The Link That Can Crash Chrome: http://a/%%30%30


  1. Coco J.

    Coco J.Jam Yang lalu

    Four years recommendation anyone?

  2. Vysionz

    Vysionz7 jam yang lalu

    almost 4 years later and here i am who else

  3. Ziotic

    Ziotic23 jam yang lalu

    IDreporter is showing us this now cause it doesn't work anymore.

  4. Ezee Posse TV

    Ezee Posse TVHari Yang lalu

    It's 2019 and NOW I get this in my recommended?? .... Oooohhh-kayyyy!

  5. Tweets

    TweetsHari Yang lalu

    4 years ago hm probably fixed by now, what a shame i wanted to try it, thanks youtube recommendations

  6. BxckUp- Leader

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  7. Kim Jah Un

    Kim Jah UnHari Yang lalu

    No longer works in 2019, but what you can do is paste this in your search bar and delete a file called Systems 32 and it will then work!!! Hope this helps you all 😀😀

  8. Fred O

    Fred O3 hari yang lalu

    anybody else in 2020?

  9. Dax Jacobson

    Dax Jacobson3 hari yang lalu

    YT recommends to me in 2019

  10. Madizm1264

    Madizm12644 hari yang lalu

    Chrome now changes the link to “a/%2500%”

  11. crispy noodle

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  12. Rainbowstone7

    Rainbowstone75 hari yang lalu

    I bet half the people who watched this went to this link......

  13. Jules Liegeois

    Jules Liegeois5 hari yang lalu

    why youtube show me this ? pls fix your algorithm

  14. JustOutrageous

    JustOutrageous6 hari yang lalu



    STAR PLATINUM6 hari yang lalu


  16. Andrew Liu

    Andrew Liu7 hari yang lalu

    and they fixed it... a few years ago

  17. crushbeast29

    crushbeast297 hari yang lalu

    I could listen to this guy for hours.

  18. Madizm1264

    Madizm12644 hari yang lalu

    crushbeast29 I do listen to this guy for hours.

  19. Nawaf Momin

    Nawaf Momin7 hari yang lalu

    IDreporter recommendation: 4 YEARS ESCALATED ,WATCH THIS VIDEO

  20. Tsuki Hoshi

    Tsuki Hoshi9 hari yang lalu

    Yes Im watching it on Future lemme see if iz fixed

  21. †XΞZIAN†

    †XΞZIAN†9 hari yang lalu

    Chrome users can’t watch this video

  22. Bob Dobalina

    Bob Dobalina10 hari yang lalu

    I'm in the future.

  23. Shanu the Jackal

    Shanu the Jackal11 hari yang lalu

    Not broken anymore...

  24. Ethan Colburn

    Ethan Colburn12 hari yang lalu

    Can we talk about the red shirt?

  25. Jasper Smalburg

    Jasper Smalburg14 hari yang lalu

    Im from the future its fixed we have know petabites

  26. Waffle AU

    Waffle AU15 hari yang lalu

    Who's Watching In 2019

  27. Kazoo BOI

    Kazoo BOI6 hari yang lalu

    Not me

  28. Jasper Smalburg

    Jasper Smalburg14 hari yang lalu

    Im wathing in 2019

  29. Jasper Smalburg

    Jasper Smalburg14 hari yang lalu


  30. ale ale ssandro

    ale ale ssandro18 hari yang lalu

    stop making such interesting videos i need to sleep

  31. DJBlueSlime

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  32. Vedang Ratnaparkhi

    Vedang Ratnaparkhi18 hari yang lalu

    I am from the future and I can say that it is now fixed/

  33. Someone

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  34. Prabhakaran

    Prabhakaran19 hari yang lalu

    My chrome crashes even before entering that address 😐

  35. GHOST

    GHOST21 hari yang lalu

    Now I can remember! I tried this back when it still worked! Browser crashed! I was really excited. Propably too excited.

