The Most Dangerous Beaches In The World


  1. bong hits

    bong hits5 bulan yang lalu

    China is disgusting

  2. Brian Kennedy

    Brian Kennedy7 bulan yang lalu

    What about maroubra, Sydney? Sunbathing and get hit by flying car......! Yes. Car.

  3. Joelle Maglia

    Joelle Maglia9 bulan yang lalu

    Puerto Angel nearly killed me , rip tides . No help ,no saving ,I was spat out on the rocks by the sea . Guess I wasn’t my time . However I can remember giving up and resolved myself to dying .

  4. Marivel Gonzalez

    Marivel Gonzalez9 bulan yang lalu

    I love 💖 Mexico 🇲🇽

  5. Michael Lyon

    Michael Lyon10 bulan yang lalu

    You guys are bullshit I live in NSB my whole life there’s never been one robbery on the beach And on the speech is only about a 1 in 70,000 chance did you get bit by a shark

  6. A Fish

    A Fish11 bulan yang lalu

    Am I the only one who screamed when they said Jellyfish? XD

  7. The God Apollo

    The God Apollo11 bulan yang lalu

    Heard Island, ANTARCTICA. DANGEROUSLY COLD? The though never occurred to me.

  8. Raviraja Raviraja

    Raviraja Raviraja11 bulan yang lalu

    Thik hai .

  9. Charlie Leahy

    Charlie LeahyTahun Yang lalu

    These people are kooks

  10. just me

    just meTahun Yang lalu

    Australias Dangerous Beaches? Wait Until You See Our Fruit! AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT AUSSIES?

  11. Squirticorn Vlogs

    Squirticorn Vlogs11 bulan yang lalu


  12. Hannah Horsley

    Hannah HorsleyTahun Yang lalu

    I went to the one in Hawaii

  13. Good luck everyone

    Good luck everyoneTahun Yang lalu

    Great to see Britain's most dangerous is because you might swallow shit lol 😂

  14. Tayla's Singing

    Tayla's SingingTahun Yang lalu

    This is scary im from Austrailia no beach today!

  15. annette fournier

    annette fournierTahun Yang lalu

    Never had any trouble with thieves at New Smyrna. Daytona is more likely. Luckily never saw any sharks either. Doesn't mean they aren't there. Saw some manatees. Easy pickings for sharks if they want.

  16. Sandra Pounders

    Sandra PoundersTahun Yang lalu

    I seen a mermaid under the lake water dead

  17. Juliana antonio

    Juliana antonioTahun Yang lalu


  18. Kishori Mohan Roy

    Kishori Mohan RoyTahun Yang lalu

    I'am live in haldibari purbapara wrd no-1 cob

  19. Dark Matta 06

    Dark Matta 06Tahun Yang lalu

    We recently went to Mexico nothing happens ed the beach was a cruelly beautiful

  20. Sara Lester

    Sara LesterTahun Yang lalu

    This is why I swim I. Lakes mostly at my cottage but when I go to Florida I swim in the ocean obviously

  21. JohnnyClock

    JohnnyClockTahun Yang lalu

    Sandy Beach in Hawaii is no joke!

  22. Sean Da slayer

    Sean Da slayerTahun Yang lalu

    I’ve been to the one in York shire

  23. Zoe Wells

    Zoe WellsTahun Yang lalu

    I went to the one in Hawaii and it was beautiful

  24. Colin Paulsen

    Colin PaulsenTahun Yang lalu

    I've been going to new smernya beach Florida forever and never saw a criminal or shark. You will be safe if you want to surf or swim . And it is beautiful

  25. The One and Only

    The One and OnlyTahun Yang lalu

    Environmentalists said fisherman are to blame😂😂😂

  26. Sarah Biddulph

    Sarah BiddulphTahun Yang lalu

    I just went to a beach now I am checking my kids all over 😂

  27. Sarah Biddulph

    Sarah BiddulphTahun Yang lalu

    Oh my 😳😳

  28. jessica cartin

    jessica cartinTahun Yang lalu

    I was stung by a jellyfish once, but I was lucky it wasn't a box jellyfish

  29. jessica cartin

    jessica cartinTahun Yang lalu

    Don't go near the snakes and they won't hurt you or if they are staring at ya back away

  30. jessica cartin

    jessica cartinTahun Yang lalu

    Beachs is NOT dangerous.

