The Most Legendary 3 Famous Bug Abusers


  1. JG The Zerk

    JG The ZerkTahun Yang lalu

    X x jut x x duped purple party hats and r2hs in classic lol

  2. CF Delta

    CF Delta2 tahun yang lalu

    Can u stop talking about my uncle evrybody make mistakes jezus 😡

  3. ubnubprayr5000

    ubnubprayr50002 tahun yang lalu

    I cant even hear you talk over this weeb music

  4. Aaron Collins

    Aaron Collins2 tahun yang lalu

    I was actually there in falador during this event, i was 15 i never thought it would turn into one of the biggest moments in runescape. I knew cursed you from di (damage incorperated) one of the popular mb clans back then. The nostalgia from this gives me chills runescape will never be the same but 07 works for now.

  5. 7Seven1OneThree3

    7Seven1OneThree32 tahun yang lalu

    Bro turn down the music to be more like background noise.

  6. Lilith Valentine

    Lilith Valentine2 tahun yang lalu

    Never forget the Falador massacre.

  7. Barson Cackwood

    Barson Cackwood2 tahun yang lalu

    really need to increase your voice volume and decrease the music in background. hard to hear you

  8. Sc op

    Sc op2 tahun yang lalu

    you need to increase the volume output from your mic recordings so that your voice is heard well over your music. Also, you tend to carry a monotone narrative. Add some emotions some times!

  9. Im Maxing RS

    Im Maxing RS2 tahun yang lalu

    Watch his new videos

  10. PfunkNH

    PfunkNH2 tahun yang lalu

    Abusing bugs is not taking advantage of anyone... if you release a complete game and hire people who are not 1/2 retarded you wouldnt have that problem

  11. Jarrey

    Jarrey2 tahun yang lalu

    you can't make a bug that can't be fixed...

  12. Derpysaur

    Derpysaur2 tahun yang lalu

    loved the video vexxed

  13. Jenny Rapacz

    Jenny Rapacz2 tahun yang lalu

    It is interesting how some people will abuse the system given the chance, and to do so for such a long time knowing so is very unsettling. I do not play RuneScape, but find it interesting that something like this was happening. And now makes me want to know if there are such happening in other games and how it affects regular players, and if the companies make up for those abusers who killed so many players by giving something back in return. Or even if they make those things public. I like your videos, I will listen to them as I do some more work.. at work lol

  14. Sven plays

    Sven plays3 tahun yang lalu

    vexxed is someone who fcking fake nick u bro in discord

  15. Kashedbowl

    Kashedbowl3 tahun yang lalu

    What if mod reach had bugs that were written in the version known as OSRS

  16. Im Maxing RS

    Im Maxing RS2 tahun yang lalu

    He was talking about osrs

  17. ChainedKamali

    ChainedKamali3 tahun yang lalu

    omg the fally masacare!!!!! the golden age of RS I remember it well

  18. Oryx TheMad God

    Oryx TheMad God3 tahun yang lalu

    Now where did i put that bugspray..

  19. Super Soaker

    Super Soaker3 tahun yang lalu

    I love all of your vids ;) vexed>everything

  20. Testperson001

    Testperson0013 tahun yang lalu

    Please make your voice louder or speak more energetic cause you kinda got lost in background music :( I think I might sound a bit whiny, sorry about that :) I enjoy you content even tho I never played Runescape but still like to listen to you so I hope I dont annoy you :3

  21. Otto de Jager

    Otto de Jager3 tahun yang lalu

    you remind me of silentc0re, you both have the same way of talking on these subjects!

  22. PickeKid

    PickeKid3 tahun yang lalu

    It's the 10 year anniversary of the Falador massacre! May be remember all the souls who were butt raped that day

  23. Will P

    Will P3 tahun yang lalu

    Turn off the fucking background music. I couldnt hear jackshit of what u were talking about.

