The Broken Siblings Glmm (Ocs backstory)


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    I cried while wachting this its so sad but amazing!!!😭😭😭😭

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    Don't be sorry its perfect!

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    it not bad

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    Very nice

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    lol I've been seeing this on my screen for like years now so I finally had the time to watch it, and I don't regret clicking it at all. This mini-movie is inspiring and warms my heart!

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    And then theres me sipping my sprit intenisly Edit: i just spilt my pop

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    5:00 why the *_heck_* is addison doing just standing there and singing? *_call the cops!!!_*

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    Oh my God, finally someone else who listens to P!nk's old music ;v;

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    Pls sub to meh channel pls XD

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    What's the song at 6:33?

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    I watched this over ten times cause it makes me happy a little bit

  13. Susan Bechtle

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    Oliver : mommy! Addison : what’s wrong honey?! Oliver :you forgot to read me a story! Victoria:I’ll read you a story! (:

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    I love itt!!!!!! 😀😀

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    You put the emojis wrong and your rude

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    What is ur outro song ik the song but I forget what it's called

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    *gets a free robux ad* woman: ONLY FOR A LIMITED TiMe!! *Remembers this ad coming on 2 years ago* me: Ahhh.. Ok..

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    Why did the dad stay as a single Pringle in the end😭😭

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    I love de story so muchhhh

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    #Gacha logic

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    Hey it is not bad😀

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    Gacha logic in the flesh Here comes the hater squad we should- SHUT UP GACHATUBER sorry gacha tuber Look who’s with her OMGG Gay gay gitty gay d’ gay

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    This video has been watched by me

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    Oh hello there my name's Allison 😂🤣

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    7:25 if your a tik tok fan you know it says “I’m sitting here barbecue sauce on my ti..... hahaha finish it off!

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    I’m so confused.

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    Wow emotional

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    Ah yes..we all love that moment where the child hits the mother so hard she falls on her butt.

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    Your the best gacha tuber I ever seen you should have infinity subs like your the best editor ever

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    Savannah: ooh a puppy can we keep it?! Addison: whatever makes u happy After that u like never see her again XD (dog form)

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    I stoped playing Minecraft for this

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    So this is a gay story

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    I know I’m late but there’s a smell here that keeps bothering me It’s the smell of an underrated gachatuber

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    This is the 10th time I have watched this! I love it it is so good! New sub btw.

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    Lol kid starts crying when mom dosent red him a syory

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    Hey pls shot out m pls

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    I love it ist sooooooo cooooooool 😍

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    Umm excuse me but that was false information It isn't bad at all you lied. It was AMAZING

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    6:33 did the song remind anyone of Leap? ( the movie )

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    Do u ever hav that moment when u like a vid befor walching it then like out at the end of it and have to re like it cuz you un liked it XD

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    Loved it

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    When Oliver said "Mommy!" I thought that he had seen the mom outside his window.

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    I loved this glmm so much!

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    Seriously I didn’t t gacha Apple are to logic

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    I'm so confused

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    Is M a s o n Gay 6 3 6

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    “I can sue her if you want” “Please”

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    XD Bc there parents were oof holes and she grew up like o.o not knowing her parents or something does this mean their gonna be like my aunt and mom XD and bad as

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    Me: *waiting to see if Savannah is nice* Me again: *getting inpatient* Me also: *skips* Me again an Again: *shes nice I think I’m writing this as I’m watching*

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    YouRe gRouNdEd fOr saYinG baD wOrDS at A YoUnG aGE

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    PART 2!!!!!!!

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    For some WEIRD reason I want a gay series on Mason... And some gay boi. If you could do that PLS tell me ! -*Potato Peanut Avocado Beans*


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    This was a cute story


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    Please do the thing back to me


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    I also have gacha life on MY phone


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    I have liked all you vids!


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    P.s I'm using my mother's phone and my name is Brooklynn

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    that was sad at the start and really happy at the finish

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    Loved it but WATS the sing Addison and Allison sung i forgot the name