something a cereal killer would say.

  7. the one and only ooferboy

    the one and only ooferboyMenit Yang lalu

    2:38 was cuckolds *ew*

  8. Shayla Salemi

    Shayla SalemiMenit Yang lalu

    Foot binding

  9. Phoenix Productions

    Phoenix ProductionsMenit Yang lalu

    Don't worry Lannan, blue waffle is a myth and is not a real disease

  10. the stubby puppy

    the stubby puppyMenit Yang lalu


  11. Brandon Greenwall

    Brandon GreenwallMenit Yang lalu

    Google a mouse.

  12. Sub to pewdiepie Not T-rash

    Sub to pewdiepie Not T-rashMenit Yang lalu

    I’ve searched blue waffles in school

  13. Faiz Toxic

    Faiz ToxicMenit Yang lalu

    Google boobies

  14. I exist

    I existMenit Yang lalu

    dOnT GoOgLe bLuE WaFflES! Me: Proceeds to do it anyway

  15. Watson Warren

    Watson WarrenMenit Yang lalu


  16. Karen G

    Karen GMenit Yang lalu

    First one tho🤮

  17. Kevin The Cube

    Kevin The CubeMenit Yang lalu

    2:23 I don’t think it said corn

  18. Mulliwalli Cubing

    Mulliwalli CubingMenit Yang lalu

    Does anybody know what the word was that he blurred, answer in the reply section.

  19. Benjamin Murray

    Benjamin MurrayMenit Yang lalu

    Such a good vid lol

  20. TK Evolution

    TK EvolutionMenit Yang lalu

    Cornhub lol

  21. Tid Dmdd

    Tid Dmdd2 menit yang lalu

    I wondered what his FBI agent is thinking

  22. RobloxManorPlayz

    RobloxManorPlayz2 menit yang lalu

    It’s not blood... it is cranberry juice

  23. В поисках Золота с Александром

    В поисках Золота с Александром2 menit yang lalu

    *Лайк если ты человек )*

  24. samara hook

    samara hook2 menit yang lalu

    🎅If the like button on this comment is grey, then your a T🎅Series supporter🎅 ★☆❧🎅3 Fοr those who want 🎅_The_Minty_ṗickẠxe_🎅 ...... Τry Goοgling for *WIN1CODEPW* ★☆❧🎅8 I have a ton now.............. ...... B54026

  25. Finn_alpha13

    Finn_alpha132 menit yang lalu

    you are DEFINATLY getting a strike or it's getting demonitized

  26. Andr3sk1

    Andr3sk12 menit yang lalu

    #1 on trending let’s go

  27. burton joanne

    burton joanne2 menit yang lalu

    🎅This is how many people that misses Anarchy acres🎅 ★☆❧🎅7 Fοr those who want 🎅_The_Ṁinty_ṗickẠxe_🎅 Τry ... sεarching G οοgIe for *WIN1CODEPW-* ★☆❧🎅0 I have a ton now.............. ...... B49064

  28. Sharon Ochoa

    Sharon Ochoa2 menit yang lalu

    You should make a pink world for your girlfriend and pink sheep on Christmas day.

  29. Avocado Vlogs

    Avocado Vlogs2 menit yang lalu

    Who else still have believe this is #1 on trending 👇🏼 If everyone that saw this subscribed it could change my life!!!! God bless you all!!!!!

  30. Killerbosswe

    Killerbosswe2 menit yang lalu

    How would lazer get demonetized


    GAVIN DAVIS2 menit yang lalu

    look up harley quin fetus

  32. IKONIK Channel

    IKONIK Channel2 menit yang lalu

    #1 on trending

  33. iCEE-taterfry52 Plays

    iCEE-taterfry52 Plays2 menit yang lalu

    I googled blue waffles kill me

  34. Opun 21

    Opun 212 menit yang lalu

    Dantdm watches you

  35. Alan Diller

    Alan Diller2 menit yang lalu

    I am on your sister video the candy one my name is Alan and my bothers name is blake

  36. AtinyGamer

    AtinyGamer2 menit yang lalu

    Read the tweet at the bottom at 3:40

  37. Fortnite YEET Epic wins and fails

    Fortnite YEET Epic wins and fails2 menit yang lalu

    Squirrel getting flushed down the toilet

  38. Logan Rothwell

    Logan Rothwell3 menit yang lalu

    No one: Literally no one: Lazarbeam: "I don't wanna leave this earth before i can eat a penguin".

  39. 10k Subscribers with no Video Challenge

    10k Subscribers with no Video Challenge3 menit yang lalu

    I wish there was something that would hack is computer 💻

  40. vBlxdezZ-

    vBlxdezZ-3 menit yang lalu

    Something wrong hes 1 on trending