The Day Cristiano Ronaldo Played Too Good for His Age - Mbappe WHO?!



    SLIZHENKOV l HD9 bulan yang lalu


  2. David Howie

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  3. Yordan Artigas

    Yordan Artigas7 bulan yang lalu

    Do you mean FIFA World champion winner 19 yr old Mbappe? lol


    JOHN SALAZAR7 bulan yang lalu

    Ninja should kill himself


    JOHN SALAZAR7 bulan yang lalu

    @JOSEPH J SALAZAR me too I hate him so much. Just like I hate Ninja

  6. obiechinaldo

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  7. Darth Revan

    Darth Revan5 menit yang lalu

    Only if this speed and skill was mixed with the skill he has now he would be insane

  8. Muhd Hafizi

    Muhd Hafizi3 jam yang lalu

    MU suckssssssssss

  9. Love Margarita

    Love Margarita5 jam yang lalu

    Mbabpe is more like Henry. He won WC at a very young age and he is the most talented player in his time. But there is no way you can compare him to CR7.

  10. Bruno Gomes

    Bruno Gomes7 jam yang lalu

    I wish he could play like joao félix with age 19

  11. MySipuli

    MySipuli7 jam yang lalu

    What a priviledge and joy for the fans it.must have been when they realized what they had got

  12. Daniel Pérez

    Daniel Pérez9 jam yang lalu

    Que bonito es verle jugar 💪

  13. Mario Jardel

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  14. Ahmed M7md

    Ahmed M7mdHari Yang lalu

    Ronaldo 7👍 Nani 7 👎 Valencia 7 👎 Di maria 7👎 Memphis 7👎 Sanchez 7👎 No 7 curse

  15. Nee Reh

    Nee RehHari Yang lalu

    I want that haircut

  16. Allnew K

    Allnew KHari Yang lalu

    19 year old ronaldo = So much talent and skill. Gamechanger, Special. 19 year old messi = too good for any opposition. Amazing, magician. 19 year old Mbappe = Very skillful, pacey, goalscorer. Brilliant, Prodigy. Mbappe will definitely win the Ballondor, but he isn’t as alluring to watch as much as young ronaldo or messi, they were unbelievably special. Football use to be more fast paced and a better showcase for individual ability. Now imagine Mbappe playing in 2000’s English Premiere League, that wouldve been entertaining to watch.

  17. TigasFMS

    TigasFMS2 hari yang lalu

    It's actually weird that he didn't understand the word confidence since in our language (portuguese) confidence is "confiança" and is a very similiar word because it comes from Latin.

  18. Yung Senatra

    Yung Senatra2 hari yang lalu

    I remember when Goltv passed these type of program.

  19. bhushan patil

    bhushan patil2 hari yang lalu

    That time also he preferred team over individual performance.

  20. pau pu

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  21. Ion L.

    Ion L.3 hari yang lalu

    I can't believe you compare this player with Ronaldinho on the dribbling and dancing department. I never liked this player, ever.

  22. David Thomas

    David Thomas3 hari yang lalu

    Garner Gomes an McTominay as a midfield trio

  23. berke mert

    berke mert3 hari yang lalu

    Mbappe better

  24. Abdullah Larik

    Abdullah Larik3 hari yang lalu

    Mbappe who?

  25. pau pu

    pau pu2 hari yang lalu

    Abdullah Larik messi or Ronaldo?

  26. Abdullah Larik

    Abdullah Larik2 hari yang lalu

    @pau pu so I replied Ronaldo.

  27. Abdullah Larik

    Abdullah Larik2 hari yang lalu

    @pau pu I mean that Mbappe was saying who is better then me at this age.

  28. pau pu

    pau pu3 hari yang lalu

    Abdullah Larik kylian

  29. Huten Rewarson

    Huten Rewarson4 hari yang lalu

    That C Ronald speed when he was young

  30. Richard M

    Richard M5 hari yang lalu

    Jeez, money can buy some amazing teeth!

  31. doutrolado

    doutrolado5 hari yang lalu

    People don't have any notion of what they are saying when compare Ronaldo or Messi with any player. They are so used to these aliens that they considered a normal thing. See what happened to Salah for his season 2 years ago. Salah, Salah... even on that season Ronaldo was much better, scored more goals all season and was the best Champions League scorer.

