The 2019 Honda Passport Is Honda's "Rugged" New SUV


  1. Doug DeMuro

    Doug DeMuro11 bulan yang lalu

    Today it is 60 degrees -- or, as the Passport would say, 55 degrees.

  2. That green Crx

    That green Crx2 bulan yang lalu

    It’s to calibrate it you shmuck 😅

  3. Robert Lowenstein

    Robert Lowenstein2 bulan yang lalu

    The "adjust outside temp display" is in case it is not calibrated correctly.

  4. code 23Hyper

    code 23Hyper4 bulan yang lalu

    It’s because on a really hot day in a hot location, such as a parking lot, the temperature is often reading higher than what it really is outside. Due to parts in the vehicle being black and so on. It’s actually pretty clever.

  5. Garry Kennedy

    Garry Kennedy5 bulan yang lalu

    Doug,, The outside temp adjustment is for calibrating accuracy. That's a GOOD thing to be able to do. How this got past you I'm not sure, but that's what it is there for.

  6. FlowtnWitWalden

    FlowtnWitWalden3 hari yang lalu

    Change outside temperature = calibration. In case it's not reading accurately. I had an outback that always showed 3° higher than the actual outside temperature. Would have been nice to have this feature to adjust the reading.

  7. Impeach Pelosi

    Impeach Pelosi3 hari yang lalu

    Nice video Doug.

  8. Aviators Dream

    Aviators Dream4 hari yang lalu

    This is kinda sad. Doug, all of the quirks were just typical Honda. My 2013 Civic EX-L has the Econ Button, the Fuel Econ Lights (the Civics go from green to blue), the variable temperature was for calibration and then the "A" was for service centers to decide what type of service your car needs. Edit: Yes. Earth Dreams. Big whoop. The Si's engine says "Earth Dreams". Even the FK8 Type R's 2.0T says "Earth Dreams" This is all just Honda stuff. Par for the course.

  9. JordyAuto

    JordyAuto10 hari yang lalu

    doug "doesn't understand the passport" demuro

  10. Boston Biker

    Boston Biker12 hari yang lalu

    Why just why

  11. Whoever Whoever

    Whoever Whoever14 hari yang lalu

    Wait, this thing is rugged and for off-roading? the thickness of the tires tells me it's not.

  12. richard carr

    richard carr15 hari yang lalu

    LOL HE MISSED the back seats slide back too !! BUT if honda wished to call this an off road suv should ve had higher profile ATX tires smaller wheels !!

  13. Lebor Simulations

    Lebor Simulations15 hari yang lalu

    The outside temperature feature reminds me of the QNH settings in an aircraft to make it display the proper altitude to the pilots. It could be that the sensor does never read and display the exact temperature outside vs the weather station reports considering the sensor position in the car vs car heat, movement etc.? Just guessing. But it could be that Honda wants to protects itself from reports of inaccurate outside temp by giving a feature to compensate for the sensor limitations. Just guessing...

  14. Mister.Scary

    Mister.Scary17 hari yang lalu

    0-60 in the 6 second range, 2/10 Doug score ? WTF do you want?

  15. Andrew Bolivar

    Andrew Bolivar18 hari yang lalu

    It was the answer to the question nobody asked. Are these even selling? Honda needs a new Prelude coupe.

  16. Johnny Rico, Male Escort

    Johnny Rico, Male Escort19 hari yang lalu

    Honda pilots going back quite a ways also have that sunglass holder mirror thing

  17. colormesarge

    colormesarge19 hari yang lalu

    4runner is 3 row

  18. 1_UW

    1_UW20 hari yang lalu

    Honda needs to come up with a new Element. It was very affordable and way more rugged inside than this overpriced under-sized Pilot.

  19. Wess Reiley

    Wess Reiley21 hari yang lalu

    Just pick one up. 2019 lunar silver sport model. Got 6 grand off sticker price since it’s a left over now. Great SUV. Runs great.

  20. Paula Daly

    Paula Daly21 hari yang lalu

    We love our 2019 Ridgeline, lots of space and comfort.

  21. EXT3RM1NAT0R 97

    EXT3RM1NAT0R 9722 hari yang lalu


  22. HW2800

    HW280026 hari yang lalu

    Stillgoing buy the 2020 Hylander! LOL!

  23. P. Brown

    P. BrownBulan Yang lalu

    Essentially this is Honda's version of the Nissan Rouge.. I really want one or a CR-V.

  24. Brian

    BrianBulan Yang lalu

    Don’t like the 9 speed tranny in it.It’s not as refined as the 6 speed in the Ridgeline.Sadly,they’re putting the 9 speed in the Ridgeline for 2020.

  25. Pugo vibes234 Yay

    Pugo vibes234 YayBulan Yang lalu

    No one Not even a single soul Me My KiDs HeAr Me CaLlInG yOu A bI*** karen

  26. Cole Oshtamebaghe

    Cole OshtamebagheBulan Yang lalu

    Seems like a lot of gimmicks on this vehicle. Like my Rav4 because the technology actually does something useful.