  24. Bandit Leader

    Bandit Leader3 tahun yang lalu

    I could hear him loud and clear (30% volume). Maybe you should turn up your volume and clean your ears

  25. ᴖᴥᴖ 1337

    ᴖᴥᴖ 13373 tahun yang lalu

    did he mean to play the fally massacre clip the whole vid

  26. Jay Nguyen

    Jay Nguyen3 tahun yang lalu

    Thia video have a subliminal message

  27. iMXoSMaLLVoWeLZoX

    iMXoSMaLLVoWeLZoX3 tahun yang lalu

    Haha you act like fally massacre was an accident LMAO he didn't expel people from his house due to lag. LOL

  28. Bro Srsly

    Bro Srsly3 tahun yang lalu

    only peolple that were glaring into the purple portal were able to attack there was only 3 of them i think lol... durial was 1 of them

  29. Melachromatic

    Melachromatic3 tahun yang lalu

    Thats what Cursed You himself has stated. Cursed You also didn't get banned for the event, he got banned months later for RWT. If there was any evidence at all Cursed knew about the bug, and set Durial up for it, he would have been banned for it that day, instead of for RWT afterward.

  30. RaxoSC

    RaxoSC3 tahun yang lalu

    then how come Mod Reach still works at jagex? he may work with code doesnt mean its using it to his advantage by forgetting a bug on accident haha sad

  31. Spooks

    Spooks3 tahun yang lalu

    Unless it was an old stream it wouldn't have been Mod Reach. I know Mod's Ronan, Kieran and Weath are involved in bot busting. Feel free to check the following article posted April last year on the official Old School Runescape website that explains: "Mod Reach was dismissed from employment at Jagex, following an investigation into serious misuse of moderator privileges. This was flagged to us by system checks which track and log code changes made to the live game. We were able to intercept the intended changes before anything could impact the game economy."

  32. RaxoSC

    RaxoSC3 tahun yang lalu

    @Skelton Plays then why did i just want a stream with him and another mod doing bot busting hmmmm?

  33. Spooks

    Spooks3 tahun yang lalu

    he got sacked a year ago

  34. Oquizza Bawz

    Oquizza Bawz3 tahun yang lalu

    #FreePafm dogf

  35. manz

    manz3 tahun yang lalu

    please help a brother out.

  36. The Real MVP

    The Real MVP3 tahun yang lalu

    The number 1 bug abuser of all time is hax unit, and he doesn't even get a mention... smh

  37. Asayake

    Asayake2 tahun yang lalu

    Hax unit wasnt a person, but a team. But yes, they were the best for sure.

  38. hikery kitkat

    hikery kitkat3 tahun yang lalu

    What about the player that basically became jmod in sterling creation.

  39. Phillip Deeznuts

    Phillip Deeznuts3 tahun yang lalu

    I'm a bug abuser so what. Just this morning i was abusing the hell out of some roaches stealin all their phat loots.

  40. Boosh Hmong

    Boosh Hmong3 tahun yang lalu

    song at 4:50?

  41. Anusmeeuww

    Anusmeeuww3 tahun yang lalu

    Are you doing the same as mote plox ? Because thats looks like it. not that i care orso lol

  42. Buk Lau

    Buk Lau3 tahun yang lalu


  43. Tim Steele

    Tim Steele3 tahun yang lalu

    Didn't silent core do a lot of the work for you here? wasn't cursed you asked directly and confirmed to be banned for bug abusing, not rwt like many people think? wasn't it people who were looking in the scrying pool rather than the combat ring? Also the max cash dupes, phat dupes, invincibility, pafts etc are surely all more significant than speculation just because a jmod is involved? If you wanted to do osrs only, fally massacre shouldn't be on there... and it kinda seems like you only wanted to do osrs.

