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  1. Because Science

    Because ScienceBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks for watching, Super Nerds! *Correction* Only about 100 people showed up to the Area 51 "raid." A sheriff on site was quoted as saying “It’s a relief that it’s not as bad as we thought it was going to be." -- kH

  2. Mackenzie Clements

    Mackenzie ClementsBulan Yang lalu

    How fast do black holes go?

  3. Frank Anthony Overton Jr.

    Frank Anthony Overton Jr.Bulan Yang lalu

    I wouldn't just say that "light can not escape it" when talking about black holes. Add that all future possible place positions in spacetime in which to be are closer to the black hole... like in Xeno's paradox, the gravity dilating time as it moves closer. Future Light/Causality cones are warped and bent such that their boundary lines go from < to = to >. All of your causality outside the black hole is behind your cone in time, as in the only way to escape the black hole would be to play the universe backwards like a record, because it is as if the horizon split from directly behind you and collapsed to a single point in front of you... all points in spacetime upon which it can have a causal effect are directly FORWARD and there is no other direction from your perspective. PBS Spacetime does a ton of great videos on that. You guys should collaborate.

  4. Joseph Case

    Joseph CaseBulan Yang lalu

    And this is why as the comedian George Carlin said “Never under estimate large groups of stupid people”. Hence if your Shoe size is larger than your IQ you should definitely be chemically neutered or spaded. We live in the times of “idiotcracy” for real

  5. Rewision

    RewisionBulan Yang lalu

    @Brett Kenyon While you have a good point that consumers have power and if we dont buy something companies will be forced to stop selling that. However (Im making up a number that seems about right to me) say that 90% of everything we buy, transport and build is made with or from unsustainable materials and processes it would be impossible to make more then 10% of the things we need even if they wanted to change to a new product like an EV. That is why nations and big companies putting alot of money into and developing ways to sustainably and economicly create the energy and materials we need will help speed the process up alot for overall drop in use of unsustainable energy use. If nations make it easier or economicly intressting to develop sustainable technology eventually said tech will be more economical period and then there will be zero reason for any company to use unsustainable energy and practises. Basicly if the base of technology is developed and put in to the base of nations and the industry most things will automaticly become sustainable even things consumers and your everyday person would have trouble affecting. Ofc everyone should think of what they can do themselfs aswell though :)

  6. Dr_Kachu san

    Dr_Kachu sanBulan Yang lalu

    @Merennulli Would you trust your ass to an makeshift teleporter made by aliens that are probably not even scientists?

  7. John Brown

    John Brown7 hari yang lalu

    I don't deny or distrust science, but any time someone says "the science is settled", points out it isn't science, but paid advertisement. I don't doubt that humans contribute to climate change, but the greenhouse gases argument is kind of week, we don't have an enclosed environment, pavement and countering weather by heating houses around the world are probably more to blame. Climate changes whether we are hear or not humans are present, and has reached much higher and lower temperatures. We can and should do what we can to keep the environment safe, but since most of the world (the first world nations being only a small part), can only do so much to "correct" the actions of the rest of the world, and all of human history

  8. tommy g

    tommy g8 hari yang lalu

    moral of the story you should be doing radical left wing activism because science.

  9. Brandon Allen

    Brandon Allen9 hari yang lalu

    Nice grandfather paradox is my favorite. I like to think if I went back in time and altered history it would branch rather than erase me Marty McFly style (where is the fun in that). That way I could be the supergenius that invents the transistor, Microsoft, offs apple to keep it from ever being a thing, and become the next Nostradamus that everyone worshiped.

  10. Brandon Allen

    Brandon Allen9 hari yang lalu

    Grey goo just one man? That's just so small, I'd have it assimilate the planet and everything on it (myself excluded) the moment I got it and remake Earth into my idealized planet with a population of anthropomorphic wolfmen who idolized and worshiped me as their god-emperor I would call this planet Argus, that could also be my solution to our carbon footprint, simply remake the planet.

  11. Brandon Allen

    Brandon Allen9 hari yang lalu

    I'm pro genetic engineering, read an article about using CRISPR to cut out a gene largely responsible for age-related memory disorders and another one about stopping the transmission of HIV, I'm agnostic when it comes to designer babies if you come from a family with hereditary health issues it's not fair to force that disability on a kid when he comes of age for the genetic timebomb to activate on the other hand if you just want eugenics that's where I consider it to be iffy.

  12. LegendaryGamers54321 1111

    LegendaryGamers54321 111110 hari yang lalu

    you on tv ?

