The Faster-Than-Light Guillotine


  1. Because Science

    Because ScienceBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks for watching, Super Nerds! This was a fun one, as many others have talked about these phenomena, but I've never seen the math on how to make some of them "work." See you in Footnotes. -- kH

  2. Mein Kamph

    Mein Kamph10 hari yang lalu

    @Apakuki Vave First of all, your a genius. And thank you for answers that make sense. I do have some crazy thoughts you can rip apart. A: I believe a black hole is one big fundamental particle that has limit to its size. Thats why(i believe) black holes don't give off any light. B: I also believe empty space is more like a fluid then we think. And this extra mass that scientists are looking for and call dark matter, is really the universe itself. B: Gravity is just the absence of space. Which means, the universe is trying to return to its previous state. Like a ball in water, and the further you push the ball down it would represent higher density and mass.

  3. Apakuki Vave

    Apakuki Vave13 hari yang lalu

    @Mein Kamph by 0 speed i assume you mean in relation to what we consider speed in general relativity? All objects in the universe are moving, they move because they have energy (this is a fundamental principle of physics). In order for a physical object to reach light speed you need infinite energy (because as you add energy you are in reality, adding mass, which then requires more energy to accelerate it further).... similarly in order to reach absolute 0 velocity you need to remove mass to the point where a physical object is mass less (something impossible for all particles except photons, which are technically not considered a physical particle). The best example of this is our attempt to reach 0 degrees Kelvin, something that is technically not possible because the matter you are trying to cool, in itself, is energy we can only approach 0 degrees Kelvin like we can approach the speed of light, but it is a barrier we cannot hit. so i guess to answer your question, its fundamental principle of the universe and not strictly bound to quantum mechanics or relativity.

  4. Mein Kamph

    Mein Kamph13 hari yang lalu

    @Apakuki Vave Is this a value that is added when quantum theory and or special-general relativity is being used? I ask because i don't know, and you seem to have the know.

  5. Apakuki Vave

    Apakuki Vave14 hari yang lalu

    @LordofDestruction123 you could also change the parameters to make it a monofiliment, then no matter how fast or slow the blade is moving it would slice through anything.

  6. Apakuki Vave

    Apakuki Vave14 hari yang lalu

    @coderhonnybord15 C in a vacuum is a universal constant, hence the speed limit... there is no single maximum observable speed limit, because observable speed is relative... A star ship moving at 99% of light speed would appear to be standing still if i were also moving at 99% of light speed in the same direction or close to 2x light speed if i were moving in the opposite direction.

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    "Geeotine"? hahaha there is L's in it mate lol

  8. Tom Hanusa

    Tom Hanusa18 jam yang lalu

    Ok but like what if you made the guillotine out of a force and like had that force compel an object. Can't a tangible object be at the 'reference point' that cuts at the speed of light? And like by force I mean like magnets or lasers. As these forces come into contact an object gets accellerated down the cutting edge?

  9. Tyson ThomasW C

    Tyson ThomasW C21 jam yang lalu

    It's partially wrong because you have to take into account every life on earth. No every singular person in the universe times the trillions. It cannot change everything. Thus the percentage of chance. Steins gate. Any other miscalculation would cause a singularity.

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    3:20 Has Kyle bruised his hand there?

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    Sooooooooo what you’re saying’re a super villain?

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    3:53 so if that's the case how do we know time isn't instant? Do we KNOW that we couldn't kill our pastself? Like as we start to stable our self in the past would the knife and anything we try to touch ourself with at the moment just disappear like theres a black hole bubble around ourself. Protecting the universe from casual breaking? OR is it different. Where we could kill ourself but it would take some time before the universe catches up with us and we then fade away. Because rather then a paradox forming an infinite loop like we normally think. Time is slow and it takes time to catch up even if by one second would be enough. Because then it wouldn't be a loop it would be how u die. There would no difference in u dieing this way or a normal way. Even if the difference was a second for time to catch up.

  13. Ry-7hym

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    I thought this was about the lightspeed scene from Star Wars. (So the sacrifice of Holdo)

  14. Rictheanon ymouser

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    Random question: does gravity effect matter differently at different speeds? If an object is speeding thru a solar system how much would planet size/mass effect said objects trajectory?

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    "we could build something like this with out current technology" No, stop giving elon musk idea

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    I will not accuse you of copying Vsauce, but I'm sure there was at least some inspiration right?

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    Wait hold up heres a high thought if you go back in time right travel past you light cone wouldnt the past have more atoms there by making a different world path thats multiverse explained right there because there tragectory of the atoms would result in a new world path boom solved it

  18. Snapplez

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    The “speed of dark” is an illusion because darkness is just the absence of light. So the shadow would “move” FTL but darkness is technically just nothing.