  27. Herr Heller

    Herr HellerBulan Yang lalu

    The temp change button is for idiot climate alarmists trying to convince themselves its a real thing.

  28. Tunayer Gaming

    Tunayer GamingBulan Yang lalu

    The refuel reset is also a feature in the 2007 Civic (and probably earlier and later ones too). Really nice to see how much you use between each time you fill the car up.

  29. Krzysztof Kujawski

    Krzysztof KujawskiBulan Yang lalu

    Doug, I love your videos but I want you to do the all new 2019 Acura MDX

  30. Randall Stewart

    Randall StewartBulan Yang lalu

    Huge defect in this review: total failure to consider the all wheel drive system, which along with the Acura, has the best system available today. I am in the process of selecting a new car of this general sort. The passport is a bit more expensive than some of the competition, but when you look at what you get for what you pay, it is a very hard package to beat. For me, the big negative is the color scheme. It has an adequate selection of exterior colors, but interior is limited to black (hot) or "dirty white" (white already dirty so what you add won't show so fast).

  31. Henry Nguyen

    Henry NguyenBulan Yang lalu

    Adjusted outside temperature feature is for calibration just in case you have the temperature sensor that is a few degree off the actual temperature. The letter "A" in oil means that you need to change oil based on schedule "A".

  32. DPKirylka Studios

    DPKirylka StudiosBulan Yang lalu

    I like the passport look more. It looks more sport type and aggressive. Also in my opinion if the took so ideas of the interior layout from the new accord like the display and steering wheel than it would look amazing. Who else agrees?

  33. Fonzie NYC

    Fonzie NYCBulan Yang lalu

    His voice is horrible, couldn't finish watching it, annoying voice and pointless Doug score...

  34. Justin Fontaine

    Justin FontaineBulan Yang lalu

    Pilot and Ridgelines also have the "sand mode" if you have the torque vectoring AWD system.

  35. Cameron Mantooth

    Cameron MantoothBulan Yang lalu

    The pilot with awd has the same drive modes

  36. Eugen Denchik

    Eugen DenchikBulan Yang lalu

    "Dough Score" Is very useful!

  37. Don Solaris

    Don SolarisBulan Yang lalu

    too tall and too short...the proportions are wrong....dumb name too!!

  38. american seoul

    american seoulBulan Yang lalu

    They should have called it panda. Not a cute looking one.

  39. Alexander Nieves

    Alexander NievesBulan Yang lalu

    Sound like Kermit the Frog is giving a review and I'm supposedto take you serious. People close your eyes tell me you hear Kermit. Hit likes

  40. Brad S

    Brad SBulan Yang lalu

    0:50 - 0:60 NOOOO!!!! OMG STOP SAYING THIS! Say it with me: The CRV the Rav 4 the Equinox CANNOT FIT ADULTS IN THE BACK SEATS!!! And this is why cars like the passport the Venza and the rouge exist!!!

  41. Jon

    JonBulan Yang lalu

    The temperature adjustment might be there because the cold weather package automatically turns on heated wipers and such at 32°F but sometimes frost sets in above those temperatures so you can make it think its colder so it turns on sooner. That's all I can think of though.

  42. Lars Andersen

    Lars AndersenBulan Yang lalu

    Doug is Guod spelled backwards. He controls temperature!

  43. David Walsh

    David WalshBulan Yang lalu

    This guy is a moron when it comes to Hondas. If that SUV confuses him so much, I have to wonder how he even manages to tie his shoes. NONE of the "oddities" or "quirks" he mentioned are new to Hondas or cars in general. I'm surprised he didn't think the Push Button Ignition was "another Honda quirk."

  44. lisa evers

    lisa evers2 bulan yang lalu

    Americans have been utterly duped and bought into SUVs hook, line and sinker, believing they are 'safer' (not true, and more deadly, not only for the SUV passengers - i.e., rollovers - but are more deadly to other cars they hit, cyclists and pedestrians).... believing they are more 'comfortable'...give them better view of the road... more 'roomy'.... and say things like 'hey, I have kids play sports....I have elderly parents...what business is it of yours anyway?!' ...blahblahblah... How is it that just a few decades ago, an entire family of six could load up ONE station wagon to go on vacation? Now, every adult in the family must have THEIR OWN vehicle, and typically it's an SUV. And now, mere SUVs apparently aren't big enough.'s gotta be a RAV4....a Denali...Suburban...Yukon...Navigator... Escalade...Ford F150...Dodge RAM....Range Rover...Hummer.. You see, in the US, it's all about being an AMERICAN... FREEDOM... it's about being bigger and more BADASS than everyone else. SUVs fit right into the American landscape, along with our Hollywood BLOCKBUSTER movies which are total garbage and full of violence. It's about our love of guns. America is about fast food and soda and hamburgers and french fries. It's about people shoving food into their mouths while sitting on their couches and watching garbage TV on their 52" flat screen TVs. Any day now, I'm expecting car manufacturers to introduce small ARMY TANKS for the American they can feel more SAFE from all the other big ass vehicles on the road. My lord. SUVs are a scourge. Americans have been brainwashed by auto manufacturers and car dealers. It's a fact that they push SUVs on people because they provide a MUCH HIGHER PROFIT MARGIN. While SUVs cost very little extra money to build versus a 4-door sedan, people are willing to pay the jacked-up prices, simply because the vehicle is LARGER. When in fact, the bones of the vehicle...the engine, the operating software, etc.....that's where the real cost is.... not in a larger FRAME. Sales of SUVs should be taxed up the whazoo, and they should be BANNED in all major cities. I live in NYC, and am positively STUPEFIED at all the SUVs littering our narrow congested streets. And the SUVs are only getting LARGER. It's totally perverted.

