Tfue Makes Ninja END STREAM After DESTROYING Him On Fortnite & Making Him RAGE QUIT!


  1. Daily Clips Central

    Daily Clips CentralBulan Yang lalu

    LATE NIGHT SQUADDDDDD! Thank you guys for watching

  2. daaj84 Gaming

    daaj84 GamingBulan Yang lalu

    @Vannila hahahah yep

  3. daaj84 Gaming

    daaj84 GamingBulan Yang lalu

    @MoJam so that's your still tried...tfue and his duo are just better

  4. Vannila

    VannilaBulan Yang lalu

    MoJam nah he turnt round see his chat spamming Tfue n was like “Fuck this shit I’m out” 😂😂 kids washed

  5. Nidhish shetty

    Nidhish shettyBulan Yang lalu

    Its 7 pm here

  6. MoJam

    MoJamBulan Yang lalu

    Ninja didn't even know it was Tfue, lol

  7. Dull

    Dull13 hari yang lalu

    aim assist is so redicilous nowadays

  8. Adam Lauben

    Adam Lauben16 hari yang lalu

    tfue is considerably better than ninja

  9. Alejandro

    Alejandro18 hari yang lalu

    3:07 BWAHAHAHAAAHA!!!! This man funny! Hey Ninj, yo edit game too slow my dude lmao

  10. Chris Motter

    Chris Motter19 hari yang lalu

    "This games so dog shit bro" crying like a lil biiiiishhh

  11. RiderFZ

    RiderFZ21 hari yang lalu

    i love the kid that kills cloak is like "fuckin dumbass" like bruh dude has won so much money from this game and ur competing to be on his level. whos dumb? not a cloak fanboy either i dont even play fortnite im just saying

  12. MillionShadesofDarkness

    MillionShadesofDarknessBulan Yang lalu

    basic gaming rage. i call everyone who kills me in fortnite a dumb kid, but thats only bc im salty that the game itself sucks

  13. just do it

    just do itBulan Yang lalu

    I love you tfue

  14. Demonic GrimReaper

    Demonic GrimReaperBulan Yang lalu

    The only way anyone can hit a precise trick shot no scope is literally AIMBOT, dudes out here NEED to be banned permanently

  15. Malachi Solomon

    Malachi SolomonBulan Yang lalu

    Ninja didnt really rage quit

  16. GravityPlays

    GravityPlaysBulan Yang lalu

    I’m sorry but ninja isn’t that good. he used to be good when everyone else sucked.

  17. AndrewLeonard46

    AndrewLeonard46Bulan Yang lalu

    I have no motivation to play fort anymore loll

  18. lilsergio 100

    lilsergio 100Bulan Yang lalu

    The thing that when ninja complains everyone starts to hate him but when tfue starts complaining nobody say nothing like stop hating on ninja that much .

  19. dx gamer

    dx gamerBulan Yang lalu

    3:10 excuse me tfue is way better than ninja

  20. Bobby Frost

    Bobby FrostBulan Yang lalu

    Had so many chances at high ground.. they just dont play smart lol. If only I had a pc..


    NATE THE GOATBulan Yang lalu

    Fortnite is assssss

  22. Tengu

    TenguBulan Yang lalu

    Wow did chapter 2 bring even more immature children? You know a games really dead when you see one and done clips from random streamers and europeans are starting to play😂

  23. Anti Maximilianmus

    Anti MaximilianmusBulan Yang lalu

    Wow that was so much Rage. He almost broke his PC

  24. xReece2010

    xReece2010Bulan Yang lalu

    Clix is toxic lmaoo

  25. foncy

    foncyBulan Yang lalu


  26. xItz Dead

    xItz DeadBulan Yang lalu

    Ninja better than true?!?! Ninja needs to come up with the better jokes

  27. LivingDed 31

    LivingDed 31Bulan Yang lalu

    3rd party? 🤣🤣 Ninja is delusional..

  28. Jose Mendez

    Jose MendezBulan Yang lalu

    You plugged ninjas twitch channel lmfao

  29. Ernesto Martinez

    Ernesto MartinezBulan Yang lalu

    Can we just admit ninja is bad

  30. MoneyManAnto

    MoneyManAntoBulan Yang lalu

    What a little ass girl

  31. MassivePepper27

    MassivePepper27Bulan Yang lalu


  32. 22 _Rohan

    22 _RohanBulan Yang lalu

    2:34 you started the fight lol

  33. xDarkWraith1x

    xDarkWraith1xBulan Yang lalu

    Idk why people keep putting these two up against each other, one is a streamer the other is an actual pro competitor!