  44. chrismay1a

    chrismay1a3 tahun yang lalu

    lol for the last one he was leaving in a week so hes like fuck it going to put in a glitch I can abuse so I can just sell gp for gold once I'm gone

  45. Ämpärin kokoinen Turbo

    Ämpärin kokoinen Turbo3 tahun yang lalu

    Very good content friend,keep it up :)

  46. falk guard

    falk guard3 tahun yang lalu

    love the vids! subbed :)

  47. matty bill

    matty bill3 tahun yang lalu

    What about that guy who got jmod abilities by mistake and bugged the shit out of it and made everyone jmods, where loads of people got banned and caused the whole servers to be reset. That shit went down in history as the best bug ever

  48. LureThosePixels

    LureThosePixels3 tahun yang lalu

    @LifeWithJasonTV Yeah I know the RP glitch, but it sounds like nothing this guy described - except one person semi getting jmod powers

  49. LifeWithJasonTV

    LifeWithJasonTV3 tahun yang lalu

    +LureThosePixels look up "the rotten potato glitch"

  50. LureThosePixels

    LureThosePixels3 tahun yang lalu

    +matty bill I've known a lot of glitches in my time, but never heard that one - got any sources?

  51. apoo111

    apoo1113 tahun yang lalu

    I'm actually proud of mod reach. Its not often you have a troll work their way into the governance of the game. That's pretty much everyone's dream, at least all the kids that say their uncle works for Jamflex.

  52. Jerk berk 305dade

    Jerk berk 305dade3 tahun yang lalu

    I really like your vids too, one suggestion I have is to speak louder or something. I always have to have my headphones on to watch your vids. even in a quiet place

  53. Andrew Tubby

    Andrew Tubby3 tahun yang lalu

    Why do you play that shitty music in the background

  54. Darren Frazer

    Darren Frazer3 tahun yang lalu

    try having the music lower than your voice.. try different videos of the bugs yours using instead of the reused fall massacre video.

  55. ManDingo _Cx

    ManDingo _Cx3 tahun yang lalu

    mod reach day april 19

  56. Drew Vaughan

    Drew Vaughan3 tahun yang lalu

    Yo vexxed, song at 5:00 pls??

  57. topole pole

    topole pole3 tahun yang lalu

    no max money dupe?

  58. w0wrs

    w0wrs3 tahun yang lalu

    Love this channel man , i really can see you getting more popular soon

  59. S0m3t1m3sy

    S0m3t1m3sy3 tahun yang lalu

    how the hell is hax unit not on this list...

  60. Matthew Kas

    Matthew Kas3 tahun yang lalu

    what's a sichil

  61. Tribal

    Tribal3 tahun yang lalu

    Google elysian sigil

  62. F2p2007RS

    F2p2007RS3 tahun yang lalu

    Liked for the ending.

  63. Sheean McGuire

    Sheean McGuire3 tahun yang lalu

    the ending lmao!! that was perfecto!! what a cheeky caught bastard that Reach was

  64. Logan Barnes

    Logan Barnes3 tahun yang lalu

    Why is there a random face at 2:58?

  65. Jason Fazendin

    Jason Fazendin3 tahun yang lalu

    wow i never heard of the falador massacre that sounds horrible. were people refunded their items? were were they just "out of luck"

  66. alex 4rex

    alex 4rex3 tahun yang lalu

    you make really nice videos... lets see if/how far you will grow

  67. alex 4rex

    alex 4rex3 tahun yang lalu

    i knew you would grow big :) Even though i miss the rs content i respect and understand your decision. You just want to be big and you deserve that. Also, the newer vids are nice to watch to so im happy :) Congratulations on 100k!!!

  68. Illimunatus Enlightened

    Illimunatus Enlightened3 tahun yang lalu

    That picture @ 2:58 tho

  69. er w

    er w3 tahun yang lalu

    Do some research man..

  70. LegendJ0e4

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  71. LegendJ0e4

    LegendJ0e43 tahun yang lalu

    munk1313 is a legend for being a SJW :^)

  72. Jacob Decker

    Jacob Decker3 tahun yang lalu

    at 2:58 going to 2:59 there is picture that flashes wtf lol

  73. Glorious

    Glorious3 tahun yang lalu

    +Jacob Decker It's a picture of Mod Reach's face. lol

  74. awesomejolten

    awesomejolten3 tahun yang lalu

    those clips at the end of the video are savage l0l!!

  75. Armando o

    Armando o3 tahun yang lalu

    nah the most legendary bug abuser is Ice_Poseidon he did it in front of a stream many times