The Stranger Things Cast Teaches Jimmy the "Chicken Noodle Soup" Song


  1. Falak

    Falak30 menit yang lalu

    Noah looks nervous

  2. dustin bowling

    dustin bowlingJam Yang lalu

    First part of the interview Millie is working her way through a panic attack.

  3. Mystyy

    Mystyy2 jam yang lalu

    Pls.. somebody can play D&D with will?

  4. Penguin Playz

    Penguin Playz2 jam yang lalu

    I got him

  5. tatiana gois

    tatiana gois3 jam yang lalu

    Caleb's voice tho Edit: THAT HARMONEY THO. proof the Duffers need to make a Stranger Things Musical.

  6. Twin Salas

    Twin Salas3 jam yang lalu

    00:18 - 00:21 cute Noah

  7. J.

    J.3 jam yang lalu

    Can we all spot the gay?. Or is it just my gaydar?

  8. Vivid Gacha

    Vivid Gacha4 jam yang lalu

    The only time Noah said anything was for ”chicken noodle soup”

  9. Shannan Edwards

    Shannan Edwards4 jam yang lalu

    Sadie sink and caleb should be toghether plus their the same age

  10. Shannan Edwards

    Shannan Edwards4 jam yang lalu

    Damnnn they look diff

  11. fw_laila _03

    fw_laila _034 jam yang lalu

    Is anyone going to talk about Finn's pants the whole time?

  12. P3 -03

    P3 -035 jam yang lalu

    5:05 did anyone else see Millie wrapping her arms around Noah?

  13. Khusrav Bhajiwalla

    Khusrav Bhajiwalla5 jam yang lalu

    5:02 Millie tryna slide with Noah thooo

  14. Khusrav Bhajiwalla

    Khusrav Bhajiwalla5 jam yang lalu

    4:53 Noah tryna slide with Millie thooo

  15. CrispGryphon 136

    CrispGryphon 1365 jam yang lalu

    no one: gaten: bIgGeR

  16. Garrett Fish

    Garrett Fish7 jam yang lalu

    Gaten: Bigger Noah: BiGgEr Noah and Millie: Hahahahaha Gaten: .... You are 4, you are 4 years old 😂😂😂😂😂


    DORIS CHAN7 jam yang lalu


  18. C gatz

    C gatz7 jam yang lalu

    jimmy is such a tool

  19. Gema Mateo Adamuz

    Gema Mateo Adamuz8 jam yang lalu

    7:11 best moment ever

  20. Colson Cwynar

    Colson Cwynar8 jam yang lalu

    How the song should go: “Chicken noodle soup, I feel good when you’re around. Chicken noodle soup, I’ll help you when you’re in the upside downnnn”

  21. And I Oop

    And I Oop9 jam yang lalu

    Gates : bigger Noah:😳😂 Gaten: you are four

  22. J Bosse

    J Bosse9 jam yang lalu

    Just started the show a couple days and I am posting my reactions to watching it for the first time. So far the show is FIRE

  23. Yazz

    Yazz9 jam yang lalu

    I love how when Noah said bigger and him and Millie were laughing everyone else was like omg and Sadie was like unfazed 😂

  24. regina

    regina10 jam yang lalu

    7:12 gaten: bigger no one: like literally no one: not even a single soul: noah and millie: biGgER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  25. Lili Gyugos

    Lili Gyugos10 jam yang lalu

    When Gaten said "bigger" I died😂

  26. xtayax

    xtayax11 jam yang lalu

    *trying to stop them sliding down the escalators Millie: they put a cone but we moved the cone ✌🏼🙂

  27. Katie B.

    Katie B.11 jam yang lalu

    Who else is in love with stranger things?They are such an amazing cast and the created a amazing bond in the first season right away!They r also so funny!

  28. R S

    R S11 jam yang lalu

    These kids are amazing

  29. LilDucko

    LilDucko12 jam yang lalu

    When Gaten said “Bigger” Millie and Noah were the only ones laughing 😂 ❤️

  30. Lauren Doyle

    Lauren Doyle12 jam yang lalu

    Is it me or does anyone miss troy (peyton wich)

  31. kitty Cat

    kitty Cat12 jam yang lalu

    I have a huge crush on Noah scnapp 😍

  32. Voffo

    Voffo12 jam yang lalu

    7:11 *BIGGER*

  33. J.D. Oldenburg

    J.D. Oldenburg13 jam yang lalu

    Puberty lol

  34. MochiVibes

    MochiVibes13 jam yang lalu

    Noah’s laugh is so freaking ADORABLE

  35. Monika B

    Monika B14 jam yang lalu

    I love Milli’s outfit

  36. michaelao74

    michaelao7414 jam yang lalu


  37. Epic Wolves 125

    Epic Wolves 12514 jam yang lalu

    Joyce: _You took everything from me..._ Putin: *I don’t even know who you are*

  38. Epic Wolves 125

    Epic Wolves 12515 jam yang lalu

    Suzie: *mY dUsTy BuN!* Hop: *3 INCHES OPEN*

  39. Jefferry Mantwerk

    Jefferry Mantwerk15 jam yang lalu

    I’m sorry but Jimmy is so fake

  40. jayakumar amutha

    jayakumar amutha17 jam yang lalu

    Dude seriously check out will! That guy looked cute on set Now he looks like harry potter bro!!😄

  41. Magda Cruz

    Magda Cruz18 jam yang lalu

    my brain at 1:00am rn *cHiCkEn nOoDlE sOuP*

  42. Caz Olivier

    Caz Olivier18 jam yang lalu

    0:05 the most sarcastic "yeah"

  43. Amaya Molinero Jorge

    Amaya Molinero Jorge19 jam yang lalu

    Alguien español?

  44. fun with Grace

    fun with Grace19 jam yang lalu

    S3 was shot at my childhood mall

  45. Hannah S

    Hannah S20 jam yang lalu

    Finn looks like some rock band drummer. Almost Tommy Lee from Motley:)

  46. ellie j

    ellie j22 jam yang lalu

    lmao when you put the cast together they all are just so funny together

  47. Sarah El Hamel

    Sarah El HamelHari Yang lalu

    Bonjour les amis

  48. Turtle Squad

    Turtle SquadHari Yang lalu

    Finn out here lookin like michael jackson 💀😂

  49. Demiah Perry

    Demiah PerryHari Yang lalu

    Finn looks like a hard metal vampire, Lucas (I forgot the actors name) looks like a black action hero, Galen looks like a kid, Noah looks like a rapper, Sadie looks like a business woman, and Millie looks like the PERFECT ANGEL!!!! P.S: I have a crush on MBB and I am not a 20, 30, 40 year old Man. And I'm 13.

  50. Tybone 313

    Tybone 313Hari Yang lalu

    Nooooooooo... We... We Wasn't readyyyyy

  51. Kayla Villegas

    Kayla VillegasHari Yang lalu

    Do season4