The Link That Can Crash Chrome: http://a/%%30%30


  1. Ahsan Ahmed

    Ahsan Ahmed21 jam yang lalu

    can confirm fixed in january 2020

  2. Kabalen Band

    Kabalen Band3 hari yang lalu


  3. Dreckbob Bratpfanne

    Dreckbob Bratpfanne4 hari yang lalu

    If you type in not a/%%30%30 but a/%30%30 (notice the missing % after a/) you still can see that it becomes 00. xD

  4. Mayuresh Kulkarni

    Mayuresh Kulkarni4 hari yang lalu

    Wondering how this guy's wedding vows would be...

  5. Sonia Blanche

    Sonia Blanche5 hari yang lalu

    how make your chrome crash: press F12 paste this inside the console const x = []; for(let i=0;i

  6. Tribal Hexagon

    Tribal Hexagon6 hari yang lalu

    about:inducebrowsercrashforrealz also crashes chrome (ik this isn't an original comment but i just cant find it anymore so im putting this here)

  7. dub

    dub6 hari yang lalu

    Jokes on you buddy, im using Opera.

  8. RubyWatchYT

    RubyWatchYT6 hari yang lalu

    a/%%30%30 This will fix your chrome.

  9. BunnieDS

    BunnieDS8 hari yang lalu

    jsi thinniinnjbbbb

  10. BonesYT

    BonesYT9 hari yang lalu


  11. BLOXED

    BLOXED10 hari yang lalu

    Im 5 years late :(

  12. DJ Tile Turnip

    DJ Tile Turnip10 hari yang lalu

    Yes, I am 'you from the future', no, it doesn't work anymore but thanks YT

  13. Purpial

    Purpial11 hari yang lalu

    doesnt work rip

  14. GoopDoesStream

    GoopDoesStream11 hari yang lalu

    as of 1/7/2020 this does not work anymore

  15. WalrusPersonGames

    WalrusPersonGames11 hari yang lalu


  16. Саня Головачёв

    Саня Головачёв11 hari yang lalu

    it is fixed

  17. johncaiwa

    johncaiwa12 hari yang lalu

    What's with the high like/dislike ratio?

  18. Der Stock

    Der Stock14 hari yang lalu

    a/%%30%30 if u want to make sure that it doesent work

  19. Progect:3548 3

    Progect:3548 317 hari yang lalu


  20. The Amazing Channel

    The Amazing Channel17 hari yang lalu

    Guy in 2100 watching this on his quantum computer: Wtf is this ancient crap, we have qubits now

  21. Андрей Выдра

    Андрей Выдра20 hari yang lalu

    also try chrome://inducebrowsercrashforrealz

  22. Андрей Выдра

    Андрей Выдра20 hari yang lalu


  23. Андрей Выдра

    Андрей Выдра20 hari yang lalu

    try chrome://crash

  24. Flying90 GTCT

    Flying90 GTCT21 hari yang lalu


  25. Adrian Cornac

    Adrian Cornac22 hari yang lalu

    All it does is show an *a*

  26. Marcus

    Marcus22 hari yang lalu

    This doesn’t work

  27. kkk

    kkk24 hari yang lalu


  28. MusicMan 655

    MusicMan 65524 hari yang lalu

    about:inducebrowsercrashforrealz does the same thing but officially tested by chrome devs

  29. The Khanqueror

    The Khanqueror25 hari yang lalu


  30. Voight

    Voight25 hari yang lalu

    Hey! Future here, they fixed it

  31. bleh

    bleh25 hari yang lalu


  32. Piano Tiles 2 Master

    Piano Tiles 2 Master26 hari yang lalu

    Here's the link: a/%%30%30

  33. AcoolGuyOnYT

    AcoolGuyOnYT26 hari yang lalu

    I DID IT

  34. Riley Roblox Gaming

    Riley Roblox Gaming26 hari yang lalu

    In my recommended 2019. almost 2020!! 24th DEC

  35. HueHanaejistla! Inc.

    HueHanaejistla! Inc.24 hari yang lalu

    Riley Roblox Gaming ha 25th

  36. Bijan Izadi

    Bijan Izadi27 hari yang lalu

    Hi off in the futre here, I cant mouse over it cause im on my phone and im waaay to lazy right now to copy it

