the time we got caught... with Sam and Colby


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    We originally weren’t going to post this video... but we realized that it could help some people out there think about there actions before doing something dumb... like us. Thank you for all the support through this 🙌, we’re back and better than EVER!

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    Best IDreporter channel EVER!!

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    Three page essay is not that bad I had to 4 pages and did in one day

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    @Hannah Bozeman yea

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    sam and colby filmed the video too i wanna see their video too but they haven’t posted it haven’t they yet?

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    Why they have k9s at a basic trespass

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    My two favorite youtubers in one video😂😮😏

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    who saw Colby's black glove moving in the corner when they said yee guys i l did lol 2:45 - 3:15 ??????

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    subscribe to qais Hussain and qais Hussain 2 plz btw I love you Ireland boys

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    So I was driving a dirt bike where I wasn’t allowed I didn’t know so I got pulled over once he said he’s calling my parents I yelled f the police and ran am 12 btw

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    dude i dont even think that snc had to do any community service but poor colby was fr like in an experience wth💀

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    You HUTTER bad idea

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    Lol colby got drugs on his shirt


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    How old is Nick

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    @Elayne Skaggs oh yeah hes 16 or 17 tho

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    ItsEmon He’s 16 11 months ago

  18. Elayne Skaggs

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    ItsEmon NO!! He’s 16 and Ricky is 20!! Ricky said he’s under age 🤡🤡🤡

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    @Elayne Skaggs hes not 16 hes like 18

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    GTAMASTER97 16

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    Did anyone else notice that they were talking about Jail and stuff and Colby's ORANGE sweat shirt said DRUGS on it in capital letters.

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    Btw Ricky don't lick the floors or anything like that knowing people step on it with their dirty shoes!

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    They all become felons, but also Colby during tea time - lets wear a t shirt that says drugs.

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    This is really crazy that they got arrested ( yee yee )

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    The anxiety hit hard in this vid 😂

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    4:02 I Knew Nick Was a Catholic 😂

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    13:01 IS THAT flag of philipines

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    Wait Colby had that shirt????

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    Wait why are they called ireland boys

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    Abbie Donaghy Yeah 😂😂😂

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    @Elayne Skaggs wait IRELAND (a country) is their last name WTF!?

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    Abbie Donaghy That’s their last name

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    There are always that cop that is a a-hole.... Literally

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    Colby with his Justin bieber shirt... 😜

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    Who the fuck breaks into a bando during the day in the middle of an active neighbourhood? Like I thought u guys got caught during the night, no woder why u went to jail

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    When they edit the words u know they are okay xD

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    What a coincidence Colby wore the same shirt when he got arrested😂😭😌😢😩😫😭😂😂😂😂

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    Their talking about something bad they did yet Colby is wearing a drugs shirt

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    Exactly why school is bad.

  41. Elayne Skaggs

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    Callie Boscia It’s under construction

  42. Araknala

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    When you did community service, you could have picked up the litter behind the school in the beginning! xD

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    Go to Area 51 with them.

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    ok but how did the SD card not get confiscated?? lmaoo

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    LOL, they checked you prison wallets

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    Why didn’t you guys go at night

  48. Victoria Barth

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    Elayne Skaggs right smh 😂😂😂 but ugh yeah if you go during broad daylight you can get caught easier because people are out during the day and can spot you and will call the police most likely they possibly would have been ok if it would have been 3am but that’s not realistic you know? I use to go to places that had guards standing outside of the place we waited got in took pictures and left with 25 minutes we didn’t get caught and there is a place in Detroit this lady is always outside of the hotel that’s abandoned with her dog and he barked at us last time we couldn’t go in but we finally climbed in and realized we were in the building for 2 half hours climbing up and down 15 different stair cases

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    Victoria Barth I meant “they” 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ “You” It’s for example

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    Elayne Skaggs nah never been caught ha

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    Victoria Barth More suspicious. You get caught easily because guards are everywhere

