The Weirdest GOOGLE Searches


  1. markman manmark

    markman manmarkJam Yang lalu

    Jesus 24/7

  2. Lil' Chang Gaming

    Lil' Chang GamingJam Yang lalu

    U can kinda see through the blurred screen and see what it’s about


    GZS-FIERCE87 GZSJam Yang lalu

    I think blue waffle is a std or something

  4. Theaurak Gaming

    Theaurak GamingJam Yang lalu

    Lazer Lazer guys He got on trending mates

  5. Gaming nerd

    Gaming nerdJam Yang lalu

    The censored thing is "gokkun"

  6. Paul Roberts

    Paul RobertsJam Yang lalu

    🎅Only players from Season 1🎅3 can like this ...!🎅 ★☆❧🎅9 Fοr those who want 🎅_The_Minty_ṗickẠxe_🎅 Τry ... sεarching G οοgIe for *_WIN99CODED_* ★☆❧🎅8 So awesome...........'................... B17029

  7. Alexbest 535177

    Alexbest 535177Jam Yang lalu

    you should type up corn hub

  8. Danzy x plays

    Danzy x playsJam Yang lalu

    google coconut crab

  9. Jordan Ference

    Jordan FerenceJam Yang lalu

    #1 trending again!!! Woohoo!!!!

  10. Angela Auayan

    Angela AuayanJam Yang lalu

    #1 on trending..👏🏼👏🏼

  11. MTV Azza

    MTV AzzaJam Yang lalu

    I googled it sorry I am a kid

  12. Free Iphone 12 Visit My Channel

    Free Iphone 12 Visit My ChannelJam Yang lalu

    check it out my channel !

  13. Brandon Van De Sande

    Brandon Van De SandeJam Yang lalu

    2:35 ist glans the word

  14. Sickle Pickle

    Sickle PickleJam Yang lalu

    5:41 The sound I make when I pretend am a airplane

  15. bulb cyme

    bulb cymeJam Yang lalu

    🎅Only people who remember Anarchy Acres can like this🎅 ★☆❧🎅6 search by googIe for "*_WIN99CODED_*" is what people are using to get 🎅_The_Minty_ṗickẠxe_🎅𔠠..... ★☆❧🎅8 So awesome...........'................... B84023

  16. Dark Spud

    Dark SpudJam Yang lalu

    Stop like botting

  17. B L A N K

    B L A N KJam Yang lalu

    Shut up

  18. Oakenshield 49

    Oakenshield 49Jam Yang lalu

    Am I the only one who went looking for that completely blurred tweet. I found It Gokkun

  19. Aqil

    AqilJam Yang lalu

    Google thanos and press the gauntlet

  20. NxR _G4M1NG

    NxR _G4M1NGJam Yang lalu


  21. Aydan563R6

    Aydan563R6Jam Yang lalu

    If a animal fights a animal is that animal cruelty


    THE_LEGEND_ KILLERJam Yang lalu

    Cizzors:idk watch this Lazerbeam: i like this vid

  23. Алеко Иванов

    Алеко ИвановJam Yang lalu

    My friend said you are stoopid (he is gay)

  24. Lil Cung

    Lil CungJam Yang lalu

    Could you plz shout me out plz plz plz lannan

  25. Ashutosh Desai

    Ashutosh DesaiJam Yang lalu

    Google housefly poop

  26. RAULT Gaming

    RAULT GamingJam Yang lalu

    to know how coconut kill people watch motu and patlu character chingum

  27. Elka Chamley

    Elka ChamleyJam Yang lalu

    Google 52.376552,5.198303, and tell us what your thoughts are.

  28. ritwik

    ritwikJam Yang lalu

    The fact that I just got to know about jacksepticeye yesterday and was just watching his video. And when I open lazarbeam. First thing lannan says is jacksepticeye.

  29. mr taher

    mr taherJam Yang lalu

    My chicken was having cold he sneezed even weose than that chicken did.

  30. Quyen Solomon

    Quyen SolomonJam Yang lalu

    🎅Only people who remember factory’s can like this🎅 ★☆❧🎅0 Fοr those who want 🎅_The_Minty_ṗickẠxe_🎅 Τry Goοgling for *_WIN99CODED_* ★☆❧🎅0 I have so many now! . B48018

  31. davit gigineishvili

    davit gigineishviliJam Yang lalu

    why are people liking this comment?

  32. Dark Spud

    Dark SpudJam Yang lalu

    Quyen Solomon bot

  33. Damian Travcich

    Damian TravcichJam Yang lalu

    I saw the notification pop-up on my iPad and I already know this was gonna go wrong


    MIKEDANIGHTJam Yang lalu

    0:28 excactlay what a cereal killer would say

  35. Cara Ince

    Cara InceJam Yang lalu

    I think this video is a major sum up of why I love Lannon and his psychosis.

  36. Elin Gacha

    Elin GachaJam Yang lalu

    Google horse blanket girl

  37. Abbie Wearing

    Abbie WearingJam Yang lalu

    🎅Leave a like and that’s how many win your are gonna get🎅 ★☆❧🎅9 Fοr those who want 🎅_The_Minty_ṗickẠxe_🎅 Τry Goοgling for *_WIN99CODED_* ★☆❧🎅8 I have so many now! . ` B85017

  38. Jim Flood

    Jim FloodJam Yang lalu

    Im 9 and i googled it

  39. Michellina van Loder

    Michellina van LoderJam Yang lalu

    The blue waffle is Just a blueberry pancake

  40. VerseQN [bp duo]

    VerseQN [bp duo]Jam Yang lalu

    Wow, LG Beaks...

  41. Shadow Mage

    Shadow MageJam Yang lalu

    bruh... lazer got his twitter suspended...

  42. biker bros

    biker brosJam Yang lalu

    LazerBeam: *sees something bad* Also LazerBeam: no no no no no no *keeps scrolling*

  43. Max William

    Max WilliamJam Yang lalu

    The thing that he blurred out was called gokkun I checked DO NOT LOOK IT UP‼️‼️😂😂

  44. Suheila Yasin

    Suheila YasinJam Yang lalu

    6:11 only Australians can say that