The Butterfly Is Revealed As Michelle Williams | Season 2 Ep. 9 | THE MASKED SINGER


  1. Christopher Elizan

    Christopher ElizanHari Yang lalu

    Nothing but love for her.❤❤❤

  2. overthemoo

    overthemoo5 hari yang lalu

    Michelle is amazing, for many reasons. I’ve had the fortune of meeting many celebrities (mostly due to attending sci-fi conventions) and Michelle was by far one of the coolest and kindest. Someone with her was straight up rude and she looked at them as if they lost their mind. She then unnecessarily apologized to me for their behavior the way a friend would. I wish Michelle the best!

  3. Lisa Zao

    Lisa Zao10 hari yang lalu

    Why is Michelle on this show? She already a star, don’t need to prove anything.

  4. chelle31008

    chelle3100812 hari yang lalu

    I shed a tear when she said it was a confidence builder.

  5. Tacarra Collins

    Tacarra Collins13 hari yang lalu

    We 🥰 you Michelle baby I’m sorry I e watched so many times

  6. rhoumel arado

    rhoumel arado13 hari yang lalu

    Why was i crying? I just love michelle.

  7. JLew

    JLew14 hari yang lalu

    How did she not win ???

  8. Mrs. Arthur Morgan

    Mrs. Arthur Morgan14 hari yang lalu

    Sending positive energy to her! 2020 is both of our year - let's get it!

  9. Narly waves

    Narly waves14 hari yang lalu

    Nicole was so genuine with her words.

  10. John Roy Canonigo Payos

    John Roy Canonigo Payos15 hari yang lalu

    Ghurl if you are a Destiny's Child fanatic, from the first line she sang, you knew its Michelle Williams. Yassss Qween!

  11. Vincent Alvarado

    Vincent Alvarado19 hari yang lalu

    And Butterfly is really Michelle Williams.

  12. Alrrruun Oda

    Alrrruun Oda21 hari yang lalu

    Michelle is ageless.

  13. SHELLZ U

    SHELLZ U22 hari yang lalu

    What was the judges guess? I can't find the video 😭

  14. Cynthia Hunter

    Cynthia Hunter23 hari yang lalu

    Maybe Nicole has some insight on how Melody feels now!

  15. Joseph Gil Bandoy

    Joseph Gil Bandoy26 hari yang lalu


  16. Maria Unen

    Maria Unen26 hari yang lalu


  17. SilverFoxUchiha

    SilverFoxUchiha28 hari yang lalu

    I *absolutely love michelle* Thank you for doing this. Don’t ask why but I have tears in my eyes. She is such a beautiful beautiful soul. She has just uplifted me and she doesn’t even realise.

  18. Melissa {Freshly Baked}

    Melissa {Freshly Baked}29 hari yang lalu


  19. Lo_ Zarkx

    Lo_ Zarkx29 hari yang lalu


  20. S

    S29 hari yang lalu

    Wow, she has a beautiful spirit. But there is no denying the woman can sing!

  21. Gary Viterbo

    Gary Viterbo29 hari yang lalu

    I Love You Michelle!

  22. CamBrozé

    CamBrozé29 hari yang lalu

    Aww I love Michelle she one of a kind!! She an amazing singer!

  23. Rossina Guevara

    Rossina GuevaraBulan Yang lalu

    Love Michelle!!! ❤️not gonna lie. I started to cry too ❤️❤️❤️ what an amazing talent. Looking forward to some new music Michelle

  24. mugglepuzzle

    mugglepuzzleBulan Yang lalu

    That baby cried! Bless you girl

  25. James Townsend

    James TownsendBulan Yang lalu

    When she start crying 😭 that right there hit my heart heavy she deserves it

  26. Scott

    ScottBulan Yang lalu

    It's just too sad that while the three girls are best friends; Michelle and Kelly feel second fiddle to Beyonce. They never got the attention and praise they deserved.

  27. Selena Tirado

    Selena TiradoBulan Yang lalu

    I love me some chelle

  28. Brittaney Echem

    Brittaney EchemBulan Yang lalu

    We love you Michelle Williams ❤️💕❤️💙❤️

  29. danmar yepez

    danmar yepezBulan Yang lalu

    why she's gone too early in the show? she must win..she is a great singer give her a spot to rebuild again...

