The Buddha And The Beggar - ชายขอทาน


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    Best video of you tube

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    Im a virgin... I've Never heard this story.. BLESS YR SOUL FOR POSTING THIS. AT age 17 I witnessed my best friend die with a single gun shot to the head. . Seeing him die . In my arms. Something that'll change a Man.. but hearing this... It reminds me... Yes Ives seen ugly things.. but! At this very moment there's a child' out there . . starving. .with no food... No parents. .... Which is now the reason I have done done lectures and shared my story with others.... About how gang life gets u know where Tha knu for this post

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    Sean... I am so desperate to listen to you....

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    เอาแรงบันดาลใจมากไหน ไม่สิ้นสุด ขอบคุณมากๆเลยนะคะ

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    thank you for sharing Sean. I love your video so much, please upload more in english version.


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    Buddha is the beggar. Meets beings on his way. Meditates on their suffering. Finds solutions. Goes from Samsara to Nirvana.


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    i proud of you 👍💯❤️

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    Thank you

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    Thank you

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    I was in scrounge of the amazing story ,finally I have listened such a brilliant story ,Iam very much thankful to you for this story . This is reality if you think over the problem of other people then your problem seemed to be too small.

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    Bless up

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    The homeless man was shocked by his destiny of having only 8 possessions... I'd be shocked that a mouse spoke to me, lol. Anyway, good story...

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    Many Thanks, this is very good story..

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    Let go and sharing & helping others make us have truly menaingful & happy life...& beyond.

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    ขอพระคุณความรักและสันติสูขจงบังเกิดมีแด่🌟"ท่านฌอน"และทีมงานทุกๆท่านด้วยเถิดนะขอรับ🙏🙏🙏ขอพระเจ้าผู้ทรงเป็นฯลฯผู้ทรงชนม์ฯลฯผู้ดำรงอยู่ในกาลวันนี้!!!!!!ได้ทรงโปรดพิทักษ์รักษาอภิบาลปกป้องคุ้มครองดูแลและขอทรงอวยโปรดอวยพระพรอันอุดมยิ่งอย่างมากมายเหลือล้นให้ท่านผู้เสียสละผู้แสนดีผู้นี้ด้วยเถิด!!!!!!!!พระเจ้าข้า!!!!!!!นะครับผมฯ😊😊😊✌✌✌😅😅😅👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌👌👌👌ขอให้สิ่งที่🌳👃💨"ท่านฌอน"นั้นค้นหา ขอให้ได้พบเจอความหมายของชีวิตคืออะไร?โดยเร็วพลันนะครับ!!!!!!!!

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    I love how the never ending story scenes are used, i know this story after many travels to thailand and might i add it changed my life and im theravada bhuddist, and for me thailand is the worlds bighest smile.

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    Beautiful. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦


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    Never heard this beautiful story .... I love it .. Keep it up bro ... You best

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    good good story

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    Good way to teach a truth...

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    Thank you, Sean Buranahinan

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    thank for your story . I love it

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    This is a Folk story. Substitute Buddha for wise man. Nothing to do with the historical Buddha, Siddhārtha Gautama. The real story is much more interesting.

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    You are doing good 👍

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    ดีมากเลยค่ะได้คิดอะไรเยอะมากขอบพระคุณของอัลลอฮฺเมตตา อามีน

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    คุณมีพลังบวกที่สามารถส่งต่อให้คนอื่นได้อย่างมหัศจรรย์ คุณเกิดมาเพื่อสิ่งนี้จิงๆ

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    I love u bro ... Thanks for oprning my eyes

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    So very well done! Powerful and sage. Thank you for sharing it ~ little by little it will reach the world.

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    ฉันฟังนิทานเรื่องนี้ และอ่าน นิทานเรื่องนี้ บ่อย มากค่ะ แต่ คุณนํานิทานเรื่องนี้ มาเล่า นํ้าเสียง และพลังในใจคุณ ทําให้เนื้อเรื่อง กินใจมากขึ้น นํ้าตาไหล เพราะ เราเข้าใจเเละความหมายของ นิทานเรื่องนี้ดี เพราะฉันเคยเป็นเหมือนเด็กขอทาน จนถึงตอนนี้ ฉันจะไม่เจอเรื่องราวดีๆแบบที่ชายขอทานเจอ แต่ มันทําให้ เรานิ่งได้ เมื่อเจอ ปัญหา หนักๆ ว่าฉันไม่ได้เจอแค่คนเดียว

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    Very inspirational.. And the way of story telling is great. Keep uploading such stories.

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    You won't probably believe it but : I actually apply this story in my life. 😇 Like the beggar, I took my way to go on meeting The Master/Buddha of my life🕉 to get some answers of my life and destiny. And I did meet Him. But like the beggar could not ask his question, me too I couldn't speak whatever I wanted to. What I got is His blessing, & came back to life as a new blessed person. I don't have much say.. I only know I did my duty, my best to meet The Buddha.. the rest is surrendered to Him.🙏

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    That was excellent. Having stayed in Thailand for 3 months, I found the people of that land awesome and kind. Cool story. For another inspirational person to see. Check out Harmless Farmer on youtube. Your problems will look pitifully small.

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    I really enjoy his stories. U are a blessing brother, God bless u

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    Best inspireation if u agree plz like this comment .....i subsribed his channel

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    im from malaysia..ur video very inspiring and beautiful crying while watching this video..thx for sharing a such beautiful story..keep it up

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    Such an amazing vibe. Thank you! & I wish you all the best brother

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    The man was unselfish and unselfcentered. Nowadays people are ecocentric. Poor people helps poor but not rich people

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    Hi, Sean 👋🏽 I have a Question☝🏾 I never heard about everything like that in buddhist history. Sure i'm a spiritual practitioner too that's why I spend much time on this. To be honest are you sure about that is not Jesus Christ story❔ just asking bro. pls feels free to reply me back ok?

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    เข้ามาอ่านบ้างนะ ฌอน ด้วยเมตตาและเจตนาอันดี

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    Is this a religion? As in, do bhuddist claim that this story actually took place?

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    i am suffering from OCD since childhood nothing helped but buddha teachings helped me..

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    So the beggar is a pedophile

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    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mouth dropped open, that was a very powerful message. Thank you for sharing it.... Now I'm going to subscribe to this channel :-)

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    ดีมากเลยครับพี่ฌอน ขอบคุณมากๆนะครับ

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    ดีมากๆ ขอบคุณค่ะ

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    I created a link for this video:

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    Assalm o alikum. . Great lesson. Thanks

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    Thank you! loved it!

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    I love Gandalf. My favourite part is when he fights a balrog

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    I am buddhist from Thailand,i never heard any of that story and no one age 1000 years old in any buddhist story.It’s seem stupid story for me.