The huge sacrifice Thierry Henry made for Lionel Messi | Oh My Goal


  1. HUJAMBO Korodani

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    Why are Chinese players a less popular buying option in Asia than Koreans or Japanese? Like so oh my goal can see

  3. Trilok Ramdass

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    It's now time for Messi to make the same sacrifice for the young Ansu Fati.

  4. Srinjan Sinha SS10

    Srinjan Sinha SS103 hari yang lalu

    Was pep selfish?

  5. David Denteh

    David Denteh11 hari yang lalu

    At 30 years of age you can say Henry felt blessed to be wanted by Barca. I don’t think Pep steps to Henry of age 24 to when he left Arsenal with that crap. Henry is 2nd only to Ronaldo (9) as best striker in football history. Don’t argue I am not interested.

  6. GGP

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  7. Joseph Johnson

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    Can Messi step aside for ansu fati🤷‍♂️?

  8. Aminath Virudha

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    Do what the hell is happening to griezmann

  9. Milan k

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    Do henry knows this ?

  10. jafar nassar

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    Messi Messi Messi best player of all time

  11. Tufail Abbas

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    What about messi getting the same help at argentina🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    I love oh my goal

  13. Mohamed Mahmoud

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    Unfortunately, now Messi is the one sacrificing and doing everything for barca.... But as long as he plays I won't complain😅

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    Are you kidding???🤣🤣🤣

  15. Amaru Sheekuku

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    That wasn't a sacrifice! That was doing what the boss tells you to do. Period.

  16. john thembinkosi

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    LOL......what a joke. they sacrificed their careers for Messi ??? This must be the biggest lie ever. i'm sure Henry knows nothing about this. I've watched videos of Henry talking about how of a genius Messi is. i would believe this if Henry spoke for himself. this guy talks a lot of shit.

  17. Only One

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    It's not fair to keep out Ronaldinho out of Messi's up bringing...

  18. L'homo Sapiens

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    David villa, Henry have done the same thing for messi. They let messi shine and assist him. Alexis Sanchez, Ibrahimovitch ect were not ready to play that role so they got cut out

  19. Tim Ntim

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    It wasn't something he did willingly. He was given an ultimatum to either do what Pep wanted or risk being sold. Henry was a great player but the great Ronaldinho was sold because of Messi so who was he to disobey.

  20. de Mystèrio

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    Everyone sees what Leo has achieved over the years. But behind every success there is sacrifices. And he and we should respect that. Love u Leo.


    RICHIE AGYEMANGBulan Yang lalu

    And the rest is history. Thank you Thierry for your sacrifice. It was definitely worth it. Otumfour Kojo Agyemang

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    I love you OH MY GOAL

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    Leo Messi is still the big dog

  24. Michael Alexander

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    But today everyone every club forgot everything about thiery Henry and Samuel Eto Why?

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    why so many baby sitter ?

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    your jokes are probably the worst jokes i have ever heard

  27. Jeff Léger

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    Remember Henry had everything, except a Champions League. And he wasn't the same.

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  29. Don Martyns

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    The greatest footballer in history is Ronaldo the First. Messi only shines at Barca.

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    Aren’t you not able to say the premier league properly


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    IF Oh My Goal invite Zlatan to finner they are the guests.

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    Can you have an interview with messi and take photos of him??

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    lol this is shit🤣

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    They are trying so hard to be funny just give us the damn news

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    Messi great player great man

  37. azahir anzar

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    A sacrifice that he got paid with a sextuplets

  38. Ngo Duy

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    Thierry Henry did not sacrifice anything. He was not the player of superstar level like when he was at top form at Arsenal. He was not even better than Eto at that time. He had to follow the manager's instruction like every other player in the Barca team. Messi is destined to greatness. He needs no one's sacrifice to make him the best. It is just that Pep can see things ahead of others and knows how to use Messi in the most effective way. You should choose better ideas to make videos.

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    What is this guy’s accent? Disgusting.

  40. a life of a creeper Ogbonna

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    Messi is Barcelona

  42. Francis Kofi Armooh

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    He lost his hair for Messi.... that killed me😂😂😂😂

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    The same thing leo did for neymar but everyone knows what happened 😐

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    lost his hair for messi 😂😂

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    My favorite 😍💕 idol messi

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    Next video How Benzema made huge sacrifice for Cristiano Ronaldo. Like so Oh My Goal can see this.

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    Oh My Goal! you made me smile with the jokes on the video. Thank you very much, I really neede that today :)

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    RAJDEEP BASAK2 bulan yang lalu

    I found it crazy because just for a one great player , Pep sacrificed the greatests... Yea he is an alien but today my respect levelled up for the greats .

  50. Asiqur Rahman M

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    nd someone has ruined dybalas goal twice

  51. Juan Pablo Carvajal Arias

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    Bullsh#t! As much as I like Thierry as a gooner, he left Arsenal to win the UCL to the team that beat them in the UCL Final, very weak move.

  52. Lee Illman

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    Messi is better player so Henry is lucky

  53. precious michael

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    The most elegant player in the history of football Thierry henry I love him 💕❤⚽

  54. Sarogini Sarangi

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    With all due respect to G.O.A.T messi, has he done anything like that for any other player, era defining players like Ronaldinho and henry sacrificed themselves and passed the torch to the GOAT, but did mesdi do the same to any other player, someone who defines football after he hangs his boots ??

  55. avantjeef

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    2009 : Barca squad sacrifices for Messi 2019 : Messi sacrifices for Barca squad 2029 : Messi = 2nd Guardiola??

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    Valverde sacrifices for himself

  57. Mr 々『DR3029』 Gt

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    Lol the first thing he lost was his hair And also lost his for Messi 😂

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    Neymar do it for s11 :)

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    Thanks..... Henry

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    It is a team sport at the end of the day Leo could never do on his own, even tho at times he would run through the entire field scoring individual goals a great team determines ur success

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    Muhammad Said Yes Messi is the greatest I never went against that what u said U know that right??


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    Pls reduce jokes little bit... That would be better

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    cr7 should have received such support...he would have been unstoppable