  30. mavey cleofas

    mavey cleofasBulan Yang lalu

    I love u michelle ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Honest000w

    Honest000wBulan Yang lalu

    Nick cannon seems like a really sweet guy the way he embraced her!👏🏾so what if he shouts he knew EVERY-TIME 🤣 he’s good in my book📚

  32. von thomas

    von thomasBulan Yang lalu

    Half performed really Nick was that necessary😂😂

  33. Mark Brown

    Mark BrownBulan Yang lalu

    I luv you great songstress.

  34. nativenewlondoner

    nativenewlondonerBulan Yang lalu

    Nick’s ‘I knew it’ every time is SO dumb.

  35. Bella Reese

    Bella ReeseBulan Yang lalu

    I didn't know she could sing like that.

  36. Jay Alford

    Jay AlfordBulan Yang lalu

    She wasn't given the opportunity to do so in DC.

  37. mooncookie0829

    mooncookie0829Bulan Yang lalu

    This girl got a chance to come from behind Beyonce and showcase her amazing vocals. And that butterfly outfit was just fabulous!

  38. CJ 83

    CJ 83Bulan Yang lalu

    She should be in final

  39. jaymartinez Mejaran

    jaymartinez MejaranBulan Yang lalu

    I love Michelle 💖

  40. Aranielle Benny

    Aranielle BennyBulan Yang lalu

    Oh Michelle I love you girl.. Your voice and personality are both amazing

  41. Iman Fotualii

    Iman FotualiiBulan Yang lalu

    Gedddddit Michelle reminding everyone whatta force you have always been with your God given talent #StayBlessed Absolutely living for your gig from Auckland, NZ xoxo

  42. Sweetsam Boss

    Sweetsam BossBulan Yang lalu

    i dont know why some people say she cant sing? i think its people who dont have good ears for good music and good voice are saying that...she can really sing...Bravooooo Michelle

  43. Missy Lang

    Missy LangBulan Yang lalu


  44. Kane Errol Comia Pili

    Kane Errol Comia PiliBulan Yang lalu


  45. Girl

    GirlBulan Yang lalu

    We Love You Michelle!! You sound amazing💜💜💜💜

  46. halleluia2025

    halleluia2025Bulan Yang lalu

    Either everyone is good at pretending they were surprised it was her or they're really just stupid.

  47. Nikki O

    Nikki OBulan Yang lalu

    Yaaaaaaaaayyy MICHELLE🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💓

  48. Alfredo Lobo

    Alfredo LoboBulan Yang lalu

    Where have you been?..miss you when you still with destiny child

  49. my channel

    my channelBulan Yang lalu

    ♥️♥️♥️ Michelle

  50. Mixx Hernandez

    Mixx HernandezBulan Yang lalu

    You got this!

  51. Andrea Gee

    Andrea GeeBulan Yang lalu

    She Been Could Sing Tho, Yessss Michelle ❤️

  52. Eric  Ortega

    Eric OrtegaBulan Yang lalu

    Awww don’t cry Michelle!! I hate the fact that she was always third choice as favorite in DC. She never got the recognition she deserved as a solo artist. I’m so glad she got this opportunity, she did phenomenal!!

  53. Hey Mister DJ

    Hey Mister DJBulan Yang lalu

    Told you she was the least talented Destiny Child member..ijs

  54. Mina in Japan

    Mina in JapanBulan Yang lalu

    You can do it, Michelle! 👏🏿

  55. 賴靚靚

    賴靚靚Bulan Yang lalu

    I love you michelle williams

  56. DRW1107

    DRW1107Bulan Yang lalu

    Michelle, Patti, Seal all unmasked before the top 3? That audience must be tone deaf!!

  57. Berk B

    Berk BBulan Yang lalu

    I love Michelle. She sings her heart out.

  58. indakut

    indakutBulan Yang lalu

    The butterfly effect Michelle was and is love She was so versatile

  59. Pat Rice

    Pat RiceBulan Yang lalu

    Let's face it this show is stupid, but she needed that.

  60. Coco V.

    Coco V.Bulan Yang lalu

    this made me cry like a baby.. Michelle has always been one of my favorites yes Beyonce and Kelly were great but so is Michelle. And it took her a lot of courage and humility to join this contest. truely an amazing person and an amazing artist. No Matter what ither people say they can never take away your talent from you. God Bless you Michelle Williams.

  61. Good_ Person

    Good_ PersonBulan Yang lalu

    An Icon was singing standing in front of these poo judges.