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    #;LSGANG Get a Current Black Premium Card: Thanks for watching todays video guys. We're in high hopes that everything will work out. Thank you guys for being with us through this journey💕

  2. yvette moyeda

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    Does anyone have Current ? Pros & Cons ?

  3. Gina Freitas

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    THIS IS L&S Don’t worried about what’s coming just focus on your push and you will be doing just fine👍🏼❣️❤️

  4. Kahla T

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    Thank You guys for sharing y’alls journey. I have heard that you can get your baby to turn by getting down on hands & knees & also try to lean forward with your bottom in the air & maybe rock back & fourth side to side.I seen it work with a women who’s water broke & they allowed her to try cause she really wanted to be able to do her birth plan & with the support of her husband & Doula it worked. Don’t give up she could turn at the last minute.Just remember if it doesn’t happen it’s ok God just had different plans. Sending Lots of love & prayers. 🙏🏼💕

  5. haleh noor

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    THIS IS L&S Back then midwives used to use this method to turn baby’s head down. It’s worth a try. - First gently rub some warm olive oil on your belly for a few minutes. - Then place a piece of ice on your belly where the baby’s head is and she should turn.

  6. Gina Freitas

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    THIS IS L&S love to see you both together soon with your beautiful baby 👍🏼❣️❤️

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    I got my current card in the mail, and it’s white. I wanted the black card.

  8. cher buck

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    Get that lump on your neck checked out! Seriously, you have lost so much weight and your eyes say it all. You're constantly doting over Shyla and she hardly ever reciprocates. It's SHYLA, SHYLA. SHYLA all the time. Now that you SHYLA are feeling better give the father of the baby some attention and go to the doctors with him before he falls over. He's sick and frail-looking with all the weight loss. Get the lump on his neck checked out and carry your own damn handbag. Your pregnant not disabled.

  9. Deztiney Flores

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    I was a sea section

  10. Apy Pagadala

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    Anyone here after their baby girl is born..?.🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  11. Kelly Stroud

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    Please don't feel like you failed. She just don't want to come in this world upside down. My furst born was breached and he was so independent. He walked at 9 months old. Off the bottle at a year. She is going to be a beautiful and strong. Hang in there. Merry Christmas !!!!!!!

  12. Megan Rylee Jantjies

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    I so happy come home baby girl

  13. Scarlet8 Select

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    Young lady, you are a very beautiful lady and obviously with a good heart. Today is Dec., 22, and I was wondering have you given birth yet? I hope you did and I know that God was and is with you and your fiance. Your house is beautiful, by the way. God is the great miracle worker and your baby will be fine. You are blessed to have your family beside you. I will be praying that all is well. Stay beautiful inside and out and take good care of your little cutie pie.

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    She kind of oddly looks like Trisha paytas

  15. It's me Rachete

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    I love you Shyla and I hate to see you go through so much pain but keep strong 😭❤️

  16. Rosie S

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    Omg Shyla I was in the same situation as you... my daughter was frank breech and I also had a Ecv and my baby didn’t flip either. That was the most painful thing ever, I was also so disappointed when the Ecv didn’t work. I cried for hours and felt like what did I do wrong. I tried everything at home and nothing worked!!! I also ended up having a planned c section because I had no other choice. I felt like I failed in every way possible!! Now that my daughter is a year old... omg now I know why she didn’t flip... she is the most stubborn lil girl EVER!!! It’s either her way or the highway!! I didn’t know a 1 year old could have so much attitude and be so stubborn.. 😂 my 15 year old was the easiest baby to care for very chill and calm and this one is the total opposite of her!! Don’t get down on yourself you did what you could and that’s all that matters.

  17. VOLËNA Love

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    Omg she’s the most precious oml I stop following for a while but I just saw her on Shyla Instagram and lord my heart so happy she’s here and safe

  18. Kelly Stroud

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    Good luck seriously. She will be in this world safely. I can't wait to know her name

  19. Kelly Stroud

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    As I have told you the revision is seriously don't be disappointed. Csection if needed will be okay. You are young and will recover quickly. Just remember the baby will be precious either way. God bless!!!!