  13. Kindlesmith80

    Kindlesmith8010 hari yang lalu

    Climate change has already hit... it will get more unbearable as years pass. As not all humans have the same values, it'll be near impossible to get everyone on board with anything. Hey, anyone play Oxygen Not Included? Oh the timetravel thing. Again. Another thing nobody can agree on because there is nothing that can be done to prove any of the theories. That linear timeline is about as plausible as multiverse. So going back in time to kill yourself is one of many possible instances that breaks into many more instances. It doesn't undo what has, and will happen. My fave anime is 'Noein - to your other self'. It does the multiverse theory quite well. It's also an anime too long to make its plot points. 6:51 Maths, btw, isn't perfect. It has been used for incredible things, but it is still limited. It can't explain everything in reality, and maybe never will. You've just demonstrated one such situation maths is inadequate.

  14. Daniel Snyder

    Daniel Snyder15 hari yang lalu

    I understand why people are worried about global warming, but aren't there also benefits to higher CO2 levels? Since the human population is ever growing, and we're obviously going to need food for the increase, wouldn't the CO2 levels being higher help from an agricultural stand point? Plus if we look at historical data where CO2 levels were around 10× higher... Aren't we literally living in a time of low levels?

  15. Sad World

    Sad World19 hari yang lalu

    lmao. Hey kids, don't have fun.

  16. Lord Flufflebuns

    Lord Flufflebuns19 hari yang lalu

    The wall paradox only confuses people because they forget that it doesn't account for the size of the object moving towards the wall. It's not even really a paradox. A better "equation" or "theory" of this is that your center of mass, center point, or whichever you want to call it, will never overlap. The two dots will never be the same exact position. Something larger will have less iterations of movement than something very small. An atom will move MANY more times then us humans, because though our distance traveled and away will be the same, the "outer boundaries" of our bodies are vastly different.

  17. Red Beard

    Red Beard21 hari yang lalu

    Heard the craft they have there can create an antigravity field around itself, giving the craft its crazy speed, and maneuvering abilities. If this technology is real wouldn’t distance no matter? The craft could travel to any planet in the universe extremely fast. Right? I’ve been wondering

  18. Dragoness19

    Dragoness1922 hari yang lalu

    Has there been a study on how the worlds trees production of co2 affects the world's climate?

  19. Broc Ursal

    Broc Ursal23 hari yang lalu

    On land the most terrifying minions would be badgers. No upgrade, just badgers.

  20. Broc Ursal

    Broc Ursal23 hari yang lalu

    I am tired of the whole blame US and Europe for global climate change. Never mind China is #1 in carbon production, the US is #2, India is #3. China and India are increasing, the US is decreasing. But the US needs to decrease more. Why do China and India get the free pass here? They are increasing, we are decreasing and have been for a long time.

  21. JAMES! Since the 70's

    JAMES! Since the 70's23 hari yang lalu

    We broke it! We gotta fix it!! Almost everyone needs to get solar panels, to atleast cut some the power from coal and gas, I'm fully off grid, if I can do it as lazy as I am , anyone can, cut the power used!!

  22. JAMES! Since the 70's

    JAMES! Since the 70's23 hari yang lalu

    That's what I tell ppl messing in my things, stay out of there, before you find something you do not want to see!!

  23. Yautja Prime

    Yautja Prime24 hari yang lalu

    I'm not sure you comprehend how flights work. They are going whether you as an individual buy a ticket or not. So, you're not adding to pollution by taking a flight that already going to be in the air. It would require millions of people suddenly stopping all travel to impact the carbon footprint of planes, trains, and automobiles. Common sense

  24. Pat Beck

    Pat Beck29 hari yang lalu

    What change? It's a cycle, I have seen 60 years of it. We should be looking into the stars and see what is happening elsewhere.

  25. Wim Heemskerk

    Wim HeemskerkBulan Yang lalu

    kyle confessed to being a supervillain just by answering the last question

  26. Jerry Broadway

    Jerry BroadwayBulan Yang lalu

    Do you think a white hole can create a new galaxy

  27. grimreaper _slm

    grimreaper _slmBulan Yang lalu

    the co2 produced by are cars would take millions of years to melt anything

  28. grimreaper _slm

    grimreaper _slmBulan Yang lalu

    the sun is accualy getting bigger by 1 foot a year

  29. grimreaper _slm

    grimreaper _slmBulan Yang lalu

    climate change is bull shit

  30. Caitlin Yarosz

    Caitlin YaroszBulan Yang lalu

    Speaking of global warming, what do you think about eating babies? 😂

  31. michael rosencrants

    michael rosencrantsBulan Yang lalu

    What about living underground or water

  32. SSU

    SSUBulan Yang lalu

    With all this "global warming" hysteria (is it still warming, or are we yet again back to change?), anyone tried calculating how much HEAT we generate for cooking/electricity/transport/living? How much should the global temp increase the last 100 years on heat alone? How much heat do we get form the sun compared to what we loose back into space?

