The Most INSANE Minecraft BED WARS Fight in the WORLD!


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    If you SEE THIS... HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY / WEEKEND! Enjoy time off school, work, do something fun & PLAY SOME VIDEO GAMES I love you all 3000

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    I never got notis for this video 😢

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    i wanna see faze vs fazeeee!!

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    Your video's make my day man! Love from the netherlands

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    Anyone know what server they used?

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    A bro you are losing views cause the fortnite video get 2 million views and Minecraft get 78k views

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    Hey teqoo pls make an part 2 of bedwars its insane trust👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😂😂😂😂😂

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    As a bedwars tryhard, this is hard to watch

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    Show us the world now please

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    LMAO YES this is awesome

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    Nä varför de

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    I made it to the end again I’m a real one!!

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    probably the minecraft beginner that entertains me

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    Yay a new video

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    Show me the world!

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    best content rn

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    keep dropping videos !~!!!!

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    Teeqo is 🔥fire

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    show me the world now :)

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    Love watching these bro

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    World is op

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    Yooo teeeqooo ! Love the edit at the “ montage “ of the video You should make a video of you building !

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    I should just spam click when you're fighting

  25. Ashton Gundersen

    Ashton GundersenBulan Yang lalu

    I never got notis for this video 😢

  26. Ashton Gundersen

    Ashton GundersenBulan Yang lalu

    Watched to the end tho

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    Teeqo you gotta spam your sword you're on 1.8

  28. Owan Berhe

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    Dude it’s actually insane how Teeqo is so good at mc and seeing his builds make me think I’m watching him play in heaven!🤩🤩

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    Plz CSGO

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    i love you jakob, you've done so much for me. thank you 💕

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    Your minecraft are literally the best video I ever seen good job man

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    why is jarvis good at every game

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    Teeqo I love your vids and I think you are the best youruber

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    Yo teeqo your videos are getting better every time let's gooo

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    Part 2 plz

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    I was in. Sweden in åre today

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    Please show your house. P.S. I made it to the end


    ŽBĪBØ {MÃŘ_HĚŘØÉŠ}Bulan Yang lalu

    teeqo we want more of you building in minecraft + i love every single video keep up the good work

  39. Kzk the real 198208

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    Älskar dina videos kan du köra en live där vi kan spela typ fortnite eller minecraft lol

  40. Hugh Michaud

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    you should try hcf server. watch stimpy videos for reference.

  41. Strafing Blood

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    Use minecraft 1.8.9 to so u can swing ur sword faster

  42. Golden Guy

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    U are a really good builder😊

  43. Jackson Carter

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    Teeqo it would be good for aim assist in minecraft and tell faze sway to teach us some highground retakes on minecraft I’m trying to win some bedwars

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    YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!

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    Teeqo 1v1 me

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    I need help with My addiction to Watching teeqo playing minecraft

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    I haven't watched the full video yet, but Teeqo just so you know. In hypixel bedwars you can spam pvp, you don't have to do the tap stuff. So you can just spam click and get the full attack damage everytime.

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    why does teeqo never eat

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    Watch gamerboy80 bedwars

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    show you love your vids you are very nice :) faze up

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    Yooo teeqo You have better decorations Even do i played mincraft for 6years

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    make a video but leave a lot of the footage in!!

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    DUDE this video is so goooddd keep up th great work teeqo love you bro ❤️❤️❤️

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    Teeqo keep this shit up man!! We love the Minecraft content this is the best you’ve produced in a while!!

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    teeqo you have to spam click with the sword

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    Show the world

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    Loving this series teeqo thanks for giving us these videos aslong as your having fun thats all that matters .

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    insane bro

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    oh no i’m now addicted to teeqo playing minecraft he is just so funny and positive

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    What’s your highest kills in bedwars? Mines 78

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    I love this video but some things just make me cringe xD

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    Let's go bro teeqo i the man

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    LOVE this new series wit the faze house! Keep it up