  45. Juan Gonzalez

    Juan Gonzalez2 bulan yang lalu

    Looks just like the explorer

  46. Komang Berata

    Komang Berata2 bulan yang lalu

    Nice video, you guys good job

  47. Harris Avaan

    Harris Avaan2 bulan yang lalu

    This is best for Trump. Creating an alternate reality by changing the temperature.

  48. Blaise Pugliese

    Blaise Pugliese2 bulan yang lalu

    Every year honda kills me. First the stupid rotary gear shift, and now the stupid button. Now this passport? Come on. I want a turbo awd that's not a super sports car. If i was rich ill be happy with the new nsx. But I'm not. I'm looking at dodge charger right now and I love my honda

  49. Danta Biviens

    Danta Biviens2 bulan yang lalu

    I swear Doug your an ass but funny as hell cuz you drive with A Oil 😂😂

  50. Tom Johnson

    Tom Johnson2 bulan yang lalu

    I've never seen a single built-in temperature display that was actually accurate. They're always off by a few degrees.

  51. TheYTGuy 1

    TheYTGuy 12 bulan yang lalu

    Doug says "Zhis" instead of "This"

  52. Kiarash Lari

    Kiarash Lari2 bulan yang lalu

    I just drove a Grand cherokee and a passport today and the jeep's handling sucks compared to the Honda one!

  53. Ha

    Ha2 bulan yang lalu

    Why do stupid designers keep on making the seat head rest poke out so much!? It is super uncomfortable!! Maybe it is ok for these rubbish designers who slouch so much that their necks stick out like a turtle but definitely not for us😂

  54. Bobspineable

    Bobspineable2 bulan yang lalu

    It might not look rugged but maybe it is when actually off-roading.

  55. PunjabiM8

    PunjabiM82 bulan yang lalu

    This car fucking sucks. Honda lol

  56. Michaela Curtis

    Michaela Curtis2 bulan yang lalu

    he keeps saying that people will look at the passport as less practical.....NO! I look at the Pilot as less practical! I am 34, no kids a third row SUV is just not needed...but the smaller suvs are tooo small. so the Passport is actually very practical for me! No third row for my non-exsistant children, but plenty of room for camping gear, ski gear or a friend or two. I think I am the exact person they are marketing this to, and i am happy. Looks like a jeep, but made by Honda so Im happy!

  57. Michaela Curtis

    Michaela Curtis2 bulan yang lalu

    I can also say that I want something with AWD, and good ground clearence for mountain driving, and getting to trail heads etc.. But I really don't need 4 wheel low, and all the off road features of a 4 runner and jeep.... I mean come on how many 4Runner or jeep drivers just go to work and back in suburbia? realistically, the capabilites of this passport will do just fine for about 95% of SUV owners. The passport also seems to have more luxury or comfort featured than the other "rugged" suvs, b/c realistically most people spend most of their time highway driving anyway.

  58. George Collins

    George Collins2 bulan yang lalu

    Doug the type of guy to say two thousand nineteen instead of twenty nineteen

  59. Suren Xavier

    Suren Xavier2 bulan yang lalu

    2002- Honda Pilot 2020- Honda Passport 2021- Honda Airport 2022-Honda TSAInterrogation 2023 Honda Duty Free 2024- Honda 747 2026- Honda CarryOn 2026-Honda Customs 2027- Honda Bagcheck.............

  60. Suren Xavier

    Suren Xavier2 bulan yang lalu

    I would rather keep my much superior 2009 Acura MDX Tech Touring, which is the best year!

  61. Dima Danovich

    Dima Danovich2 bulan yang lalu

    Honda is notorious for adding unnecessary features. Infotainment system is the worst on the market today. Not sure how Honda passed safety measures. Any car today has good engine and transmission for the most, at least. Besides that Honda has nothing else to offer.

  62. ArthropodSpidey

    ArthropodSpidey2 bulan yang lalu

    These “quirks” have been around for years. Maybe drive a normal person’s car for a change?

  63. Kevin M

    Kevin M2 bulan yang lalu

    No going slightly off road negates this review-

  64. rocknropes

    rocknropes3 bulan yang lalu

    How come you sound like you hate everything?

  65. 무도INFINITY

    무도INFINITY3 bulan yang lalu

    His tongue sounds very short.