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    I've been to a few juvie facilities when I was a teenager. From dumb decisions. Kids, take what they're all saying seriously. The legal system is no joke. Sam and Colby got off how they did bc of the price they paid their lawyer, if you can't do that, enjoy sitting and waiting fir your sentencing for however many months then enjoy your sentence, whether time served is added depends on the crime and how you're doing in the facility. I'm so happy you boys turned this into a positive learning experience not only for yourselves but all of your subscribers, no matter the age. I'm also very glad you are ALL okay and doing well! 🖤

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    Did Ricky get his phone back though

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    I want them to do the 24 hour challenges again Like if u agree

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    At 2:52 on the right side behind Rick you can see Sam's hair and on the left side behind Nick you can like see something black i think it was Colby's glove but anyway great video

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    peeped that philippine flag LMFAOO=

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    MrBeast:Spends illegal places over night for 24 hours (abandoned prison) and doesn’t get caught The Ireland boys:Spends overnight in a abandoned school and gets caught

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    Why are they called Ireland boys productions

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    They are boys and their last name is Ireland

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    Subscribe 👍 :) Make this blue

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    There the best yeee yeet 🤘🏼👌🙌stay safe

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    ATTENTION! Please PLEASE don’t raid Area 51. You will get shot if you are seen. I’m trying to prevent death here. I still pray for those that died in the recent El Paso and Dayton shootings. Keep them in mind and please do not put yourself at risk. DO NOT RAID AREA 51.

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    His shirt says drugs

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    Good thing you didn’t go to jail 👮🏻‍♂️🚔

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    Did Ricky even get his phone back??

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    That's what your dumbasses

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    Tell Colby that was the reason why you got arrested because of that shirt

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    Why is saM IN A PRISIOn uniform

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    Ye Ye guys I want to meet you guys

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    That's one BORED police department.🙄

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    Emily The school is under construction

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    That’s why jack shouldn’t of crossed the Area 51 line

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    do you guys realize they change the thumbnail of the video.

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    i see our Philipine flag 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

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    Dont do nothig stupid again! Please don't. I need your uplodes to make happy everyday

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    HOLD UP!! That’s my old elementary school that they had no business being in no matter who they are. The fact that they did this for kicks doesn’t make sense, it’s disrespectful. Tbh I’m glad they got caught, because Lee elementary has so much history, and was clearly not abandoned.

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    Kaison Anthony11 hari yang lalu

    Now u know what not to do

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    Omg their was a Philippine flag 13:10 I'm a filipino btw happy buwan ng wika for all the filipin! Mabuhay!

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    My 2 favorite channels 😆

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    3:32 YA ANYTHING!

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    Ricky *Licks Pudding*this is literally the stupidest thing I’ve done. Me:Boy you almost got arrested in Vietnam for 3 years 😂😂

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    *My heart was racing the entire time.* *Not because of the cops but because of the the dang building.*

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    sam and colby set you guys up

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    dOtyOung bbb I’m hoping your joking 🙃

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    don't come at me but it honestly feels like the ireland bros are blaming sam and colby for the whole thing which they shouldn't have. it was them too. they are both equally to blame.

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    Nick: we have learned our lesson Next week:should we do fake guards at area 51

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    Wait is it me or everyone see there's a Philippines flag

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    Do more please.....

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    13:02 A Philippine Flag!!

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    You all are legit being ninjas I’m proud that you guys stayed brave like ninjas

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    This vid was made on my b day

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    he wore the justin beiber shirt at the wrong time


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    What that video call

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    MY INFINITY GAUNTLET 2.0 What video

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    Dude that sucksssss

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    I like how they talk about not doing things that are stupid or against the law. Next Video on the channel: Storming Area 51 early

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    16:04 Colbys face in the mug shot tho xD

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    Bro this is illegal

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    Pretty silly idea

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    Why did I laugh so hard when Colby popped out with the Justin shirt I Was like HAHAH OH NOOO. NOOO!

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    Bro even if the k9s will come I'll break a window n escape over a fence b4 the dogs gets me n run through the woods until I loose the cops n then I go home