The Last of the Game of Thrones Hot Takes


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    For my own reference: Sansa - 4:38 Bronn - 11:37 Varys - 14:04 Jon - 20:29 Tyrion - 26:41 Jaime - 33:15 Cersei - 38:38 Daenerys - 46:15

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    You are the real mvp

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    Troy Townsend yeah I feel that 🙃

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    Tornado Chaser thanks!! wow I didn’t even realize she pinned this, I’m glad I checked my notifications!

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    This whole thing really reopened old wounds. Now I don’t know how I’m gonna stitch them back up.

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    Audrey Dozeman Thank you. :)

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    OMG I love you!!

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    Rian Johnson, and Abrams to a lesser extent, deserves every bit of scrutiny for Star Wars though. The Last Jedi is in itself a terrible movie. I'm still trying to figure out which is worse though. They might be exactly equal. Danny got Luked. Characters were ruined. Events made no logical sense in how destructive or weak they were (compare Holdo's hyper jump to the dragons dying in 1 episode and wrecking a city and entire fleet in the next). The explanations and themes are nonsensical in both. And both have this "subversive" theme. Let's not downplay how terrible The Last Jedi was...

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    Personally, I think the biggest problem with the new trilogy is that it feels the need to proclaim itself a trailblazer without actually having the ambition to *be* a trailblazer: it wiped out the old expanded universe, it proudly announced that it was going to do new and heretofore unseen things... and immediately proceeded to crib notes from everything they were supposedly trying to get away from. Han's son turning to the Dark Side, the return of the Empire, another new Death Star-style weapon, a mysterious document contained within a droid, a villain so nebulous he might as well be the Emperor, a mask that looked borrowed from Darth Revan, another planet with no canon identity being blown up, a search for a Jedi master living in seclusion, "we can rule together" offers being made by the villain in movie 2, and the hint of the *real* Emperor Palpatine coming back in the third movie... so many things seem to have been borrowed from the original trilogy or the expanded universe that it starts becoming comical after a while. Maybe this is just the inevitable consequence of having to reinvent such a well-established franchise, but it seems *very* samey to me. And without anything new to say or do, the only goal the trilogy sets itself is to be "subversive," because the films desperately need a way of surprising the audience - but because that seems to be the only thing it wants to do, we end up with diminishing returns.

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    Insightful. There is a lot of overlap with my own opinions, but there were some extra things I had not considered.

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    What unites people? A tangible common enemy everybody hates and an inspiring leader against them. The night king is the perfect example. Not stories, and definitely not Bran's sorry ass sitting around story. Also I think Daenerys saving people's lives from a fate of being undead would inspire some loyalty. Not just agreeing with politics alone. A debt to be paid.

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    I never really bought Danny x Jon. It paled in comparison to Yggrite x Jon

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    @Lindseyellis If you get back to The Whole Plate, could you talk about Theme in story? I just realized all my pondering about plot, tone, character, world building, framing, and so much more...............I have no god damn clue how to identify theme (Let alone use it in my own writing)

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    To be honest i disagree about Jaime and NCW thinking he doesn't need redemption -- because no disrespect to you or anyone for thinking this but everyone is thinking about the redemption in terms of whether Jaime saved people from one fixed point calamity of Kings Landing by Aerys and since he saved the city from Aerys, it retroactively absolved him from all the bad shit he did later in life. He didn't have to fuck Cersei, he didn't have to try to murder Bran, he didn't have to accost Ned or murder Jorrey, he didn't have to let his father fight in the belief that he is protecting his daughter;s legitimate children's right. In books it gets even worse because he is sending Brienne to save Catelyn's remaining missing daughter, any daughter to "fulfill his oaths" while he is breaking pretty much half of them in spirit by raising his arms against Starks and Tullys by giving her home to the Freys . He He committed treason and incest just because he didn't care and none of the vilification got for not explaining to anyone why he murdered Aerys won't excuse. He supported a faction which is protecting his biological coup and supporting its war crimes ( and there are soooo many of it beside Red Wedding) . Its not Ned's fault or anyone;s fault for not patting Jaime on the back for he never told anyone that city was about to burn because of Aerys. Its one of the biggest plot point as to why book fandom expect to Jaime to loose his shit and murder Cersei, dying in the process. So yeah, he did needed redemption, no matter what NCW thinks. "The good acts do not wash out the bad"--As Stannis would tell you, who died despite being such a good potential king because of his one bad act. His trauma with Aerys and his upbringing with Tywin and Cersei only explains where he came from not why he should be justified by the narrative ( which show went out its way to do while Book never does. the latter is sympathetic where it needs to and harsh where it needs to) . So if Jaime is to be redeemed in actual canon , he cannot get away with saying "he tried to murder Bran and start a war for family" and everyone would say "aye!" . Other than that, its an excellent analysis. I do not agree with some of it ( like the hypocritical double standard by which daenerys was treated and blackwashed or the how the signs of the oncoming decay was always present especially with blackwashing Robb Stark into a stupid romantic lead is a problem not something to be shrugged at. ) but its vastly great in quality than most of the analysis out there. Kudos!! ( and likes)

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    CONGRATS on the 2019 HUGO AWARD!!!! HUZZAH!!!1!

