1. WHT-Flicks NBB

    WHT-Flicks NBB23 jam yang lalu

    Jcole wit da bunny’s

  2. Jarrett Evans

    Jarrett Evans23 jam yang lalu

    That was thrash. Thanks

  3. Batman Beyond

    Batman Beyond23 jam yang lalu

    Doesn’t make the celebrity all star team*

  4. Halo Genisys

    Halo Genisys23 jam yang lalu

    Damn 😭😭😭❤ i love cole so much bro one day ill meet you and talk to you face to face ❤

  5. Anthony Figueroa

    Anthony Figueroa23 jam yang lalu

    Cole trying to be slick and drop a mixtape for his basketball career...

  6. Team Vexil

    Team Vexil23 jam yang lalu

    I just voluntarily watched a 4:55 minute ad

  7. Kevin Duran

    Kevin Duran23 jam yang lalu

    This is why we play

  8. Sa'akiim Arnold

    Sa'akiim Arnold23 jam yang lalu

    Me and J. Cole got something in common: *We both used to not have front teeth when we were Young.* but that was him, right?

  9. Zettabyte

    Zettabyte23 jam yang lalu


  10. Golden Goddess

    Golden Goddess23 jam yang lalu


  11. The Empty Hour Podcast

    The Empty Hour Podcast23 jam yang lalu

    Dagnabbit Cole you’ve done it again

  12. muhirwa christian

    muhirwa christian23 jam yang lalu

    Sitting still watching like an idiot scrolling through comments saying this is not a song 🤦🏽‍♀️

  13. J E F F

    J E F F23 jam yang lalu

    This was just beautiful

  14. MR Lathrop

    MR Lathrop23 jam yang lalu

    white men can't jump

  15. Bobbi Thicc

    Bobbi Thicc23 jam yang lalu


  16. Brendan Woodley

    Brendan Woodley23 jam yang lalu

    I almost cried, that little kid hooping at the court after dark was me thousands of nights when I had no family to get home to after school.

  17. Alex Pacheco

    Alex Pacheco23 jam yang lalu

    Ayo why I just watch a near 5 min long commercial voluntarily

  18. raekwon banks

    raekwon banksHari Yang lalu

    Thank you j cole i vant be the only one how neen waiting now need an album 👍if you feel me

  19. Tom 329

    Tom 329Hari Yang lalu

    I just dedicated 4:55 waiting for J Cole to start singing but instead watched a Puma add instead

  20. Travis Alston

    Travis AlstonHari Yang lalu

    I was ready for some 🔥🔥🔥 lol but still dope

  21. Damond Lockett

    Damond LockettHari Yang lalu

    This how it be though, just a boy tryna shoot and the 8 try hard never made it basketball players out there getting mad

  22. Mr.B

    Mr.BHari Yang lalu

    Wtf I was waiting for the intro to finish but the whole song is a intro

  23. Thony Arrieche

    Thony ArriecheHari Yang lalu

    Fire 🔥Thanks for the nostalgia King Cole

  24. Lil'RobForever — #ForeverGang

    Lil'RobForever — #ForeverGangHari Yang lalu

    Why they show the rim when my guy Cole got stuffed, but not when he yammed it🧐? Yeeeeeen shlicccccc, Cole👀😈!

  25. soze x

    soze xHari Yang lalu

    Kanye west vibes

  26. King 0n1

    King 0n1Hari Yang lalu

    J Cole just tricked me into watching a 5min puma ad Thinkin it was a new f$&@ing song...I’m sleep 😴

  27. Aqsa Saniaa

    Aqsa SaniaaHari Yang lalu

    absolutely amazingggg

  28. Khumbelo Mulumbela

    Khumbelo MulumbelaHari Yang lalu

    I cannot believe I just watched a whole 5mins ad!

  29. Jameson W

    Jameson WHari Yang lalu

    Gotta stay relevant somehow

  30. João Mendes

    João MendesHari Yang lalu

    rip kobe

  31. Ogmamared 2

    Ogmamared 2Hari Yang lalu

    Awww tears man I want my childhood back

  32. King Aki'L

    King Aki'LHari Yang lalu

    Who else thought he was gone pop out the blue with some fire barz

  33. Bryce Reeves

    Bryce ReevesHari Yang lalu

    That shit was beautiful with a good message

  34. Titlebreaker

    TitlebreakerHari Yang lalu

    This is why Ben Simmons couldn't shoot 🤧😢

  35. paul kiarie

    paul kiarieHari Yang lalu

    1st time I'm disliking a J Cole song. If it's a song at all

  36. Nephibis

    NephibisHari Yang lalu

    Damn. This hit the feels. I don't see how it got over 1k dislikes.

  37. Charles the dancer

    Charles the dancerHari Yang lalu

    This so beautiful

  38. matt kasztner

    matt kasztnerHari Yang lalu

    Made my day lol

  39. VibeWithDiggi

    VibeWithDiggiHari Yang lalu

    this is so precious 🥺

  40. Jonathan Boyd

    Jonathan BoydHari Yang lalu

    This is a dope little short film I was Waiting for the drop so I could hear J.cole Rap maybe next time

  41. April Smith

    April SmithHari Yang lalu

    I'm literally mad.

  42. TheDrEaM34_PRM

    TheDrEaM34_PRMHari Yang lalu

    Damn that’s one of the rawest vids I’ve seen

  43. Jeanette Glenn

    Jeanette GlennHari Yang lalu

    This kid is genius....

  44. C4FUS10N

    C4FUS10NHari Yang lalu

    This would be wholesome. But its a Puma Ad.

  45. James Boone

    James BooneHari Yang lalu

    This is art.

  46. Keyshon Brock

    Keyshon BrockHari Yang lalu

    Cole please play in a celebrity game

  47. Kassandra C

    Kassandra CHari Yang lalu

    mannn this is why i love j cole😔😔💞

  48. okeke Pascal

    okeke PascalHari Yang lalu

    Where’s the song dawg?

  49. tarik hanton

    tarik hantonHari Yang lalu

    That commercial was hard

  50. JD Harrs

    JD HarrsHari Yang lalu

    Fucking love you J.Cole

  51. Julian Lozano

    Julian LozanoHari Yang lalu

    Lil cole so mf cute bro

  52. Röçk

    RöçkHari Yang lalu

    Oh so in the three point contest I cole was actually taking it seriously

  53. Grey Goose

    Grey GooseHari Yang lalu

    This guy

  54. Svyat Svyat

    Svyat SvyatHari Yang lalu

    cool 4K HDR

  55. Lebron James

    Lebron JamesHari Yang lalu

    i feel like kobe inspired this also this was me the kid on the sideline learning how the grown folk play tryna take a move smh lol

  56. Bille

    BilleHari Yang lalu

    This commercial was deep & inspiring all at the same time. Whatever your heart desires go chase it we only get one life 💯

  57. Renton Sanderson

    Renton SandersonHari Yang lalu


  58. zoneout records

    zoneout recordsHari Yang lalu

    check us out and subscribe we are a newly developed record label company tryna take music to the next level

  59. clownthony clowntano

    clownthony clowntanoHari Yang lalu

    this is the i wonder sample

  60. Halsey Lumen

    Halsey LumenHari Yang lalu

    ... yeah.. 🖤☄️