  32. Ravioli Ravioli

    Ravioli Ravioli5 hari yang lalu

    Young Ronaldo was humble but talented Old Ronaldo is too Confidence, but still super talanted

  33. jajang tobleron

    jajang tobleron6 hari yang lalu

    i hope cr watch this vid..

  34. Sabrina A.RAHMAN

    Sabrina A.RAHMAN6 hari yang lalu

    i like the way he saying😋 so youg at that time

  35. 권율

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  36. Eko Ari Kurnianto

    Eko Ari Kurnianto7 hari yang lalu

    I miss this ManUtd...

  37. MR. Udin

    MR. Udin7 hari yang lalu

    White usain bolt

  38. Hearing Visions

    Hearing Visions8 hari yang lalu

    He always plays football. A vast majority play managers tactics, that was always the difference.. Ronaldinho done the same.. Ballers 🤙🏼

  39. Bogatyr

    Bogatyr8 hari yang lalu

    Imagine how much this guy would be worth at today's values.

  40. Yanisse Serouh

    Yanisse Serouh8 hari yang lalu

    Manchester city were like Brighton 😂😂

  41. Muhammad Rifky

    Muhammad Rifky8 hari yang lalu

    Mbape only know to run hahah why compare....

  42. Isaac lopez

    Isaac lopez8 hari yang lalu

    An eighteen years old boy who only wanted to have the world on his hands, now he can tell the history to his children himself.

  43. J W

    J W9 hari yang lalu

    Ronaldo before the new teeth and physical transformation.

  44. kamran hussain

    kamran hussain10 hari yang lalu

    Start of the video so ironic ronaldo didn’t know one of the words that encompass him the Most.

  45. Bruno Futebol

    Bruno Futebol11 hari yang lalu

    The short black kid is lingard . So cool

  46. Football Always كورة دائمًا

    Football Always كورة دائمًا12 hari yang lalu

    The title is so funny

  47. x a n n y

    x a n n y12 hari yang lalu

    Yo Ronaldo He cute :3

  48. Fizzy !!

    Fizzy !!13 hari yang lalu

    They use to laugh at his English and now he laughs at their Bank Balance😂

  49. The Roulette

    The Roulette13 hari yang lalu

    Wait... one of the kids was Embape?

  50. alieno cosmico

    alieno cosmico13 hari yang lalu

    Always charming Ronaldo for women even as a young

  51. hoke atme

    hoke atme13 hari yang lalu

    Pele won the worldcup final as the topscorer and the best Player at 17 who is mbappe compared ro real Legends Like Pele Cr7 and messi he is a nobody

  52. Dieudone Pierre

    Dieudone Pierre9 hari yang lalu

    Mbappe score More than mesi and Ronaldo. Even cl or world cup. Only Pele and mbappe score in a final of world cup as a teenager

  53. Daisuke

    Daisuke13 hari yang lalu

    The other opponents where trash

  54. MF

    MF13 hari yang lalu

    7:17 sound like ronaldo is rapping

  55. khumlo analpa

    khumlo analpa13 hari yang lalu

    He really works hard . Cr7 is A GREAT FOOTBALLER

  56. Ashish Shaw

    Ashish Shaw14 hari yang lalu

    I always wonder what Man Utd fans feel about their team now which had Ronaldo for 6 years. How hard it is to watch your team not playing the way they used to?

  57. DEE Maind

    DEE Maind14 hari yang lalu

    The KING!

  58. Jan Hoyos

    Jan Hoyos15 hari yang lalu

    Que tal fisico, mis respetos...

  59. Yunus Emre

    Yunus Emre15 hari yang lalu

    There are two leagues that play well in football, fans know it. England and Spain. The champions are always certain in Italy and Germany. Just as Turkey league. Mbappe has no rival for a real challenge and is in the second group I'm talking about. I think he's wasting time in France.

  60. Aiden J

    Aiden J16 hari yang lalu

    Mbappe is better than ronaldo was

  61. Giov g

    Giov g16 hari yang lalu

    Mbappe champions world FIFA

  62. Douglas Faria

    Douglas Faria16 hari yang lalu

    He is some kind of AI, always learning, always improving. Wish there was someone like him for Brazil, instead of Neymar. If Cris had been born in Brazil he would have won many World Cups

  63. forcedusername7

    forcedusername716 hari yang lalu

    Hes not that great move on dammit he already left rm yall just hate argentinians or sumn.

  64. Satrez

    Satrez16 hari yang lalu

    Remember watching vids of him 2005 and hes been my favorite player ever since :)

  65. Fuck Off Channel

    Fuck Off Channel17 hari yang lalu

    I miss young cristiano and young messi, what a beast at that time.

