The Madness Of Cristiano Ronaldo With Portugal


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    ►Songs: 🎶🎵 ►Epic Power Action Breakbeat - Pandocrator: ►Song at the end: SADIK BEATZ - GIVE IT:

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    This is a Jason Bourne vibe 🏃‍♂️⚡🔥💨

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    Porno ?

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    inactive? ;(

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    Good Job Bro

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    You best player on word good yuo up criano ronaldo yuo .e teacher

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    Hazard-10 is my friend

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    cristiano ronaldo skills of 2009/2018 in real madrid

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    Last song name

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    Nice video bro superlike

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    All I can say Cr7, I'm not just your fan, you are apart of my life, and you have a special place in my heart, but don't forget to thank God everyday for choosing you to possess the extraordinary talent, everyone else does have their own measure of talent, but God specially hand picked you to possess the complete package.. Which makes you the stand out one in this particular sport, same with Bolt on the track, likewise with Phelps in swimming, Sachin in cricket, Jordan in basketball, Michael Jackson in music, etc etc etc, you are one in eternity in the sport of football..

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    Hamit sen artık dikiş tutmasın


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    The madness of F7... at video editing.... awesome talent... for you..

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    Tus videos estan buenos!🔥💯

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    Fera Ronaldo

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    The original video was “the unstoppable Portuguese”

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    I think you forgot to add the goals.

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    Cristiano is one of the best things that ever happened to foo5ball

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    Ronaldo is too good footballer

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    he is a beast himself so no need of beast mode

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    the best bro! :)

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    Viva ronaldo cr7

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    Nice video Bro more he put destroying Brazil RS, send save Bro I am from Brazil

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    I love CR7 and Fernando F7 ❤❤

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    CR7 💪💪💪💪💪💪

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    CR7 El Mejor Jugador, Máximo Goleador Y Figura Imparable En Toda La Historia De La Selección De Portugal.. Una Máquina, Una Leyenda Y Un Crack. El Mejor Jugador De Todos Los Tiempos Sin Dudas. Y Espectacular Brother Gran Video. 👍⚽💪

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    made in portugal

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    You are do good👍

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    He'll become top international scorer before he retired. No doubt. Hey guys, if you're a football fan check out my channel. I would really appreciate it

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    Viideo toop mano +Like+Inscrito💖

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    I ♡ CR7

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    ronaldo all skills 2009/2018

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    It's Don, gentlemen, Tornado's greatest football 🖒💪⭐

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    انه الدووون يا ساااده التورنادوو اعظم ما قدمت كرة القدم 🖒💪⭐

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    The best cr7 😄😄

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    El mejor de la historia el más grande de todos.

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    Cool bro.... Amazing one

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    Awesome video and great editing!!!!!!

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