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    i just put the Jamie line about hating the innocent or otherwise down to his wit, nothing more .........him and Tyrion always banter like that

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    56:43 - Holy sweet canaries Batman go ham.

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    Maybe the real Game of Thrones is the friends we made along the way...

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    To Lindsay's final point about not being excited to rewatch Thrones, it occurred to me today that I've rewatched Preston's reviews many, many times since the finale, but I haven't felt the desire to rewatch a single episode of the show.

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    Yo. Lets get another video.

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    Just found ur channel, I really enjoy your content! Not that you read the comments 😂

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    "Also I believe our citizens are being quite literally slaughtered!" Hah, who gives a shit, They're peasents"

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    "change their house motto from "winter is coming" to "fuck you, got mine!""

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    ya you should read the books lolz

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    WTF?! 1:01:52 THE "DRAGON" is immune to fire! If he was the "dragon", as he claimed, molten gold shouldn't have been a problem! It wasn't that she was watching her abusive brother die. it was her realizing that he wasn't the 'dragon'. Who let this guy write for this show!

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    Lance from The Serfs sends his Love😁😁😁

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    The 1968 Romeo & Juliet will never be topped, RIP Franco Zeffirelli

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    Butter horse loves your work

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    Hey, how do you edit your videos so that you don’t get copyrighted? I want to do similar videos as you but I’m not sure how. Please let me know!

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    ability is different from power. It is.

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    8:17 So, according to you, men will only respect someone who is completely ruthless?

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    Not according to her,according to the show runners.They are the ones making that statement through Sansa's character.

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    Thanks for the subtitles, suscribed.

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    "I used to watch and re-watch the earlier seasons of the show, but now - knowing how it ends, knowing what they're building towards, knowing how nihilistic and stupid and mean it ends up being - there's just no enjoyment in the journey, even, anymore." Every time I see GoT in my watch queue, I think something like this. It's tragic, because the first half was so good. But why watch it, when it just leads to the second half?

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    Hey I'm commenting here because you disabled comments on your 9/11 videos. Can you explain what makes the Looming Tower good? You spend 2 videos laughing at all the bad 9/11 media and then recommend Looming Tower without much explanation besides Pulizter.

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    Now that Netflix have unceremoniously curtailed series 3 of “The OA” have you any thoughts on doing a video on this fantastic programme

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    I was going to finish watching Game of Thrones. Good thing I didn't.

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    @crowkid cool That's great

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    @Nicholas That's kind of where I stopped. Somewhere around three or four.

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    Only watch the first four seasons

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    Thank you for this exactly what I needed ❤️

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    The "power reveals" instead of "power corrupts" proves a distinct lack of knowledge of what corruption is.Corruption includes the abuse of power by a trusted person in a place of authority. Someone who does the right thing, but doesn't necessarily follow the rules, a robin hood if you will would be a form of corruption, through his power being his skill. When you have the power to avoid the rules to do what you want, people will do what they want, rather that's considered "good" or "bad", it is still corruption.

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    That statement of watching in hindsight is something I told a friend of mine who had never seen GOT.

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    This was very interesting. I actually really liked the winterfell battle but other than that you’re right on!

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    really like your sarcastic and humorous take on it, and pointing out the many indescrepencies, thank you :)

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    Okay, one note about Jamie's redemption: no he doesn't need redemption for killing Aerys, but he does need redemption for pushing Bran out of a window, and basically everything he he did to the Starks before season three, and everything he did in Cersei's name. That's the redemption arc that was ruined.

  48. StanleyDevastating

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    Yes! It's a bit shit because they could easily have had him end up in King's Landing just with a different motivation: "i can get close to Cersei and kill her, sparing the city from being sacked", or "I'm not a monster any more, I need to try one last time to salvage my twin sister's humanity", or "i never got to be a father to my dead children and if they kill Cersei now that's one more child I won't get to hold". That's three different motives that wouldn't totally undermine his redemption.

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    What a great, cutting dissection. Really clearly and accurately pointing out all the many things that bothered me, but couldn't put into words.

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    this is one of the best video ever made for me

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    47:59 *Joke Thief* Hey “Female Nostalgia” stop acting so clever while stealing jokes from Sam Hyde 😏 “2070 paradigm shift“ That teachers name.... was Albert Einstein. Keep stealin ya bum! *sigh* “The female angry Videogame Nerd” 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    Why does Sansa have to be “smart?” Why can’t she just be “clever?” The two are not the same thing, but are both commendable attributes. I haven’t read the books or watched the show (though I’m planning on doing the former soon) but it sounds like Sansa and Cersei are the... intimate opposites. They’ve both endured hardships, been put into damning situations by the men in positions of power, but Book Sansa sounds like she holds onto her kindness and care for others, while Cersei casts it aside in her pursuit of power. She’s a schemer, possibly like Sansa, who loathes the world around her for the hand it’s dealt her. And if that’s the case why wasn’t Sansa given a definitive scene to contrast her with Cersei? Was it to “subvert expectations?” Or was it because D&D figured it was more important that Jaime’s character development get borked because “Cersei is his weakness?”