  36. Bigdogawb

    Bigdogawb21 hari yang lalu

    And here is a 3 year old video why your e recommendations why

  37. excalibur blade

    excalibur blade21 hari yang lalu

    Really infomative. Unlike other youtubers and so called bonehead influencers whose channel only a reaction video, cheap pranks and those crazy stupid stunts trying to get cheap laughs. Keep it up.

  38. Morning Star

    Morning Star21 hari yang lalu

    Vdo is fkin stone age old🤷‍♂️ i tried on my chrome just to find out it Doesn't work.

  39. Morning Star

    Morning Star19 hari yang lalu

    @FlickGaming i just wanted to see some creepy thing.

  40. FlickGaming

    FlickGaming20 hari yang lalu

    Oh boo hoo someone is sad that a bug has been fixed

  41. MaximumDestroyer

    MaximumDestroyer21 hari yang lalu

    Glad I’m seeing this now would of been useful back in school days

  42. GreatFrogSage

    GreatFrogSage22 hari yang lalu

    Task manager: *A M I A Jo K e T o Y O u?*

  43. Joerge Kulva

    Joerge Kulva22 hari yang lalu

    why now youtube??????

  44. Noodle Segootal

    Noodle Segootal24 hari yang lalu

    heheh sucks to suck, im using internet explorer!

  45. Reno Rake

    Reno Rake25 hari yang lalu

    nothing happened. 😂 Google has fixed the issue. Maybe.

  46. [Verbose Bot]

    [Verbose Bot]22 hari yang lalu

    this video is 4 years old

  47. Kaeden Brinkman

    Kaeden Brinkman26 hari yang lalu

    Now you have to use chrome://inducebrowsercrashforrealz/

  48. Stranger

    Stranger26 hari yang lalu

    for some reason..I would like to try it !

  49. MB Command Nerd

    MB Command Nerd26 hari yang lalu

    Simple explanation for anyone wondering: Here’s the link: a/%%30%30 Chrome (or any browser really, though this may only crash in Chrome), decodes the two “%30” strings, which are actually just codes that in this case represent the number 0. These two zeros then get added to the url in place of their codes, which turns the above url into this: a/%00. Chrome then goes ahead and scans the url again, looking for any more valid codes, because it has not encountered what is known as a null yet. A null normally tells a browser when it has reached the end of the url, and it’s % code is %00. Well, now that those two zeros are in the url in front of that percent sign, Chrome decodes that, and it becomes a null. Chrome then realizes that “Wait, that’s a null, that shouldn’t be there!” and it tries to fix it to the best of it’s ability. After using up enough memory trying to do this, Chrome realizes that something has gone terribly wrong, and it crashes. There you go.

  50. Yuho Chu

    Yuho Chu26 hari yang lalu

    Why don't you use just a simple web page instead of gibberish video to explain something?

  51. Sergio Marquina

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    i got this recommended to me right now

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  54. monkeyboyol10 pon

    monkeyboyol10 ponBulan Yang lalu

    watching from 'the future' (2019) it doesnt crash

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  56. 4Deco

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    This video is 4 years old This video suddenly got recommended to everyone This glitch got fixed IDreporter is owned by google Google recommended this video to everyone so we can test this and see that they fix it , so this makes a way of marketing to google *COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT*

  57. RxtroVibes

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    fukin hell why 3 years later youtube

  58. Warthunder vids

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    Thanks for this random recommendation


    POOPFACE_EGGBulan Yang lalu

    in my recommended

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    Why IDreporter recommending me a 4 years old not working trick?

  62. Rafał Majewski

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    Hello there future guys, is it fixed?

  63. I_Emptty

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    0:12 I am watching this off in the future

  64. Movie Thingy

    Movie ThingyBulan Yang lalu

    haha I use firefox

  65. Learner Klaus

    Learner KlausBulan Yang lalu

    five tabs on my laptop also crashes chrome

  66. P U R E L A C K E D

    P U R E L A C K E DBulan Yang lalu

    IDreporter recommends quite weird stuff

  67. Jeremy Acevedo

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    Thank you for recommending this b*llsh*t 4 years later. Sad, so sad.