  33. Petr Kisselev

    Petr KisselevBulan Yang lalu

    Greenhouse gazes are not as harmful as all the toxic chemicals and other similar byproducts of human activity that find their way to our oceans. Stopping industries from pouring their waste into the world's water supplies and dumb tourists from throwing away their trash into nature is a much more pressing matter.

  34. ʂɧąɖơщʄơҳ

    ʂɧąɖơщʄơҳBulan Yang lalu

    I disagree with this whole climate crisis... Greta is not a scientist, and she wouldn't act in front of Chinese or India's governments as she did ours... The climate is always changing.. Pointing fingers and fear mongering is divisive.. You think taking a million dollar solar power yacht is clean? The batteries needing to store it are bad for the environment... The people who had to fly to America to take it back wasn't clean either... Don't believe actors who pretend to be virtuous while buying beach front property... Cashing in on your fear.


    NICK ALIMONOSBulan Yang lalu

    I think Zeno's paradox can be solved using the Planck length, ie, there is a point at which you cannot cut a distance any further, ergo, you hit the wall.

  36. Tibor Pejic

    Tibor PejicBulan Yang lalu

    I rarely make comments but mathematician in me doesn't allow me to let this slide. Zeno's paradoxes come from the Greek philosopher who lived about 2500 years ago and the one Kyle talks about is just one of several. There is a whole history about why Zeno devised them but it's not important right now. It is not clear which paradox Kyle is referring to but it doesn't matter because all of those paradoxes are pretty much one paradox in different forms. The problem is Kyle's explanation. It is true that Zeno, or anyone living at that time, couldn't calculate the sum of infinite series 1/2+1/4+1/8+1/16+... so he concluded the time (or plurality) is just an illusion. Today we can easily find the sum of any convergent geometric series 1/2+1/4+1/8+1/16+...=1 If we were to say the distance from the wall is 10 meters, we would have 10/2+10/4+10/8+10/16+...=10 which corresponds to the fact that 10 meters is 10 meters regardless of how you transverse it. This is something I learned in high school, in maths and philosophy classes. To sum it all up, mathematics doesn't lead us to conclude that we would never hit the wall, it is our lack of mathematical knowledge that can lead us to such conclusion.

  37. The Panda

    The PandaBulan Yang lalu

    “Humans can barely stand each other and now you want us to SAVE THE PLANT?!!???!! plants going to be a fine it’s been through a lot worse then a little clam changed us that is fucked “-george carlin I think this fits prefectly right here

  38. ICG

    ICGBulan Yang lalu

    What if there's super advanced technology in area 51 that renders fossil fuels obsolete? Mistrust of authority is not the same as disbelief in science.

  39. Wondrrboy

    WondrrboyBulan Yang lalu

    Giant air purifiers? 🤔 Also plant more trees, though you got to wait for them to grow (natural air purifiers), more nuclear and electric power. Buuuuuut won't matter if the 3rd world countries and China won't stop HORRIBLY polluting.

  40. Jeff Loftus

    Jeff LoftusBulan Yang lalu

    I wonder if the world has been threw hot and cold periods like science tells us I agree we are not helping but are we really the culprits or is climate change inevitable just curious

  41. Ben Schatkun

    Ben SchatkunBulan Yang lalu

    Green house gasses is just part of the very incorrect theory of global warming and does not effect much in a negative way if any as for climate change that is several different things and for the most part it's mostly natural change the earth goes through every so many hundred years

  42. Harcus7

    Harcus7Bulan Yang lalu

    Let’s not talk about all the video’s you make about what if superpowers were real... totally good use of time no hate just saying don’t blame them for doing nothing if you also don’t put your great mind to great things ... good luck in your journey and hope to see YOU change the world 🤗

  43. KendallChaos

    KendallChaosBulan Yang lalu

    The way I look at it there was exactly 0% chance of finding aliens at Area 51 because even if there are aliens there the government had months of notice and would’ve moved them well beforehand

  44. bigwo56

    bigwo56Bulan Yang lalu

    Yep, "storming" ANY Gov't or Military facility is suicide! Don't even THINK about it!!

  45. Curtis King

    Curtis KingBulan Yang lalu

    If you used crispr to "infect" an adult with brown hair who had blonde hair let's say. Would it work like a virus slowly altering the live host? Or would it just kill them

  46. Curtis King

    Curtis KingBulan Yang lalu

    If you go back in time and try to kill your grandfather doesn't that mean you've already tried and failed?

