The Mysterious World of Bang Energy Drinks


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    40 IDreporter videos and 40 Instagram posts in 6 months 😯😯 that's a lot

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    2:00 Ye Ye ! 2:15 it’s Rohan! 5:28 mcsloober

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    I had Alzheimer’s until I tried bang, and then... I can’t remember where I was going with this

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    Theo Groff No really I can't stop thinking of Groffsauce now

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    Hold up. Did u just say Masson lamb? Jesus, I’ve never even met another mason before and now I’m meeting someone with nearly the exact same name as me?!?

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    Ok dangmattsmith is being sponsored by bang in the end of EVERY video he talks about bang and It gets really annoying hearing the word BANG in every video with too much energy

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    cookie dough same as infinite and reaction time

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    should've gone with Jack O-Whack @ 13:55

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    All I get iin gas station in Texas is beer and game start

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    i stopped supporting bang when i noticed their CEO donates money to Trump campaigns oop

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    Did Ryan used to live in Louisville

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    When he said tea sis I started That's how bad the joke was.

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    ryan we all know u just want to get sponsored so u can bang the ceo

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    I mix Bangs with vodka. Everyone tells me I’m gonna die but honestly I think they’re just blowing everything out of proportion. The chest pains aren’t THAT bad.

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    Joking about the chest pain part. But everyone does tell me I’m gonna die

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    This video is sponsored by Bang.


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    Is anyone surprised he didn’t mention Muselk???? Who EnErGiZeS eVeRy ViDeO bAbYyYyY

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    MVP 8 Lol! He has a one Year contract. When Muselk does Death runs they are 50% bang, 30% rage, 19% cockiness, and 1% fresh

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    Natalie Oliver that is now a meme hold up let me energize ahhhh I feel energized back to the death run

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    Ok the bang ceo is a fucking idiot but bang’s are a better energy drink alternative for Red Bull and monster

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    Bang is disgusting brand

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    i drank bang basically everyday all day for my senior year. i would take two to school with me, drink one in the morning and if i finished it i would drink another in the afternoon (but usually one could last me all day) and honestly it was so awful. it would be good for awhile but then i would feel sick and tired once i got home from school. also, it does not cure mental illness. i am still Depressed. major L

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    Why the bang merch be looking like the Pokémon sword and shield uniform

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    He sleeps with influencers Me: wait Tal from reaction time tho

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    I wanted to make a video on this topic, but you literally covered EVERYTHING ! THANK YOU !!! The whole logic behind this brand is so triggering to me !! I don’t even have to say anything because you’ve explained everything so clearly. I’m also so glad Tana spoke about this topic.

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    8:51 I bet it's photoshopped That necklace ain't staying on your shoulders like that

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    I bet all the dislikes in this video are the bang company I think

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    I used to have Alzheimer’s, then I found bang energy.... what were we talking about?

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    But… but it tastes so good

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    This video is really good and needed more views

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    If they are making influencers buy their snake oil are they also making them buy their merchandise? I ask because of obvious reasons.

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    Haven’t seen this yet but Bang is the best energy drink, absolutely 🔥

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    watches this while drinking bang

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    I enjoyed this video, but Bang isn’t the company, VPX is the company, and they’ve been around for a whiiiiiiiiiile. Remember Redline energy? That’s VPX. They used to have a whole line of nutritional supplements that catered to the bodybuilding community. I think they realized marketing one energy drink on social media would be easier.

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    bang SMACKS though not even going to lie

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    2:14 Is That Rohan from IBP?

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    BANG! Energy is a cult lol

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    Bang is really gross Grab a monster instead Just not everyday OR DRINK WATER 🤘🏼

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    Crazy watched you grow from like 400k subs

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    6:13 He looks like he was on something Maybe high in bang energy drinks?

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    i’ll never forget when i saw some insta thot promoting bang and when she was, “drinking” it, it wasn’t even open and the opening was on the other side to where she was drinking. so she had her mouth on the tab to open it; not even the people promoting it will drink it

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    Good Creator currently sold out to bang is Reaction Time and Free time.....Bang is in each of their videos

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    still gonna drink it, cant beat that 300mg of caffine baby! yeah CEO is an ass but what CEO isn't?

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    why would anyone bang an energy drink, you can't have sex with a can, smh

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    It is the makeup of 5-hour energy and is also found in BANG. ... So to sum it all up to Karen, you can 100% enjoy BANG without thinking it is going to kill you. In fact, use BANG as a healthy alternative to calorically dense drinks that actually pose a threat

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    Kreatenine isn’t super great. Basically, for those who don’t know, it’s a chemical your body makes when you do physical activity. It should be at a certain level. Yes, you can actually work out too much.

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    stan mountain dew energy

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    Bang: Says it can heal Monster: Sues Bang: Say sike right now

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    10:58 AHHHHH

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    Whenever I saw the tracksuit my eyes got soo wide, and when he said it was a joke I was really relieved 😅

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    I drink ROCKSTAR .... Btw coffee aint Better guys. Just dont overdo it

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    bouta buy a bang rq brb

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    Because of my Alzheimer’s I

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    As a former retarded alzheimers patient I love bang. I drink 8 for breakfast and 15 for dinner.

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    that intro be like-

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    Drink. G Fuel

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    This is white mom monster

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    2:20 " we used to drink, bang, kiss eathother back in the day when we lived together when we were room mates "

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    I never comment on anything on IDreporter but I just needed to say that you are so genuinely funny. You're really funny and I love your videos.