The Best Homemade Pizza You'll Ever Eat


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    Still just gonna order pizza...

  3. Rosy Gacha

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    When I was little I was sick of eating the frozen crap my mom always gave us, I made my own chicken recipe and served it for dinner, everybody loved it now we cook more home made foods then frozen! Guys just make home made food! It’s so much tastier and you know what’s going into your meal. (Helps with people with allergies) You Just don’t know what’s going into those greasy fast food places. They practically make the food swim in oil. And if you get into a habit of eating at fast food places it could lead to serious health problems.

  4. Arben Osmani

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    I've done this 4 times for my family already and it's a great recipe!!

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    I love it. Your voice & recipe

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    😍😍😉Nice. I think you are a chief

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    I have 5 people in my family who is a pizza hater.Most of them are from my maternal side and only one from my paternal side. 1 like=1 more person in my family turns to a pizza lover

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    This is how many times she said dOuGh | | vv

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    Do a spinning motion DROPS DOUGH

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    Does anybody else like to add seasoning to the dough to flavor it?

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    I'd be dead from starvation by the time this is done. Where's my Wally World Great Value stuff.

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  14. Don Amigo

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    Best? Classic Neapolitan isn’t using fresh basil post cooking, no sugar, no oil in dough... it’s over cooked as well and borderline burned cheese - may want to try toning down top heat element.

  15. Noridzwan Nordin

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    IMO it's actually the other way around, the oven is not hot enough so she has to compensate by baking it longer so the dough cooks properly, but at the expense of burning the cheese. What she should have done is put the cheese in large chunks or slices instead of tiny shredded bits. And maybe stretch the dough a bit more thin. Or, just use a real stone oven.

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    Fucking annoying 'valley girl' voice.

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    I saw this first on Bon Apetit 🤣

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    If you will

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    For the recipe with Sauce, I feel like It would be better for me because.... I *HATE* Cheese... I take it off my pizza. And I can add a lot of pepperoni to offset the already little amount of cheese

  20. Darien60 - Gameplay Roblox

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    Should I get store bought or make the dough?

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    0:12 milly bobby brown doesn’t like pizza

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    I think the hardest part is to find those bowls You need 50 of them

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    I bet u r hotter thn ur voice Ps nice recipe

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    that pizza was stiff af 👁👄👁

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    0:12 my brother...

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    LMAO... to person who said she would throw herself as ingredient in there as olive oil

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    Idk what's better. The audio and video or the pizza recipe

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    oh yeah, Olives are a favorite topping of mine.

  29. buzz kirschner

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    this is one of the best pizza how-to's on YT. thanks for posting

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    I followed the recipe. But when it came out of the oven, the dough still tasted raw, and I left it in for a long time.


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    Whoa, so weird. This whole time I thought Robin from Stranger Things was narrating

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  33. Elena Park

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    No toping only cheese?? Not very good tasty

  34. Rocky Pingale

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    The 24 hr dough was rising in the fridge or room temperature? He does the frozen dough work? Incomplete information

  35. Roomana Bhura

    Roomana Bhura3 hari yang lalu

    This is a better video i used this recepie and it came out great!

  36. YungeenDee-

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    Things that bothered me 1. She didn't use any meat 2. I feel like she could've added more cheese

  37. Generația Luminată

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    It’s PIZZA MARGHERITA AND BIANCA LOL THERE’s No meat on these two kind of pizzas That’s Why She didn’t put meat.

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    YungeenDee- pizza does not need meat but I agree with point 2

  39. YungeenDee-

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    She sounds and looks like a Hannah

  40. Rudy Grissom

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    All pizza crust is bland and the toppings bring the flavor.....There is 1 exception....Detroit style pizza crust is very airy crisp buttery and cheesy particularly the corners....the crust alone makes it great...

  41. Pharaoh Gaming

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    @Rudy Grissom No its not, its a shit hole. Its full of homeless people, gangs and drug wars. iv had to live near that city, its horrible.

  42. Rudy Grissom

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    Detroit is a cool city....had great times there....met many real people also...

  43. Pharaoh Gaming

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    To bad if you wanted authentic Detroit Style pizza you might have to drive through that shit hole lol

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    5:50 😏

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    The girl says:cooking PiZzA IS EaSY!! Me:frigin doesn’t even know how to make a perfect circle

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    Wonder what Gordon Ramsay whould think of this?

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    pizza time

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    What flour is use to made it?

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    Do you know anyone who doesn’t like pizza?....... every fucking vegan

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    Do u let it rise in the fridge?

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    I know someone that doesnt like pizza sadly

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    So I’ve heard a lot of talk about the use of normal fresh mozzarella and low moisture mozzarella which one to use?

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    Y’all can tag each song in the description but not even include the ingredients? Smh...

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    Who here actually made this?

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    This bitched voice is the epitome of lack of effort

  56. very emotionally attached to stranger things

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    I made this pizza a few months ago and it was so good so I’m going to make it again

  57. Vivek Seth

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    Hats off, making pizza making seems so simple!!! I am from India, and we have few old beliefs of making food with heart, emotions and hands, I found all three in this video! 🙏 Keep posting good stuff