The Enlightenment: Crash Course European History #18


  1. Mitch

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    "Thinks used to be so much worse". So much people need to hear that.

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    This whole series is anti-European...

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    Oh Republicans, cheery picking Smith....

  4. Sordatos

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    One of the best quotes in history I bet...

  5. YmirIsHere

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    8:56 "Facts don't care about your feelings"

  6. ash catchem

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    it wasnt a earthquake it was the water the tsunami that made them rethink god didnt u ever read liebnitz

  7. ash catchem

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    whoever gives u money is who made the history

  8. ash catchem

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    the femur its mostly hollow n if u crushed it then u would die right away cuz its mainline of the venos system

  9. EverythingIC

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    12:35 Okay we all know about the philosophy behind free markets, but can we talk about its assumptions? 1. That individual self interests can contradict, and even act against the self interests of others. 2. That, all things being equal, all self interests will negate the negative aspects of other's self interests and enhance the benefits. 3. That all individuals have different self interests, and that there is no minority self interest. So basically, it works if: everyone has the same chance of success as everyone else, everyone keeps every other person in check, there are no minorities being outspoken in this conflict of interests, and that there's a self interest to counter every negative aspect of every other self interest, but that they don't affect the benefits in the same manner. please, if I forgot one, or misinterpreted something, let me know.

  10. Sincerely Lavender

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    Love your channel!!!! Keep up the great job!!!

  11. Argacyan

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    The modern "culture of individualism" is definitely not an enlightenment achievement just thrown out there like I feel like was implied here. This is something specifically american that did not appear anywhere in the world in this same manner up until the cold war period - and was perpetuated in the way we see "individualism" manifested today as a vector of cold war politics.

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    Screen shots of notes is LIFE

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    Lol I remember how energetic he used to be. Now he’s just calm

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    Don't go back in time before.... 2003? 🤣🤣

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    instead of doing the cut out mouth talking for Diderot etc, you should deep fake Diderot's face !

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    Awesome episode. Yes, we Kant! :D

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    Can the person responsible for Crash Course please steer John Green away from all French words and names, and English imports such as lah-say-fair?

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    Can you please go over the crucible on crash course literature

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    10:52 "tortue was the worst" ,well duh

  20. ClassyJack

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    I'm a huge fan of the enlightenment. It's a pity however that these days it seems like many people are hard at work to undo it.

  21. redneckhippiefreak

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    Honesty, Inquisitiveness, Openness.. Social gatherings that foster learning For Fun. Ignoring unjust or over reaching Law,, "Natural Individual" "Dare to Know. "All things must be examined, Debated, investigated without exception and without regard for anyone's feelings"..?.. This Enlightenment thing sounds nice. About time for a refresher coarse I think..

  22. Dlicia Lal

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    Heyyy John Green... There's this question that has been killing me... Its about your book The Fault In Our Stars... Does Hazel die after the end of the book because of her sickness?? Please answer.... P.S- I LOVE ALL YOUR BOOKS

  23. Alexander Vessell

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    I feel like these comments are skipping over the fact that apparently europeans would argue in the street for hours about who could pass? Like what was everyone just really petty?

  24. rowing down the mississippi river

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    They had the time to do it, so they did

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    john green i really don't like you sorry

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    Interesting when I look up the Persian letters it says the characters were Persian not Uzbek, but one of them was named Usbek. Does anyone know anymore about the subject?

  27. Joey Burt

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    I mean the name might imply heritage but it says they’re from an Iranian city.

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    Don't go back before 2003 LMAO

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    @Romanian Székely September of 2001 was bad... I can't imagine how 2002 and 2003 were. I was too young to understand.

  30. Romanian Székely

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    But what happened in 2003?

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    Amazing video!

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    Good job 👍

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    How about crash course sports where more information of sports are in

  34. Michael Wright

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    Early capitalists: "maybe if we improve productivity in agriculture, thousands of people don't have to be one famine away from death" Late capitalists: "Or alternatively, they could be?"

  35. T. Vinters

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    Smith moved back with his mother to write "The Wealth of Nations" in order to not need to pay rent, and relied on her providing him with unpaid housekeeping services...

  36. Emily Grayson

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    John: Speaking of terrible, let's talk about slavery. Me: *sipping ginger ale* Be crazy not to.

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    Really I love crash course But, what's your advice to me as English isn't my mother language ?!... Waiting for your advices... 💙

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    You should make an Episode about Ancient Kush since it was the root for the egyptian civilisation and it will correct alot of your information about that era and that particular region of the world.

  39. Darceus

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    Too bad this didn't spread to china.. Got avoid drinking that cold water in 2019 because my grandma's grandma told her it was bad. And I can't ever know better than they did because of this nonsensical ancestor worship.

  40. Gbolahan Dada

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    * Immanuel Kant

  41. Jeuro38

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    This makes you realize how such huge parts of American thinking somehow escaped the Enlightenment

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    I loved how meritocracy is explained by the juggler :) Great one.

  43. Haze H

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    how typical of a surface historian to love the theory of the noble savage.

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    My grandmother told me how when she gave her first white friends avocado, they invited her round for avocado and custard!!

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    This is a really bad episode

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    Your courses are awesome! You are doing the internet a GREAT service!

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    The Enlightenment was a government conspiracy to control people's minds.

  48. Conner Fields

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    God only knows how we will get to the 19th century. Romanticism. Colonialism. Early Socialism and Labor Unionism (unless that last one is in the 1700s). Abolitionism. The fight against sex trafficking ("white slavery"), again abolitionism. Romanticism, German Idealism. Utilitarianism. Traditionalism. Anarchist Ideas (though again, those started in the 1700s with William Godwin). Feminism? (feminist salons? Mary Wollstonecraft).

