The Indonesian National Revolution: Every Day


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    In retrospect, I was expecting there to be more territorial changes in this video. Anyway, it's back to the History of Asia project now. Thanks for watching!

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    What software are you using to make your videos? I want make also that kind of videos, but i have problems with quality. I'm trying to use Windows Live Movie Maker.

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    There are no clear frontline at this war, as what the dutch basically does was occupying checkpoints in cities and communes with battered and exhausted armies (due to ww2) eventhough they were well equipped. while the republican guerilla, heavily ill-equipped, were haunting forests and harassing the dutch supply convoys, rarely engaged head to head. The biggest engagement is during 1st march '49 where the guerilla managed to occupy major cities by simultaneous multi-pronged attack and held it for 6 hours until dutch reinforcement arrived.

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    What sources do you use for these videos?

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    Hi I'm waiting for history of Asia. When you finish this project?

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    @Ollie Bye Please, next time use colors with higher contrast, such as Blue, Black/Grey/White or Green.

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    greetings from turkey long live indonesia .respect aceh

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    Jammer van onze kolonie.

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    This comments shows : 1. Who loves Indonesia comments 80% 2. "Wow, love your video" comments 10% Netherlands comments 5% 3. Japanese comments 3% 4. Free West Papua comments 1% 5. Other random comments 1%

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    Soekarno yg mempertahankan kemerdekaan,, selesai smua lalu di fitnah dan soeharto datang menikmati kediktatoranya 32thn😏

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    Apapun mereka dan bagaimanapun mereka, mereka tetap lah pahlawan kusuma bangsa. .... Tinggal kita pemuda pemudi meneruskan apa yang belum mereka capai

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    I from indonesia 🇮🇩

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    Ah hoak gak sesuai sejarah. 1945 Indonesia Merdeka

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    Asal ngomong lu, deklarasi beda dengan pengakuan coy

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    Wowkowkw ga belajar sejarah mas?

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    Itu proklamasi mas, belanda melakukan agresi militer ke indonesia, karena ga setuju sama kemerdekaan Indonesia, nah disitu terjadi perang kemerdekaan selama 4 tahun.

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    Medan not medari

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    Where do you get all your day-by-day info from Ollie Bye?

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    there was no communist coup till 65 in Indonesia. But yes the communist party not yet been recognised as a left-wing in Indonesia till the '50s. A video to celebrate Indonesian independence day next day.

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    free west papua ;) they are loyal to the Netherlands and deserve to be free from dirty undeveloped Indonesia, let them join Netherlands new guinea ;) i mean papua new guinea haha

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    @BesteKanaal1 Your nation invaded the Indonesians. Don't act like a victim. Even the USA understand and also stopped your aid for the Marshal Plan to rise up and re-construct your country again after WW2 because of invading Indonesia again, you jerk.

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    @BesteKanaal1 Also, the Papuans still support Indonesia. Why don't you just accept the fact? There are also some big Papuan characters who supported Papua to become in Indonesian gonverment, like Frans Kaisepo. Most of them don't even support Netherlands, you Dutch person.

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    Yomitsu Channel we are not foreign powers. we came to civilize your country, but apparantly 350 years were not enough. papuans do not see you as brothers. they are loyal to the Netherlands. they realise how wealthy and rich they will become.

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    @BesteKanaal1 Of course we will. We don't want Papuan brothers get invaded by separatists or even from foreign powers

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    My hometown (Blitar) Republic of Indonesia since 1945 😎👊

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    I'm from Indonesia, in Indonesian language "Saya dari Indonesia" Saya mencintai negeri saya Yaitu Indonesia Ya lebih tepatnya saya berasal dari Kalimantan tengah masbro I'm from middle Borneo Sorry for bad English :v Ya kalo elu orang indo like Awokwoakwoak

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    Anda sehat??

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    I am from Indonesia!!!🇮🇩 This is good Video

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    This is really good, but doesn’t anyone know what the different color shades mean?

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    Papuass in Indonesian FUCKED cenell

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    Wait a minute who is indonesia ally is the allies or the axis Allies : America throw nuclear bomb to Japan so Indonesia get his freedom Axis : German execute the Netherlands so Indonesia get his freedom from the Netherlands Which one is Indonesia allies ?

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    netherland was part of the allies tho im from lndo teman kayanya kamu salah .-.

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    Indonesia Like Deutch and japan comment

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    Interestingly, a major reason behind the Dutch withdrawal was the US's threat to rescind Marshall Aid to the Netherlands if they continued their counter revolution in Indonesia. After Soekarno had unilaterally suppressed both Communist and Islamist insurgents, he was viewed as a useful ally by the US government. In a rare instance of intelligent US policy decisions since the Cold War, the Americans in a way forced the Dutch to come to the table and grant independence to the Indonesians.

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    Indonesian : ia have atom bomb USA: wooaaahh i have too Japan:OMG cool China:good indonesia Malaysia: damn you

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    Uhh, it's "Cirebon" not "Cheribon". anyway a good video!

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    Cool one!

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    Uh, the Detail is Nice, But Indonesia Got West Guinea in 1948, International recognition 1946, Proclamation 1945. Thank You

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    Indonesia regain West Papua in 1963 during Operation Trikora

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    Portugal just chillin'

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    Fuck Netherland!!!

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    As someone with mild colourblindness, I have literally no idea what's going on in this video. The colours in the key you chose for both factions are far, far too similar.

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    ah 1948 when we got communist revolution and islamic state rebellion while losing 80% of territory

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    INDONESIA MERDEKA!!!!🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

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    Was wäre wenn Napoleon Bonaparte hast geboren in Großindonesien?