  31. Grace Lloyd

    Grace LloydTahun Yang lalu

    I went to Florida for 3 weeks just came back realising that that beach that I surfed I’m far from shore had sharks there

  32. Kremit

    KremitTahun Yang lalu

    Yasss Queensland!!!!

  33. Giselle Offen

    Giselle OffenTahun Yang lalu

    Australia oh hell no

  34. Abby McCool

    Abby McCoolTahun Yang lalu

    I live in America and I’m on vacation in Aruba and the waves on one side goes to about 50 feet and higher!

  35. twinkle stupid

    twinkle stupidTahun Yang lalu

    the last one i visit

  36. James Brogan

    James BroganTahun Yang lalu

    Why would u go to antartica for holiday

  37. heyitsaudrey

    heyitsaudreyTahun Yang lalu

    Australia isn’t even dangerous 😭😭 cassowaries aren’t fucking dangerous 😭

  38. Pond

    PondTahun Yang lalu

    How can the beach of Tanger in Morocco not be there, so many people drowned there because the strong force that forces you further in the sea

  39. I like MEMES

    I like MEMESTahun Yang lalu

    my mom got stung by a jellyfish and my next door neighbor did to

  40. lily

    lilyTahun Yang lalu

    i live in Australia ;-; WHY

  41. nickie nok

    nickie nokTahun Yang lalu

    way too much talking here, i had to mute it, this high shriled pitch voice with the power of nature give me a break!

  42. Arthur Dent

    Arthur DentTahun Yang lalu

    The reason these animals are at the shore is because they’re afraid of drowning, they get washed out by the waves as well so they accidentally bite humans, it’s not their fault, it’s the beaches fault

  43. Alex Grey

    Alex GreyTahun Yang lalu

    The photo showed a wave threatening people............ but they don't mention where. Mis-information. Please don't show me one thing and talk about something else.

  44. Nilli Lamos

    Nilli LamosTahun Yang lalu

    The Kalalau trail goes further (up to 11 miles) to Honopo Beach. THAT is the beautiful beach that people talk about. Hanakapiai Beach is nice, but considering the Kalalau trail is way longer, i guess that beach takes the cake.

  45. Ella Watson

    Ella WatsonTahun Yang lalu

    I have been to staithes beach

  46. directtalk1

    directtalk1Tahun Yang lalu

    Commentary SHUT UP.! Thumbs down. Sheesh

  47. Ashdoesgames 885

    Ashdoesgames 885Tahun Yang lalu

    This was made on my 8th birthday

  48. Milagros Estrada

    Milagros EstradaTahun Yang lalu

    I had a sunmeie before

  49. Ian Garcia

    Ian GarciaTahun Yang lalu

    Been to hanakapia beach on kauai, the hardest part was driving from hanapepe to north shore side of the island

  50. Surjya Maity

    Surjya MaityTahun Yang lalu


  51. Lucy Hansen

    Lucy HansenTahun Yang lalu

    Good video but that’s not how u say Australia Don’t worry I am form Australia lmao demmmm snakes

  52. I’m Anonymous

    I’m AnonymousTahun Yang lalu

    I don’t know who would go to Antarctica anyway

  53. wallflower rose

    wallflower roseTahun Yang lalu

    I love to learn and you help me do it i hope this comment brightens your day

  54. Sherry Filkill

    Sherry FilkillTahun Yang lalu

    Never ever go

  55. joey lowell

    joey lowellTahun Yang lalu

    the place where the box jelly fish are NO WAY would i swim there and the garbage beach in UK i would not surf there either the other places as long as you are smart respect the sea and never turn your back on it you should be ok.i have lived in Hawaii and surfed on the beach my favorite beach is Sandy beach.

  56. Karen de Rivero

    Karen de RiveroTahun Yang lalu

    I actually surf at new symirna

  57. Jane Furlan

    Jane FurlanTahun Yang lalu

    I went to new smernia and went rafting ,i heard later about the sharks wont go there again.

  58. Lillenix

    LillenixTahun Yang lalu

    And what about Reynisfjara beach in Iceland? The sneaker waves there catch many people off guard and drag them out to sea. Multiple warning are put up and they keep people on watch to make sure people don't get too close to the water because it's too dangerous.

  59. Bubble Tea

    Bubble TeaTahun Yang lalu

    I’m Australian and cassowarys are NOT related to emus

  60. yung.brownzz

    yung.brownzzTahun Yang lalu

    You may add Southend because it is most crowned

  61. Maya Mrad

    Maya MradTahun Yang lalu

    Uhhh,I still love beaches nothing is going to change me