THE BATMAN (2021) Official First Look - Robert Pattinson Batsuit Reveal


  1. Nate 2 Chill

    Nate 2 ChillHari Yang lalu

    Yeah showcase sumn we can hardly see

  2. ??

    ??Hari Yang lalu

    Nice porn intro 😂

  3. C Raz

    C RazHari Yang lalu

    No Christian Bale! No Batman for me! 🙄

  4. vadergrd

    vadergrdHari Yang lalu

    batman : am i a joke to you ???

  5. Voryannos

    VoryannosHari Yang lalu

    Here cometh the butthurt toxic superfans to bitch and whine about a movie that's not even out yet.

  6. Atomic flash

    Atomic flashHari Yang lalu

    If Burt Ward and Adam West are not in it , it's not worth seeing

  7. 9 9

    9 9Hari Yang lalu

    OMG OMG so DARK!!!

  8. Julian Calderon

    Julian CalderonHari Yang lalu

    Now is this Batman gonna be paired up with Joaquin Phoenixs joker or no

  9. HermannTheGreat

    HermannTheGreatHari Yang lalu

    He got the woke costume, that is more like another comic hero I won't name, and it looks retarded.

  10. Psycho Records

    Psycho RecordsHari Yang lalu

    No no no no no no no he could be anything, batman ? Nope 👎

  11. Hami Chahal

    Hami ChahalHari Yang lalu

    I can't see anything cuz dc comics always in dark

  12. Retierashia

    RetierashiaHari Yang lalu

    Don’t make him kill.

  13. Jamesy

    JamesyHari Yang lalu

    imagine if this was a darker rendition of batman whereas he’s the villain this time, thats the kinda vibes i got

  14. AgentCell

    AgentCellHari Yang lalu


  15. PotterAndMatrixFan

    PotterAndMatrixFanHari Yang lalu

    Nice cosplay dude.

  16. ischleep

    ischleepHari Yang lalu

    Heard a rumor that the bat symbol is made up of pieces of the gun that was used to kill the Waynes. I highly doubt it's true but still an interesting rumor.

  17. YS0Serious Gaming

    YS0Serious GamingHari Yang lalu

    There batman becomes daredevil 😂

  18. Nahuel Altamirano

    Nahuel AltamiranoHari Yang lalu

    The músic Is like The march of The impere (Star wars )

  19. Reggie Brigham

    Reggie BrighamHari Yang lalu

    It's Daredevil 😃😁

  20. pfear83

    pfear83Hari Yang lalu

    The forehead is all wrong.

  21. soni deleon

    soni deleonHari Yang lalu

    Way to ruin the DC universe Forever I was a big fan of Batman/ Superman Now I'm just a Superman fan until they make a better Batman movie ( what a waste of time and money DC) 😒💸

  22. Jiuver Roque

    Jiuver RoqueHari Yang lalu

    Y’all ruin everything huhh

  23. Nick Jarvis

    Nick JarvisHari Yang lalu

    Not much of a first look whatsoever

  24. FavioRiveros

    FavioRiverosHari Yang lalu

    If i ever meet the casting director responsable for this i will punch him

  25. Ralph Capote

    Ralph CapoteHari Yang lalu

    I am the night i am vengeance I'm batman!!!!!!!

  26. VL Guitar

    VL GuitarHari Yang lalu

    Respect Daredevil

  27. youngjr666

    youngjr666Hari Yang lalu

    Wtf this is wack as hell...

  28. Zero11

    Zero11Hari Yang lalu

    This shit is going to be wack and the only way im watching it is if i even bother to pirate it lmao

  29. Joseph Ward

    Joseph WardHari Yang lalu

    Yeah, I'm Batman..

  30. Gardo Poop

    Gardo PoopHari Yang lalu

    soundtrack is a copy of darth vader imperial march music ..

  31. Martin Conta Gets Banned

    Martin Conta Gets BannedHari Yang lalu

    Are they going to make him gay for the woke sjws?

  32. Tristan Plays

    Tristan PlaysHari Yang lalu

    I’m disappointed

  33. M-scoota

    M-scootaHari Yang lalu

    a guy playing as batman. ;( honestly that's all I see

  34. Tom Bagshaw

    Tom BagshawHari Yang lalu

    biggest flop of 2020

  35. Darin Wagner

    Darin WagnerHari Yang lalu

    They fucked it up!

