Thanksgiving 2019 Cooking and Eating Mukbang (Re-uploaded with missing footage and no Glitch)


  1. Catherine 88

    Catherine 8820 jam yang lalu

    Canadian thanksgiving is a month before yours.

  2. Massagechik1

    Massagechik13 hari yang lalu

    Is she spending Thanksgiving alone!!!????????

  3. Stephanie L

    Stephanie L6 hari yang lalu

    Does anyone else hear that heavy breathing? Very sad for this lady. Nothing wrong with lovin food but when it begins to kill you it’s time to make some lifestyle changes.

  4. Maria Couto

    Maria Couto6 hari yang lalu

    Looks delicious

  5. Liz Bee

    Liz Bee7 hari yang lalu

    Darth Vader’s soulmate.

  6. Susie Oz

    Susie Oz10 hari yang lalu

    Loved the cooking

  7. Pancho Y Pecos

    Pancho Y Pecos11 hari yang lalu

    Anyone else out there watching this and think... why?

  8. Diane Burks

    Diane Burks12 hari yang lalu

    She seems like the nicest person ever. She's very pretty too. It's always great to see someone like her loving herself and enjoying her life. Kudos!!!

  9. Miss Parkerr

    Miss Parkerr14 hari yang lalu

    That food looks amazing. But please take care of your health

  10. Berrier Gilbert

    Berrier Gilbert14 hari yang lalu


  11. Berrier Gilbert

    Berrier Gilbert15 hari yang lalu


  12. Linda7647

    Linda764715 hari yang lalu

    Okay, I need to make that stuffing soon.

  13. purplelily

    purplelily16 hari yang lalu

    You seem like such a pure kind person

  14. Cho La

    Cho La16 hari yang lalu

    her in the background breathing heavy af**

  15. Alice Marquez

    Alice Marquez16 hari yang lalu

    Chica!!! Suenas como yo en una crisis asmatica. Me provoca una sensacion terrible.

  16. Lush Fanatic

    Lush Fanatic17 hari yang lalu

    Yikes! What a plate of food.🤭

  17. Christina Gaschott

    Christina Gaschott18 hari yang lalu

    Happy belated Thanksgiving! Love your accent.

  18. Celine Terra

    Celine Terra19 hari yang lalu

    That plate looks really good! 😁❤️

  19. Kvng_Comando

    Kvng_Comando19 hari yang lalu

    Why is they taking about her breathing..

  20. Linda7647

    Linda764715 hari yang lalu

    Because people feel the need to bring it up at every single video, like she isn't already aware that she breathes heavily.

  21. Kvng_Comando

    Kvng_Comando19 hari yang lalu

    Idk why I love coming to your channel..

  22. Rooster Harpicus

    Rooster Harpicus22 hari yang lalu

    that looks absolutely amazing xx

  23. Linda Johnson

    Linda Johnson22 hari yang lalu

    Your dinner looks delicious Candy

  24. Harran Runner23

    Harran Runner2322 hari yang lalu

    Yummy . Deliciously relaxing

  25. Sweezy

    Sweezy23 hari yang lalu

    Your vids r cool happy new year

  26. Astro Warrior

    Astro Warrior24 hari yang lalu

    If we just watched you eat nice homemade meals instead of junk take away we would be really happy, but you are still a genuine loving spirit, may God bless you 🙏

  27. Karen Dilly

    Karen Dilly25 hari yang lalu

    All the moaning and heaving breathing is disturbing.

  28. Diane Johnson

    Diane Johnson26 hari yang lalu

    My favorite dishes is what you are eating that’s what we have for thanksgiving

  29. Diane Johnson

    Diane Johnson26 hari yang lalu

    It looks so good

  30. Shawny Anderson

    Shawny Anderson26 hari yang lalu

    Well for Thanksgiving I cook macaroni and cheese potato salad candied yams two whole chickens ham stuffing deviled eggs collard greens oxtails lasagna cornbread and some Kool-Aid

  31. Shawny Anderson

    Shawny Anderson26 hari yang lalu

    Well happy Thanksgiving enjoy

  32. Miranda Panda

    Miranda Panda27 hari yang lalu

    Youre looking better than ever! Please keep taking care of yourself

  33. rose king

    rose king27 hari yang lalu

    Better than bullion is better than the powder They have different flavors . Looks amazing you are so pretty.

