The 8th Grader Who Impressed LeBron!! Mikey Williams Will GIVE YOUR WHOLE SQUAD BUCKETS!


  1. Foolish Artist

    Foolish ArtistJam Yang lalu

    Omg mikey Williams impressed lebron not like whenever sombody dunks lebron gets hella hype

  2. Karem Khalaf

    Karem Khalaf10 hari yang lalu

    I feel bad for bronny he doesnt score

  3. Callum Da Cow 08

    Callum Da Cow 08Bulan Yang lalu

    Why do these jerseys look like those heat ones

  4. Pu55yKoolAid

    Pu55yKoolAidBulan Yang lalu

    a year later and he’s already gotten so much better

  5. Pr0Xz

    Pr0Xz2 bulan yang lalu

    I go to his Highs School

  6. Mackman Theman

    Mackman Theman2 bulan yang lalu

    Thats him who just dropped 77 in a game

  7. MW Sylvanic and SRG

    MW Sylvanic and SRG3 bulan yang lalu

    How tall is he.

  8. OmegaWolf 5

    OmegaWolf 53 bulan yang lalu

    Wait is the defense not allowed to play or there so tired they can't or there just lazy and don't do help defense

  9. WaterMelon

    WaterMelon5 bulan yang lalu

    (MY OPINION PLZ NO HATE COMMENTS/U DONT HAVE TO LIKE) i think lebron thinks of mikey williams as the yung kyrie

  10. KM7 !

    KM7 !7 bulan yang lalu

    all this team needs is melo ball and thew will be unstoppable

  11. J Mack24

    J Mack247 bulan yang lalu

    League gonna be fun to watch when he gets there.

  12. Goz Andrew

    Goz Andrew8 bulan yang lalu

    His game a lot like Devin Boooker’s.

  13. Zambuulin Goyol

    Zambuulin Goyol9 bulan yang lalu


  14. Sebadksg

    Sebadksg9 bulan yang lalu

    Why wikipedia says he is 55 years old?

  15. elli6410 elli6410

    elli6410 elli641010 bulan yang lalu


  16. iTz- KaNuEl

    iTz- KaNuEl10 bulan yang lalu

    Mike Williams is going to be the next Jordan

  17. GodSharb

    GodSharb10 bulan yang lalu

    im in 10th grade and im 15 while dis dude is 14 but in 8th grade

  18. JcVlooogs

    JcVlooogsTahun Yang lalu

    This is the kid who just argued with me on insta

  19. Kau Shields

    Kau ShieldsTahun Yang lalu

    When Mikey makes a wide open layup the kids in the crowd are all like "ayyyyyeeeee"

  20. ShutUpBum You suck

    ShutUpBum You suckTahun Yang lalu

    Doesn’t 22 play for spire the team lamelo ball is on

  21. Rayden Bradley

    Rayden BradleyTahun Yang lalu

    y'all are the best team in the nation

  22. Billy Official

    Billy OfficialTahun Yang lalu

    NBA waiting him

  23. Aaron Degraff

    Aaron DegraffTahun Yang lalu

    Glad to see nba youngboy has a fall back option incase rapping doesn't work

  24. Brandon Gerardo

    Brandon GerardoTahun Yang lalu

    2:51 he threw the ball 100mph

  25. Ayden Bethke

    Ayden BethkeTahun Yang lalu

    I’m sick can you like this to help me feel better

  26. I Want Winners Produxtions

    I Want Winners ProduxtionsTahun Yang lalu

    Bro I actually don't even believe this dudes age, he's on some Shabazz Muhammed shit

  27. Aaron

    AaronTahun Yang lalu

    Am I tall? I’m 5’10 and 3/8... I know Miley is 6’1 but his hair makes him 6’1...

  28. InvalidScript

    InvalidScriptTahun Yang lalu

    Dude a beast

  29. sleuth 2077

    sleuth 2077Tahun Yang lalu

    34 should be out there setting screens all the time for Mikey. Also, someone needs to get 14 a hair tie.