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    I'm so exited for this

  21. sadiya begum

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    *WOW* shylas pregnancy went so fast but Catherine's pregnancy was like *10 months*

  22. sadiya begum

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    Thanks for the likes hope I can get 100 likes

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    Walk ,walk ,walk . Bounce on a yoga ball .

  24. November Family

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    If you do have a c section my advise is get up right away and walk other wise it will hurt I got up and started walking right away and went away quick coughing sneezing and laughing hurts just be strong momma u will be fine I personally vaginal hurt way more then c section because my baby came fast and didn’t have to wait for hours and hours in pain it was just so much faster

  25. November Family

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    So I had my son 3 weeks early due to high blood pressure so I went in to get induced and they did ultra sound found out my baby was breach so they had to take the medicine off and had to have a c section and honestly was the best idea was way faster my first son was vaginal and took 33 hours so tiering but c cection was better for me personally but I really hope she does flip for u guys and wish u guys luck she will be fine both of them stay strong L&S♥️♥️♥️♥️

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    Chime does it too plus you get $50 when others sign up to

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    $annaw07 👻👻🤩💕

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    God bless you and your baby ❤️

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    $cashAdinerooo ❤️ good luck 🥳

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    $virginiarunnnels 🥰

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    does anyone know where shyla got her fur vans? i really want some

  37. Natalie Arreola

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    I just had my baby 3 weeks ago and yes! Babies have a mind of their own and when they're ready, they'll let u know! Dont feel like a failure! I hope she listens to momma and turns down lol ❤❤❤ u got this Shyla!! I'm sooo excited for u guys!!

  38. Vilma Edwards

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    Everything is going to be fine baby is going to come on her time God is going to make it possible for her to have a safe delivery love you guys L&S l will keep yall in prayers for a safe delivery 💯❤🙏👏

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    Congrats on the new baby

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    Praying for a healthy baby! Little princess wants it her way lol

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    I hope she. Be. Ok and I pray for. Her

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    Just keep hope she will turn God will show her the way love you guys all of yous ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  43. Cammie McAneny

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    Personally I would rather have a C-section. My mom had one and she says there's not even a scar anymore and I rather be knocked out not feeling any pain than having to push a whole ass baby out of my who ha and then that shit tears. I'll pass on that, no thank you

  44. Olerato Phakedi

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    Dont worry Shy, the baby will come healthy and she will be beautiful 🌟

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    Where is the baby at

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  48. Susan Gutierrez

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    Y'all are in my prayers.. Stay strong and focus and remember that the first thing you have to think about is the birth of your daughter what amazing Joy you are going to have just seen her.. May God bless you and keep you safe

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    You guys lied

  50. Shirley B

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    Baby didn't want to come out yet. I was notified that you just posted this video. I thought she was going to have the baby today 12/13.

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    It’s oh okay you guys I was born with feet first I never turned either when I was baby and let me till you god had plans for me and I was born thankful fine

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    A man its time too 🙏 up god bless you guys

  53. Qutauris Parker

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    I 💘 and miss u guys

  54. melinda gardner

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    Don’t feel bad. You are a amazing momma and it takes time. She just isn’t ready yet. Everything has a reason behind it. Just trust god. We don’t understand why but he knows why

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    I hope the baby will be ok😊

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    Omg when they turn the baby it hurts bad 😬

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    The baby will be born on Christmas... remember my word

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    My son turned 31 weeks that's because I was walking everyday. So that's what the doctor says. But who knows and my son was born 2 days before his due date.

  60. Anglea Gilbert

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    Oohh ya breech babies are very strong willed lol. A csection is a tad scary but it’s not bad...I had 2 one u planned the second was :) you will do great momma!

  61. Jessicaxo

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  62. veronica love

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    I had my baby c section its safer and it happens so quick it will be ok shyla i dont know if thats how u spell ur name

  63. Esperanza Garza

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    Im soo anxious when the baby comes and i can't wait love you guy's!!!

  64. Amina Alrawi

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    OHHH poor shyla but how do you look sooooooooo good when you are pregnant

  65. ariadna rivas

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    God bless! Everything will be fine, praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby ♥️🙏🏼

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    I’m so happy for you guys