  34. Robyn Ogburn

    Robyn Ogburn28 hari yang lalu

    You look very pretty. Your makeup is flawless darling!! and the food looks delicious! I like the way you used cream cheese in your mashed potatoes...that with the heavy cream and butter takes it to another level! YUm...yum...yum. And I put heavy cream in mine ALL the time. Lol

  35. Ludmila Domansky

    Ludmila Domansky28 hari yang lalu

    Thanksgiving is the day when we all Thank our God for everything He gives us. It is in most countries. God bless you 🙏

  36. Kelly Day

    Kelly Day28 hari yang lalu

    I can tell you are such a sweetheart, and good soul. 😊 The holidays this year was so rough for my sister and I, we lost our dad to cancer this last May, and our mama passed in 05. However, we both carried on and did the same traditions both of our parents taught us. Our favorite memories. But, I will tell ya it's never the same without your parents on a holiday. I prayed on both days that other folks out there were cherishing their time with their family. It's so precious. Anyways, your food looks amazing! We eat pretty much the exact same thing! Hope y'all had wonderful holidays!

  37. Francesco Caldarelli

    Francesco Caldarelli29 hari yang lalu

    Bellissima amore mio

  38. Rene Hernandez

    Rene Hernandez29 hari yang lalu

    That’s the driest Turkey I’ve ever

  39. Maria Valery

    Maria ValeryBulan Yang lalu

    You have a heart failure you’re breathing is not normal

  40. Bamber Marie

    Bamber MarieBulan Yang lalu

    I’m coming over next year for the holidays 😂

  41. Valdira cavalcante dias santos

    Valdira cavalcante dias santosBulan Yang lalu

    Boa tarde fico salivando d vontade d comer mais ñ posso por causa d alergia aí q vontade d comer tdo kkkkk Deus abençoe a paz a tdos amém e 👏😘❤🍜👍😋

  42. mns gmrr

    mns gmrrBulan Yang lalu

    That corn muffin is a traditional food in my country Paraguay, it's named "chipa guazú" i had no idea that it was eaten in other countries and here it does not come in powder like that

  43. Yeetyatictokfandoms

    YeetyatictokfandomsBulan Yang lalu

    You get crap off people , but I respect you and care for you. You love your food and that’s what makes me happy seeing you enjoy yourself it’s great 💗💗 please more cooking videos 💗💗

  44. Josephine Khalaf

    Josephine KhalafBulan Yang lalu

    I cant believe she can finish those two plates of food my goodness

  45. Johnjohn Braxton

    Johnjohn BraxtonBulan Yang lalu

    The sweetest woman on IDreporter. Baby why you doing this to yourself?

  46. a rose is still a rose

    a rose is still a roseBulan Yang lalu

    You know this woman gets alot of flack from is viewers bit I bet if you really needed help and nobody else would help you.. I bet she would.. I honestly believe that's the kind of person she is.

  47. The Bee

    The BeeBulan Yang lalu

    You have such a warm personality. Also the food looks great.

  48. Robin Drew

    Robin DrewBulan Yang lalu

    Your food look really good and i like your hair

  49. Silver

    SilverBulan Yang lalu

    I dont even moan this much during sex

  50. Jacob Shadow

    Jacob ShadowBulan Yang lalu

    Ur looking so well xx

  51. Calizah Adriele Shaul

    Calizah Adriele ShaulBulan Yang lalu

    No disrespect to her but she needs to lose weight for her health. She is not healthy you can tell.

  52. Alesha Renea

    Alesha ReneaBulan Yang lalu

    That food looks absolutely fucking disgusting sorry but yuck

  53. Laur Aubrey

    Laur AubreyBulan Yang lalu

    Breathing is bad

  54. Misty Ferguson

    Misty FergusonBulan Yang lalu

    We absolutely adore everything about you

  55. J KZM

    J KZMBulan Yang lalu

    My god her arms are huge

  56. Julay

    JulayBulan Yang lalu

    You look lovely, Candy! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. The food looked delicious. I wish you and your friends a very Merry Christmas. 🎅🎄😚💙💜

  57. Viola Bolden

    Viola BoldenBulan Yang lalu

    Make up beautiful ❤️

  58. Jeneric Stewart

    Jeneric StewartBulan Yang lalu

    funny! i have the same platters. both my husband and i each used one last Thanksgiving. our plates were about the same fullness. we ate every bit on our plates. yummmm. happy memory, reliving it with this video. thanks, candy. p.s. you're missing sweet potatoes!

  59. Christine YuChin Yang

    Christine YuChin YangBulan Yang lalu

    You are a good cook, beautiful girl.😊

  60. fake idenity

    fake idenityBulan Yang lalu

    I appreciate how Ms Candy never turns of the comments section. Love you 😍

  61. gemini46993

    gemini46993Bulan Yang lalu

    Thank God my grandparents taught me how to cook.....