The Enlightenment: Crash Course European History #18


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    " A letter to Crash Course" Dear John Green, Thank you for developing Crash Course into a great educational tool. It has been inspiring to watch you develop this platform into a resource that is relatable. I use it often as a supplement to my Eighth grade U.S. History course. Based on the changing styles of production from US History made years ago and the new European series, you have grown and matured. My students love them and many honest and (relatively) mature conversations are sparked. The unassuming production and script allows them to understand the content without being overwhelmed by the sometimes complex topics. Thank you for Crash Course. Sincerely, Matt Stretanski

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    first crash course video that I had to play on 1.5 speed.

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    So Turks are Europeans?

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    Why does he speak slower

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    "18th century torture was the worst" I find it funny that, despite being hyperbole, this is literally true.

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    Talk fasterrrrr lol

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    aight my dbq on this is tomorrow. wish me luck

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    These videos save my life! Thank you!

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    0:00 Answers vary 0:47 Earthquake in Lisbon Portugal 2:51 Luxuries included coffee tea chocolate tobacco 3:41 Travellers to Asia were impressed with how much less quarrelsome they were 4:29 Montesquieu wrote Persian letters 5:06 Voltaire wrote Candide 6:18 Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote Emile 7:18 Women hosted the enlightenment salon to share ideas or to meet a philosopher called a philosophe 8:56 Denis Diderot edited the encyclopedia 9:34 David Hume promoted reason above religion, Deists argued God existed but didn't influence everyday life 11:23 Enlightenment views led to abolition of slavery 11:42 Olaudah Equiano, a freed slave, described the middle passage after being enslaved 13:00 An Inquiry into... was written by Adam Smith 13:21 Rousseau' wrote The Social Contract. He discussed the General Will 14:04 Immanuel Kant argued everyone should think for themselves 14:51 Moses Mendelssohn believed enlightenment would lead to the end of Jewish persecution 16:22 Enlightenment leads to individualism (answers vary) Tldr: Europeans decided life sucks and women spilled some tea

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    Sir_Elephant you are a god, thank you for that

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    What happened to the “[this machine kills fascists]” computer?

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    I'm so glad that you referred to the long-term consequences of the "Enlightenment." It's especially important to go into those consequences in great detail, though, especially because you referred to predictions of a brighter future for Jews. The "Enlightenment" actually played a huge part in setting up the horrifying future that came in the 1900s, to be honest. It's one reason why the Postmodernist movement gathered so much steam after WWII. Do you have a follow-up video on how the "Enlightenment" might have been a figment of social imagination, like the "Dark Ages" and the "Renaissance." if not you could especially hit on Robert Darnton's observations that the trashy romance novels and porn had as much, if not more, influence over rich European attitudes than the "great works" of these high-minded "philosophes." Many of the people executed for being corrupt royalty or nobility during the French Revolution, many of them guilty in some way or another, left behind libraries with the works of the "philosopher" featured prominently in them. In other words, yes, people may have quoted these guys, but how much did readers really care about their ideas? Did people glorify salons because it was the "in-thing?" Hypocrisy abounded. There are historians who have argued that the "Enlightenment" was, in part, made up by leaders of 18th century revolutions whenever they pulled the authors of works that supposedly inspired them into a body of literature. Then, you could explore how the toxic European obsession with "Reason" ended up escalating to the point of setting up genocides from the 1800s to the present. "Enlightenment" economic theory became the backbone of modern racial theory, which fueled imperialism and by extension: concentration camps and genocides in Africa, Asia, and South America; eugenics; classism; sexism; and modern stigmas against mental illness and disabilities.

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    I turned it to 1.25 because it's just not the same with him speaking slow.

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    Im god

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    history class anyone?

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    I would love to see a video about Jonathan Swift

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    Anybody from mrs.kagans class studying for tommorow

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    So I read a lot about 1 or 2 books a week for school,and I have read about half of the philosophers in this video and most of there reasoning starts from severely biased opinions.

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    People across Asia didn't seem as quarrelsome as Europeans Temujin: *hold my fermented mare's milk*

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    AKA... just Montesquieu

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    Guard the women with unix! As hell hath no fury like windows

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    does anyone else have to take notes on these vids? that’s my homework lmao

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    Was the tourture where they strap you to a wheel and proceed to smash your limbs and body with hammers?

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    these videos help so much especially since i’m taking AP European History!

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    4:19 He's describing the Sanders Sides! No wonder they know about Kant!

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    "Men should take off their makeup, wigs, and high heels" oh how the tables have turned

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    @Tobias Mouer have you seen modern "quirky and not like other girls" women? Oh how the stables have filled... Get it? Because every quirky girl is a horse girl? Haha...

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    oh how the turns have tabled

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    I don’t think so, did you see James Charles?

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    Test in history tomorrow, watching in 2x speed. So much more effective.

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    The intro for me hungry for pizza 💀

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    God was okay with the whores. They were being true to themselves. God was not okay with the religious leaders, who were probably taking advantage of little boys.

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    Its just not the same

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    This is coming out at the perfect time as i’m taking AP World History and currently learning and reading about the enlightenment

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    What is a perfect world?

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    Lol 1:10 awesome animation :D

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    3:20 It's Mr. Creosote!

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    As a philosophy enthusiast I am very happy to see more than Voltaire and Rousseau being covered. Especially happy about Hume and Kant who have had as much if not more of an effect in History than the other two (yes I know about the revolution and yes I know Voltaire slept w the King of Prussia and yes I know it's not a competition, but trust me when I say Hume and Kant planted the seeds for the 19th Century).

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    I smell the Labor movement (s?) on the horizon.

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    "Facts don't care about your feelings"-Diderot

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    9:01 Denis "the original ben shapiro" Diderot

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    So basically the enlightment was the rise of the smartasses.

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    Weirdly find this therapeutic

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    when someone romanticise past 🤦🏻‍♀️

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    Pineapple at the table in 3:20. The beginning of the anthropicine.

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    Mr Clearwater?

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    John Greene, it's actually "Immanuel Kant".

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    HOLD UP: I was enjoying this until you got to the part about reason not being the answer for social problems. The terms used were, “under the guise of”, at 15:11, and, “pseudo-scientific reason”. In both cases, the phrases used imply an ABSENCE of reason. Obviously, being literally unreasonable isn’t going to solve problems. Therefore, I disagree with that premise. The values of the enlightenment are still moving us forward today.

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    The all so logical influenzers of then were as today actually not that rational ...

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    Calas was taken through the streets to the city’s main square, then led up to a scaffold and tied to an X-shaped cross. Whereupon an executioner, iron rod in hand, crushed Calas’s bones, two blows apiece to the upper and lower arms, two to the upper and lower legs, three to the midsection. Calas, his body broken, was then tied to a wheel, face to the sky, where, for two hours, he refused to convert and refused to confess. “I die innocent,” he said.

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    11:01 Did they animate Lil Yachty in the DeLorean? Looks like him, with the hair. Lil Yachty McFly.

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    I love watching crack course. It opens my mind to new ideas and to build apon others. And makes me more understanding and accepting of indifference.

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    My course has been crashed! Thanks for the new video!

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    The enlightenment, the reason that the aesthetic of "logic and reason" are so fetishized in our current society.

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    I want a full description of the tortue