  37. Bijan Izadi

    Bijan Izadi23 hari yang lalu

    Person Guy thank you Person Guy, :)

  38. Person Guy

    Person Guy26 hari yang lalu

    it doesn't work anymore anyway

  39. Purushottam Singh Bhadoria

    Purushottam Singh Bhadoria27 hari yang lalu


  40. Relics

    Relics27 hari yang lalu

    old method patched

  41. Potena !

    Potena !27 hari yang lalu


  42. [Official] Decahexatris

    [Official] Decahexatris27 hari yang lalu


  43. Umar Ihsanudin

    Umar Ihsanudin28 hari yang lalu

    Hm. %30%30 is 2500? Yup, I also try it, but it didn't work anymore :/

  44. Cuboy'dMC

    Cuboy'dMC28 hari yang lalu

    Me: Enters a/%%30%30 into browser Chrome: Guess I'll die.

  45. The left upright at soldier field

    The left upright at soldier field28 hari yang lalu

    Would a/%%%33%30%%33%30 have worked in the same way?

  46. Jace Johnson

    Jace Johnson29 hari yang lalu

    doesn't work in 2019

  47. Tymek L

    Tymek L29 hari yang lalu

    Reccomended on the main page.. ITS 2019 IDreporter.. C'MON

  48. barack Obama

    barack ObamaBulan Yang lalu

    a/%%30%30 just testing

  49. Simon Klintlyng H.C.A. Skolen 6B

    Simon Klintlyng H.C.A. Skolen 6BBulan Yang lalu

    i tried to do it... it did not crash.... >:(

  50. Psychworld

    PsychworldBulan Yang lalu

    why now

  51. Smug Skid

    Smug SkidBulan Yang lalu


  52. Noyau4

    Noyau4Bulan Yang lalu

    or chrome://crash

  53. EdZ

    EdZBulan Yang lalu

    a/%%30%30 is the link you're welcome

  54. CatiChan Mation

    CatiChan MationBulan Yang lalu


  55. Hafiyyan RG

    Hafiyyan RGBulan Yang lalu

    Me using Firefox: *Hoho*

  56. Hafiyyan RG

    Hafiyyan RG27 hari yang lalu

    @HENRY ADAMS me too


    HENRY ADAMS27 hari yang lalu

    I read that as the voice of DIO

  58. xsavian

    xsavianBulan Yang lalu

    I thought that in the 80s they had trash technology and non-futuristic. Now i know 90% of the technology in 2019 is based off the tech from 1980

  59. Goody Howdy

    Goody HowdyBulan Yang lalu

    Tom scott eh? Someones Named Scott Cawthon (The Creator Of Fnaf)

  60. Julian Hallett

    Julian HallettBulan Yang lalu

    You are not funny

  61. Michael Wite

    Michael WiteBulan Yang lalu

    It says: 400 Bad Request nginx

  62. Kitty man Studios

    Kitty man StudiosBulan Yang lalu

    IDreporter is recommending this to me 4 years later

  63. The Bearded Baby

    The Bearded BabyBulan Yang lalu

    for a sec i thought it did when i clicked the vid but it was my wifi not loading an ad

  64. Sample Text

    Sample TextBulan Yang lalu

    I hate that

  65. The Pigs Gamer

    The Pigs GamerBulan Yang lalu

    I just tried the crashsafari website on my computer running windows and my chrome froze.

  66. Tripwire Gamer

    Tripwire GamerBulan Yang lalu

    they didnt fix it(probably) they just made it so when you put in % it converts it to %25

  67. Tobias H.

    Tobias H.Bulan Yang lalu

    Yep I am. 0:11

  68. Its jimmy

    Its jimmyBulan Yang lalu


  69. Bryan Aguiar

    Bryan AguiarBulan Yang lalu

    Feeling dumb for having to watch twice to understand :/