  30. Tagem_King yir

    Tagem_King yirTahun Yang lalu

    At 3:52 the other kid said shot you bitch ass up

  31. Ayoyadii

    AyoyadiiTahun Yang lalu

    Imagine if they put all of his misses As well?... half of the shots he’s taking are some crazy shots


    MARQUES HOLMESTahun Yang lalu

    after seventh woods turned out to be a scrub, I feel like i can't give middle schools an accurate evaluation. bc i was sure that seventh would be a star atleast.

  33. Stephanie Callahan

    Stephanie CallahanTahun Yang lalu

    kid is a god

  34. AL3JO ART

    AL3JO ARTTahun Yang lalu

    8:35 had me dyin😂😂😂

  35. Chris Tovar

    Chris TovarTahun Yang lalu

    This the laziest basketball I have ever seen

  36. Hesus

    HesusTahun Yang lalu

    Hopefully he won't stop developing, so far he's showing a mature playstyle, can catch and shoot, good form, can pass, has vision, looks like a great point guard so far.

  37. Nine I AM

    Nine I AMTahun Yang lalu

    Im an 8tu grader and im 5"11 how tall are all of them?

  38. Aaron

    AaronTahun Yang lalu

    *5’10 and 3/8

  39. Aaron

    AaronTahun Yang lalu

    Yeah I’m 5’10 and 13

  40. Aaron

    AaronTahun Yang lalu

    buhdz miky is 6’1 with his hair without is he’s only 5’10-5’11 and bronny is 5’10 with his hair who knows how tall he really is

  41. Clifton Moore

    Clifton MooreTahun Yang lalu

    He better than Bronny😳

  42. Luis lul

    Luis lulTahun Yang lalu


  43. Jaronn Goddard

    Jaronn GoddardTahun Yang lalu

    Do doo

  44. Lmt Fumy

    Lmt FumyTahun Yang lalu

    Bruh I didn’t see that kid pass once

  45. Pamela Antonio

    Pamela AntonioTahun Yang lalu

    He in 6th grade dumb ass

  46. playboii de

    playboii deTahun Yang lalu

    Better than bronny Jr

  47. Parker Mills

    Parker MillsTahun Yang lalu

    how tall is he

  48. Parker Mills

    Parker MillsTahun Yang lalu

    thx @Aaron

  49. Aaron

    AaronTahun Yang lalu

    Parker Mills 6’1 with the hair and without is 5’11

  50. Lucky Good boy

    Lucky Good boyTahun Yang lalu


  51. Jd Desta

    Jd DestaTahun Yang lalu

    Those dunks are straight flames for an 8th grader got damn Mikey 🔥

  52. O.FD173

    O.FD173Tahun Yang lalu


  53. Kaino Leilua

    Kaino LeiluaTahun Yang lalu

    Mikey got held back twice he should be a sophmore

  54. Lalramliana Chenkual

    Lalramliana ChenkualTahun Yang lalu

    WTF 8 grade dunking???

  55. Oh Yeah

    Oh YeahTahun Yang lalu

    3:53 I know lebron sat back and was like damn now that’s a mini me 😂

  56. Oh Yeah

    Oh YeahTahun Yang lalu

    2:05 why did bro like that 😭🖐🏾

  57. Luke May

    Luke MayTahun Yang lalu

    I invite you to my channel to check out this 7th grader with a wet shot and stellar defense and he has not re-classed

  58. Ben Higdon

    Ben HigdonTahun Yang lalu

    this kid plays like he is a stud senior in high school, not an 8th grade. going to have a crazy future

  59. torae bryan

    torae bryanTahun Yang lalu

    Put him in 2k already

  60. Chauncey Haynes

    Chauncey HaynesTahun Yang lalu




    Ball hogggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  62. RAPIDxClxp YT

    RAPIDxClxp YTTahun Yang lalu


  63. Meme God

    Meme GodTahun Yang lalu

    Mickey is out here crushing kids dreams that Jordan game tho

  64. Mariyah Broussard 2024

    Mariyah Broussard 2024Tahun Yang lalu


  65. Christian Pollard

    Christian PollardTahun Yang lalu

    Blue chips was to nice