  36. PatrickCervantez

    PatrickCervantezHari Yang lalu

    I'd really like to Pattinson's Batman take on the Court of Owls. It'd be the perfect way for his incarnation to stand out from the other movies, plus it'd be cool to see the movies to introduce Damian Wayne.

  37. Cryptic Metaphor

    Cryptic MetaphorHari Yang lalu

    He's probably wearing hockey pads

  38. Mason Eavenson

    Mason EavensonHari Yang lalu

    Why does this sound like a GTA soundtrack while you’re in the middle of a heist

  39. Swiiroo

    SwiirooHari Yang lalu

    Disclaimer: if you wanna be able to see the trailer, turn your brightness all the way up 😂

  40. Vankai

    VankaiHari Yang lalu

    also feels like i've heard the instrumental before

  41. Vankai

    VankaiHari Yang lalu

    Feels like a Horror movie... hope it is one.. doubt it will be..sigh

  42. Lamesauced

    LamesaucedHari Yang lalu

    Well we all saw Nic Cage in a Superman cape and look how that turned out.

  43. DxOxN AxNxTxOxN

    DxOxN AxNxTxOxNHari Yang lalu

    I thought this was the motherfucker from kickass. Was waiting for the joke. No, shit, this is an actual movie.

  44. Ms. RayRay

    Ms. RayRayHari Yang lalu

    Now feeling it

  45. 11above

    11aboveHari Yang lalu

    "You're impossibly fast and strong, your skin is pale white and ice cold, your eyes change color. And sometimes you speak like you're from a different time. You never eat or drink anything, you don't go out in the sunlight...I know what you are." "Say it." "You're Presidential candidate Billionaire Bruce Wayne."

  46. LSebastien

    LSebastienHari Yang lalu

    You know when you apply a very heavy filter to you photos so people can't see what you really look like? This kind of reminds of that....

  47. Bryan Romero

    Bryan RomeroHari Yang lalu

    One of the worst actor in Hollywood gets to play Batman. Wow, that's fuckin ridiculous. Doesn't even look like Batman in the Batman suit... Once it comes out I wouldn't waste my money to watch this crappy ass actor. He gonna ruin it like Ben Affleck ruined Batman. Go watch the free version in bootleg. Plus, since when did Batman have a ridiculous accent?

  48. Des

    DesHari Yang lalu


  49. Danny

    DannyHari Yang lalu

    is this a batman gay porn?

  50. rosita reeder

    rosita reederHari Yang lalu

    so all of a sudden batman is a vampire?

  51. Rico Lolo

    Rico LoloHari Yang lalu

    The background music gives me the chills🤪 can’t wait for this !!!

  52. altair geraldo

    altair geraldoHari Yang lalu

    Se for está roupa vai acabar com o Batman

  53. Tom Jeff

    Tom JeffHari Yang lalu

    Yah, not excited so far.

  54. david star

    david starHari Yang lalu

    That's the meth tweaker looking batman

  55. NOLIMITS6661

    NOLIMITS6661Hari Yang lalu

    Why i feel this music is very hype ? I find me coming back and reloading the video just to hear the heat from the goin nuts but something is coming and i hope its something beyond dark

  56. Bethany But Electronic

    Bethany But ElectronicHari Yang lalu

    I hate getting this hype before it comes out. Now I gotta wait a whole year. The music is so dope 🔥

  57. Chris Tucker

    Chris TuckerHari Yang lalu

    Going to be an absolute failure. It will be the lowest earning Batman film of all time. The only good thing is Rob cant act and that’s ok because Batman doesn’t really show emotion anyway. The script and plot better be amazing to make up for this casting disaster.

  58. dave

    daveHari Yang lalu

    well DC is screwed looks like Disney will get to buy warner brothers after this next round of DC flops

  59. Marko Garcia

    Marko GarciaHari Yang lalu

    Looks like shit

  60. Friday 1408

    Friday 1408Hari Yang lalu

    That's not the official mask tho is it? Seems very 50 shades of gimp.