  49. Conner Fields

    Conner Fields4 hari yang lalu

    I love Kant, but it is so so so so hard to figure out what he is saying (about anything, the Pleasant, the Good, the Sublime, Noumenon, Thing in itself, the State, the Good in itself and for itself)....He writes in this way that is so hard for minds to decifer and clear up. It is like the worst about Kant went on and influenced the worst about Hegel, and Heidegger (god damn that last man's reputation to the flames of ignomity).

  50. Conner Fields

    Conner Fields4 hari yang lalu

    The social contract simply seems like a social version of what someone might call structuralism (the linguists called it that first, then people outside of linguistics called it that. Narrative theory was big in churches in the early 2000s, and big in universities before then).

  51. Conner Fields

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    Okay, maybe more than that. Also.....if trump is the best in the collective community..........god help us all (because I cannot fathom another force that would be able to help us).

  52. Conner Fields

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    Also, this sounds better than socialism. I think Smith's system (based on capital? Capitalism?...that sounds nice, has a ring to it) sounds better than any socialism. It sounds more dynamic than it. The things that people say about capitalism all the time, maybe are a little untrue??? I would be okay with a theoretical democratic socialism, though I believe we would eventually come closer to capitalism than socialism (whatever we call what we are doing). I like social democracy, but really I might like my own country's liberal economy better than German style Social Democracy.

  53. Rokoman

    Rokoman4 hari yang lalu

    Remember this is a cliffnotes version of the enlightenment. The birth of socialism & industrialisation will probably be covered in later videos but suffice to say political & economic thought evolved and built on top of the enlightenment over the next 200 years. Far from a harsh transition, the ideas were iterated & modified to become the capitalist/socialist blend of politics & economics we'd recognise today.

  54. Conner Fields

    Conner Fields4 hari yang lalu

    You (wittingly or not) did an excellent excellent advertisement for Rosseauan society and thought about such matters (I'm sure ethics and perhaps metaphysics comes up for Rousseau).

  55. Conner Fields

    Conner Fields4 hari yang lalu

    .......never mind the bit about metaphysics (ha).

  56. Conner Fields

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    I do not want to ever have to memorize that name.

  57. Conner Fields

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    that name being Montisquieu or whatever it is.

  58. Tate Lamoreaux

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    Off topic, but (1) is that John’s *FAVORITE* shirt, (2) were a lot of these videos filmed on the same day, or (3) is John practicing-as I often fail-principles of minimalism?

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    BULL , people of the middle ages ate are very well maybe even better than people today.

  60. Sa Ch

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    my favorite historical "event"

  61. elh93

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    The low area in Lisbon was also a large section of the Jewish Quarter, however it was not called 'little Jerusalem' as many tour guides claim to my knowledge. The Portuguese government however does not want to excavate the area, because there is not a Jewish Museum, so a lot of the jewish artifacts would not stay in Portugal.

  62. Jason Divis

    Jason Divis5 hari yang lalu

    Why did the closed caption refer to "whites" and "blacks" whereas John clearly says "white people" and "black people"?

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    I am glad Smith was for Medicaid and even Universal income it looks like

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    WOAH WHAT HAPPENED TO JOHN GREEN (the last set of videos I watched was from US history) why is he so calm

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    Conservative Took half of Adam Smith's ideals and threw out the other half

  66. IdioticProgramming

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    Imagine thinking the political spectrum is a linear line, rather than a compass incorporating libertarian to authoritarian values You’re talking about Neo-Conservatives rather than classic Liberal Conservatives, or Anarcho-Capitalists Conservatives. In the same way you’re talking about liberal state capitalists, rather than Social liberalism or anarcho-syndicalism This is a libertarian free market vs state controlled free market issue, not as much a conservative v liberal one

  67. PM 3736

    PM 37364 hari yang lalu

    @Old Man Not really it pretty obvious if you look at faux news or just the GOP. And Lol thats a conservative talking point since they call everything you hate socialist and put that straw man everywhere and Kind of already proves my point; thanks for that you played yourself XD. So I don't need to waste time on a worthless troll not who just wants attention and desires to spread misinformation. Oh wait I mean alternative facts XD

  68. Old Man

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    PM 3736. You need to explain. (I suspect you are a socialist which means you believe the theory rather than the practice.)

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    This needs to be a Highlighted Comment. Please vote this up.

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    Can you make a video about Elizabeth Bathory please?

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    Dear lord. It ain't halloween _just yet_

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    Oh, I can't wait for John to talk about Foucault and Anthusser and see if he's still a liberal

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    To paraphrase Comicus (a stand up philosopher), "When they break you under the wheel in Dussledorf, they really Break You Under the Wheel".

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    Hello, also relevant in the Lisbon earthquake: the extreme religiose Portuguese society was; the earthquake happen during mass; and finally and more relevant the several fires that rage for several days and burn almost the city. All of these was though as a punishment from God!

  75. Олег Козлов

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    When Voltaire and Fridrich the II (yes, the same Prussian Emperor from the previous episode) were sailing on a boat, Voltaire noticed it was leaking and quickly got out. Fridrich laughed and noticed "You care too much about your life. I, you see, am not afraid of death". Voltaire immediately exclaimed: "well of course, there are a lot of kings besides you, but there is only one Voltaire!“ Guy was a friend to, like, all the European rulers of his time