  66. Mata Buda

    Mata Buda18 hari yang lalu

    If Ronaldo and Messi were better than Mbappe at his age it doesn’t matter he isn’t good people wake up...


    MIC MIC MOE18 hari yang lalu

    the play is soo sloppyyy

  68. 빱뽑

    빱뽑18 hari yang lalu

    날강두 시발럼

  69. Soccer Highlights

    Soccer Highlights19 hari yang lalu

    Messi is Fantastic! Watching him and Ronaldo battle is a joy ! Check it out below !

  70. cronos1rscrew

    cronos1rscrew19 hari yang lalu

    When He was poor and ugly

  71. infinite susano

    infinite susano19 hari yang lalu

    So many useless runs without even beating the defender, he just cuts it back and no work done,, so many failed and useless dribs, and that pass wasn't a pin point pass, he was just lucky it miss the defenders, that's a lucky assist, and the goal is obviously a lucky one. I wanted to see him leaving defenders in the dust but was disappointed. He was just running 30am around the field with no work done. Watch Mbappé leave defenders in the dust, give pin point accurate and decisive passes and scoring wonders goals.

  72. fartie pantze

    fartie pantze19 hari yang lalu

    Worlds second best player (currently)

  73. Leonardo La Rocca

    Leonardo La Rocca21 hari yang lalu

    I don't know if football would be so amazing as does years

  74. aquarius dpen R

    aquarius dpen R21 hari yang lalu

    There are few players who I admire personally ...but mbappe is not in my list anywhere...thank you

  75. aquarius dpen R

    aquarius dpen R21 hari yang lalu

    Bappe had just passed kindergarten,😁😁 then's funny..players/childrens shdnt forget the legends who are the 1 to bring glory/respect for this game to such level..

  76. David Clinging

    David Clinging22 hari yang lalu

    This was when Ronaldo was 19. As a teenager he signed for Man Utd for £12m and had not won any league titles and had scored a total of less than 30 goals in his entire career by the time he turned 20, and less than 20 in club football. At the age of 19 M’bappe had already starred as Monaco won the title, moved to PSG for £160m and again starred as they then won the title and then was one of the players of the tournament as he helped France win the World Cup. He scored over 70 goals at the top level whilst still a teenager. At this age, there is no comparison, M’bappe was streets ahead of Ronaldo as a teenager. It’s what Ronaldo did in the next 15 years that made him a superstar. Grow up.

  77. Hardcore Gaming Master

    Hardcore Gaming Master22 hari yang lalu

    Rest is HISTORY.

  78. Sharough

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  79. Nikolas Yiannakou

    Nikolas Yiannakou23 hari yang lalu

    Mbappe is better at 21 Ronaldo :Hold my shoes

  80. sunil puranik

    sunil puranik23 hari yang lalu

    7:17 Did those kids know they were getting lessons from a future legend ?

  81. Rafii Guasp

    Rafii Guasp24 hari yang lalu

    Look at the fucking acceleration young CR7 had 2:14

  82. andrew gibson

    andrew gibson24 hari yang lalu

    Ronaldo has a poster of Ronaldo on his bedroom wall

  83. DesiredFilm

    DesiredFilm25 hari yang lalu

    I don’t wanna be that guy cause I know it’s different when you’re on the field and in the heat of the moment.. but there are SO many opportunities to a pass in the middle near goal, and it almost seems like he turns into defenders on purpose just to challenge them. I think he plays better nowadays For instance at 2:26 he had a perfect pass back and could’ve gotten the defender a little farther off from him, but instead he tried to challenge him, lost, and then he flopped

  84. Sako Sako

    Sako Sako25 hari yang lalu

    That were plays who run after every fucking ball, who were fighting for this jersey and who would die for the club. Now for the most players is social network more important...

  85. Josh H

    Josh H25 hari yang lalu

    He lit old Trafford up.

  86. Aaron Gorton

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  87. Aaron Gorton

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  88. Aaron Gorton

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  89. Rahmawan

    Rahmawan25 hari yang lalu

    Ninja turtle

  90. Joe Zetetic

    Joe Zetetic28 hari yang lalu

    the good old City, when their biggest star is Joey Barton 😂

  91. Javier Burgos

    Javier BurgosBulan Yang lalu

    back when cristiano's english language was much more limited