The Ultimate ''Avatar: The Last Airbender'' Recap Cartoon - BOOK ONE


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    Thanks so much for all the kind words everyone!!!!! You can help me not take as long with BOOK 2 here > Every dollar goes to getting some more people on board, which = the next two parts coming out faster! :-}

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    Your dutch arent you ?

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    Cas van de Pol Amazing

  5. Ana Pereira

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    Cas van de Pol plz mate The thirth chantre of avatar

  6. Babsje 28

    Babsje 284 jam yang lalu

    I knew every scène 🥰

  7. klasör bey

    klasör bey4 jam yang lalu

    1:04 2:17 whyy Zuko: 5:34

  8. jessica Kohinoor

    jessica Kohinoor10 jam yang lalu

    Oooh god this is a golden show. Even frozen 2 copied it

  9. Samson Lazo

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    Hey is this kids cartoon i saw zimba elsa ha you now it ooo kang fuu zimba

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    That video disgust stakes your videos are cheap copies of everything so put more broadcasts to the characters But the truth was I loved the fornite dance :u

  11. Familia Youtuber

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    This reminds me of TerminalMontage

  12. Kamilya Bay

    Kamilya BayHari Yang lalu

    So cute

  13. Winterpolo 1985

    Winterpolo 1985Hari Yang lalu

    the part where that caillou guy in a nutshell flies out of the prison: *BAI FELISHA/SISTER*

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    Why no one talk about the fortnite dance (am I spell wrong if I am so sorry)

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    This is fantastic

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    Just fly and fly and fly

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    ну что-ж русские тут? давайте залайкаем комент) пусть все думают что мы не такие тупые!

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    I watched all the Avatar episodes

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    I don’t understand this

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    1:57 A new shout was a locked 🔒

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    im flipping out

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    Qm e br da like

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    MY CABBAGES!!! favorite line in the entire series

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    We need 10 hour dancing zuko

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    Same Fire Or Water ?

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    0:51 BLYAT

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  32. Syed Isamuddin

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    5:19 Best part... "That's rough body"

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    Yue. Just. Yue

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    5:44 а чёртов па...?

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    1:04 xd 1:03


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    Your good at writing Chinese

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    3:24 Дракон сожрёт

  38. Игры от Османа

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    1:04 Reminds me of Jet Force Gemini

  40. Smiley Wolf c:

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    No the ultimate recap was the play on the episode before the 4 part finale (can’t remember what it was called)

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    My life is better now that I know this exists. Thank you.

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    How is it that this recap was more accurate than a live action movie?

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    1 like: 1 more dance from zuko

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    Nobody: Captions at 2:52: *_e_*