  34. D͓̽a͓̽m͓̽i͓̽a͓̽n͓̽ Z

    D͓̽a͓̽m͓̽i͓̽a͓̽n͓̽ ZBulan Yang lalu

    Fortnite is dead

  35. Malik Hudson

    Malik HudsonBulan Yang lalu

    What ever ninja is trash anyway

  36. Piggy 249

    Piggy 249Bulan Yang lalu

    Ninja just isn’t as good he’s not as fast or precise as Tfue

  37. King Yeezy

    King YeezyBulan Yang lalu

    Bruh how many times does ninja need to get clapped from true to realise he’s not as good..😂

  38. 66M

    66MBulan Yang lalu

    3:28 reverse we suck 3:29 dude i dont duck

  39. Sam roper

    Sam roperBulan Yang lalu

    Reverse: WE JUST SUCK Ninja: I don’t I don’t suck 🥺 😂😂😂😂

  40. Brent Wise

    Brent WiseBulan Yang lalu

    Ninja you’re not better den tfue lol

  41. americanbeast 51

    americanbeast 51Bulan Yang lalu

    Told you guys ninjas trash tfue is best and always will be

  42. Doublepump

    DoublepumpBulan Yang lalu

    I like seeing all these angry nerds in the comments 😌

  43. Shiki†

    Shiki†Bulan Yang lalu

    Good play of Tfue but that was a lucky one. In the time Ninja was editing Tfue got the wall. If Tfue would have late 0.1 seconds Ninja with that edit should have killed Tfue. If Ninja build was metal Tfue should have pickaxed the wall two times instead of one and in that time Ninja should have edited like he did in the video (Ninja was building in metal but Tfue take the wall of Reverse that was build in wood) that won't have happen

  44. Anjo Panaglima

    Anjo PanaglimaBulan Yang lalu

    4:26 Why’d hamz do the reindeer like that doe 😭

  45. BoredomIsTheKey1

    BoredomIsTheKey1Bulan Yang lalu

    Tfue and ninja fought k cool but what the actual fuck was that clip with Dakotaz and that pyramid editing god

  46. ttv sh4rkzzy

    ttv sh4rkzzyBulan Yang lalu

    Ok people out here calling out ninja and being a jerk to him. Let’s not forget how toxic and bad Tfue is too. He got like 2 points in the World Cup, he constantly complains about 3 ping, and gets clapped in box fights. So let’s get off ninjas ass ok !

  47. King of army

    King of armyBulan Yang lalu

    Ninja"when im better than these kids"

  48. Steve

    SteveBulan Yang lalu

    Tfue is so much better at this point lol

  49. Andrew Hernandez

    Andrew HernandezBulan Yang lalu

    They got fucked because ninja left his builds open.

  50. Geneyhoudini

    GeneyhoudiniBulan Yang lalu

    3:08 This is such a childish way to respond to dying. Yeah Ninya, real funny saying you're better than the guys who beat you.

  51. DeCertifiedG

    DeCertifiedGBulan Yang lalu

    Ninja dies and opens his book of excuses

  52. Ashwin

    AshwinBulan Yang lalu

    Tfue is better But ninja is arrogant Note:never mind the dp I love ninja I love ninja s logo especially

  53. daaj84 Gaming

    daaj84 GamingBulan Yang lalu

    Got to love it when true kills bugha and ninja in the same vid

  54. Savage Play

    Savage PlayBulan Yang lalu

    I love your intro man

  55. JH RM

    JH RMBulan Yang lalu

    Can we please talk about the fact that Aydan got 12k gifted subs?! Thats insane

  56. Cuhster

    CuhsterBulan Yang lalu

    Everyone out here roasting ninja but not even ranking high in tournaments 🤨

  57. Malino Vanseymo

    Malino VanseymoBulan Yang lalu

    Ninja ; i dont like that Im better than these kids and I lose from them hahaha lol meanwhile ninja pretty much sucks and although I don't like turner he is so much better than ninj hahaha

  58. 50Grit Plays

    50Grit PlaysBulan Yang lalu

    Ninja keeps himself from improving by complaining without seeing his mistake which was his awareness.

  59. Supriz

    SuprizBulan Yang lalu

    Ninja does not have good keybinds.. Maybe that is why

  60. TripLozano

    TripLozanoBulan Yang lalu

    Video description scene ends Me: leaves

  61. Kenzulem YEET

    Kenzulem YEETBulan Yang lalu

    look at description PepeLaugh...

  62. Kenzulem YEET

    Kenzulem YEETBulan Yang lalu

    look at description PepeLaugh

  63. Junior Rigters

    Junior RigtersBulan Yang lalu

    Wth ppl still using aimbot

  64. Cancel Saintz

    Cancel SaintzBulan Yang lalu

    So no one is going to talk about tfues edit @2:03

  65. thatguy onxbox

    thatguy onxboxBulan Yang lalu

    Today i was hit in the head by a snipe shot that did not register for any damage. I killed that person for the W