The Weird Side Of Amazon


  1. Ivy Isch

    Ivy Isch3 jam yang lalu


  2. Mariane Mariane

    Mariane Mariane3 jam yang lalu

    My bro use to ride my back it was fun! But then one day, some skin on my knee came off and I never ponyed again.

  3. King Thot Slayer

    King Thot Slayer3 jam yang lalu

    On Christmas day *kid hands dad a president* Dad:awe you shouldn't have *unbox it to see a saddle* Dad: now this is aweso-- *kid already opened the box and slapped the saddle on dad back and is on him* Kid:GIDDY UP HORSIE!! I AM RIDING YOU ALL DAY LONG!

  4. Knightlight

    Knightlight3 jam yang lalu

    Hey! I know this is gonna sound like spam but I am a producer/songwriter and I am obviously trying to grow a fanbase so if you like electro pop music head to my channel and take a listen to my debut single “Breathe” Much love, knightlight xx⚡️❤️

  5. Bryan BDS

    Bryan BDS3 jam yang lalu

    Esta mrda es tendencia?

  6. CookieGod666

    CookieGod6663 jam yang lalu

    Wow that was terrible

  7. Kanishka Bhalotia

    Kanishka Bhalotia3 jam yang lalu

    Got those notifications on🐣🦆

  8. Becca Sargeant

    Becca Sargeant3 jam yang lalu

    The name you're looking for is 'Daddy Caddy'

  9. somethingGud

    somethingGud3 jam yang lalu

    This shit was way too long...

  10. johnny b

    johnny b3 jam yang lalu


  11. asu

    asu3 jam yang lalu

    who's Jeremy Renner?

  12. Mae Zingo

    Mae Zingo3 jam yang lalu

    omg #1 on trending go off danny

  13. Pol Laker

    Pol Laker3 jam yang lalu

    really cool!

  14. Tin Foil Boi

    Tin Foil Boi3 jam yang lalu

    Is there a normal side to amazon?

  15. Chloe Lewis

    Chloe Lewis3 jam yang lalu

    Now we need a follow up where he buys and tests the pony up daddy with his lab grown son drew on his back

  16. Reward Godwin

    Reward Godwin3 jam yang lalu

    11:47 Wuhhhhh is going on here???

  17. Matt S.

    Matt S.3 jam yang lalu

    Notifications on, dipshit

  18. Katryne Marchand

    Katryne Marchand3 jam yang lalu

    First became a fan when you were on VINE! Notifications are on, I’m subbed, I’m hyped, I AM GREG!! 💋

  19. PhiStol TV

    PhiStol TV3 jam yang lalu

    I was so shook by that opening scene, literary replayed it, so creepy 😂😂😂

  20. p e b

    p e b3 jam yang lalu

    So what is this channel ? Just talk about what other people are doing lol 😂

  21. Yousra Sedjat

    Yousra Sedjat3 jam yang lalu

    Number 1 on trending

  22. 1.000 Subscribers CHALLENGE

    1.000 Subscribers CHALLENGE3 jam yang lalu

    _/﹋\_ (҂`_´)

  23. Samantha Zeiger

    Samantha Zeiger3 jam yang lalu

    #1 on trending! Congrats!!!

  24. Mus life

    Mus life3 jam yang lalu


  25. newdll

    newdll3 jam yang lalu

    Notifications on!!1! i am truly greg

  26. ГЕЙ-МЕР GOD-MAN 2019

    ГЕЙ-МЕР GOD-MAN 20194 jam yang lalu

    *КТО учится в школе лайк*

  27. Samia Theresa

    Samia Theresa4 jam yang lalu

    Found you because you’re #1 Trending and I enjoy your videos, so I’ve subscribed!

  28. Trve Kvlt

    Trve Kvlt4 jam yang lalu

    So no one's gonna talk about how that one happy dude with the dad saddle is obviously photoshopped? Like... Look at his head. It's way too big for his body.

  29. Juicy

    Juicy4 jam yang lalu

    #1 on trending 👀

  30. Markus Pierce

    Markus Pierce4 jam yang lalu

    Wow you hit #1 trending

  31. DANIELA liborio

    DANIELA liborio4 jam yang lalu

    Yo aquí sin saber inglés y entre al vídeos por que es el número en tendencias y por qué en la miniatura está el Halcón

  32. Greta H.

    Greta H.4 jam yang lalu

    daddy should be a forbidden word....