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    6:58 Speaking of being Violated...

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    7:00 from the How powerful is One Punchman's serious punch video

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    still not as fast as my moms attack speed when smacking me'

  22. André Guia

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    couldnt you use patterns of shadow and light to create a faster than light binary information transmitter?

  23. ToxicBuffalo

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    I think Vsauce made a video similar to this one in the past. The example he uses for scissors, however is two giant scissor handles 1 light year long each, seperated but moving toward each other, and the cutting point when they pass each other moves faster than light. So rather than apply a force to the to get them to move, which wouldn't travel FTL as you explained, they are independently moving towards each other

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    "Speed of Light: Two"

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    Finally! We can behead Ego the living planet!

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    3:09 Yeah he lost me here. Anyone that can elaborate ?

  27. G-maru

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    Talking about speed, can u explain the ROD projectile from GI-JOE movie, which destroys a place more than an atomic bomb? is this possible scientifically? or was all movie theory?

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    I mean people need to die does it really matter how because what we have easier ways or more humane ways you are killing some one that deserves it so fuck um

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    It's not the transfer of information so it can break the limit.

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    Cutting edge technology

  31. Angus Powell

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    Since special relativity is only valid in an inertial (non accelerating) reference frame. In example of Sirius, special relativity cannot be used by the person on Earth since they are in a non inertial reference frame relative to Sirius.

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    every time he said 'ghia-teen' I cringed

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    Notice how he talks with his eyebrows

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    not sure how much this would apply, but scientists were able to "shoot" light from a machine going slightly faster than the actual speed of light

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    France wants to know your location

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    OMG the ads are the end...this is really the best IDreporter channel.=)

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    FTL Rocket Guillotine France wants to know your location.

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    Ftl travel will be really really difficult ftl guillotine is a scary thought. And what if we in the far far future invent said space time travel....wait a time travel? Like doctor who?

  39. Sean C

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    Well if you're going to be entirely accurate what you should be saying is that the Universe has a presumed speed limit. As of yet nothing, neither energy nor matter, has been observed moving faster than the speed of light. But at the same time there really isn't any hard evidence to prove that this limit is an absolute value that cannot be surpassed.

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    Why does your Einstein sound so gay?

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    I want to be killed by a faster-than-light guillotine

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    UUUUUMMMMM?!? Scissors shouldn’t be aloud within 10 miles of your hair. It’s legally required for your hair to stay fabulous

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    It would be cooler than frick to see that point in time with a 5KM FTL Guillotine!

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    Oof ok I was worried about the scissors haha.

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    So... FTL guillotine, sure. Add the rockets? Hell yes. Make the blade vorpal though, then what?

  46. Christian Roberts

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    Kinda trying to be a troll, but also, math. Since you calculated the angle at 6 m/s, wouldn't you need to drop it at a height that could achieve such speed. i.e. 0.46m.... just double checking :) (since all masses fall at equal accelerations, and the only determining factor in impact velocity [assuming standard gravitational forces, and a reasonable distance away from earth] is the distance it is dropped) Love the channel :)

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    Please could you do a video on anime attacks delayed reactions like when a character A gets attacked a bunch of times with a sword by character B with character A showing no signs of damage until character B sheaves the sword

  48. Ryan

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    I feel like the cutting blade isn't actually moving faster than light. It's movement vector is still linear at the point of impact--it doesn't actually travel down the angle. Now if you made a rocket-powered space-whip, I'd find that much more... believable?

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    Does lamp give light? Or S U C C Dark? Confusement

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    Next week on Because Science - Great hair teachers vs Bad hair teachers - who does the job better

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    This Guy is SO Awesome,I literally can't stress that enough!

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    Total villain thing to release their plan before destroying the world

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    Is it just me thats gonna talk about the e=mc2 equation that i only know because of dr stone lol

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    Things with mass can travel faster than light as long as they have always been.

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    So if the universe suddenly halves in size we're all worshipping Kyle as our new God because science, correct?

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    Def not a villain LETS PUT ROCKETS ON THE FTL GUILLOTINE Promotes some none villainy safe proyects Should we nuke mars? Yep just a regular old American ;3

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    Can someone help me prove that weight is faster than light?

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    You got me subscribed 😂

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    Has anybody noticed that he has to write backwards every time so you don’t have to see a backwards that’s a real talent man

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    "i was roaming, oh sh-" XD XD XD caught me off guard, laughed my arse off

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    Is quantum entanglement not information passing FTL? I'm really into quantum physics but i never understood this.

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    Robespierre has entered the chat

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    Please tell me this is the one with the paper where a very LOOONG piece of paper like idk 4 lightseconds could be cut from one end to the other in 1 sec?