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    Lerne zuerst mal Deutsch. En het waren de Nederlanders en niet de Duitsers.

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    Whatever you say Indonesian win..

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    @Wildan kalau gak bisa bahasa Inggris gak usah banyak gaya ya mas

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    Do u hate the indonesian or what?

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    I like this i no see indo comment but is you see indo comment with her languange . ......

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    This is Prabowo country

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    The Japanese army who remained in Indonesia also fought with the Indonesian army.

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    Most /not all did . Most stayed near the interment camps for westerners (their former prisoners) to protect them until the allies reached them. There are only a few accounts of dutch soldiers fighting Japanese because they noticed that hey fought till the end unlike the Indonesian TNI.

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    But failed

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    Yg indonesia like dong tunjukan penonton2 di sini banyak dari indonesia the Indonesian like y we prove that many Indonesians are watching,,👍👍👍

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    Helo gesss

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    Overproud is not good

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    Love Indonesia from the Netherlands

  65. Robin Zamani - ꦫꦺꦴꦧꦶꦤ꧀ ꦗ꦳ꦩꦤꦶ

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    Kragan adalah nama Kecamatan, sebelah barat Kecamatan Sarang tempat aku tinggal. Kalau dilihat dari posisinya di video ini, Kragan berada di sebelah timur Tuban, padahal ada di wilayah Kabupaten Rembang. Ternyata daerah tempat saya tinggal sejak 17 Agustus 1945 hingga sekarang tidak pernah ditempati Belanda sama sekali. Kragan is the name of the District, west of the District of Sarang where I live. When viewed from its position in this video, Kragan is in the east of Tuban, even though it is in the Rembang Regency area. It turned out that the area where I lived since August 17, 1945 until now has never been occupied by the Dutch at all.

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    Indonesia Raya✊✊✊

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    orang indonesia yang nonton ini mana suaranya !!!!!!!

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    I'm Malaysian and i love Indonesia but i just dont like how they treat Papuans and other Eastern islanders. If you cant love them, let them go.

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    Dick. What are you talking about? They lived normal as normal citizens in here. Their governors, vices, civil servants, authorities in there are NATIVE PAPUANS. Go let sabah sarawak free dipshit. And don't forget that ur Malay language & culture are slowly eradicated thanks to ur govt's stupid policy. Even Chineses & Tamils don't speak Malay

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    Can we pay our respects to the 4 million indonesians who died as slave labour in manchuria during ww2 by japan and not forget the forced comfort women used by the japaneese during ww2. The japaneese lied when they said "asia for the asians".

  72. Dicky Adhadyanto

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    @George Nathanael that's true lol, when a western journalist asked why would he ever let that to happen he just said it's was sacrifice we needed to pay for our independence.

  73. George Nathanael

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    And ironic soekarno who send them to become slave labour and comfort women that's why after independence we not have anti Japanese propaganda because Mr soekarno himself fomerly Japanese collaborator( dark side of soekarno and one reason why he have not really good realationship with mr hatta ) and really have favourable opinion about japan(and make japan only American allies who he like even japan get invited in Asian African conference) and don't forget with his kawaii Japanese waifu B-) (Don't accused me soeharto fanboys because I hate that smilling bastard)

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    Most of Indonesian that had been kidnapped by the Japanese to do force labour is working in Burma, not Manchuria.

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    Since when Indonesian present in Manchuria? All i know Manchuria lives Russian, Chinese, Manchu, Korean, Japanese and mongols

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    give me sources of those narrative as far i know most died from famine and labor work and as far as Burma railway

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    ❤Indonesia from Pakistan. We sent soldiers to fight alongside them in indonesia war of independence & later an army personal after Pakistan independence.

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    @Hash Bloch hey! Indonesia also send tons of Army to defend Karachi during Pakistan-India war :D

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    @phirdaws ady well that was "british raj" not india. It was british who named their controlled entity as india(a greek word for hind) India came into being after independence. You wont find name india in few centuries old maps. Before british they were sikh, mugal... empires. & yeah Pakistan did send 100soldiers in dec 1948 to support gurilla fight against dutch military action. Out of them one alive soldier Mohammad Sadiq was awarded a certificate by President Soekarno during his visit to Karachi. It was actually an indonesian who told me

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    @Hash Bloch thats when Pakistan still united with India and those are Pakistani who had indian citizenship back then, ex Gurkha soldiers under the Allied command who deserted to Indonesian side

  82. Hash Bloch

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    @phirdaws ady yeah thats why indonesian govt awarded independance war awards to ex-pakistani soldiers & adipura highest honour award to founding father of pakistan & the govt. *_*You are bad at reading.

  83. phirdaws ady

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    you never sent your soldiers since since your country didnt exist back then

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    where do you know it

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    Love Indonesia from somalia

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    How are you Somalia country?

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    As far as i know the new adopted constitution in 1950 not last long (till 1956 like u say) it immediatley gain protest around december 1950 we abolish that

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    now make malaysia revolution. oh wait....

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    Let us pray for our ancestors who was bravely fought against the tyrannical of Dutch,and the other imperialist

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    It saddens my heart that the Dutch Indies werent treated better. If only the Dutch Empire could have fallen the way the British Empire fell: Into a family of nations.

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    MERDEKA !!!!!!!!

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    Accuracy: 91%

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    there's a fals territorial

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    Now just a Islamic shit hole that bans everything, Well done

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    finally, balikpapan shows up to the vid

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    Dutch East Indies was best

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    Love the vids. Color scheme is tough for the color blind!