The Most Intense Game Ever | Hannah Stocking


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    I already did like almost a year ago!!! Please make more Hannah!! I love you so much!!

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    Loser gi m lake bts en spai ninja

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    Hey Hannah I'm your number one fan pls notice

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    Lmao this video doesn’t make sense but it’s HILARIOUS 🤣🙌🏾👏🏾 well done Hannah!

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    Love. U hanana

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    you are amazing, I watched all your vides

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    0:25 made me actually dieeee

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    Guy:I thought your hair was real Girl:*rips wig off* Guy:oh my god

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    Jamal(Adam): I thought your hair was real Barbara(Hannah): **snaches his weave** Jamal(Adam): Ohmygod

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    You are my favorite Hannah ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    The is so hair done

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    I love ❤️ u

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    You and lele are not fuckin funny you never have been just stop please JUST STOP PLEASE FOR EVERYONES SAKE STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPP🤮🤮🤮🤮😭😭😭

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    Me ivy


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    Love ya

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    Hi hannah

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    NOTIFICATIONS are on love uu guyss this was hilarious😂😂😂Maddie you are so pretty

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    I hate the fat girl

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    Always the most somthing hahaha

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    omg when Hannah flew away i was like noooooo lol noooooo lmao nooooo

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    anwar:i thought ur hair was real *hannah puls anwars hair* anwar:omg (srry if i spelld his name wrong)

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    1:05 I’m dying

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    Oh no the weave XD

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    I love your video so much 🌹💐🌷❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Am I the only one that loves Hannah ?

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    Hannah and lele are my favssss

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    Hannah you are the best and the funniest

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    Hannah, that beauty is fatal, sure would never lose a game.

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    1:05 her voice is Amazing can't stop replaying

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    Dude...I had to stop ATTEMTPING to watch after 1:25. Idc if it's meant to be a dumb video, when you show that you obviously don't understand the BASIC rules of the game you're trying to make correct 😂😂💀 like when she caught the ball and then had her flag yanked. THE BALL STILL GOT 30 YARDS DOWN FIELD 😂😂💀 and by the looks it was in front of endzone. So she woulda been first and goal. The fact you try to be blantely 'dumb' to be funny is awful, and then you fuck up what you try to make accurate about the game in the video was classic, was like watching a 3 year old explain the rules to a game💀...and people wonder why the stereotype is that majority females don't play sports or aren't into sports general. Because females like theeeessseeeeeee

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    I love your merch 😍😘🤩

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    Your cool

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    Give me merch

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    Hannah I love you soooo Much

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    Who else laughs at her and not her content hit like.

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    Mr. Green screen man Yes | .

  42. The Lex and Bri Vlog

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    I love Hannah! She is so funny!!😂❤💖

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    1:21 Adam: Tomato , Tomano ~ did i hear the correct thing is that what he said.... hahaha

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    2:26 the reason I love her so much 😂😂

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    Omg ahahahahahahahahahaha

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    hi hannah i subscribed and hit the bell

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    What is the name of song at the end of your video

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    1:06 me in the shower😗

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    Im owr big fan

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    3:50 thicccc

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    I love you😍😘😝😋💓💓💗💝💝💞💟💖

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    Hannah I am you and lele's biggest fan😂

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    Her acting is so horrible and her vids just make you cringe you're not a comedian you were never funny, you'd think she'd get better after so many years, she's untalented

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    Hannah I love your vids their the best of the world I love them sooooooooo much I just love the vids their the best every single one is brilliant and fantastic

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    I'm sorry Hannah when you're the worst stop casting everything from whalley you try to make her ugly and you're the ugliest smile is the prettiest

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    it wouldnt have been complete without Anwar and Rudy..thums and toes up

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    4:22 WTF lmao

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    Anwar still the best

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    0:26 “Barbra *gargle sound*” That had me laughing 😂