The Game - Stainless [Official Video] ft. Anderson.Paak


  1. Mark Patrick

    Mark Patrick5 menit yang lalu

    He gonna get a Grammy for this one right here, and the whole album just as fire!

  2. Mo Morpheus

    Mo Morpheus14 menit yang lalu

    Picture me rollin' like Pac !!!

  3. Tre Starr

    Tre Starr2 jam yang lalu

    This by far is what Cali music should sound like GAME over for the rest unless they can top this off correctly.

  4. GeSt

    GeSt2 jam yang lalu

    this is fucking awesome....

  5. Neq Neq

    Neq Neq3 jam yang lalu

    This vibe tho!!💯💪🏾🎧💨 #Gas

  6. dav rogrz

    dav rogrz3 jam yang lalu

    1st time hearing this, it's liit✌️🇨🇦✌️ "even now, you play with Dre's name im on y'ass" i like that.

  7. A Gray

    A Gray3 jam yang lalu


  8. Hip Hops Revival

    Hip Hops Revival3 jam yang lalu

    That last verse sounded like DMX.

  9. Rivera Robert

    Rivera Robert4 jam yang lalu


  10. Diogo Elias

    Diogo Elias5 jam yang lalu

    What a vibe!!

  11. Jude Uchenna

    Jude Uchenna5 jam yang lalu

    Oh my God now I believe your far better than 50

  12. ceerw buty

    ceerw buty6 jam yang lalu

    Having Anderson .Paak on a feature is cheat code I swear. Elevates any song he's on.

  13. szakal

    szakal7 jam yang lalu

    PRO8L3M Letnie przesilenie;))


    PAC-MANIA7 jam yang lalu

    Dude is so dope. Too dope to still be droppin names...reaching. Death Row chain? Blue shoestrings? Really? Come on. Just when i think enough is enough. He just keeps doing it. I get turned off & just change it.

  15. Olumide

    Olumide8 jam yang lalu

    This Hook is absolute golden 🔥

  16. ceerw buty

    ceerw buty6 jam yang lalu

    This joint is a certified bop

  17. Jeremy 95

    Jeremy 958 jam yang lalu

    Rest In Peace to Afeni and her son Pac

  18. Moura Silva

    Moura Silva9 jam yang lalu

    Respect king the game. Rip nipsey.Rip Jesus Tupac

  19. Atom Particle

    Atom Particle10 jam yang lalu

    Why singer is smiling all the time? What's funny?

  20. Eric Iverson

    Eric Iverson10 jam yang lalu

    Anderson.Paak made this how The Weeknd made Crew love cause Drake verse wasn't needed neither was The Game's

  21. bruno policarpo

    bruno policarpo11 jam yang lalu

    This hook is fire

  22. HipHop Harmony

    HipHop Harmony11 jam yang lalu

    This is a good recommendation IDreporter, you learned well.

  23. Sary Ojyr

    Sary Ojyr11 jam yang lalu

    Picture me rollin sample

  24. Mr. Aquarius

    Mr. Aquarius12 jam yang lalu

    Picture me rollin. Just listen to the beat.

  25. Craig L

    Craig L13 jam yang lalu


  26. Clifton Garcia Jr

    Clifton Garcia Jr13 jam yang lalu

    How many of you young a** new booties knew he sampled 2Pac's picture me rollin in this song?

  27. biglee26lv

    biglee26lv13 jam yang lalu

    This shit crazy chuck

  28. knogface

    knogface13 jam yang lalu

    Absolute banger. It's going to be a classic.

  29. Robert Ervin

    Robert Ervin14 jam yang lalu

    That brotha came hard with that fr get that money bro straight from Fresno C.A fr don't stop

  30. Nancy Anaya

    Nancy Anaya15 jam yang lalu

    Peep real rap shit and west coast classic. To all the new weak ass mumbling loving fanatics

  31. Mike Randolph

    Mike Randolph16 jam yang lalu

    This joint is a certified bop

  32. RAFAEL

    RAFAEL16 jam yang lalu

    Brazil 🇧🇷

  33. keith J

    keith J16 jam yang lalu

    This one of them songs that's all I can say.

  34. King Kazuma

    King Kazuma16 jam yang lalu

    I miss you Pac

  35. Sam Torres

    Sam Torres16 jam yang lalu

    this shit bumps

  36. HecticVERSACE 17

    HecticVERSACE 1717 jam yang lalu

    Nothing against the game but I only came for Anderson Paak and only like the song because of him and the sample from Picture me rolling

  37. Two Wolves 1314

    Two Wolves 131417 jam yang lalu

    True example of fake, overrated puppeted junk.

  38. Anton M Watkins

    Anton M Watkins18 jam yang lalu

    This shit is official. I haven't heard this on the radio. No hot 97 or 105.1

  39. Robert Marshall

    Robert Marshall18 jam yang lalu

    Song go hard

  40. Robert Marshall

    Robert Marshall18 jam yang lalu

    Anderson Paak. Kill that hook song is 🔥 🔥 🔥

  41. Root Khan

    Root Khan18 jam yang lalu

    How can music even be this good wtf