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    Hey Lindsay: This may be too sensitive, but can you make a Loose Canon video about suicide? As someone who has dealt with it in more ways than one, I’ve had very mixed feelings about its portrayal, and would love to hear your opinion.

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    "...what? Those Dragons have the fortitude of hummingbirds.." 😂😂😂😂

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    Another fantastic video. Thank you for your perspective and research.

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    26:31 Did you steal this joke from Yathzee in Zero Punctuation, Lindsay?

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    The Hitler that fliessssssssssssss

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    Read the books 📚 yes❤️

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    I felt genuinely horrible for the actors, such a good arc for them to play for about 5.5 years a slight decline and then off a cliff into the abyss of stupidity.

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    What's that tune playing during that "Boo boo the fool" picture? At 4:26

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    I was already digging this channel, but, when she made the unbelievably precise Trogdor "burninating the countryside" reference, I think that's when I fell hopelessly in love.

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    lets talk about the real hot take: the color grading has gotten progressively worse

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    I couldn’t even watch your videos until now, because my heart has been brutalized by this ending. It still is. I’m meeting Kit and Gwen next month, though, and I’m trying to muster my enthusiasm for their work (which is spectacular) apart from the scripts they were dealt. It’s there, but I’m hearing GRRM speak the night before I meet them, so I’m going to pretend they starred in the true ending that is to be. I’m going to hope that AI comes along to retcon the last three seasons with these amazing actors in place to provide them the chance to do the work again properly with scripts written by GRRM or Tad Williams or Kermit the Frog, anyone who can do this show true justice! That is all I can hope for at this point. Because, like you, I can’t even watch the earlier seasons of the greatest television show in history anymore.

  64. R M

    R M9 hari yang lalu

    I have a theory: The backslash from Sansa’s rape in Season 05, hoping on the back of the #metoo movement, was more than D&D expected. Worrying about their career prospects in the future if they were labelled “sexist” and “rape apologists”, they over compensated by: - Making Sansa the smartest, smirkiest and most fail proof character in the series. - Deciding Arya would be the one to kill the Night King, instead of John (they said in an interview they decided that around 2016, so the timeline fits). - Making almost every single kingdom ruled by women by the end of season 6 (I don’t really care about this except for Dorne: a dead prince’s mistress and her three bastards daughters killing the rightful heir does not give them ruling rights!) - Pretty much all male characters started giving bad advice and couldn’t come up with a winning strategy. There are other hints that D&D shift gears to appease the woke jury, like Benioff saying in the last couple of seasons that his favorite character is Sansa because... reasons? They were so worried about making these characters “woke approved” that their development suffered. And the story with them.

  65. Al C

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    GoT disintegrating into the mess it became after season 4, only goes to show that DnD are completely incompetent at writing on their own. It's like they didn't have a single thought in their head with the last season. But tell me again about how "themes are for eighth-grade book reports."

  66. rtmordecai1

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    They could have taken the time to highlight the protection Ned was trying to give Jon. Should just about anyone have found out about Jon’s heritage he would have been relatively more safe being beyond the politics of Westeros as a member of the Night’s Watch.

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    I'm new to your channel, and your editing (a welcome respite from the actual internal screaming I was doing throughout this video) is hysterical. Your arguments are super fleshed out and have a... theme... heh. You're putting out huge videos with great content and you look like you're having fun doing it! YOU GET A SUB, AND YOU GET A SUB. Keep up the great work!

  68. Stephen LeBlanc

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    Every time I hear your introduction, I first think the "power reveals" truism applied to DnD. Then you apply it to Daenerys. I remain unsure as to whether you intended both (90% probability), or if I am just reading in the both. As soon as DnD got enough power, BAM, zombie ice bear, fast travel, unbelievable character actions! Even as a very gay very feminist, I wish they had been more interested in showing titillating sex in the last 2 seasons than endless stupid battle and fight scenes and the cringe sex between A/G, J/B, E/C.

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    What music is playing at the very beginning of the video?

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    Now that "El Camino" is coming, you should talk about Breaking Bad, I would watch the shit out of that.

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    Another "whoa, Sansa, really?" moment - in either Season 6 or Season 7 she demands that two houses be taken off the descendants of lords who fought with the Boltons (but who have just died in battle). After Jon politely tells her to eff off, the descendants are shown to be two little children. Did the writers really think it was empowering for her to want to turn two children out of their homes for what their parents did?

  72. Dominic Bounds

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    Well, it seems as though the destruction of the Sept of Baelor was meant to be empowering as well, so let's just say that this setting is meant to encourage psychopathy... unless you're Jon "The Jellyfish" Snow or Tyrion "I Lost My Brain In Season 4" Lannister, of course.