  47. PonderingLotus

    PonderingLotusBulan Yang lalu

    For carbon dioxide, could you potentially break the molecular bonds between the atoms so that it's no longer as it is? Or create some kind of object that could trap CO2 almost how vanta black works but for a gas instead of light?

  48. Storm Walden

    Storm WaldenBulan Yang lalu

    At the 12:43 mark: was that a Guyver reference!?

  49. Mic k

    Mic kBulan Yang lalu

    What is the Area 51 raid ????

  50. jcoronet2000

    jcoronet2000Bulan Yang lalu

    so my flight to LA to protest is better for the environment than my flight to a desert party?

  51. Mihails Akulenkovs

    Mihails AkulenkovsBulan Yang lalu IDreporter's annual carbon footprint amounts to 10 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year, according to researchers. "Because Science" alone has over 1 million subscribers. Would you accept to shut down "Because Science" to reduce CO2 footprint?

  52. Doctor McCrimmon

    Doctor McCrimmonBulan Yang lalu

    Rhinos in Riot Gear? Soooo..... Basically you want a pet Jadoon? Personally? For sea base, I'd have a trained Octopus. They're super smart, can imitate and camouflage, and can fit into any space wider than their beaks. If you attach a camera and train them to control them with small, non-painful charges, you could create the perfect minion. They can sneak in almost anywhere and spy for you, while hiding from notice. Also, each arm has a brain of its own, meaning that it can shed a limb and you have an extra spy right there, moving around. For land, Kimodo Dragons. Because badass monitor lizards with necrotising venom and so many bacteria in its saliva that one scratch can be fatal? Yes, please. It may not be the smartest, but for sheer force and badassery, Kimodo Dragon.

  53. Piqipeg

    PiqipegBulan Yang lalu

    "... And it's all our fault..." since when did "we" become the handfull of mega corporations making, and executing, the decisions that keep on killing humanity and most of life on earth.

  54. Roger Skagerström

    Roger SkagerströmBulan Yang lalu

    Hahaha in the beginning I thought Kyle was gonna go full Chip Chaply :) "I'm.. I'm Kyle Hill , and I THINK I GOT THIS!" xD

  55. Eddie G.

    Eddie G.Bulan Yang lalu

    Black hoe into a star? Example: Cardi B

  56. Eddie G.

    Eddie G.Bulan Yang lalu

    Umm..what is that drawing of next to the word crisper? O_o

  57. Fuch Goog

    Fuch GoogBulan Yang lalu

    You smoke crack.

  58. Rodrigo Kiepert de Oliveira

    Rodrigo Kiepert de OliveiraBulan Yang lalu

    cyborg orcas with guns

  59. Psycho

    PsychoBulan Yang lalu

    What a load of crap. Everyone's bitching about climate change, but noone actually wants to do anything about it. The way we transport, the way we consume, the way we bunch up, those are but a few ways we actually harm the envirronment. It's always been us. Governments and companies simply react to and take advantage of our lifestyle. Everryone would if they had the chance. You wanna make the world cleaner? Step 1, take a bus... Step 2368, move to the countryside

  60. Lavatun

    LavatunBulan Yang lalu

    Greta thunberg.. Influential?.. Yes.. Impressive?.. No..

  61. Ben Garbaag

    Ben GarbaagBulan Yang lalu

    Your channel is a waste of carbon.

  62. L1Ght Sh@d0w

    L1Ght Sh@d0wBulan Yang lalu

    With crispr why not make fish people to combat global warming as we move to new terrian

  63. アニメのゴミ

    アニメのゴミBulan Yang lalu

    I do believe we should have mistrust in authority, but not in this way.

  64. Will Ripley

    Will RipleyBulan Yang lalu

    i watched this while playing classic wow.. triggered!!

  65. Mike Ching

    Mike ChingBulan Yang lalu

    18:49 to be honest, it's more practical to strike a person in a manner that will cause a heart seizure as opposed to trying to rip their heart out. too much effort and strength for very little result.

  66. Arthur Speer

    Arthur SpeerBulan Yang lalu

    The raid was a joke though. They turned it into some sort of music festival when they realized a lot of people took it seriously. And, well, going to a music festival might be a futile way to spend time, but I wouldn't go as far as saying it's bad for humanity...

  67. Hotwheels !!!

    Hotwheels !!!Bulan Yang lalu

    Kyle: "If you have an undersea base, I would reccomend..." Me: "Aww, he's just going to stick to suggestions..." Kyle: "Souped up, intelligent killer whales" Me: "NO NO NO NO NO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH"

  68. SAPTARSHI roy

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    You are american version of VAKT