The History of FICO

  • 10 Nov 2015
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  1. Jonathan Harris

    Jonathan Harris3 tahun yang lalu

    Thanks, I'm doing a school project on FICO scores and this helped alot!

  2. a Little Pal

    a Little Pal6 bulan yang lalu

    You look into the AD closely, you can see not only FICO, but also, MasterCard, and Visa, these three companies are heavily growth-potential. Credit and paying circulation as a model is just a better version of good old banking to investing in. And the genius of this AD is that someone in FICO's team decided to use Coldplay's Life in Technicolor, they get it.

  3. Marney Cohen

    Marney Cohen7 bulan yang lalu

    Hope you brain washed people know about the Libor Scandal and Robert Holmes, was coming forward to warn of the banking scams...father of James Holmes who was set up to take the fall for the Colorado shootings in case he did provide info..., IDK but something doesn't add the rigging of the banking systems and interest rates???? Involved in mk ultra and god knows what other scams???? Assistant at Salk University...

  4. Robert Rawlings

    Robert Rawlings9 bulan yang lalu

    I only trust FICO!

  5. Patrick C

    Patrick C11 bulan yang lalu

    Im going to legislatively destroy FICO. Immoral as fuck.

  6. Myke's Vacation

    Myke's VacationTahun Yang lalu

    Looking for people that have a FICO story that hurt their score more than helped student loans you where working and got sick I went from 820 to 440 just like that. Anyone else

  7. Néo Bourgeois Christum

    Néo Bourgeois Christum2 tahun yang lalu

    A FICO is just another commodity in the circulation of goods, there is nothing special about it, its another creation. It's comparable to a can of Coke not an indelible source of facts like the US Constitution or any modality of law. But you know people in Financial Services are not intelligent and they end up in office jobs like that because they don't have any talent or unique skills. So their fetish for the FICO is linked to survival in the context of capitalism. The FICO for the office worker in financial services is like Jesus to a faithful Christian. Or Voodooo So that's out there.

  8. working shlub

    working shlub3 tahun yang lalu

    FICO has nothing to do with someones financial have to be in debt to get a have to pay interest to the banks think about it..SCAM

  9. Marney Cohen

    Marney Cohen7 bulan yang lalu

    The whole thing is a scam... You want to be a creditor or a debor.... Your birth certificate was created from your birth, to make you a some research.....

  10. Preeti Bains

    Preeti Bains3 tahun yang lalu


  11. Robert Linkonis / Credit Restoration Associates

    Robert Linkonis / Credit Restoration Associates4 tahun yang lalu

    Good informative video!!