  33. The Mister Gorbachev !!

    The Mister Gorbachev !!4 jam yang lalu

    Wow #1 trending! Good job Danny!

  34. LumpySpaceBrotha

    LumpySpaceBrotha4 jam yang lalu

    #1 on trending. Damn dude.

  35. Jo Bic

    Jo Bic4 jam yang lalu

    *Number 1 on Trending*

  36. Alaina Plugge

    Alaina Plugge4 jam yang lalu

    #1 on treeeeeendinggggggg


    THIS IS CHICAGO4 jam yang lalu

    I wish I knew about this app fuck Im late 😂

  38. BRANDON Jones

    BRANDON Jones4 jam yang lalu

    THIS IS CHICAGO yoooo check this out man

  39. Cereza Black

    Cereza Black4 jam yang lalu

    Pony up, Danny 😏

  40. BRANDON Jones

    BRANDON Jones4 jam yang lalu check this out

  41. mzp

    mzp4 jam yang lalu

    Jeremy Renner Jeremy Renner Jeremy Renner Jeremy Renner Jeremy Renner Jeremy Renner Jeremy Renner Jeremy Renner... That’s all this kid said in the video

  42. Gabriel Alfaro

    Gabriel Alfaro4 jam yang lalu

    I just found this video on the trending page..... Is my name Greg now? I'm so confused

  43. stan loona

    stan loona3 jam yang lalu

    He calls his fams greg and haters are craig lol

  44. Colton Coffman

    Colton Coffman4 jam yang lalu

    #1 on trending! Good job greg fam!

  45. JamesMitchell451

    JamesMitchell4514 jam yang lalu

    #1 trending folks!

  46. MonsterBaby's Channel

    MonsterBaby's Channel4 jam yang lalu

    What's up, my name ain't Greg though.

  47. Sara Elizabeth

    Sara Elizabeth4 jam yang lalu

    1 on trending! Congrats!

  48. Lane Jariz

    Lane Jariz4 jam yang lalu

    Human centi-dad

  49. starei 007

    starei 0074 jam yang lalu

    Pony up, Danny.

  50. it's me Luigi

    it's me Luigi4 jam yang lalu

    #1 trending good job danny boy

  51. Camel

    Camel4 jam yang lalu

    Ooh stinky no good

  52. brandonk

    brandonk4 jam yang lalu


  53. DemoBonnie

    DemoBonnie4 jam yang lalu

    *It's too late to be spoopy Danny boi.* 😔

  54. Spencer Sasse

    Spencer Sasse4 jam yang lalu

    Number 1 on trending!

  55. Oh Hell No

    Oh Hell No4 jam yang lalu

    I remember the first time I was watching Danny and he said one of his "and this of course is another episode of..." and I spent the next 10 minutes trying to find the first episode and binge watch all the way through lmao

  56. Blade Hansarik

    Blade Hansarik4 jam yang lalu

    I fuck with the channel but does he give back to his fans does he like comments and leave comments. Does he ask his fans things we want to watch. Sorry if its weird these dudes juat makin alot of money off of views and ion wanna practically give moeny to an asshole. And i noticed he aint liked a single comment so i asked.

  57. neøn_ gravestønes

    neøn_ gravestønes4 jam yang lalu

    #1 on trending in italy!!

  58. Sean Marlow

    Sean Marlow4 jam yang lalu


  59. FireLine 110

    FireLine 1104 jam yang lalu

    I feel like knee pads would be a better investment than the saddle dkdkdkd

  60. Video time

    Video time4 jam yang lalu

    this video is #1 on the trending page

  61. Mateo Diaz

    Mateo Diaz4 jam yang lalu

    Hands down best intro I’ve ever seen

  62. FPSGamer48

    FPSGamer484 jam yang lalu

    Tbf, we don’t know if the Jeremy Renner allegations are true. His ex-wife seems kinda out of it and really only wants full custody of their kid, no matter the cost

  63. Jonny da Brit

    Jonny da Brit4 jam yang lalu

    Aye Number one on trending Greg